Delegation issues rebuke to Biden over cancelled oil


U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, and U.S. Congressman Don Young, issued the following statement after President Joe Biden announced a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leasing in the non-wilderness Coastal Plain (1002 Area) of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge:

“Today, President Biden announced that he will pick up where the Obama administration left off by conducting a review of multiple rulemakings that are critical to Alaska and by placing a temporary moratorium on leasing activities in the Coastal Plain. At a time when the United States, and especially Alaska, is struggling to deal with the impacts of COVID-19, I am astounded to see that the Biden administration’s “day one” priority is put our economy, jobs, and nation’s security at risk,” said Senator Murkowski. “Not only has Alaska proven time and time again we have the highest environmental standards when it comes to our responsible resource development but this right was guaranteed by the federal government more than 40 years ago when ANILCA was enacted. It is time to hold true on this long overdue promise. In 2017, I was proud to author Title II of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which opened just 2,000 acres of our 365 million acre state to responsible energy development. In the past month, we have seen significant progress with the sale, signing, and issuing of leases in the non-wilderness 1002 Area. The Biden administration must faithfully implement the law and allow for that good progress to continue.”

“Well that was fast. Today, in his inaugural address, President Biden called for national unity and healing. However, just hours earlier, his administration took their cues from radical environmentalists in issuing punitive and divisive actions against Alaska, many other resource development states, and whole sectors of our economy,” said Senator Sullivan. “Let me be clear: As we are struggling to rebuild our economy, these directives announced today will cause real harm to millions of Americans, and thousands of Alaskans. Jobs will be lost. Families will struggle. Futures will be imperiled. The American people did not give President Biden a mandate to kill good-paying jobs and curry favor with coastal elites, and I will do everything in my power—working with the delegation, the state, and all of my fellow Alaskans—to fight back against these job-killing orders and regulatory reviews.”

“It is not surprising, though no less disappointing, that President Biden is continuing Obama-era attacks against Alaska. By reviewing federal rules that Alaska benefits from, and by placing a moratorium on energy development in ANWR, President Biden has surrendered to his party’s environmental extremists. I want the President to know this: Alaskans have shown for decades that energy development and environmental protection can go hand in hand. These executive actions serve only to hinder our state’s economy, stifle energy independence, and prevent the Alaska Native community of Kaktovik from responsibly using their lands,” said Congressman Young. “When President Carter signed ANILCA into law over 40 years ago, Alaskans were promised the right to drill on the Coastal Plain. We have conducted an extensive environmental review and successfully carried out lease sales. This is not the time to roll back our progress in ANWR, especially amid an economic downturn caused by a global pandemic. I call on President Biden to honor the law and the will of Alaskans, and allow our state’s energy projects to continue uninterrupted.” 

On January 6, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) held the first lease sale for lands in the 1002 Area of ANWR. On January 19, BLM announced the signing and issuing of leases on nine of the tracts that received qualifying bids from the lease sale. Results of the January 6 lease sale are available on BLM’s website.

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  1. I suggest it is time for a statehood compact violation lawsuit and a VERY large federal payout to Alaska for 40 years worth of violation and fraud – and force them to allow us to drill.

  2. Ok now is the time to ask for the additional land designated to Alaska at Statehood for State uses. Otherwise this administration will turn Alaska into a National park only to be saved for their overlords!

  3. Murkowski is surprised really….maybe she should have help our 45th President instead of working against him !!

  4. If President Biden is going to shut down Alaska’s Federal oil and gas lands maybe it is time for the state to change its many overburdening regulations and overlapping oil and gas agencies that have been pricing Alaskans and most smaller oil and gas companies out of business for years.

    There is a reason, not one producer bid in the state and federal lease sales held this month. Many of the fine Alaskan oil and gas workers depend on Alaska’s Governor and the new legislature to listen to them so we can see Alaska finally open for the oil and gas business.

    Please call your new legislature and Governor and ask for smart oil and gas regulations that cost less and don’t take forever so Alaskan oil and gas workers can make a good living once again.

    Too many investors think Alaska’s tax laws and regulations are too complicated and have little certainty, that is why Alaskans are hurting so bad, it is not just the oil prices and the pandemic, it is all three, Alaska has a trifecta for the last place in the nation for investment in oil and gas, with a new legislature and a good Governor now is the time to make things better.

