Muni Clerk says ‘no’ to public observing of vote counting in mayoral runoff


There’s no more “Yellow Brick Road” at the Anchorage Election Office in Ship Creek. That is the area marked with yellow tape on the floor where members of the public are allowed to observe the vote-counting process in the Anchorage mayoral runoff election.

Municipal Clerk Barb Jones said that the campaigns of Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar may each have four observers watching as votes are counted and adjudicated, but observers from the public, or from a political party for example, are no longer allowed in the building because their presence has been slowing down the process.

Several public members have been attending vote counting over the past two days since the election closed on May 11.

Observers say that the Clerk is using Covid as a reason for keeping people out of the building.

Jones is kicking all observers out of the building at 5 pm sharp, but workers remain in the building and working for several hours every night unobserved by the public.

The mayor’s election ended at 8 pm on Tuesday. As of Wednesday night, 84,077 ballots had been received, and 76,022 ballots had been tallied, with Dave Bronson in the lead. Bronson had 38,150 votes, 278 more than Dunbar, as of Wednesday night. The next count will be released by 5 pm Thursday.

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  1. Next will be pizza boxes on the windows. Are they hand counting? Dominion? 84,000 is not that many. Something smells rotten.

  2. So, they’re going to steal it rightout in the open like the Presidential election?
    Why not.
    There are no repercussions.

  3. Kicking out observers and continuing to have workers there equals cheating! That’s why the observers are there to begin with!

  4. What was in the box that was brought in late at night after observers had been asked to leave for the evening?

  5. “Jones is kicking all observers out of the building at 5 pm sharp”
    Please clarify this. ALL observers, including those from the Bronson and Dunbar teams? Or public observers unaffiliated with either campaign?
    Big difference between the two.

    • All observers, including Bronson and Dunbar observers. No other observers are allowed at any time, per Barb Jones. – sd

  6. Oh, and almost forgot.
    @Greg R.
    Before you post anything about how claims of election oddities in November are all conspiracy theories, and baseless, please answer this one simple question:
    If all of the odd things that happened on November 3rd, favored Trump and the Republicans would you still have the same stance?

  7. If Dunbar “wins”, we have to demand an investigation. Kicking out observers, speaks for itself….
    When finally our governor is going to do something about it and pass the voter’s law like in the state of Georgia?

  8. I hope that Mr. Bronson will take this to court immediately and get an injunction. Locking out observers is simply unacceptable.

  9. This is so Wrong. If there still counting votes Yes, there still needs to be observers in there from both sides.
    Yes there trying to steal this election.
    Covid another excuse to hide under.

  10. I really dislike living around controlling people when they are given a little room to stretch their influence over other peoples lives.
    Its odd response and bad conduct by the city clerk kicking ALL observers out when Mail-in-voting systems is so highly untrusted. If I were her. I’d keep the observers inside and deal with whatever setbacks caused by distractions. Kicking the observers out doesn’t improve her professional reputation any better, her action actually diminishes it. Professionals are just not professional anymore they can’t work under pressure.
    There is nothing wrong having the observers in there, overseerers just want to make sure Bronson and Dunbar recieve the election they deserve.

  11. @CBMTTEK
    There were no odd things that happened on Nov. 3rd, other than the insistence from Trump that the election was stolen. He offered no proof. He just kept saying it. Then he said that he won in Arizona by a bazillion votes despite the fact that the REPUBLICAN run election showed he lost. Then he pulled the same stunt in Georgia and their REPUBLICAN election crew said he also lost and audited their vote count 3 times without coming up with more than 3 discrepancies, which they knew about. Then the Former Guy started repeating over and over his falsehood about having the election stolen and making up stories insinuating how fraud was being committed. Then he (the Former Guy) started trying to intimidate the election officials in states where he lost in order to get the election stolen in his favor. REPUBLICAN election officials in all disputed states said they were the cleanest election they’d ever run.
    All this while REPUBLICAN candidates were cleaning up in national, state, and local elections. Strange that the REBPUBLICANS who said Trump was cheated didn’t say that the REPUBLICANS who won should have their victories challenged. Why not? Same election, same election officials. Sound suspicious to you?
    So your question makes no sense. They elections went strongly REPUBLICAN for pretty much everyone except Trump. You can live in the real world or you can live in Trumps fantasy world, but if you choose the Trump world you are going down a very deep and very dangerous rabbit hole, one in which you may find democracy dying.

