Murkowski gun comment raises red flag with Tshibaka


A comment made by Sen. Lisa Murkowski to gun-control advocate David Hogg has raised the red flag for candidate Kelly Tshibaka, who said that Murkowski changes her story on guns depending on the audience she is speaking with.

Ten Republicans have forged an agreement with Democrats to begin undermining the Second Amendment right to bear arms. The proposed legislation is in response to criminal attacks, such as the one in Uvalde, Texas, where a shooter killed numerous students in an elementary school, while law enforcement waited outside and refused aid.

While Murkowski is not one of the 10, she is on tape talking about gun control with one of the nation’s most strident gun-control activists, the Harvard student who went to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., where a mass shooting took place in 2018.

“You’re looking for some initial steps, I totally get that, and I think that in Congress, we owe some steps here,” Murkowski told Hogg. “OK?”

Murkowski continued, “We’ve got some work to do,” and described how a number of Alaskans were on their way to the nation’s capital to “engage.”

Hogg went on to talk about racism.

“We can’t say it’s so complicated we can’t do anything ,” Murkowski, said, describing gun violence as a multi-dimensional problem. “We haven’t been able to make any progress, we just say, ‘oh, it’s too hard’…”

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka today issued the following statement about the tape of Murkowski and Hogg:

“It’s bad enough that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has blessed the negotiations with Democrats over which constitutional rights they can legislate away, but now our senior U.S. senator from Alaska is telling anti-gun activists that she’s open to their demands. Lawful ownership of firearms under the 2nd Amendment is central to our identity as Alaskans, as we use it to provide food for our families and for self-defense. We must address the root causes of violent attacks, such as mental health, rather than blaming inanimate objects. This can’t be understated: Leftists are coming for our guns and after more than 20 years in the Senate, Lisa Murkowski has pledged to help them.”


  1. Only reason her name is not on it is because she is up for reelection. But this will be her last term by by.

    • Dav3, don’t speak too soon. Stupid and entitled are deficiencies that run deep in Alaska. The majority of Alaskans are fine with her communist nature as long as she keeps the free stuff flowing to them. She knows how to buy votes with our tax money.

  2. Lisa only remains b/c of her name, if people actually looked into how she has voted in the past, she would be G-g-g-gone..

    • Its not her name. Its the free stuff she retrieves for voters. To be clear, she is not the problem but rather the symptom of a federal-funds-dependent electorate in Alaska. Pathetic.

  3. Being willing to listen to different viewpoints is bad? Trying to work with another political part is somehow terrible? The comments are innocuous and are in line with what I would hope any elected official would do – seek the protect the public from harm and find common ground.

    • “Trying to work with another political part is somehow terrible?”
      Curious how it is always the Republicans and conservatives that are expected to “work with” the other party. Do you say the same thing when the Democrats and leftists refuse to come to a table set out by people on the right side of the political aisle?

    • Hey DP,

      The people in this chat already know the futility of working with people who hate your guts. It’s called the Anchorage Assembly. Cowards like Murkowski are too afraid to speak for the voters who sent her there. That’s the issue.

    • There is no compromise possible with tyranny and evil. The only two choices are fighting tyranny and evil, or surrendering to them. Your so-called “common ground” means the latter.

      • “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

        ― Winston S. Churchill

        • “And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

          – Thomas Jefferson

    • DP, if you believe that Lisa is interested in keeping the Public from harm then a firm rejection of any bill that would weaken firearm ownership should be her top priority. Sorry pal, I won’t compromise on my First through Tenth amendment rights.

      • Certain constitutional rights serve as the cornerstones to protect all the others. The 2nd Amendment is one of these cornerstones. No true patriot would tolerate even the thought of tampering with it. Without the 2nd Amendment, David Hogg’s right to speak out would not exist.

    • Murkowski occupies that rare position in government of being willing to compromise. For me, as a liberal, she is too conservative. For posters here, she is too liberal. Sounds like a sorta win-win.

      She is anything but a coward. She braves the vicious hyperbole of fringe folks like Jefferson who posts here.

      I’ll never vote for her but I admire her integrity.

      • Lucinda, your delusion and total divorcement from reality are evident in your every post. Speaking of Princess Lisa’s putative “integrity” really puts the lunatic icing on the pro-establishment cake.
        PS: You are NOT in any way a “liberal”, you are, like almost every other contemporary so-called leftist, a radical ideologue, an authoritarian, an unrepentant statist and a diehard enemy of freedom.

