Move over Delta, Omicron, here comes IHU


A French scientist at the institute IHU Mediterranee Infection has isolated a new variant of Covid-19, which has been named IHU, or the B.1.640.2 variant.

The variant has been detected in just 12 patients near Marseille, France, but it is said to contain 46 mutations, which may make it more resistant to vaccines. Some of the mutations in the variant are also found in Omicron, indicating it may be another fast-spreading version. Omicron has about 50 genetic mutations.

But so far, little is widely known except that it was identified in November and apparently hasn’t spread much. The World Health Organization said during a Tuesday press briefing that the variant hasn’t seemed like much of a threat and that it had “a lot of chances to pick up.”

The first patient to have been identified with the IHU variant had just returned to France from the African nation of the Republic of Cameroon.

The French scientist who discovered the mutation, Didier Raoult, was previously roundly criticized by the medical establishment for recommending the use of hydroxychloroquine and another anti-malarial drug to treat Covid.

Raoult is most known on the Covid scene since his proposed treatment for Covid-19 was touted as a miracle cure by President Trump. According to a story in the New York Times, Raoult believes that his colleagues fail to see that their ideas are the products of mere intellectual fashions — that they are hypnotized by methodology into believing that they understand what they do not and that they lack the discipline of mind that would permit them to comprehend their error.

“Raoult, who founded and directs the research hospital known as the Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire Méditerranée Infection, or IHU, has made a great career assailing orthodoxy, in both word and practice. ‘There’s nothing I like more than blowing up a theory that’s been so nicely established,’ he once said. He has a reputation for bluster but also for a certain creativity. He looks where no one else cares to, with methods no one else is using, and finds things. In just the past 10 years, he has helped identify nearly 500 novel species of human-borne bacteria, about one-fifth of all those named and described. Until recently, he was perhaps best known as the discoverer of the first giant virus, a microbe that, in his opinion, suggests that viruses ought to be considered a fourth and separate domain of living things. The discovery helped win him the Grand Prix Inserm, one of France’s top scientific prizes. It also led him to believe that the tree of life suggested by Darwinian evolution is ‘entirely false,’ he told me, and that Darwin himself ‘wrote nothing but inanities.’ He detests consensus and comity; he believes that science, and life, ought to be a fight,” ,” wrote Scott Sayare in the New York Times last year.

“It is in this spirit that, over the objections of his peers, and no doubt because of them, too, he has promoted a combination of hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug, and azithromycin, a common antibiotic, as a remedy for Covid-19,” Sayare wrote. The article about Raoult is at this link.


  1. The WHO has been aware of this variant and monitored its spread since November, with little indication it’s spreading rapidly. Doesn’t seem like this variant is cause for concern yet. Maybe the COVIDIOTS will claim otherwise…

  2. Good lord they just keep trying to spin a new fear onto the sheep. Sorry Fauci and other Covidians… We are on to your scam!

  3. So…Omicron and this new variation have about 50 genetic mutations from the original Covid variation that is based upon a computer simulation of what they think Covid-19 looks like, in which to date has never been isolated or identified. Ill take “You’re full of malarkey for 1000 Alex!”

    • No, they mapped the original or first documented SARS-COV-2 genome and have mapped the variants, which consist of mutations. I know, this is all way beyond your ability to understand, but that also means you wouldn’t last long on jeopardy.

      • The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta has confirmed in writing they do not have any real-life, isolated, purified, sample of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and cannot provide any records about that virus, which allegedly causes COVID-19.

  4. Say this if you want to be dismissed as a quack: “the tree of life suggested by Darwinian evolution is ‘entirely false … and that Darwin himself ‘wrote nothing but inanities.’”

  5. Oh boy……
    It sounds like Didier wants to get his name in the papers. 12 cases in the variant that he named after his institute? There are thousands and thousands of variants, you can see them all here ‘’ many if not most with more than 12 cases. Variants of concerne are named, and they aren’t named after publicity seekers or their institutes.

    • Good point. I was curious why the variant was named IHU, and doing some digging on Didier, he’s got a bit of a reputation for this kind of stuff.

  6. Can’t we just name it per date discovered?
    Covid 20
    Covid 21
    Covid February 22
    Covid March 22
    Covid May 22

    Those who have already messed up their immune system with the injection can get an implant like the birth control implant. ( once Fauci can figure out how to profit from it)
    Those who’ve had it and recovered can dance in the streets…..maskless

  7. I read that in India, they are giving people a China Bug ( Covid-19) Box
    of: Vitamins D, C and Ivermectin! They are handing them out more so then vaccines!

    Definitely food for thought!?

    Read at Epoch Times!

  8. Just more fearporn from the wicked ones currently ruling the world, trying for complete domination. They’ve found a new little scare word – VARIANTS! Which is nothing more than the usual way that viruses continually evolve just to survive. Until now, they were know as STRAINS.

    • TPTB are simply, and predictably, going to trot out an endless series of “Scariants” in the attempt to keep the Krazy Kovidian Kult from self-imploding due to its inherent contradictions, lies, and essential irrationality.

  9. I would like to thank Dr. Anthony Fauci and the other gain-of-function researchers who have unleashed this virus on all humanity. You must feel so proud.