  12. I called the division of elections – they said the following – not that i trust them in any way, i dont.
    1) that all ballots will be put away by 5pm, and everyone will be leaving.
    2) no one was there last night at 11pm, there were a couple people there past 5 to make sure that people working the election got paid.

    • To be clear, there were election workers in the building on election night after 11 pm, with no public observers. We have posted the video on Facebook. And Must Read Alaska has video of Barb Jones in the building long after 5 pm on Wednesday. Bronson observers are contradicting what Elections people have said. – sd

  13. If observers are gone, at this point all legitimacy of this election evaporates. Time for an in person ID verified repeat election AND some muni heads to roll. And for Greg R in his fantasy world, the rules apply for all candidates.

  14. @Greg R:
    You do not think a dump of over 100,000 votes in a swing state where more than 90% of them are for one candidate is odd?
    When the odds of 6000 votes in a row going for a single candidate are so astronomical that it is not likely to happen once during the entire life of the universe, yet it happened several times for Biden in multiple states, all on one night. Nothing odd about multiple statistically improbabilities happening multiple times, all of which benefit one candidate.
    When observers are required to stand 20+ feet away from the ballot counters for reasons unknown. Why would anyone consider that odd?
    Blocking the windows of the ballot counting location? Heck, there is nothing odd about that!
    Absentee ballot rejection rates drop across the board, despite the fact that significantly more people voted absentee (without any prior experience doing so). Nothing odd there. I am sure that everyone was just paying so much more attention to the instructions…
    When homes and businesses across the nation received multiple ballots, sometimes for people who had left the state years ago. That’s not odd at all.
    When the election officials in Maricopa county admit they never had the administrative passwords for the vote counting machines. No, that is perfectly normal to have some unknown entity with full access to the system.
    A USPS truck driver moving a truck of ballots from NY to PA the day after the election. I am sure that happens every election.

    If any three of these things happened and Trump had benefitted from it, would you be claiming the election was without question? That any questioning of it is baseless?
    Yep, I am sure you would.

  15. Observers both from the candidates, news media and public should be present during all times that the ballots are not locked in a secure room that no one has access to after the employees and observers leave and the building is locked.

    I am not saying anyone is doing anything wrong but the appearance of wrongdoing and suspicion are created when someone makes a stupid decision and raises issues where there are none. If they require masks so be it. If someone is interfering deal with it on a one on one basis.

    No matter who wins now some people will claim violations and sue in court. The Clerk just encouraged what ever comes her way and the public’s distrust of mail in ballots is only validated by her decision. The election is so close there will be a recount probably anyway. There have plenty of time until the 25th to do it right and without suspicious activities.

    There is a saying “There is always enough time to do it over when you screw it up but never enough time to do it right the first time”! Think about!

    Alaska has had prior cases of mistrust of elections “Campbell for Gov” and so they should do everything to eliminate any appearance of wrongdoing.

    Now I question the role of the acting Mayor, Dunbar and his supporters and the Clerk which I did not before and I don’t care who wins as long as it is honestly conducted. Shame on you and if you can’t do the job, quit and let someone who can do it Barbara Jones.

    Greg it is great to see that you have all the talking points of the Democratic Party to make your case. But you know that there are millions of honest Americans that don’t believe your fairy tale. It is not just President Trump. The courts never allowed or heard the evidence and repeating your lies don’t make them anymore more true than the lies from the Republican side. Why are you so afraid of the AZ independent audit and what it might find? They have said the election has been decided and your guy won. Nothing resulting from this audit will change that except we will finally know who lies. Does that worry you or your party?

  16. Anyone who doesn’t question the November presidential election really should read this article:

    More ways Joe Biden magically outperformed election norms, at The Federalist . com.

    An introduction: Candidate Joe Biden was so effective at animating voters in 2020 that he received a record number of votes, more than 15 million more than Barack Obama received in his re-election of 2012. Amazingly, he managed to secure victory while also losing in almost every bellwether county across the country. No presidential candidate has been capable of such electoral jujitsu until now.

    While Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 totals in every urban county in the United States, he outperformed her in the metropolitan areas of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Even more surprising, the former VP put up a record haul of votes, despite Democrats’ general failures in local House and state legislative seats across the nation.

    He accomplished all this after receiving a record low share of the primary vote compared to his Republican opponent heading into the general election. Clearly, these are tremendous and unexpected achievements that would normally receive sophisticated analysis from the journalist class but have somehow gone mostly unmentioned during the celebrations at news studios in New York City and Washington, D.C.