        • You know nothing about me Jefferson. But if you want to meet me, I’m game. Could meet at a gun show. Could meet at ABT. Maybe a coffee before an anchorage assembly meeting. You choose buddy. PM me.

    • Certain constitutional rights serve as the cornerstones to protect all the other rights. The 2nd Amendment is one of these cornerstones. No proper patriot should tolerate even the thought of tampering with it. Without the 2nd Amendment, David Hogg’s right to speak out would not exist.

    • Allowing this law to pass with red flag laws included is allowing the camel’s nose under the tent.

    • Wrong!! Her number one responsibility to to her constituents who are over 90% in favor of the firm protection of the second amendment of the US constitition!!

    • Wrong!! Her number one responsibility is to to her constituents who are over 90% in favor of the firm protection of the second amendment of the US constitition!!

  4. Only a corrupt election can keep Lisa in her seat. And Lisa knows her evil deeds run very deep. She can burn it down on her way out, or try a bit of for the people by the people for once in her career. Lisa all oath breakers have a contact with GOD you can work on correcting that, you should just retire your post and walk off. Kelly is oath integrity. What the world needs now is oath integrity it’s the only thing that there’s just to little of. Look at our country oath breakers did this. It’s time to flush the old and bring in a new crew. Dan Sullivan time to scat for you also the citizens need oath integrity. LOOK AT WHAT YOU OATH BREAKERS HAVE CAUSED

    • It won’t be a corrupt election that keeps Sen Murkowski in office. That’s the job of Ranked Choice elections. Anyone that thinks she has no chance should look carefully at how the new election process works. It will favor her at the end of the day. And she is well aware of it. I would prefer a strong Conservative, but Murkowski will be an odds on favorite. Darn!

    • I’ve read your posts lately. I am a very strong conservative voter, but all I can say about you is that you seem to be a freaking nut.

      • Was your post directed towards Alaskans First. I hope not as I too am a strong conservative voter. Perhaps directed at Oath Integrity?

  5. Kelly will never know what it’s like to be in the Senate. She’ll never have to talk to kids who were at Parland during the shooting. Kelly will never have to compromise, she’ll won’t have to negotiate to get votes on bill she sponsors. After she loses and Dunleavy is gone, she’ll be back in the swamp.

  6. Red flag goes up??? Red flag is up, its Lisa!! She’s just waving it about. Only fraud will elect Lisa and we are prime for that to happen.

  7. I notice that finding the details of this agreement requires visits to left wing news sites. Conservative sites don’t seem to want to list them. As a 37 year voting Life Member of the NRA, I find the details rather good. Mental health care and suicide prevention funding. Long overdue, considering the outrageous mental health crisis visible everywhere. Red flag funding for the states to set up their own red flag laws. No one-size federal usurping. No assault rigke gan whatsoever.

    • So, you think laws that erode the 4th Amendment are good? Search and seizure of your property based on hearsay and all done without your knowledge (ex parte), without due process? You actually support that?

      It is no wonder that the US has become a sh*t-show.

      • “…….Search and seizure of your property based on hearsay and all done without your knowledge (ex parte), without due process?…….”
        First of all, the bill does not either pass or mandate red flag laws. It provides federal funding (bribes) to states and localities to set up their own red flag laws. Secondly, red flag laws are widely understood to be TEMPORARY immediate seizure of firearms until a court review (known as “due process”) can determine if the person is a threat or committed a crime which mandates firearm confiscation. The bill does not feature any firearm ban, buy back, manufacture ban, magazine ban, etc. It does try to address the absolutely chronic mental health crisis in this nation, which seems to be going viral. You might consider reading it before flying off the handle and suckering for the campaign season propaganda (but you won’t find the details on conservative websites). Like most conservatives, I want Murkowski retired, but I don’t need classic campaign propaganda to get fevered about it. I also need to see government BEGIN to address the mental health crisis all around us, and this bill attempts to do that.

  8. One might ponder which progressive indoctrination center Ms. Murkowski might have attended. Sad that which ever one it might have been they did not equip her in rapidly approaching old age to comprehend the meaning of The United States Constitution. Perhaps she might never have been to read it? Could it have been black-listed or just not on the list of approved books like: Heather Has Two Mommies? Rules For Radicals? Das Kapital? I pray she might share the name of that institution that we Alaskans might avoid it.

