More Alaskans vaccinated today than who have had the coronavirus in past year


Alaska now has more people vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus than who have contracted the virus.

The 49th state is ranked first in the nation for the percentage of residents who have had at least their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s database and state dashboards.

Alaska’s per capita vaccination rate is 9.93 doses given per 100 people. West Virginia is ranked second, with 8.94 doses per 100 people.

The data is updated frequently, and is likely to change on the Bloomberg tracker.

“The pandemic is not yet over, but we wanted to celebrate this milestone achievement in our fight to defeat COVID-19,” said the State’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink. “We have teamwork and many Alaskans to thank for how quickly we’ve been able to vaccinate our most vulnerable residents. Alaskans are eager to receive this vaccine and end the pandemic. Our state is fortunate to have a strong network of community partners and providers across the state working together to distribute and administer vaccine as quickly, efficiently and equitably as we possibly can – fast and fair.” 

Alaska’s vaccine monitoring dashboard shows that 59,392 people in Alaska have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and 13,270 have received both doses. Based on State of Alaska population estimates, this means 8.1% of Alaskans have been reported receiving at least one dose of vaccine while 12,178 people, or about 1.8% of the state’s population, have completed two doses.  

Alaska’s COVID-19 data dashboard showed a total of 50,732 Alaska resident cases and 1,661 nonresident cases.


  1. Hahahaha. At least we ranked first for something good for a change. We also rank dead last for reading skills. Hahahaha. That means a lot of us can’t think for ourselves. Hahaha

    • 24/7 Wall Street indicates 9.2% of Alaskan adults are functionally illiterate, which translates to our state being the 19th MOST literate state in the U.S. That fact is INDISPUTABLE, especially when almost 30% of the adults in this state possess a bachelor’s or post-baccalaureate degree.

      To identify the most and least literate states, 24/7 Wall St. compiled an index of several measures related to reading proficiency, access to reading materials, and library usage. The share of adults lacking basic prose literacy skills — defined as literacy skills ranging from being “unable to read and understand any written information to being able only to locate easily identifiable information in short, commonplace prose text in English” — came from the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy as was included in the index at full weight. The shares of fourth and eighth graders who scored proficient or better on the reading section of the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress came from the National Center for Education Statistics and were each included in the index at half-weight. The shares of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree came from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey and were included in the index at full weight. Data on the number of bookstores in each state came from the Census Bureau’s County Business Patterns series and was included in the index at half-weight after being adjusted for population. Data on the number of public libraries in each state came from the American Library Association and was included in the index at half-weight after being adjusted for population. The number of registered public library users in each state also came from the ALA and was included in the index at full weight as a percentage of the total population.”

  2. So when you next complain about taxes and big Government, remember that these are the things that will continue to rescue us from the tyranny of the coronavirus.

    Oh – and please wear your masks. These help too, whether you want to believe it or not.

    • When a 2 Trillion dollar stimulus package goes out the door, with billions going to foreign nations, and a measly $600 going to Americans who’ve had their livelihood ruined..largely by fear mongering statists who didn’t go without a check themselves, THEN people talk about government being wasteful. When executive orders from DC, keep Alaskans from getting jobs, they talk about government overreaching. Very few people want NO government, but I would say a majority want a LIMITED government. The individual, and their rights, should be paramount, not the collective. This is the basis of our nations founding. The constitution limits the government and protects the individual. That spirit should be maintained in any law, or budget, those we elect to high office, pass.

    • Rescue us from the Tyranny of the Coronavirus..Ha..
      Pardon, but this tyranny of the coronavirus is because we have too big of a government, and too high of taxes. This actually is a case of the so called Cure, is also the Cause. And that’s a big “No” to the forever useless face mask.

        • Pretty much Jay, because this was Not a pandemic. This was a ruse, created by foreign and domestic governments, non-elected government entities, propaganda media outlets, and world organizations. The tyranny, that is spoke of, is that, that has been handed down and enforced by certain governments all around.
          And, Now that they have their long awaited magical vaccine, they have yet to release up.
          Guess WHO, just got back all their primary USA funding and then some. A perfectly timed Virus.

    • I have come to realize that Whidbey is just a Puget Sound troll trying to stir us up.
      Please prove me wrong dog.

      • Well, you got me there. Yep, I do live in Puget Sound now, but I paid my dues and lived/worked in Alaska for 35 years, and contributed significantly to its economic success when I did. I still have significant financial interests in the State, so I remain entitled to express my opinions here. Thanks for your input.

