Juneau wins top gay award, third year running


Juneau paints rainbows on its crosswalks and has an ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender expression. It’s the home of an active drag entertainment scene.

The Capital City has, for the third year in a row, won a perfect score in an index by the Human Rights Campaign that measures how good a city is to its gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer residents.

Earning 100 points out of 100 three years in a row is something the municipality says it is proud of. It’s the only city in Alaska to receive a perfect score. In 2023 the Human Rights Campaign evaluated 506 cities nationwide are rated based on non-discrimination laws, the municipality as an employer, municipal services, law enforcement and leadership on LGBTQ+ equality.

“We are very proud to have maintained Juneau’s perfect score for another year, because it shows that this isn’t a one-time effort,” said Deputy City Manager Robert Barr. “It’s an ongoing commitment to making sure that Juneau’s inclusive values are reflected in the city’s government.”

The scores include things like offering transgender-specific health care benefits to transgender employees of the city, having an LGBTQ+ liaison and/or task force in both the police department and in the city manager’s office, and reporting local hate crime statistics to the FBI.

You can see Juneau’s full scorecard at bit.ly/47uktDT.


      • Well Hancock, I guess that comment was obtuse. I meant that caring for the oppressed should be a value worth advancing not dismissing. The bible reference was a stab at spotlighting the hypocrisy of some Christians who claim to love thy neighbor etc but in practice don’t.

        • “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.” (2 Timothy 3)

          Indeed. Avoid the children of wrath. Such as you.

          • Have you read Grimmes Fairtales too? It was written by human beings just like the bible was. There are so many versionsof the bible how does anyone figureout which one is correct. Perhaps you should read misquoting jesus and learnthe truth.

          • You think I give a fig what “timinwassila” has to say about God’s word?

            What are you going to say when you stand before God, and likely much sooner then not, as we all tarry but for a moment and then are gone?

            “I didn’t know.” “No one told me.” “I was too foolish and full of pride to understand.” “I am my own god and I hate you.”

            Repent. You are told. (Likely again.)

        • Oppressed? They oppress themselves. And affirming their delusion does not help them. I love my neighbor; so much so that if they say they are a dog I am not going to buy them a squeaky toy — I am going to encourage them to get help.

        • Facts please Sanctos.
          Where exactly are our fellow Americans, who swing to the other side “oppressed”???
          Like every American:
          They vote,
          They petition their government,
          They get elected of office,
          They speak freely,
          They have no restrictions on where they live and with whom they associate,
          They have bank accounts, credit cards………
          etc, etc
          If you mean that their lifestyle is not universally celebrated and held in the highest esteem by all and they want to do as they like, while all others have to follow the rules…..that’s not oppression that’s narcissism.
          You bemoan that Christians do not “love their neighbor” the way YOU think they should, but you are quick with snarky commentary. If you want to be the better angel then set the example and quit making claims that are not factual and be more tolerant and inclusive.

          • Sanctos, that’s pathetic!
            Proving that you can dish it out but not back it up.
            Taking you at your word that “love is love” why are you then so hostile to God’s love or tough love?

        • Please provide a list of instances of oppression of homosexuals in Juneau or any part of these United States. Please explain why Christians should affirm sinners in their sins, rather than admonishing sinners and praying they repent so they can go to heaven. Please explain the great contributions to humanity and civilization provided by choosing to engage in homosexual behavior. I’ll wait.

        • Who is oppressed? Please be specific but the larger point is that using a complex matrix of intersectionality is self-defeating. Although Tlingit, are the board members of SeaAlaska oppressed? By whom? How? When? If freedom of speech also includes the right to NOT speak or express views contrary to one’s conscious or basic reality can a person be compelled by law to use a pronoun that is nonsense? Identity politics is nothing more than tribalism. It is racism, prejudice and the like. Reject privilege in all forms. The tribalism and grievance is divisive. It is is a black hole. Live your life, respect people as individuals, leave the oppression stuff out of it.

        • You need a course in what love is and what it is not. Love is self-sacrificing. Would I place myself in harm’s way to save the life of my gay neighbor? Yes I would, assuming there are no alternatives to accomplish that goal, and with no second-guessing, hesitation, or regrets. What love is not is affirming sinful lifestyles and calling them something they are not.
          We can have this dialogue if we come to agreement on what terms mean. Language twisting leads to misunderstanding and hate and bitterness – and phony accusations of hypocrisy. Defining terms belongs to a higher authority than you or me.

    • Nothing to do with caring, nor anyone who might be oppressed. Much to do with agenda of darkness, lies, confusion and control.

  1. Aren’t gays really just “Highly Unsuccessful Heterosexuals?” (HUHs).
    I am part of that group but I don’t have sex with men. So I beg the question: How many supposedly LGBTQ actually have sex with their partner? Has anyone done a study?

