Foo Fighters will only perform for the vaccinated and Covid-tested in Anchorage


The popular band Foo Fighters are mandating Covid-19 vaccines and tests for all concert-goers in Anchorage and Fairbanks this week.

“In attending the event you certify and attest that you and all individuals in your party attending the event will follow the below regulations:

“All fans must have received a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test within 48-hours before the event and provide proof of negative result prior to entering the venue. Or, must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (at last two weeks after final dose) and provide proof of vaccination — either the original vaccination card or a printed copy of the vaccination card with an appropriate ID matching the name on your documentation,” ticket holders were advised via email. Children under 12 years of age or those who have medical exemptions will need to show proof of a negative test.”

The band says that “Mask wearing will be encouraged.”

The band has three stops in Alaska: They’ll be in Anchorage on Aug. 17 and 19 at the Dena’ina Center, and in Fairbanks on Aug. 21 at the Carlson Center.

The Seattle rock band was formed by the drummer for Nirvana after that band broke up subsequent to the suicide of Kurt Cobain. They are one of the first bands to book concerts during the pandemic, and some of the band’s shows have been picketed by anti-vaccination protesters this summer.


  1. To hell with the “Foo Fighters”.
    Not on a good day do Alaskan Americans put up with this sh… (hey!)
    So go the hell back where you came from you panic-stricken pansies, let us see the north end of your sorry south-bound selves!
    Have a great day, “Foo Fighters”… somewhere else.

    • AMEN!! I’ve lost TOTAL respect, and appreciation for Dave Grohl, and his band. As a life long musician, I’ve done many covers of his songs, but now I’m honestly too disgusted by the foo fighters openly engaging in the enforcement of this globalist agenda. Go Foo-K yourself, and never return to our state Grohl. We don’t want cowards like you, spreading your dis-ease, here!

  2. One of the things that sucked about Nirvana was the drummer. he was know as the bummer. research it — facts are facts. 10 minutes into this event your first thought will be this sucks and you paid, this is, at best, a free park concert here all. The boooooo Covid frighteners is what they are called in the lower 48. The drummer was more of a drama than Kurt’s wife. Get your money back immediately go to the fair.

  3. Unconstitutional on its face. Violation of 14th Amendment; Equal Protection Clause. This would be a good test case.

    • how exactly does a vaccine protect you? does it reduce your chances of catching the virus? NO, it only reduces the symptoms of the person with the virus. It absolutely does not effect how the virus is being passed.

      The people should flat out boycott anything that pushes these types of requirements, they mean nothing and are not based on science.

      • The vaccine did reduce transmission of the original covid strain which is why in May the CDC said no masks needed for vaccinated folks. Then in July when the delta variant spread was rapidly accelerating the data showed that it was being transmitted by vaccinated individuals the same as unvaccinated individuals. This is why the CDC recommends masks again. The vaccine protects against serious illness so it is still encouraged. Vaccine + masks = reduced strain on hospitals and reduced transmission of virus. These are knowable facts anyone can learn with a little effort.

        • Another thing that helps reduce the strain at hospitals is when you DON’T FIRE YOUR DOCTORS AND NURSES FOR NOT WANTING TO TAKE YOUR “VACCINE”!!!

        • Here’s a real fact! Idiots trying to infect those that aren’t awake and don’t see what’s really happening.

          It’s horrifying what’s happening to our freedoms, and the lemmings like you that are going along with it.

          Hey there’s a cliff!! You and your friends should blindly run as fast as you can off of it! Trust me because I say you should! Everything you’ve ever wanted waits for you at the bottom, you’ll see… hurry, b-bye now, Aaaaaaaaalrighry then.

        • A mask absolutely does nothing……the science behind a mask is the prevention of particulates from passing through them. When you consider the pore size of the masks and the size of the virus, its like a chain link fence preventing mosquitoes from passing through it. they simply do nothing for you, in fact there have been studies that show it makes the wearer more susceptible to other illnesses. these vaccines are actually potentially more harmful to people than actually catching the virus, look at the reports that were originally filed from these companies to the FDA. crunch the numbers and evaluate the risks for yourself, don’t just blindly trust what the communists and media are telling you.

    • Foo fighters is your social life ? Man I’m so sorry maybe get your third shot and maybe you will be protected… chump

  4. This is laughable!!!! First of all, if you are performing in Anchorage….wellllll,
    most people know why.
    My body, my choice!