  9. What a radical leftist she is! I mean, for real, any talk of curbing gun ownership and availability is a radical step that We The People should not and cannot accept! Why shouldn’t your 15 year old be able to go buy his own AR when he has EARNED the money shoveling snow and mowing lawns? Why aren’t his rights as protected as his mom’s or stepdad’s? We don’t need more background checks and waiting periods, we need more mental health services, that way, everyone you see with a gun you know is safe, they’ve passed their mental health check. So easy and we don’t have to curb ownership or availability from good law abiding citizens who would never do any wrong with their firearm.

    • So everyone who carries a gun must have passed a mental health check?

      Sounds rather authoritarian and any freedom. Surprised you’d mention that.

      • “…….So everyone who carries a gun must have passed a mental health check?…….”
        No, but if you issue mass shooting threats online, you sure need your guns immediately seized until you get a mental health check. That’s what “red flag” means.

      • The young man who was responsible for the Uvalde shootings demonstrated clearly his lack of mental stability to those around him. It was a failure on the part of his parents, grandparents, friends, school counselors ,employers and local mental health services to adress his dysfunction that precipitated the shooting.

      • “Are you going to be first to line up for your mandatory government sponsored mental health check?”
        No, but if Joe Blow threatens online to shoot up a school, I want the cops to collect him up and put him in front if the mental health review line.

  10. Murky and the rest of the leftists will never admit that it’s a PEOPLE problem not a gun problem.

  11. If you really want to solve the problem of school shootings, fence the campus, limited ingress/egress and locked doors in the schools, and hire a couple of the 30,000 retired special operators per school to do general work and be the protection inside the school walls. Face it – and this isn’t a comment on the individuals working as police as much as it is with the system – the police forces have shown that they are too “procedural” to be effective in a live shooter situation. Operators are trained differently.

    Regardless of 2A, getting rid of “all” of the weapons that are used by these wackos to shoot up schools, etc., won’t work. Look at Chicago. It’s just a completely impractical solution.

    • I agree that taking away guns won’t work, but I also don’t think kids should be kept in a prison style building during the school day. 99% of schools don’t have shootings. We shouldn’t ruin all of them to avoid the tiny chance of a shooting.

      • Amen! I don’t want kids growing up thinking it is normal for public buildings to look like prisons. Kids with that kind of childhood experience tend to grow up into adults with less regard for our constitutional rights.

      • An effective perimeter isn’t a prison; it’s a protection. A well engineered solution to a problem the more vacuous among us blame on an inanimate object.

  12. Certain constitutional rights serve as the cornerstones to protect all the other rights. The 2nd Amendment is one of these cornerstones. No proper patriot should tolerate even the thought of tampering with it. Without the 2nd Amendment, David Hogg’s right to speak out would not exist.

  13. The wolf in sheep clothing is David Hogg, a C_A plant at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school. That school shooting raised as many red flags as does the Uvalde school shooting, and many others. Wake up folks!

  14. Jesus. She never said anything about limiting peoples rights to guns. Lisa has been steadfast in support of 2nd Amendment rights. This click bate half truth bs has to stop. Even the NRA has not come out against the bi-partisan proposal.

    • “……..This click bate half truth bs has to stop. Even the NRA has not come out against the bi-partisan proposal.”
      This is campaign season propaganda by conservative websites. It’s absolutely horrible…….the kind of crap one would expect from liberal news media.

  15. Beginning in our colleges, trickling down into Pre-K, The socialist radical left Demoncrats and RINO’s have spent decades of efforts, undermining our democracy. This unrestrained quest for power has resulted in a shift from a family oriented society, towards America becoming a mama state. Their “Great Reset” is nothing more than their maneuvering themselves into absolute power.
    They have wrested supervision and control of our children away from their parents. If you as much as take away the cell phone you bought them, you end up in court for child abuse. If you object to your child being prepared for a sex change operation, you’re a terrorist.
    Your children are being taught to keep secrets from you, and to obey their teachers rather than you. About all of the school shootings and other terrorist acts by children, started shortly after the “Great Reset” kicked into full speed. The blame is deflected by calling guns as the problem. No, it’s the Dems and RINO’s who are trying to turn America into a communist state, which is the direct cause.

