Murkowski is a ‘yes’ for Barrett on Monday


Sen. Lisa Murkowski will be on the “Aye” side of the aisle on Monday, during the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court.

Barrett is President Trump’s nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Murkowski on Friday voted against proceeding with the confirmation vote, but on Saturday said that since the vote is going forward, she will commit to confirming Barrett.

The “No-Yes” vote had been rumored for several days in political circles.

On Sunday, the Senate will take a procedural vote on the nomination to overcome a filibuster from the Democrats. She will vote against proceeding once again on that vote, she said. But the final vote is Monday.


  1. It’s no surprise … she got wind of all the Alaskans who were ready to commence with the pitchforks and torches, and particularly those who’ve contributed more to the opposition of Ballot Measure 2. She has to appease those that are sitting on the fence over her upcoming reelection bid in 2022. Of course I have a great memory. Remember Kavanaugh!!!
    She’s just a terrible embarrassment to the whole state of Alaska. It’s a little late Lisa to try to curry favor with those who remember what you’ve said and done.

    • What’s embarrassing is her submission to the GOP hypocrisy that says, “Wait for the people to decide,” in one year and “It’s our duty to fill the vacancy,” in another.
      The spinelessness is mind boggling.

      • “What’s embarrassing is her submission to the bipartisan hypocrisy …” I fixed your sentence for you. The Dems are just as hypocritical than the GOPs are. The Dems have also done a 180, who supported filling the vacancy under Obama but oppose it now. You act like hypocrisy is a one-party issue when it’s not. Try reading real news and quit listening to the biased corporate press talking heads.

  2. I will not be voting for her again. I couldn’t pull the lever for Joe Miller at the time. However, Micky Mouse will get my vote before her.

    • She only got my vote once…in 2004. She’s lost it ever since and will never get it back. If she any decency and honor, she would run as a Democrat. But, then again, Democrats have no decency or honor themselves.

  3. If voting is a test of popular opinion, Murky’s method is to sneak peeks at every other student’s paper until she knows what they’re going to say.

    Then she knows what she can say too.

  4. “There will be at least one more procedural vote on Sunday, and I will once again object to advancing the nomination past cloture. Assuming that motion prevails, when we reach a final vote, I will vote to confirm Judge Barrett to serve on the Supreme Court.”

    Daddy must have told her which way the wind was blowing…….

  5. I tired of her pull-defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory act a long, long time ago. I’m still never voting for her again.

  6. She knew we would remember this. Too close to an election and I believe the threat of running from Sarah Palin helped her decide. Berkowitz could unseat her at this point. Lisa knows which way the wind is blowing…..

  7. She only helps the folks that make her headlines in the media Lisa, you are an embarrassment. LISA,to Alaska.

  8. Ok I admit that I am a bit bummed when I heard this! Remember Kavanaugh!!! I will never un-remember Pelosi in Lisa’s face, schooling our Senator on how she must come around to the Democrat party Identity Politics! Does any one else remember that embarrassing look on Lisa’s face? That was the final straw for me.
    I believe this betrayal of ACB would finally get her gone in 2022. Now it will be more difficult.

  9. it will turn out to be the same for Senator Collins and perhaps one or two democrats as well….the confirmation cannot be stopped so they will get on the train….and they see Biden failing and President Trump being re-elected so it is time for them to seek a lower profile…

  10. This is fine with me. There is always more to the story, and this is a good outcome. No one representing me in Congress is going to do everything exactly the way I think I might have done, but I don’t know everything that is going on. I am not there. When crunch time comes Lisa Murkowski always finds a way to protect and look out for Alaska. At least by my lights I have never met anyone quite as conservative as I am, so it would be silly for me to expect anyone I vote for to do everything exactly as I would.

  11. To each their own.
    I’ve always be registered as a nonpartisan. Lisa was my inspiration to register Republican.
    I’m hoping to throw support behind anyone who might primary her out.

  12. “Lovely” lisa sets her sail to the political wind. She has betrayed Alaskans so many times I’ve lost count. Don’t forget, Alaskans, she is up for “retention” in two years. Funny how time flies when you don’t want it to.
    There is only one thing to say to every conservative. We must vote. If we don’t take Alaska and the rest of America back, some blame is on our shoulders. We have the numbers. We have the issues. We have our families to protect, America and Alaska to fight and vote for, and generations to come, depending on what we do right now. Our kids and grandkids and theirs will pay the price long after we are gone if we don’t take up the Freedom and American torch. Whatever the price. I believe it is now or never again. Do you think that is how George Washington and those patriot warriors felt? Can we let that man’s and so many others’ legacy go to waste? I say no. Hell no. Start right now in the voting booth. See how it goes from there. Be ready.

    • She’s just trying to save her bacon. We have the votes without Murkowski, so whatever. She has fried her own bacon and will soon be a distant memory in Alaska and national politics.

  13. I would love for someone to run against Murkowski. Anyone who runs promising to expand charter and private schools, reigning in the government union contracts making it nearly impossible to fire people, and setting up a national scholarship so poor kids can get a chance to attend private/charter schools (like what Florida has), and/or changing the federal funding for kids be sent directly to the parents and not the (badly ran) government schools. Anyone who has the guts to stand up to the government unions, especially against the teacher unions, has my vote.

  14. Always the drama queen waiting til the last minute to decide which way the winds blow. Her vote is always for what is best for Lisa and not for her constituents.

  15. I am not a Murkowski fan but will give her credit for 2 votes since President Trump entered office. When she voted against the false coup impeachment and this SCOTUS pick. Unfortunately, I still will not support her in 2022 due to her love affair with Planned Parenthood. The hideous acts that organization gets away with using our tax money is criminal and her support of the organization and money received from it are unacceptable to me. Run Sarah Run! Palin 2022!

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