  2. Juneau’s “inclusive values” are forced down the community’s throat.

    What is lost in this exchange is the Alphabet mafia is in full force here. Pushback is not exactly welcome.

    In a town like ours if you get in the wrong side of the “right” people concerning the “right” issues, life can be difficult here.

    The irony is many of the liberals here actually think this alphabet obsession goes a bit too far. But they are unwilling to risk the wrath of the progressive community. Easier to stay silent and live with it.

    • “Progressive community”. Just what is that exactly? Meanwhile, all I can say is that Juneau certainly has changed since I was last there.

      • Progressive, as far as I can tell, is liberalism run amok.

        Progressive is like climate change. It seems to mean whatever the left wants it to mean.

      • Please do not equate choices in behavior with immutable racial markers. Nobody chooses to be black or white, but homosexuals choose to engage in homosexual acts. World of difference. Like may sins, the urge to commit a sin is not a sin in and of itself, it is the choice to engage in that sin that is sinful.

        I don’t expect trolls to bother thinking things through, but it might be nice if once in a while they turned on their brains.

      • Gender dysphoria is a mental health issue not an ethnicity issue. Proverbial apples and oranges. Certainly no one should be persecuted for mental health issues but to force those issues upon all of society to be embraced, elevated and even sought after is a dark agenda.

  3. Among Alaskan cities, only Juneau (100 points) and Anchorage (83 points) had passing grades. Fairbanks clocked in at a D- with 62 points; Homer 32–an F; Ketchikan 50–also an F; Sitka 38–F; and Wasilla 42–F. That mans that Alaska, as a whole, averaged an F grade: 58 points.

    • Thank you!
      It means there is hope yet that sanity will return and we all are seen as human beings instead of a mostly involuntary member (by skin color, heritage, or behavior) of a hyphenated group, whose self-proclaimed leaders demand special privileges, while professing equality, equity, fairness.

    • Anchorage will be giving Juneau a run for the top spot when Chris Constant manipulates (pulls the fire alarm and delivers flowers) during the ballot counting to get the $12.5 million needed to build the heated cubicles where the oppressed street people will have a place to do their business comfortably complete with needle dispensaries and free parking for shopping carts outside.

  4. It’s always funny when people who have no concept of Christianity try to use it to make points.
    Reminds me of when my granddaughter was in the babbling stage. All that earnest effort, zero actual results.

    • Is our country based on a Judeo-Christian system of values? If sothem why is the right to Reproductive Rights being attacked everywhere. We send BILLIONS to Israel and the Jewish fatih believes that life begins at birth when god breathes into the lungs of the new born. Israel has state sponsored abortions and our Billions helps fund that by diverting Israli monies, intended for defense, away toward providing abortions.

      • Go back and read about the system of jurisprudence in this country. The Ten Commandments are the basis of pretty much all laws here, and our concept of “good” and “bad” come directly from the Old Testament augmented by the New. And since when do those who commit sins dictate “good” and “bad?” False equivalence.

      • Oh sorry tim you are incorrect, the right to reproduce has not been attacked. The practice of killing the human of said reproduction, however is reprehensible in the eyes of many. Logic dictates that abortion is the opposite of reproduction.
        For your second point, do you have any actual proof of that assertion and aren’t you delighted that Israel (according to you) makes war on the unborn instead of Hamas??

  5. Just wondering why all the Bent folks seem to be drawn to Juneau ? It might explain why the c— that comes out of there is not representing ALL Alaskans. I also wonder why the BENT need to advertise their sexual preferences to the world ? Maybe ALL of us hetero’s should start making a big deal about being mentally healthy and showing these folks what a minority they REALLY are. Hint to the queer: JUST DO YOUR THING AND STOP THINKING THAT THE WORLD GIVES A C— ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE !!!!!

  6. The entirety of creation is bound by obvious and intractable natural laws. As CS Lewis said, many of these laws are unbreakable (example: gravity) while, on the other hand, many can be broken with inevitible consequences (example: lying). It is blindingly obvious we are a broken species living on a cursed planet. Think, if our planet were not cursed we would not need farmers, medicine, mouse traps or heating systems . To those believing the cosmos was not created, why would all life evolve from nothing just to die? Let’s be clear, those believing pride is a virtue are deceived. It has always been a deadly sin. See 2Chronicles7:14.

    • Wayne: Definitely a broken species but the earth that I live on is a swell and fruitful place. I don’t understand why you would think otherwise.