    Maybe the state needs one elected commissioner and only one oil and gas energy agency under one roof. Alaska needs someone with credentials like Corrie Fiege at the head of one oil and gas energy agency that finally provides due process like the right to a Trial De Novo with a self-insured state policy (use the fully funded 470 oil spill contingency fund). Also if the state DNR DOG wants it’s lease sales to keep its policy of maximizing state warehousing of oil and gas land by the annual lease rentals that increased 1,000% and it’s Minumum Bid that increased 25 times, then let them offer the leases that received no bid for the old price a month after these poorly attended oil and gas lease sales like the DNR DOG had on Jan 13, 2020.

    • Donkel Oil & friends plus Doyon Drilling plus 12 Native regional corp? Might be time for a consortium.
      ASRC is the biggie in Alaska oil but the 11 other Native corp get revenue sharing from 7(i) 7(j) so they should be interested.

  5. Murkowski and the other two, Sullivan and Young have all betrayed America and the voters in Alaska that put them there. Now, it is time for them to blame someone else (Biden) for their betrayal and it’s results. It has only started, “lovely lisa”. More to come soon. Who will get the blame next? Your daddy? After all, he started your political career. Young is a has been. I think he was when he started. Sullivan is a surprise. A traitor in patriots’ clothing. Remember Alaskans. Remember how easily betrayed we are. Like the Jews that escaped Nazi Germany, “never again”.
    I would rather “die on my feet than live on my knees”, an American quote.

    • Yes. I noticed in Biden’s inaugural speech he emphasized “United” states of America. He and his handlers are truly worried about state seccesiion and they should be and Alaska should take the step forward. For may reasons!

    • Whoever we put up, they have to be mature enough and well enough off not to be the city that will ultimately replace Alaska as their home. The swamp is real and it sucks upright people and men and women of character into the morass, never to be seen again. What emerges, sometimes only weeks after they first arrive in the swamp, is a thing of that town, wholly owned by special interests, wholly loyal to the McConnells and Schumer’s of the uniparty, and wholly desirous of only one thing: keeping their office.

      We can’t be so naive as just to send what we think is a “good person” with the “right ideas”. We have been doing that for half a century or more and it’s gotten us where we are; a complete and total oligarchy. We better be damn sure they don’t NEED what DC is selling, before we send them, or they will most certainly sell us out.. like they all have before.

        • Thanks. I’ve had to learn the hard way like everybody else; as cynical as I think I am I am continually surprised by the corruption and cravenness of our political class, and the complacency of the electorate that enables it..

    • Every time they run somebody against her the feds show up, ask Joe Miller about the “Micky Mouse” mess that happened. Have a Great Day!

  6. This is what America voted for.

    Higher gas prices, higher taxes, massive government regulations, crippled economy, and masks everywhere

    • Americans didn’t vote for this. Corrupt politicians, media and their enablers did. From what I see Trump won in a landslide, the deep staters overcame that with massive election fraud and even more of a massive cover-up.

  7. I’m ‘astounded’ too, in all three of these buffoons which call themselves Alaska Leaders. All three of them had their chance to stand with Trump and give opportunity a chance at developing but, all three stood by silently and sheepishly, while Trump stood alone without strong support from any of these three. Well, now all of us will once again pay the price, watching opportunities for Alaska simply vanish with the stroke of a pen and malice heart, while they don’t go a day without pay, insurance, and.or lifelong benefits.

  8. Senator Murkowski keeps getting re-elected by a majority of Alaskans seeking the illusory benefits of a socialist ideology. We must counsel our neighbors as to the failed and reprehensible nature of said ideology.

      • Yeh, maybe. But, if I have a problem and rather than solving it I simply hand it over to you, the problem still exists…. but in your hands rather than mine. In that respect, I have not truly addressed the real problem; have I?