  3. Ok You wear your mask ?
    I don’t wear or need a mask
    Glad we got that out of the way.

    Now go live your life
    And let Me live my life.

    • It never ceases to amaze me how people will refuse to believe something that is so obviously in their best interest.

      It is Mr. P. who is to be pitied – and even more so when he’s living on a ventilator.

  4. Far, far more people die behind the wheel of their car than from COVID.

    If you really want to “save lives”, bán cars and driving

    • That is not actually factual.

      in 2018 there were 11.2 per 100,000 people automobile fatalities in the USA
      vs 12.6 per 100,000 people covid related deaths in the USA

      But yes the law requires drivers to wear seat belts to keep fatalities low. Are you suggesting the law require citizens get vaccines, social distance, wear masks to keep covid related fatalities low? that be cra cra

      • NHTSA said that there were about 38,000 highway deaths last year. By the time we get to a full year of COVID statistics, it will likely be over 500,000. Also, US life expectancy for all deaths will decrease by 1.13 years in 2020 according to the National Academy of Sciences with COVID being responsible for virtually all of that. It is hard to argue with data.

        • Tom:
          Actually, it is quite easy to argue with data.
          For example. you state it is likely there will be 500,000 deaths over a year from COVID. Good data point. However:
          1. How many of those deaths have COVID as the primary cause of death? With the average person succumbing to COVID having 2.6 life shortening co-morbidities, odds are a significant number of those 500,000 were likely to have died this year regardless of the pandemic.
          2. Other data point. The majority of COVID related deaths are the senior citizen demographic. Which is also the same demographic that makes up the majority of deaths every year.
          3. Other data point. About 2.8M people die every year in the US from all causes. And, in 2020, about 2.8M people died.
          See it is quite easy to argue with data. In fact, it is kinda fun.

          • What a wonderful human being you are! It is OK with you for people’s death to be hasten, just so it won’t inconvenience you. Very few people want to die a day early. Look at the statistics of the number of Oregonians who I initiate the Death With Dignity Act and the number that actually follow through it. You appear to believe that since these people are going to die anyway, why bother. Is that how you would feel if were saddled with a terminal disease? Would you be OK with death one day early?

      • Yeah ok, let’s see the real death toll from Wuhan. Seems to be quite inflated and when actual numbers were reported by the CDC, they were magically scrubbed off the interweb. Please take the vaccine so the rest of us may observe the science experiment.

      • Don’t be surprised when we will be issued vaccine cards to prove that we got the vaccine. Sort of like a driver’s license. Without that vaccine card we will not be able to fly, cross state boarders, go into Canada, go in to any government building, go to any large sports/concert arena etc! Joe is the mask king, it will be an “executive order.”

    • Happily, Mr. Avenger, you’re obviously not a lawyer, because with such illogical arguments, you sure wouldn’t win any cases.

  5. The easiest way to see the “real” Covid-19 related death numbers is to look at life expectancy 2020 vs past years. Its clear.

    Between chem-trails and vaccines how many times can they sterilize us? seems futile.

    I carried my significant digits wrong above. Deaths related to covid are an order of magnitude higher than car related fatalities.

    n 2018 there were 11.2 per 100,000 people automobile fatalities in the USA

    vs 126 per 100,000 people covid related deaths in the USA

  6. It’s next to impossible to get the vaccine in Fairbanks. The small providers are overwhelmed not taking appointments and their websites don’t work. Appointments for the 1250 shots at the Carlson Center were gone in an hour. Where does AK stand when the separate shipments of vaccine and its distribution to the military and indigenous groups is not counted? We’re getting a lot of publicity for being number 1 that may not be deserved. It’s going to bring in travelers looking for the shots.

    Vaccine seems to be disappearing into the black holes of individual providers, where Ive heard in some cases it gets used by whoever’s there because the vaccine will go bad. We need more equitable distribution to those qualified in large settings like the Carlson Center.

  7. Everyone I know who has taken the vaccination got way sicker (we’re talking several days) than I did getting it the natural way. One acquaintance had his arm go numb, got the shakes, a severe headache, followed by extreme nausea. The hospital told him, “Uh, don’t be alone for the next 24 hours or so.” Yikes, glad I got it the old fashioned way. I will never take the vaccine.

  8. This old Alaskan will wait and see what happens to those that takes it I’ve been to places that have all kind of bugs.

  9. So everyone you k ow who had the vaccine got way sicker. How many people exactly? What exactly is way sicker? What vaccine did they get? I got Moderna 2 weeks and suffered no side effects. Your statements are anectodal and mean nothing without supporting detail.

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