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Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Democrats react: Mad at Murkowski over Amy

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The Alaska Democratic Party is not happy that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has announced she will vote in favor of Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.

Within hours of the news breaking in Alaska and across the country that Murkowski would stick with Republicans on the final vote, the party issued its scathing statement and asked people to channel their rage at Sen. Dan Sullivan, and they vow to go after her in 2022:

“Lisa Murkowski holds her seat only because she convinced Democrats to write in her name in an act of faith. Since then we’ve been begging for crumbs, and more often than not get nothing. We may not be able to vote her out this time, but there’s another Senator on the ballot who’s going to vote just the same way. He’ll vote for a court that opposes the right to choose, and healthcare for millions of Americans. Just like she will. Don’t be complacent. Channel how mad you are right now, and work hard to get out the vote for Dr. Al Gross, and send Dan Sullivan back to Ohio.”

Murkowski won in 2010 in an historic write-in campaign in the General Election, after having been beaten by ultra-conservative Joe Miller in the Primary. She was the first U.S. senator in more than 50 years to win a write-in campaign.

Today’s statement from Democrats was the most forceful yet in expressing their intent to challenge her in 2022. But the Democrats have not even been able to muster Democrat challengers for Sen. Dan Sullivan or Congressman Don Young. Instead, Democrats are running fake independents up and down the ballot as their only hope at winning elections in Alaska.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Lisa Murkowski has her seat because of shenanigans…..someone please remind me….I’ve scrubbed the whole thing from memory.
    Appointed by her father… False charges in Ted Stevens election…suspicious write in campaign with ballots filled in by one person coming from the bush. Hopefully Sara Palin will run against her. That would be interesting…

    • The same Sarah Palin who tried to get rid of our oil producers by taxing them out of existence, and who stabbed Ted Stevens and Sean Parnell in the pack?
      No thank you….

      • Ted Stevens and Sean Parnell? You have a thing for oil lawyers in politics?

      • My thoughts exactly Tim.

    • The shenanigans involved an Alaska court deciding that, despite the law stating otherwise, voters could misspell her name on the write-in candidate, even after the election had started.

    • John Sturgeon. 2022.

  • I was an Independent however this modern version of an independent thought has indeed digressed into a loaf of surreptitious bile. We see you Al Gross et al.

  • Democrats feel how it’s like to be betrayed for once. We have Senators like Murk, Collins, Snowe, Romney, Flake, McCain who stab us in the back over and over.

    And then here in Alaska we have gems like Knopp, Coghill, Giebels, and LeDoux. And I am probably leaving some out.

    Yet they freak out when a Senator not even in their party votes against them.

  • Democrat Whine Line: 1-800-WAA-WAAA

  • After the election is over, it’s time to work on taking the trash out. Namely Lisa Murkowski.

  • Democrats are stupid if they believe anyone accepts that a single Senator Sullivan supporter would vote for The Gross Pretender because Senator Murkowski again did what is best for Alaska! Alaska will be in big trouble if Biden wins, and having Barrett on the Supreme Court will be all the more helpful.

  • Murkowski won in 2010 in a historic write-in campaign in the General Election, after having been beaten by ultra-conservative Joe Miller in the Primary. She was the first U.S. senator in more than 50 years to win a write-in campaign.

    If the law was followed as written most of the write-in ballots would have been rejected. The “Good Ole Boys Club Daddy Frank again handed her her seat in congress. Alaska should change the law from allowing the governor to appoint a new senator to a special election. So this does not happen again.
    Murkowski family has held this office for 40 years It is not family property.

    • They did change the law right after Murkowski appointed his daughter. Similar to the way we changed the amendment that allowed only two terms as president after FDR died and wasn’t even cold in the ground yet.

      Everybody thinks FDR was a great president, and while he had his moments, he was a tyrant and even his own party was afraid of him. Realizing their mistake or oversight, they quickly fixed that soon after his death, as did Alaska.

    • Murkowski didn’t work hard enough on the primary and was pretty much forced to do a write-in campaign for the general. Not sure if she entirely forgot the primary or what, but Alaska courts decided to change the law regarding spelling write-in candidates correctly. I have to wonder if she really would have won had the courts not intervened during and after the election.

    • Absolutely agree!

  • Idiots in the rebuttal article claim that right to choose is a good thing . That kind of Jedi mind control don’t work on me or many Americans. It’s still ending a life. If a woman wants to be in charge of her own body, that’s fine it’s her body cut off a finger or a toe or a hand if you want to.. the life growing inside of you is not yours to take. You’re just the vessel that it grows in.