  5. I thank the Lord I am blessed with absolutely zero desire to attend such gatherings. That said, anyone inclined to participate in a crowded gathering should be confident their immune system functions very effectively.

  6. A geriatric classic rock band from literally last century making demands at closet doors and the cat. Look at those amalgam fillings (and turkey necks), picture of health to be barking health demands.

    • You only like music from this century and performed by people in optimum health? Sad to be so limited.

      • Bob…Your assumption is just that and foo fighter are not doctors…sad your process is so limited you couldn’t tell.

  7. More idiocy, coerced conformity and authoritarianism from the so-called “left”.
    Face it, these SOBs are simply fascist cultists, pure and simple. Their hysterical and dogmatic Covidian cult is actually the ersatz religion for those who spurn God.

  8. I never heard of these girly-boys are, never heard of them, but they guy in the front of the picture appears to be reacting to a sex change operation that went very badly. Also, he needs to go to a better dentist.

  9. Well that’s good for the Foo Fighters. Obviously they don’t want to have a super spreader event, and people not getting vaccinated are now the poster children for death!

  10. I wouldn’t attend their show anyhow, it’s not my kind, it’s too depressing. Still any kind of discrimination isn’t correct thinking.
    Suicide occurs when a person is absent from God, and can’t see how loved they are by a God who laid his own son’s life down for us, and raised Him up. If Kurt Cobain could get a do-over, he probably would be more loving and forgiving to people that don’t act the way he thinks they should and have his concert open to all!

  11. Going to be the most empty concert in the history of concerts in Alaska… Buh bye Poo Fighters, your music is terrible anyway! Remember your rights folks.. No one has the right to tell you what to do when it comes to YOUR personal choice on health practices… Nor do they have a right to the knowledge of your vaccine status.. Especially a band!

  12. Fine, boycott them and make it a wasted trip. If they want to support tyrannical mandates, let the people speak out by not buying their tickets! I’m tired of these idiots that think they rule the world. Musicians come and musicians go, they’re overrated anyway.

    • Karen, they are the biggest, current rock band in the world. also,they sold out in 30 min. good luck with whatever you are going on about though…….

  13. They’re probably forced to do this. If they didn’t they could leave themselves vulnerable to attacks by mainstream media and being labeled superspreaders. Most musicians are liberal but even then they know liberals will eat their own if there’s a benefit. They’ll sacrifice their own if they want to shame an event or large groups of people having fun.

  14. This is great news! Let them all share the Wuhan spike protein with each other their T-Cells are producing…

  15. As the parent of a GenZ’er, who is excited to see this band perform in Alaska, she called me completely disheartened the band and/or their management would take this tack. First of all, the ticket purchases are Non-Refundable. At $160 per ticket for a grunge rock band, this seems a bit pricey to me but not my place to judge. Secondly, the notice by email came three days ago outlining the requirements for attendance. the tickets went up for sale about a month ago. Why the requirements weren’t part of the purchase agreement and only broadcast five days before the first performance makes me wonder if they really want to perform or if this is how “sophisticated” entertainment folk scam the little people now.

    • Email Ticketmaster explaining that they changed the terms and condition of the event after you purchased the tickets and that you do not agree to those new terms. I did and they said they will be issuing me a refund.

  16. In my lifetime, I have never seen a freedom robbing action so leveraged on a population. The vitriol, the hate, the ultimatums and the increasing division can only be the action of evil and hatred. If you support this tyrannical reach of evil, you will have much to answer for and your justification through mass hysteria, mass psychosis and self righteousness will hold no water.

    • If you think doing the right thing for the greater good of your community is a tyrannical reach of evil, then I see it as you are actually unwilling to see and believe what is truly happening around you in the real world; your city, your state, your country and your planet; and instead are desperately clinging to blind faith.

      You are choosing to ignore what is actually happening today, and clinging to a false promise of what you believe may happen down the road.

      I also will not have anymore to answer for than you will (nothing). There is as much you can say to change my mind about the topic as I can to change yours.

      Those of us that don’t believe in the afterlife, or believe there is no afterlife are just trying their best to stay alive now.

      • Once again for all the knuckle staggers. The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.Albert Camus. How does my freedom to determine whether I need a mask or shot effect those that have been masked up or vaccinated? Out of fear, you worshipped at the alter of government and they reassured you that masking up and vaccinating would make you safe, so what threat are those whom do not to you? Do you require company in your dark devotion to make you feel better about yourself or perhaps standing contrary to those who side with freedom win you tickets to the Chinese Communist Circus. It only takes a history lesson or two of studying the establishment of marxism and communism to know that the “greater good” line is ALWAYS used to steal liberty, a tyrant trying to guilt trip a populace into hating their own freedom. And it appears as if you know something of the tactic by your post.