  7. One of the great insults in the Middle East is to walk on national flags. Interesting that the LGBTQWTF crowd in Juneau are adopting something to walk on. Wonder if they know what it means. While walking on flags and various other symbology is not much of a cultural thing here in the US, maybe it should be. Cheers –

  8. juneau so proud to support 2% of the population, WHAT about the other 98%?

    stupid just like the anchorage assembly, STUPID!

    • In Juneau the ratio is much higher. I’m not sure, but potentially as much as 15%-20%.

      Since the other, say 80% of us can’t regularly be bothered to vote, those who do have disproportionate influence.

    • I’m not opposed to it at all. But tell me: how is moving the capital gonna change the fact you mainland people keep voting those miscreants in?

      If you want better government, elect a better crop of legislators. Otherwise it doesn’t matter where the capital is.

      Political insanity is electing the same crop of stupid people then blaming the location for their bad governance.

        • Lighten up Francis. Your self inflicted butt hurt requires diaper rash meds.

          And yes, it is nice knowing I’m the smartest person in the room. But I’ll give you a hat tip for an unnecessary but welcome confirmation.

      • Masked Avenger, above you chastise the ” Mainland” people for voting miscreants into office. I note that if you live on Juneau, you are most assuredly also on the ” mainland” or North America, unless you reside in the enclave of libertarian ideals known as Douglas.

  9. Move the Capitol immediately. Alaskans do not want to be known for a “Gay Capitol City” hovel like Seattle. These people are mentally retarded at best. Narcissistic, bullies, and the last people we want our children around. Do burn outs on the stupid crosswalks or spray paint them black! We do not bend to these trolls. Ever.

    • Considering the voting trends, I’m not sure you can back up this claim.

      My guess is most Alaskans don’t care.

      Incidentally, the capital of Washington state is Olympia. Not Seattle.

      CBJ has sanctioned this intersection. Doing what you want is vandalism and could put said person/persons on the opposite side of the law.

      You don’t win this culture war by acting like drunk high schoolers. You win it by being smarter.

    • “Narcissistic , bullies, and the last people we want our children around.”

      I would have thought you were a Trump supporter. Guess not.

  10. It’s too bad Juneau isn’t as friendly to the legislature and its employees. Housing in Juneau is terrible and expensive, rental time spans normally do not coincide with the end date of sessions, rates go up after the first of May. Juneau’s attitude, at least from what I’ve experienced, is welcome to town, spend your money and get the hell out as soon as possible

    • Juneau isn’t friendly to anyone where rent is conserved.

      The rents for many things serving the legislature are based, in part, on what the state pays. Supply and demand, Juneau style.

      If the legislature must inflict itself on us every year, they should build themselves a dorm.

  11. “Gay” people do not exclusively own God created rainbows. The Christian Holy Scriptures said that God gave the rainbow so we will know the entire earth will not be deluged by Him again. The homosexuals are intent on co-opting the rainbow as signage for their practices. God’s rainbow is as He intended.

    • Funny. A check of Genesis doesn’t include a restriction on who can use rainbows.

      Just quit. Your insistence on making this a theological issue hurts not just your credibility, but throws shade on all of us.

      • Genesis 9:8-17 explains the view on this. It strains credulity that people do not know the Biblical claim reiterated as stated at the cite. if God has claimed that contract symbol how arrogant would it be to override God’s claim to the meaning attached by Him for humans.

  12. Has anyone thought about the possibility the city is laying the foundation for GLM…gay lives matter.
    Just look at the millions being donated to that group who’s founders are living in mega mansions mostly paid for by taxpayers.
    Silicon Valley Bank donated 73 million to BLM the same year they went down the drain and OBriben bailed them out with FDIC funds just to protect Gavin Newsom’s treasure chest which was a huge favor that WILL be repaid when Smokin Joe realizes his reelection probability is not happening and gets to hold one of the puppet strings when Newsom takes his seat.

    Just think about it. GLM could bring enough funding to pay for the new expensive Headquarters the “deplorable” voters denied them of.
    There is huge profit in championing the “oppressed” blacks gays indigenous (pretty much anyone but average white) groups.

  13. Good job Juneau. As the best selling book in history says “”Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth” (1 Corinthians 13:4-6). As for most of the comments above, they are just an example that evolution is a slow process and unevenly applied. And yes science and religion can co-exist. You should try it sometimes.

    • evolutionary theory is not science… it is a belief system – a religion – that is why its adherents are so hostile to other religions, particularly Christianity. Yes, what is truly science – following the scientific method – and religion can co-exist, cooperate even.

    • It will be a stark reminder for the people who use the sidewalk AND give those who choose to clean polish and refurbish annually something meaningful to do with their hands which they long for to express their love for each other. Keeping themselves occupied is necessary for mental health.
      Some people build homes while others feel the need to paint a rainbow on a crosswalk. Different strokes of the brush.


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