Biden order: Masks mandated on federal land


On his first day as president, Joe Biden mandated all shall wear face coverings when in federal buildings or facilities, or on federal lands.

“‘Federal lands’ means lands under executive branch control,” the order reads.

Hours after signing the order, Biden was filmed at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., without a mask.

Maskless Biden at the Lincoln Memorial on Jan. 20.

Alaska is ranked #1 for federal land. The federal government owns 61.79 percent of Alaska’s total land, or just shy of 224 million acres.

The order makes no exception for the vast wilderness of Southeast Alaska, which is nearly all the Tongass National Forest.

Various sled dog races this winter, including the Iditarod, cross federal land, which would require mushers to wear face masks while traversing expanses of wilderness, and to yell “yee” and “haw” through their masks.

Presumably, climbers of Mt. Denali or any of Alaska’s other famous peaks are required to mask up, and it will be up to Park rangers and BLM officials to enforce the policy — if the public is allowed to climb federally owned peaks this summer in Alaska.

Read the White House briefing in this federal action.

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  1. LOL. Yeah right. Beijing Joe wants masked people in the middle of a natioanal monument or park 1000 miles from the nearer flush toilet?! What a buffoon!

  2. lol, and who is going to enforce that???? a presidential order does not apply to private citizens, only to those agencies that are under the executive branch. they might be able to impose that on their employees or people actually entering a facility, but i do not believe they have a leg to stand on in enforcing this on public lands.

  3. So hiking, fishing or hunting on the Kenai Wildlife Refuge requires a mask even if your by yourself way out in the wilderness?

  4. But- But-But- There is a vaccine out! No one made this big of a deal about the Flu and no one made a big deal about unvaccinated flu people, evenwhile the ad aired ‘my flu shot protects you, your flu shot protects me’ yadda yadda still there was people opting out of all vaccines. While No one was mandated to wear a mask, nor stay home while they were stuffed up, feverish, sneezing everywhere, or had watery eyes.
    Hahaha I can’t believe people actually can not see the hypocrisy. Oh well! (Sigh) each to his own. Hahaha

  5. I read somewhere, they said they had lost all patience with trying to persuade and change us patriots, so they have decided to cram their ideology down our throats one way or another by force. If their panzy butts can find me out here, I’ll gladly inform them of proper useless face mask placement.

  6. The problem with Biden and his first 100 days of executive orders is that no one is accountable. Biden’s nothing more than a hand puppet being manipulated by the radical left. In fact, he wouldn’t even know he is President if his wife didn’t keep reminding him each time he wakes up from a nap.

    • It doesn’t end rob, we’re in week 45 of 2 weeks to flatten the curve and we”re preparing for the great reset so we can build back better much like the patriot act this is here to stay

  7. This mask mandate also applies to trust land such as Native allotments that have been put in the BIA trust. Conceivably it also applies to ANCSA land not in trust because ANCSA land is not allowed to be taxed by the state or its political subdivisions, wildfire protection/suppression on ANCSA land is paid by the federal government, etc. etc. It’s likely moot because I cannot imagine the federal government will gear up to enforce this.

  8. Masks, the new Burka. Wear yours all the time. If you’re female, you need to wear your mask and be accompanied by a male relative if you wish to venture outside your home. President Joe may even want to sniff your hair.

  9. Masks are the “pussy hats” of the Trump resistance & they are here to stay. Trump scared the bejesus out of the political establishment & now that they have removed him they will make damn sure we don’t forget who’s in charge.

  10. Hey Joe, how do you sniff hair through a mask? I can see needing one in Wilmington DE where you’re from – because of the smog from Dow Chemical – and down state from all those commercial chicken factories… But in Alaska?

    • No one (even me) perceieved cancel culture was already in full swing. Mt. McKinley was just another casualty regardless if Mt. Denali is more suitable. Still if it was such a bother then why didn’t the grandparents, the WW 1 and 11 generations, bother changing the highest moutain peak. It was petty and trival and because of Jesus Christ and their generation more faithful church attendance they had more understanding of God’s grace and forgiveness in their being. Something this younger generation knows nothing about.

  11. Wear your mask when you can’t, social distancing.
    How stupid
    wait there’s a moose put your mask on
    More craziness
    Go back to your bunker Joe your safe there.

  12. “President Joe Biden would sign documents to “launch a whole-of-government initiative to advance racial equity.”

    Equity means equality of outcome, a concept tied to the critical theories that slice up society into identity groups based on race, gender, sexual proclivities, and others, while positing which groups are oppressed and which are the oppressors, similarly to how Marxism labels people as oppressors or the oppressed based on class.”

    To all the Trump haters … Looks like you voted yourselves from the frying pan, into the fire.

  13. Go to the BBC website, they have the new Biden press secretary lying through her teeth when asked why the whole Biden clan were without masks hours after Biden’s royal mask decree. Pitiful and most pathetic first presser in history. Its like chum in the pool to the DC pross core, they won’t be able to turn off the urge to go after him after 4 years of Trump bashing. Good luck to him, he’s earned it.

  14. To quote Ms. Wilson, “Awkward to be told you had to wear a mask by a guy who didn’t…..”. Welcome to the unity administration of Biden & Harris.

  15. “Newly-elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Jan. 21 announced she has introduced articles of impeachment against the new president, Joe Biden.
    The articles of impeachment concern Biden’s alleged actions involving a “quid pro quo” deal in Ukraine and alleged abuse of power “by allowing his son, Hunter Biden, to siphon off cash from America’s greatest enemies Russia and China,”
    Impeaching Trump twice, over nothing is now biting the Dems in the butt. Ahahahahaha!

    • If I read it right, the Ukrainian government has levied criminal charges (don’t know if formal criminal charges filed) against the Biden family. Biden’s might possibly be subject to arrest if they ever set foot in the Ukraine.
      Be soooooo cool if it’s a secret indictment. Surprise!

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