  17. And this matters to me? …how? If and when these fellas compare favorably with Bach or Mozart, give me a call.

  18. The music died in 1972. I wouldn’t cross the street to hear Seattle heroin addict music. Nothing good has come from Seattle in a very long time.

  19. I guess discrimination is now cool with these types. the foo fighters are highly over rated anyway and at 160$ a ticket wow forget it Im vaxxed but I wont show my papers for any band as its no one elses business or concern

  20. Having to look at that clown’s tongue, it seems he has a bad case of an oral yeast infection. Gross. Maybe he should visit the doctor before coming up here.

  21. Just because you can play a musical instrument and sing does not mean you have a clue about anything else. As the Foo Fighters just demonstrated.
    Why anyone ever listens to a musician, actor, or writer for any advice outside their field amazes me. Just because you have a famous name is meaningless outside of your chosen field. I would not ask a musician for financial advice, legal advice, or political advice. So, if they want to close their show to those who are not tested and vaccinated, they are making the point that they are making decisions based on social and news media headlines, not on real actual data.

  22. Why are you mad at the Foo fighters? I told you a couple of weeks ago that this was coming. You’re not going to be able to do a damn thing unless you can show a vaccination record. Get used to it. Haters got to hate that’s one thing for sure, but you can’t go to a raiders game in Las Vegas without being fully vaccinated. I guess you can just be unhappy and hate the entire world. Seems like that’s what you’re doing. God forbid somebody cuts you off in traffic. You’ll probably whip out that bad boy BB gun and shoot out their mirror.

  23. I could have sworn that the long-haired fellow in the front of the group tried to hit me up for a quarter downtown a few days ago before urinating against a wall…

  24. Again nobody is asking the question of Why? Why is the vaccine pushed so hard for a virus that kills less than a half a percent of the people it infects. How will people react when we really have a problem in this country? We have had it too good for so long apathy has set in and people in power always get stronger through history when this happens. We don’t hear about global warming much anymore do we, they have a better control lever to operate from. Covid has sure cured Influenza and the flu – how many people have died from those two? Seen any of those numbers recently?
    ” Hard times make strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men and weak men create hard times.” Michael Hoff

    • That’s what everybody is asking that exact question you’re not the first and you won’t be the last. And it has been answered thousands of times. Where have you been why haven’t you been listening?

  25. Greg the troll from nowhere. Your fear is amazing. Do you have an actual job as you comment on every thread on this site. George Soros funded? When things really get bad with your commander and chief in charge don’t come running for help. We use to live in a free country where all discourse was tolerated until your side of the aisle became more powerful. The constitutionalists will always have their morals used against them until it is too late, I believe we have reached that time. Watch your back though as the moral-less people in power always eat their own down through history. As a parting question, as you seem to be so well informed, what has the death rate been along with the other health issues these people seem to have associated with their deaths? Has this not been reported recently as it was initially? I am probably just missing something so feel free to fill me in.
    Anyway masks forever or until another crises comes along which is too good to waste.

    • Let me fix that for you there, consider me an informant. Someone who passes along pertinent information to the stupid and the ignorant currently infecting Alaska.

  26. A clear reading of our constitution allows a rock band to require anything they want in the voluntary commercial transactions they conduct with ticket buyers. On the other hand, the constitution also gives everyone the personal liberty to refrain from said voluntary commercial transactions. Even though anyone would be morally deficient and foolish to do so, our constitution clearly allows us to discriminate for any reason we want while engaging in voluntary commerce with others. However, as you know, our government has strayed from its constitutional controls by creating non-conforming laws prohibiting our free choice to discriminate. Moral virtue cannot be legislated.

  27. So I hear the new date for Trumps reinstatement is October 22nd, given the latest prophecy from Q. Can anyone else confirm?

  28. The Foo fighters played to a packed house. People didn’t have a problem showing their vaccination card. I would note that five people died in Alaska on Tuesday due to covid if anybody is interested.

  29. Lol, the upside down, brainwashed, hypocritical America! Enjoy playing a concert for 50% less than normal. But remember even if half this nation is held down against their will and vaccinated every 6 months, we will remember all the people and businesses that discriminated against us.

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