  9. Not sure anyone in, or near, the Biden regime worries about members of Alaska’s “delegation”.
    One acts like an ineffectual Pelosi sycophant, another’s remembered as an obamacare disciple, a Feinstein subordinate (, the third’s a Marine colonel who threw his Commander-in-Chief and 75 million voters under the bus, in his bid to be “impartial” about deposing President Trump.
    This “rebuke” looks a lot like ineffectual, disloyal politicians making angry noises to convince donors they’re not entirely asleep at the wheel.
    Too bad productive, non-donor Alaskans have to pay the price…

  10. A. Insures Democrat mega donor Buffet’s trains continue to haul the oil instead of the much safer pipeline.

    B. Insures the Canadian oil goes to Biden’s friends in China via BC.

    Murkowski, spare us the surprise! What the hell did you think this puppet was going to do?

  11. With the democratic socialist in power how long do you think the PFD will last? They love to redistribute others wealth!

  12. Thanks, Lisa, for supporting Joe. Now don’t act like you are hurt when he does just what he said he would. It is great that we are preserving this Traditional Ice Field for future generations. Let’s see how well we all do with government assisted subsistence. The native corporations have always sold out to the highest bidder, while enjoying government subsidies for food, shelter, and income. They are embarrassed when they meet their Russian neighbors who still are forced to subsist off the land. No free soda pop or frozen chicken for them. And no subsided heating oil, electric, or high speed internet. So let’s all vote for Lisa again, so we can become more like our neighbor to the West. And the native corporations that have sided with the environmental wackos and Lisa will get what they deserve, as well as the rest of us. Nothing. But that is truly traditional. And fair.

  13. Our weak deflation should have did there jobs and supported the Alaska friendly president Trump. But no they listened to their swamp masters. I hope all three are placed with conservative Alaskans. This I pray!

  14. Sullivan, Murkowski and Young betrayed Alaska by voting to certify fraudulent election results.
    Traitors one and all.
    They’ll never get my vote again…if voting even matters any longer in the age of Dominion Voting Systems.
    Sure didn’t matter in this last election.

  15. Lisa Murkowski was the best democrat senator during the last eight years. She saved obamacare and helped kill our oil industry.

  16. “…Siqiniq Maupin, director of Sovereign Iñupiat for a Living Arctic, also said she supports the president’s newly-minted order, citing, in particular, the land’s importance, history and cultural impacts.
    “Looking at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, that is food security for Gwich’in and Iñupiaq people,” she said, “an untouched ecosystem. It’s a huge breath of relief, but it is also a long ways ahead.
    “We shouldn’t have had to fight this for the last four years,” she added.”
    As an Alaska Native, I believe that they shouldn’t have fought that fight at all. That “untouched ecosystem” is constantly getting fallout from Chinese industry … carbon and other industrial byproducts that are coating the landscape with dark dust which reduces the winter snow cover, and accelerates melting of the permafrost.
    China’s extractive industry is the dirtiest in the world. Every setback America’s extractive industry suffers at the hand of the so called environmentalists fails to protect the world’s overall ecology. Stopping a well in ANWR just opens up a less regulated one somewhere else.
    We had the Deep Horizon disaster because safer places for wells were “protected”. We had the Exxon Valdez disaster because of the Jones Act, where foreign built ships couldn’t travel from an American port to another American port … when at the time the environmentalists had so crippled American ship building, that America didn’t have the capacity to build double-hulled super oil tankers.

  17. They’ve made their obligatory statements. Now they can get back to pork politics and telling us they can’t do anything because they don’t have a majority. Too bad they weren’t this concerned about the fraud in the recent general election.

    • I remember the many times I didn’t have a “majority” when I had to fight street thugs all by myself. I won my fights because I had no choice. Win or die……..
      Our delegation appears to lack that kind of resolve. Alaska’s future isn’t a win or die to them. They’re financially well enough off that they can move on, leaving the mess for someone else.

  18. The Alaskan Delegation of gas bags who raised no objection to the certification of a fraudulent election are now smoothly transitioning over to the “oppressed political minority” script that the Democrats no longer need to issue dire statements and pronouncements intended to garner campaign contributions and future votes.
    It’s a game that these people play and our three “representatives” are good at it. All they’re really interested in is retaining their places in Congress by going along to get along with little thought of how that impacts the rest of us.
    Talk, talk, talk is all they’re good for…well, besides some good old fashioned special interest pork barrel politics!
    Not a single one of these disingenuous traitors to the Constitution will ever get a vote or any form of support from me again.

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