Miss Gay Alaska America crowned in Juneau

Drag queen Lamia Monroe changed her profile photo on Facebook to announce her win as Miss Gay Alaska 2023.

The first-ever Miss Gay Alaska pageant on Nov. 18 went off without a hitch in Juneau, organized by promoter and Juneau drag queen artist Gigi Monroe.

Miss Gay America bills itself as an event “WHERE BOYS ARE BOYS…AND FEMALE IMPERSONATION IS AN ART!” according to its website.

It’s a pageant not for gays so much as for drag queens, which come in all types of men who impersonate women.

Lamia Monroe of Anchorage won the title of Miss Gay Alaska America after a two-night competition event at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. Monroe works at Mad Myrna’s in Anchorage, a nightclub popular with the LGBTQ+ community.

Of the five contestants, two will proceed to the national competition. Roughly 30 states hold drag queen pageants that are part of the Miss Gay America organization, which itself was founded in 1972. Stage named Miss Guise (Richard Jay Carter) will join Lamia Monroe at the national competition, Jan. 16-19 in Little Rock, Ark.

On Monday, Nov. 20, the White House press secretary made a special note of it being Transgender Remembrance Day.

“Now, today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we grieve the 26 transgender Americans who were killed this year.  Year after year, we see that these victims are disproportionately Black women and women of color.  No one should face violence, live in fear, or be discriminated against simply for being themselves,” said Karine Jean-Pierre, spokeswoman for President Joe Biden.

“As the President said, there’s still more to do to meet the promise.  And it’s why this administration has taken urgent action to strengthen rights and protect the safety of transgender Americans and all LGBTQ+ Americans. As we mourn the loss of lives that have been taken too soon, we must also recommit ourselves to never stop fighting until all Americans can live free from discrimination and also from hate,” she said.


  1. What a bunch of grand hoohah!! It is not art when a man decides to “be” a woman. It’s the plumbing my dear! It is different, you know.

  2. Not impressed! Takes more than fake eyelashes, boobs and butt jobs! And lots of Hollywood style makeup and wigs? To be a women! Be artist and actors and whatever! You are not a women! Just as a women isn’t a man! Be whatever you want! I don’t care!

    • Because it reflects the cultural rot in Alaska. Something that should concern all of us.

      What I’m curious about is why you care what people to or don’t read.

  3. So. How long are the Men today going to take the assault against you guys. Your sons are inadequately taught, your daughters are dressing and going to the bathroom in front of men, your bros are either looking at porn or dressing up as women? How much longer will you men take it?

  4. I grew up without a man around. Despite the absence I do know what is the frustration having a man around who does nothing when he and his family is challenged, attacked, and assaulted. Then you live in a state and then see all the men do nothing to protect what is theirs-the God-given family- the woman, and the child.

  5. Why is this even being covered?
    Journalists meed to spend more time on healthy pursuits.Please already; there is enough sickness in the world without spreading it.

    • Truth. Putting these sorts of articles up carries the aversive stimulus into all of our consciousnesses, giving energy to something that fully deserves to die in silent darkness. Having the images up on the main page website for days on end is quite nearly enough to avoid going there in the first place.


  6. So “Miss Gay….” is really a misnomer considering that their motto is “where boys are boys….” Ironically the gay community should be up in arms that a performance troupe has absconded with their precious platform, mocking all things gay and female in one fell swoop!

  7. I don’t mind proper drag. 5-10 years ago it was a silly hobby for silly people. It being mainstream is what bugs me. The originals hate it- too. Fakes and phonies taking over their actual passion, art, and expression and making it political and bastardizing it for their own goals. This seems harmless, honestly. Slightly refreshing in the sea of degeneracy to see some oldschool weird.

  8. So much outrage over such a non-issue. They’re not forcing anyone else to dress up, participate, or watch. It’s not a threat to you or the republic.

  9. Not “caring” etc., is tacitly the same as cheering on these victims of mental illness.

    It must be objected to and fought at every turn.

    Don’t turn a blind eye to this disease.

  10. “Miss Gay America bills itself as an event “WHERE BOYS ARE BOYS…AND FEMALE IMPERSONATION IS AN ART!” according to its website.”

    At least these guys aren’t delusional according to their writings.
    Like captain said, it’s just old school peculiar.

    On the other hand though, our so called government still is fully delusional and dysfunctional.


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