    • Woman’s “right to choose” is an euphenism. What, exactly is being “chosen”? ” Full term abortion” is another euphenism… for infantacide.

  • Hey Frank, thank you so much for finally having that father/daughter talk. With the twentieth anniversary of your Senate “replacement” pick coming in 2022, can you just give Lisa her inheritance now and tell her that Democrats suddenly forgot how to spell “Murkowski.” Retirement from Congress is not all that bad either. Former constituents actually treat you better when you go back to flying coach.

  • It is not just democrats that are furious with the direction of the Republican Party.
    Look at what the Lincoln Project thinks of the party…and these are Republicans!
    Ron Reagan’s son was recently interviewed by the Daily Beast and this is what he had to say:
    “This is a dying party. They either have to remake themselves entirely or they will disappear eventually. Within a decade the Republican Party will be a minor fringe group if it continues going this way,” Mr Reagan told the Daily Beast.

    • Wow! Ron Reagan Jr. Now there’s someone that 35-year olds and younger have never heard of before.

    • He had always been a liberal including the daughter. Nancy was too hard on her I guess.

  • Lisa lost to Joe Miller mainly because of resentment over being gifted a US Senate seat by her father. Miller was plenty qualitied as a graduate of West Point and Yale Law as well as being a combat vet. The Left freaked out because Miller was more conservative fiscally and on the Holy Grail abortion issue. So the Left and many Republican beneficiaries of status quo federal spending and policies funded Lisa’s successful write-in campaign. Lisa continues to be fooled by the Leftist notion that she owes them. She paid the Left by winning the write-in. The Left got a moderate, which is a big win for them versus a Tea Party US Senator.

    • Very astute; very accurate.

    • Get your facts straight! Joe Miller lost when the facts came out about: (1) His abusive campaign, (2) His abuse of his office, and (3) His abuse of the system. If you do not understand any of these three facts, then you need to do just a minimal amount of research.

  • Recall the iconic hallway picture of mad Senator Feinstein (D) bracing Senator Murkowski (?).
    Would it be rude to hope (or help) Democrats get even madder, and stay that way until they burn out like a cheap light bulb?
    Picture’s at

  • We may finally be able to get rid of her…Democrats will hate her now…wish ex-mayor Dan Sullivan would run and primary her.

    • John Sturgeon. 2022.

    • Can you imagine the confusion with two Republican Senator Dan Sullivans?!

  • The Democrat Party thought it owned her but in reality it was but a lease. Not for naught is she Lease-A Murkowski.

  • I was one of the observers during the recount of the infamous write-in campaign between Joe Miller and Murkowski. When the village votes came in, I was appalled at the number of village votes that were all filled in by the same hand, as Chuck from above mentioned. I still wonder today if Joe was the real winner of that election. I have not voted for Lisa since that time and never will.

    • Stop it already.! Ballots were filled in for illiterate villagers, by the persons there who could read and write acceptable English.
      They were all good ballots, as fact checkers found out.

      • The villagers couldn’t even spell
        L-I-S-A. That’s public education for you.

        • Fool. Elders didnt go to school much.

  • Madam Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Let that one roll off the tongue of Democrats for the next three decades.

  • Elections have consequences, words spouted off by a Democrat and now they are on the receiving end of those words. And you can thank Harry Reid for giving the GOP the ability to vote for ACB for that SC seat. And Democrats cry foul, as per usual.

  • Actually, we need to send California Al back to Cali. At least he has a multi-million dollar home to go back to.

  • You all realize that the Democrat outrage against Lisa voting for ACB is complete bull, right?

    Lisa is their tool, and remains so.

    The Republicans have the votes without her. Since not enough Rs jumped ship when Collins, Mittens and Lisa were saying they would vote against ACB, Lisa promptly changed her tune to vote the way her state actually wants.

    Because she knows that in the next election the Democrat votes will not keep her in office. Since she needs Republican votes next election, and we want ACB now (and a No vote from her would not have stopped ACB) Lisa just bowed to the inevitable and covered he liberal a– by pretending to be conservative.

    Lisa is just as liberal and beholden to unions and Native corporations as ever.

    Lisa isn’t conservative. She just didn’t want to blow her cover.

  • I see why Democrats are mad at Murkowski. They have come to rely upon her loyalty so much that her vote for Barrett leaves them feeling betrayed. They need to learn Lisa is a traitor neither party can trust. Republicans in Alaska are too dim to properly judge her character. I voted for Joe Miller.

  • I would vote for my dog before I vote for her.

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