    The massive national political realignment now taking place may be one source of these surprising upsets. Yet still, to have pulled so many rabbits out of his hat like this, nobody can deny that Biden is a first-rate campaigner and politician, the likes of which America has never before seen. Let’s break down just how unique his political voodoo has been in 2020.

  17. That settles it then…Bronson is ahead and steps must be taken to save the republic!
    This kind of thing won’t end until there are consequences for the fraudsters.

  18. Everyone knows that Democrats/Leftists/Progressives (Communists) cannot win without cheating/stealing/manipulating the voting rules to benefit them as was documented during the November 2020 election. Berkley Berkowitz and his commie cohorts in the Muni assembly established an unsolicited mail-in voting system which fosters fraud and cheating for one reason only: To obliterate Freedom and destroy Anchorage and Alaska at large the same way their evil ilk have destroyed the Left Coast, East Coast and places in between. We’ve already witnessed several irregularities during this election and our good friends at Project Veritas, Judicial Watch and Liberty Counsel may be watching. Who knows? One thing is certain: Leftists loathe America, Judeo-Christian values, freedom, capitalism and white people—to name a few. They refuse to coexist, so the only way to deal with them is defeat them. Many people are praying for God’s favor on Bronson this election.

  19. PJ Olson, hahahaha, consequences! What’s that? Maverick and I were just discussing the consequences our butts had in school (leaving marks but none permanent). Progressives don’t have consequences. They don’t understand. Consequences are only for the ‘little people’. Society is much better when people face real consequences for their actions, but those were ‘the good old days’ (and I got it worse when I got home if they found out).

  20. Anchorage politics is swampy, people. We need to demand answers and get rid of mail in balloting. I think Jamie Allard is working on something that we can all sign to bring it forward for the people to decide if we want it.

    To be equally clear – Im regurgitating the lies they told me as soon as I called them. I Have 0 doubt – your article/s are correct.

  22. Observers need to keep a vigil outside of the elections office, cellphone cameras in hand, watching for vehicles pulling in late at night with suspicious cargo. Democrats at work.

  23. First, is the mini clerk a Democrat? Second, the candidates observers should be there until the doors are locked. There are no good Democrats, none!

  24. Of course the Dunbar supporters did illegal things. Why would anybody think that they are incapable of not doing it? They have to have their man in the office at all cost. It’s time that alaskans and in fact all Americans, take the playbook from the other side and use their tactics against them. It’s time to take back America. If that means doing what the mob has been doing then so be it. You have to fight fire with fire. You have to stop turning the other cheek and accepting it as day in Day out policy. You have to say enough is enough I’m not going to stand for it anymore and you have to be ready to act.

  25. The officials we have in charge of the election can’t seem to play fair or stay within the rules and laws. One would think that the public would not trust them or support them. If they lie and bend the laws now what happens in a court with your freedom hanging in the balance? Trust them and what they say or challenge the smoke and mirrors to find the truth and see through the lies. The PFD laws have been broken the voting rules have been broken the covid money spending has been broken and this is what we the people vote for. Something is wrong with the gullible public.

  26. Where are our incompetent/corrupt judges? They need to step in immediately and put a stop to this obvious attempt to steal the election!

  27. What is done in secrecy is not binding on the public. What makes this individual feel so secure that they bark these orders and demand obedience from the people?

  28. Apparently the liberal Greg R on here believes that all Republicans are in bed together. You’ve got Murkowski who jumps in bed on one side of the fence and then on the other. You’ve got the Washington DC elitists like Liz Cheney the hate Trump. They would do anything to keep the swamp water in the bathtub.

    There were shenanigans in November on election night. Federal judges used politics to squash any attempt for Trump to fight back. Georgia and just recently Florida have fixed their fraudulent election rules so the next time we have an election, it’s going to be harder for Greg R and his followers to steal anything.

  29. My Goodness! What a spate of unverified hypotheticals have occurred in this gawd-aweful (sic), corrupt election that seems so fraudulent that the outcome can’t possibly be right!

    Don’t you people realize you are arguing that if the election is corrupt, Bronson, ipso facto, would be an illegitimate winner, too. Maybe Dunbar should follow these accusations and request new elections until he gets the results he wants.

  30. Greg R., as I commented, corruption puts every outcome into question. That’s why the need for only in-person, verified voters. Don’t let Alaska turn into Venezuela.

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