Mike Robbins runs for Alaska GOP chair


Mike Robbins, currently the vice chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, has announced he is running to lead the party, as Chairwoman Ann Brown will not run for reelection. The party will hold its officer election in April at its state convention, April 19-21 in Anchorage.

Robbins’ campaign theme is “Vision, Values and Victory,” and he pledged to bring the party into the future, foster unity, and provide the leadership needed to win elections.

Robbins has volunteered in the Republican Party for many years, having been a registered Republican since age 18. He has served as as a district chair, regional representative, and alternate delegate to the 2016 National Convention. He also organized the Alaska GOP Trump inaugural party in Washington, D.C. in 2016. In 2022, he organized volunteers for the Anchorage Trump rally — recruiting, training, and assigning roles to 200 volunteers with less than two weeks notice.

As a longtime local businessman who ran for Anchorage mayor in 2021, Robbins was appointed by Mayor Dave Bronson as the executive director of the Anchorage Community Development Authority.

“Throughout my years of involvement, belief in our Party’s values has led me to serve the Alaska Republican Party in various capacities, most recently as your sitting Vice Chairman, as Chairman of the Freedom Club, and as co-creator of the Founders Club. I have accepted big projects such as the task of creating a stable base of donors. Money is the life blood of the Party, and I have demonstrated fundraising ability,” Robbins wrote in his letter to the party committee.

“I also did my part to ensure election Integrity for the Party in the 2022 general election by organizing and training our statewide poll watchers,” Robbins wrote. “I have worked toward Republican victories in numerous local, state, and national political campaigns, including serving as the Alaska Trump Talk Chairman for the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. In other words, I understand the view from the frontlines as well as from inside the Party.”

“These experiences working in the Party have afforded me an understanding of our organization’s inner workings, strengths and opportunities for growth and improvement. Throughout all my experiences, including taking on large, difficult jobs for the Party, I have never given anything less than 100% of myself in seeing a project through to a successful conclusion.”

His vision for the Alaska Republican Party includes fiscal responsibility, unity and teamwork, grassroots organizing and engagement, principled leadership, election success and attracting the next generation by recruiting, training, and supporting candidates.

Nikki Rose of Anchorage is also a candidate; she announced late last year. Others have been working to recruit someone to fill the top spot in Alaska’s GOP.


  1. Poll watchers won’t work with Dominion machines, as explained by Dr. Douglas Frank. The machines “talk” to a local cell tower, just like your iPhone does, even when it is turned off. The local election officials are honest … and also clueless.

    The returns are then read, and the shortfall for Marxists is made up through mail-in ballots. The MSM explanation is that, “Mail-ins will be heavily favoring the Democrats,” which is a red-herring & plausible deniability for stealing elections. USE PAPER BALLOTS and protect the chain of custody. Only then will poll watchers be of any use.

  2. Mike Robbins looks forward to finding new and creative ways for the GOP to surrender to the radical leftists and their political agenda without even the semblance of a fight.

  3. Donald Trump promises to abandon NATO and Ukraine, and to bring chaos to Washington DC. Mike’s past Trump support and direction would indicate Mike lacks integrity and is easily seduced

    • Frank, Abandon Ukraine? Instead, how about a brokered peace deal to end a war that should never have been. Deep State people like Vickie Nuland and the C.I.A. along with with their Bio-Labs in Ukraine can and should be abandoned, especially since they are the Bear poking cause of the conflict, wouldn’t you agree? Sadly for you the hundreds of billions of dollars sent to the kleptocracy called Ukraine along with the Car Jacking chaos on the streets of Washington cannot be blamed on that devil named Trump…
      Come on man, as your hero Joe Biden would say, give us something besides your irrational hatred for the Orange Man with a red tie.

    • Yah mon, dat Trump sure be bad news!

      Not like dat fine ol’ man in the White House now, ya know, da one dat can’t even keep his drawers clean or remember his own name. Dat be one impressive cat!

      Now, mon, pass me ’round dat big spliff o’ ganja agin.

  4. With no donation limits for Alaska State Candidates, there is no point to the State Party. They are just waisting money on overhead. Just give directly to the candidate and skip the middle man.

  5. That’s better choice and he is diplomatic. Millennial leaders as charismatic as they are they need work on their diplomacy between ages and people personalities before taking on a splintered party as the GOP. I just hope he would be ready to Run hard that is not get tired getting the GOP unified and pack into shape and stronger. The shape the GOP is in would be a full time job to make it energetic, stronger, and unbeatable.

  6. Don’t forget Alaska GOP isn’t a religion . Party staff and leaders need to have diplomacy skills that can unified strong groups as LGBT conservatives, Christians, Evangelicals, pro choice Republicans, and Prolife Republican groups together under the basic fundamental principles of the Alaska Republican Party. The groups with countering strong opinions should be able to unite under one Gop party if they all can agree on the basic fundamental principles of each being an Elephant under the GOP not going rogue and running hard on short term priorities as Alaska Democrat party members are doing to its party.

  7. If the GOP goes back to the Grand Ole Party principes of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness, we can have a viable Party again. It is about the Constitution and adhering to it. We need fiscal sanity and accountability. We need term limits to keep out the swamp creatures. We need citizen servants again, not career politicians! If someone wants to stay in politics for more than 2 terms, they are milking the system and are subservient to the system, not the people.


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