    • JMark, just as sociopaths cannot feel empathy, sympathy or compassion, neither can they feel pride (nor honest love, for that matter). They are emotionally and spiritually empty creatures with an all-consuming need to substitute their control over others for the various meaningful satisfactions that healthy humans find in life, in the futile attempt to salve their nonexistent souls.

      • As I think about, it may be that gain-of-function people feel no guilt since they may not have a soul. It would certainly explain Dr. Fauci’s supreme and unyielding confidence.

        • JMark, I take what you say here for granted.
          There are people, and not an insignificant proportion of them, who are quite simply inherently evil. Fauci-Mengele is certainly one such person, but far from the only one involved in the KKK (Krazy Kovidian Kult).

  10. This is why Biden is saying “this is STILL a pandemic of the unvaccinated” because he knows what everyone is logically thinking and he’s solid argument against the logical thinking is because he says so and says it repeatedly so how could he be wrong. All of you that got vaccinated and want to prevent getting omicron by “following the science” (Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDC, WHO, etc), good luck. Omicron is spreading fast amongst the vaccinated, boosted or not. I suggest stop worrying about it unless you have severe health issues. If you do have severe health issues and have had to isolate yourself through all of this, I’m sorry we didn’t rip this bandaid off faster for you.

  11. Climate-change failed as a strategy to shut down the world economy; people simply refused to curtail their opulent lifestyles exemplified by large homes, autos, air-travel, vacations, cruises, etc. Consequently, Totalitarian/Marxists have now pivoted to an entirely new strategy to achieve their goal; that is, eternally-mutating engineered virus pandemics . Soon, never-ending restrictions will result in said lifestyle amenities being relegated exclusively to the one-percenters.
    Am I a whack-a-doodle conspiracy theorist? Does it matter?… if the dots are blindingly obvious enough for anyone to connect?

    • Did it fail, Wayne? Because every industry on the planet agrees climate change is real and is a threat to human development in every location on Earth. Which is why you see renewable energy technological developments, as opposed to fossil fuel breakthroughs.

      You may have mistook information that you didn’t like or understand for some sort of threat toward your way of life. So you opposed it, even though you were simply opposing facts. Now you want to rewrite history because you were completely wrong. That’s not up and up.

  12. Can you say “Mass Formation Psychosis”? As a society we don’t need to worry about the “unvaccinated”. It is the weak minded, useful idiots that truly terrify!

  13. If getting a runny nose for a few days and one day of a barely noticable sore throat is a “messed up immune system” I’ll take it. I’ll also continue to wear a cloth mask just to give the unvaccinated a false sense of security. Best of luck with your native immune system.

    • I saw a few people at Costco today wearing double masks. I was tempted to stop them and tell them that there are now three variants of concern, so maybe they should put in a third germ trap. . .

    • Romeo Golf Golf, I think you have it wrong friend, as an un-jabbed I care not if you wear your mask or not. That is your freedom to do so, or not. As for natural immunity vs the temporary ineffectiveness of an experimental and unknown substance being injected into your body, well the studies that have been done clearly show that natural immunity is, what? 27 or 26 times more effective then the Jab? Pick your study. But by all means don’t rely on the FDA or Pfizer to tell you what’s in the jab or how it faired in it’s trials…

    • Why in the world would someone believe that the general unvaxxed population are seeking a “sense of security” and are the ones wanting everyone to wear masks? You have this really backwards for some strange reason and I sincerely can’t figure out why, respectfully.

  14. How many deaths from Omicron this year in US? 0
    How many deaths this year from Flu? 646

    If the first 2 shots are so good, why do you need a 3rd? 4th?
    If you get a vaccine you can still catch it and spread it? So all it does is reduce your chances of a severe reaction. Why did you get the shot?

  15. Wayne, the dot connecting you mention is spot on. No conspiracy theory here. I have also read about “Flurona.” A hybrid that combines the flu with Corona Virus. This will never end. We have marketers that decide on a catchy name, and a corrupt mainstream media that takes it to market and promotes it. P.T. Barnum would be amazed.

  16. I’m so glad you wrote this article today. I was considering uncurling from the fetal position and setting foot outside my windowless basement, but I’m changing my mind! I have a fresh, new reason to stay skerrrrrd. Let’s Go IHU!

    • Dee Cee, very wise choices!
      And while you are at it, in the true spirit of St. Fauci-Mengele, don’t forget to wear eight masks, two face shields, a gas mask and a life preserve (can never be too safe!), and to cocoon yourself in at least 666 sheets of bubble wrap while never, ever again moving from your sofa. Remember, life is all about ensuring perfect safety against one single and rather low risk!

  17. I remember seeing the news about the giant virus found in the science shows I watch. As for Covid, I’m just not worried about it anymore. After multiple exposures after my initial Covid case, I haven’t gotten it again.

  18. I’ve had 4 bouts with something within the last two years. Same symptoms each time, but lessening in intensity. I slept off each bout and was fine a few days later. As I’ve never had any serious flue symptoms in my seventy some years, it would be a safe assumption to call it Wuhan #1, #2, #3, and #4.
    Not getting the jab no matter what. I’m more likely to get killed by some Branch Covidian fanatic, machine-gunned at a mass grave.

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