      • Oh, you mean like all you paranoid, neurotic and authoritarian radical leftists with your love of Covid masks, lockdowns, and other nonsensical and draconian measures to protect against what was essentially a bad flu season?

        • Got me Jefferson. Ouch. You’re sporting quite a wit and vocabulary there mate. What else you got that might interest a girl?

  16. Well, hang on there. Like the NRA, I agree that we need to see what this fancy bi-partisan group actually produces in the form of a Bill before we agree with it or “shoot it to pieces.” Maybe, they might screw up and propose something that actually makes sense? The one thing I keyed on was enhanced scrutiny of 18-21 yo’s.

    My biggest beefs are that current laws are not being enforced to ensure convicted felons and those with a history of violence are not added to the NCIS database in a timely manner, that convicted felons are found in possession of firearms all of the time and nothing is done about it, and that those with juvenile criminal records or diagnosed mental problems are not even reported and added to the NCIS list of people to be denied immediate approval to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer.

    If you are serious about reducing “gun violence,” you need to get over personal privacy issues and allow the system in place to work by adding juvenile offenders and those with mental issues to be added to the NCIS DO NOT SELL list. Juvenile offenders don’t become angels once they reach their eighteenth birthday, and there is a wide range of mental illnesses. People can become “well” over time. Ways to effectively appeal NCIS flags can be worked out easier than imposing gun restrictions on everybody. If I have to show a “clean” driver’s license to buy beer (no red flag prohibiting alcohol purchases), why couldn’t the same be true for someone who should be flagged in the NCIS database? It imposes no burden on the 99% of us with clean records.

  17. I used to take Lisa duck hunting and she always tried putting the shotgun shells in reverse. I guess I didn’t teach her well. She still doesn’t know the primer end from the wad.

    • In other words, she still hasn’t figured out whether or not her head is somewhere up her rear end?

      • I used to say the same thing to Frankie when he appointed Sarah Palin to the Oil and Gas Commission. And again, when he promised John Binkley an appointment to the US Senate. I guess you could say that the Murkowski gene pool is is stuck somewhere in second gear. I’m excluded and therefore the only one with any common sense.

  18. It’s time to flush these turds from the cesspool of politics. ANY so called representative that votes to dilute the second ammendment is NOT following their oath of office to UPHOLD the US Constitution. Wake up folks ! This is not about school shootings or gun violence !!!

  19. Lisa M. has turned he back on Alaska! It was her choice! She has closed doors that she will NEVER be able to open again! We true Conservative Alaskan’s will NEVER trust her again!!!

  20. Comprehension is a thing. The founders of this nation said in 1609: “We DECLARE for OUR heirs inhabiting the colonies AND EVERYONE OF THER CHILDREN SHALL HAVE ALL RIGHTS as if born in England. Trickery goes to forfeiture of rights of Jamestown heirs.” (I am among other things one of those heirs) Read Organic laws forming the United States in 1606 printed in 1609 and 1611. The right to keep and bear arms in Jamestown which was established in 1603 along with the right to speak in Parliament mentioned in the First Charter of Virginia and the First Charter of America divided into colonies and companies to propogate the Christian religion to bring infidels settlement desires and great ideas…and justice without sale and delay (English Bill of Rights) signed by Prince William and Princess Mary of Orange in Persona. The issue recognized that Papists were disarming Protestants when Papists were armed and policy officers were saying “I’ll be armed but not you”. This an attempt at a repeat of history go make Americans life in fear and pitifulness the conduct of tyrants. You cannot lawfully gradually but fundamentally alter these rights especially those retained by the people before the Constitution long and descendant. Hale v Hinkle. Government SECURES those rights. Senators or Prime Ministers are NOT KIngs. They are servants. Servants do not dictate to the people in this nation.

  21. Interesting that once Hogg got Murk to weasel on gun control, he brought up racism. Is he shilling for BLM now?

  22. The 2nd Amendment makes the rest possible. Which is why McConnell and co are giving it away.

  23. Kelly can talk about the root issue cause the roots of the matter really doesn’t have anything to with
    guns. Murkowski remarks show she is dated, do not know anything about the troubles of 18-23 year olds that only increased after covid lockdowns.

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