‘Mismanagement’: ActBlue, notorious fundraising platform for Democrats, terminates employees after they unionize



The prominent Democratic fundraising platform ActBlue, which has been unveiled as having questionable fundraising techniques that involve fundraising mules, announced the decision Monday to terminate about 17% of its employees, according to NBC News, despite recently agreeing to a new contract with one of its employee unions.

The PAC facilitates donations to Democratic candidates and committees, progressive organizations and aligned nonprofits in exchange for a processing fee, raising and spending more than $4 million during the 2019 to 2020 election cycle, according to Open Secrets. ActBlue called the job-cutting move part of a “restructuring” towards growing its strategic impact, better assisting clients and ensuring long-term financial stability, Seitz-Wald reported, but the ActBlue Union representing some of its workers blamed “mismanagement.”

The ActBlue Union secured its first collective bargaining agreement with ActBlue in early February. The union claimed Monday that ActBlue leadership refused to have their own pay reduced and called that proposal “additionally oppressive,” adding, “This stance highlights how incredibly out of touch Leadership is, not only with ActBlue workers, but also with our mission.” (RELATED: Dem-Linked Dark Money Group Is Masquerading As A Newspaper To Influence Pivotal Court Race)

The union announced on Twitter, “Today @actblue laid off 54 employees, 32 of which were in our bargaining unit. Layoffs unfairly punish union employees who are both not responsible for the current financial difficulties & have invested considerable effort into making @actblue what it is today. We are disappointed in the mismanagement that has gotten us here. @ActBlueUnion has met with management twice since receiving notification of the potentiality of layoffs. In both meetings, management was unwilling to explore the alternatives we brought to the table with us.”


  1. This could be good for the republicans. The disgruntled employees may turn on them and tell us about the dirty dealings!

    • Leftist are not that smart. They will forget about this within days, and continue to vote against their own long term self interest.
      History has made that abundantly clear.

  2. Never work for a Liar, Sluggard, and Thief. The disappoint was coming and it came.
    They can go sing the blues. ‘Nobody knows the trouble i seen. Nobody knows but Jesus.’

  3. Ouch I thought lefties loved the unions.
    Oh yeah they love their money and blind allegiance……just not you know…..having to actually deliver anything. It’s funny how un-liberal companies can become when the thought of having to set at a bargaining table is presented.

    “Eww the workers want health care and a 401k match? Gross just fire them instead. We’ve got a million New Democrats across the border this year alone.” -Actblue (probably)

    • Correct. They love the money and the votes, nothing else.
      How many cars with leftist political bumper stickers on them were not made in unionized auto plants? Most of them actually. It is pretty rare to see a bumper sticker for a democrat on a Chevy or Ford, they all seem to be on the imports.

  4. liberals’ favorite Latte:

    “Why scrutiny of Starbucks’ alleged union violations is boiling over now

    Economy Mar 29, 2023 6:00 AM EDT

    Public scrutiny is brewing for former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on Wednesday as he testifies before a Senate committee about the company’s alleged anti-union practices.

    In the last few years, as some workers for the coffee roaster and cafe chain have made high-profile attempts to unionize, the company has permanently closed stores where they worked and fired people who were helping organize. The company has consistently denied firing any employees or closing stores due to organizing activity.”

  5. Democrats are the most greedy people on the planet and care about no one but themselves. These workers are getting a good taste of this. Tossed out and forgotten, and the MSM isn’t there to help them.

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