Petitioners file signatures with clerk to recall Meg Zaletel from Assembly

Meg Zaletel

Anchorage voters submitted 4,500 signatures on a petition to the Anchorage Municipal Clerk’s Office for the Meg Zaletel Recall on Monday morning, as part of their effort to remove her from office prior to her possible re-election next spring. Zaletel represents District 4, which is midtown Anchorage.

“This represents approximately one-third of the number of Midtown voters who voted in Zaletel’s election,” said Russell Biggs, one of the petition leaders.  “

The Alaska Superior Court approved this recall petition after the Municipality improperly blocked it nearly a year ago, and the Municipality and Zaletel, who joined the suit, have now appealed to the Supreme Court to block it again. The case will to be heard this Thursday, and if the lower-court decision stands, Zaletel will face a recall election in October. 

“Our petitoners have worked diligently to see this effort through and we feel strongly that the Anchorage Municipality’s obstruction of this effort for over a year was a calculated effort to block a valid citizen initative via the beaurocratic process and courts. Citizens deserve a transparent and fair method to hold their legislators accountable and we look forward to hearing the Muni argue why the governor of Alaska can face recall for failing to appoint a judge, but an Assembly member who violated the emergency mandate needed to save lives should not,” said Russell Biggs, one of the petition leaders.

Kathy Henslee, a conservative, has filed to oppose Zaletel, a liberal, in the April election.

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  1. Haven’t I seen her with some blond guy in a series of TV commercials for Liberty Insurance?
    (Which would be ironic, as she’d be much better suited to advertising for Anti-Liberty Insurance.)

  2. Pretty sure the ballot stuffers will be out in full force to keep, like they did for the other loser that was recalled. Anchorage residents can’t get out of their own way.

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