Update: Mother of abandoned newborn has been located in Fairbanks, now at hospital


Alaska State Troopers’ Alaska Bureau of Investigation Fairbanks Major Crimes Unit have identified and located the mother of the infant who had been abandoned at the intersection of Dolphin Way and Chena Point Avenue in Fairbanks on New Year’s Eve in bitter cold temperatures. The mother is a juvenile and has been taken to a Fairbanks hospital for evaluation and medical care.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding how the the newborn baby boy came to be abandoned in a cardboard box along the side of the road is ongoing, and no criminal charges have been filed yet, the Department of Public Safety said.

“The Alaska State Troopers would like to thank our partners at Interior Alaska center for Non-Violent Living (IAC), Stevie’s Place, and FMH Forensic Nursing for the critical resources they provide, as well as the countless Alaskans that submitted tips in an effort to resolve this case and protect the wellbeing of the baby and mother,” DPS wrote.

On Tuesday, DPS said the child known as Teshawn, so named in a note that was in the cardboard box with him, continues to be in good health and is in the care of the Office of Children’s Services. Troopers were following leads leads based on the statement in the note that said the mother lived on Cormorant Street.


  1. The mother is a juvenile who committed a crime should be charged with CHILD ENDANGERMENT maybe even with some degree of attempted murder. Charges should also be filed against anyone who aided in this abandonment.

  2. ‘No charges have been filed yet…’. Well they should not be. The mother is a child, likely was terrified, add also the hormones produced in pregnancy, during and after, that can indeed affect emotions and even cognition. The note left was one of desperation and not ill intent. Despite how horrific her actions were to likely all of us, this poor mother needs to be supported, mentored, and helped, not sentenced. What if she were your daughter?

    • Elizabeth, I find your attitude in this matter utterly indefensible and sickening.
      So you believe that raging emotions absolve one from the consequences of their actions? REALLY? So I guess that we can just throw out our entire criminal justice system, and every law, if emotions, and not justice and logic, rule supreme.
      Frankly, I do not give one tiny damn what the emotional state of the mother was which led her to cruelly and criminally abandoning her newborn baby in the cold snow of a Fairbanks winter. That mother engaged in attempted manslaughter if not outright murder, and belongs in jail as a consequence of her actions.
      Your irrational, bleeding-heard attitude is another sad demonstration of the triumph of emotion over reason, which those who politically lean a certain way just love to foster for their own political ends.

      • Jefferson, despite the difficult circumstances, your points are factually correct. It was not long ago that committing attempted murder would have definitely resulted in charges, arrest, trial and prison time. Not so much any more.

    • “‘No charges have been filed yet…’. Well they should not be……..”
      Well, I suppose not. The child was only at 28 weeks gestation when prematurely born, so according to the abortion industry, wasn’t human anyway…….until he was born. Then, miraculously, he became human……..in a mere moment. Before his first breath, he was just a blob of tissue. The mother could have simply aborted him using our common public funds to pay for the whole thing. But she chose to simply freeze the child in a box. To coin a now famous phrase, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    • Elizabeth, to be fair, I should not have said that I found your opinion expressed above “sickening”. I really meant to write “shocking” instead. This has been bothering me, and I wanted to correct the mistake.

  3. Nothing in the news about age of juvenile mother. What about the age of the mother at the time of conception? Was she under the age of consent (16) and how old was the father? Possible sexual abuse case (e.g. defendant was 16 or older and the victim was 12 or younger. This offense is an unclassified felony. or where the minor who is 13, 14, or 15, and a defendant who is at least 17 years old and four or more years older than the minor)

  4. Sorry folks, but I’m with Elizabeth on this one… a juvenile mother did what she thought might be best. Which of course was not the best. But we know zilch about the circumstances. We don’t know if she is a trafficking victim or if she is living in an abusive household. Based on the note, she has “parents.” Did they do this? Did they force her to do this? How did she get pregnant? We can first thank the Lord she did not abort. Second, we can thank the Lord that she is in the hospital now where I’m sure she will find some help for her situation, which likely spans way beyond getting knocked up and having a baby. God has a plan for her and this little Teshawn. Something great will come of all this hardship. Suspend your anger for a few minutes and consider the fact that some great things have already come from this.

    • “………Suspend your anger for a few minutes and consider the fact that some great things have already come from this.”
      Yeah, sometimes miracles occur despite the determination of individuals and humanity as a whole to screw things up. So let’s all just get over this horrid act of infant torture, forget it, and prepare our minds and spirits for the next incredible, inevitable display of moral decay. After all, that’s what we’ve been doing for the past half century.

  5. I can understand why she did it but I can’t condone her actions. Yes she was under age and everybody knows those folks don’t make the best decisions. She was panicking, still bleeding because she probably needed a DNC, and may have been in a situation where she felt she didn’t have anywhere else to turn. Fortunately the baby survived the night although a premature child that age has a long uphill battle. I can be more understanding when a juvenile makes a mistake over a grown adult. If an adult assisted her, then I feel the blame shifts towards the adult. Likely they were the one running the show at that point. Perhaps the mother didn’t want to get rid of the baby and the adult forced them to get rid of it. You don’t know the whole story and to judge without that knowledge is unfair and reckless. The baby has rights to life but we see that line crossed daily.

  6. At some point people need to take responsibility for their actions. Especially when it involves another life.

  7. If she was lucid enough to swaddle the baby ,write a note and put him in a box-she certainly knows what FREEZING COLD is- she should be held responsible for her actions.
    Thank goodness that baby was found in time.

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