Biden forced to become a write-in candidate in New Hampshire



Team Biden and the Democratic National Committee gambled big when they tried to force New Hampshire off of its traditional position as the first presidential primary state in the nation. New Hampshire wasn’t messing around.

The Granite State rejected the Biden’s reordering of the presidential nominating calendar. The state has now set its primary date for Jan. 23, two weeks ahead of South Carolina’s Democratic primary, which is Feb. 3. The date was announced by Secretary of State David Scanlan this week.

Democrats, spearheaded by Biden, wanted South Carolina to go first next year, but by tradition and by state law, New Hampshire has always been first.

The defiance comes in the wake of a broader Biden aimed at reshuffling the primary calendar to ostensibly better reflect racial diversity within the party. But many see it as a brazen attempt for Biden to get an advantage, and some point out that the media has been relatively silent about the election manipulation already being displayed by Biden and the DNC.

The way the DNC set up its calendar, South Carolina would go, followed by Nevada and New Hampshire at the same time, and then Georgia and Michigan. The Democrats were looking for an advantage in states considered strong for them. Biden was demanding that New Hampshire back down from its own state laws.

In December of 2022 President Biden, in a letter to the DNC, emphasized the importance of ensuring that black voters have an early voice in the nominating process. There are not enough blacks in New Hampshire, Biden was arguing. Only 10% of New Hampshire residents identify as black, while 26% of South Carolina residents are black.

Biden advocated for an update to the primary process to align with racial quotas. DNC Chair Jamie Harrison echoed this sentiment, noting that the proposed plan reflects the diverse makeup of America. They did not explain why Hawaii, the most racially diverse state in the nation, according to the U.S. Census, should not be first to nominate.

New Hampshire Secretary of State Scanlan said, “We did not take the first-in-the-nation primary from anyone, and we will vigorously defend it.” He also criticized the use of racial diversity as a basis for altering the presidential primary calendar and questioned the fairness of such criteria in determining a state’s eligibility for early primaries.

No single state could perfectly mirror the entirety of America’s demographic composition, Scanlan said, and no state should be seen as more “American” than another in the context of the primary process.

In adherence to the DNC’s guidelines, President Biden did not file for the New Hampshire primary. His supporters in the state have initiated a write-in campaign, which will be a historic event in itself.


  1. It’s amazing this guy has such a genuine shot at a second term. His people are worse than the Alaska GOP.

      • He obviously has a chance.

        He’s an incumbent POTUS, his probable opposition is entangled in 4 different court cases and 40% will not vote for him under any circumstances.

        That’s at least a dead heat.

    • It’s almost sounds like you are stating that he had a chance being actually elected prior to his swearing in/annoyment process in 2020.

      • Of course he did.

        An unpopular sitting POTUS who didn’t win the popular vote.

        A society driven more by feelings than facts.

        Trumps team ran a stupid election campaign.

        I’m assuming you’re using annoyment to make a point.

        • Exactly who has run a better election campaign? Ron? Haley? Krispy Creame? Please do tell. Did not have to even go to the debates, all they can ignore obiden and attack 45. Which of the above want no wars, America first? Not any of your rino folk

          • Reading comprehension not your thing? That comment was about events 4 years ago. I’d say try to keep up, but I’m not gonna ask something clearly out of your ability.

            I love it when someone goes well out of their way to make a fool of themselves.
            And you did it soooo well.

    • Only because of the stupid people in America. Those people would push granny off the cliff simply to spite bring America back from the brink. Look at the results of RCV…Palin backers ranked Petola ahead of Begich and vice versa…look what Alaska got.

  2. Biden needs the smartest Man He knows to take over his campaign strategy.

    Where the hell is Hunter when I need him now???

    • With his brother’s widow? Strippers who work out of the back of an auto parts store?
      Snorting the sidelines of Soldier Field?

  3. Even though he will be a write-in, I’m willing to make a bet right now that he wins the delegates for that state. New Hampshire may be a place where he isn’t popular, but the voters are about to discover that this doesn’t matter a lick with rigged voting machines.

    • Of course he’ll win the democratic primary. He’s sitting POTUS representing the Democrats.

      General election delegates are not assigned until the November election.

  4. “…in a letter to the DNC, emphasized the importance of ensuring that black voters have an early voice in the nominating process.”
    Say what?
    Why does the Briben White House think blacks needs some special help with voting in the primary? And, how exactly does shifting around the primary calendar make that happen?
    Oh… I forgot. Election fraud always starts with “diversity and equity.”

  5. Never underestimate the ability of the Democrat Party under the auspices of the NWO, to rig the next election. They mastered it, and it hasn’t yet been fixed.
    I don’t doubt that Biden, feeble and destructive as he is, could win as they again cook the books and steal the election.

    • Why should they not rig it?
      They got away with blatant rigging in 2020 and 2022, and pretty much every establishment politician on both sides of the aisle are fighting tooth and nail to prevent any questioning of the results.
      If there is zero chance of any investigation, just do it. Cheat in plain sight, no consequences.

  6. So much for a ‘Color blind society” as all facets of the fed seem to relish dividing us by ethnicity at every turn. Biden could campaign from his basement, draw dozens of supporters to his rallies and still get 81 million votes! (Sarcasm). What makes anyone think these same scumbags won’t cheat again? They will.

    • You can bet the cheating will be in full swing from every possible angle.
      It will take months or years after the election to even scratch the surface of all the election engineering and after He is sworn in it will be over except for the imprisonment of those who object.
      Obama will have another term to finish off the “change” He promised.

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