Mike Robbins jumps in for Anchorage mayor


Longtime Anchorage resident and businessman Mike Robbins has announced his candidacy for Mayor of Anchorage in the 2021 Municipality of Anchorage Election.

“Our city is in dire straits,” says Robbins. “A government and its leadership shouldn’t ask for forgiveness, but rather for permission from its citizenry. It’s time Anchorage residents are put first,” Robbins added.

Robbins has lived in Anchorage since 1975. He grew up in West Anchorage in the community of Spenard. He’s owned and managed businesses for over three decades, employing hundreds of Alaskans while deeply engaged in community service, civic advocacies and the faith-based community.

Supported by wife Tetyana and his three children, Daniel, Richie, and Elizabeth, all of whom attend and graduated from schools in the Anchorage School District, he is committed to public service. Robbins and family live in lower Hillside where he serves as the GOP HD 26 Chairman in Rep. Laddie Shaw’s district. He has never filed or run for political office.

The Robbins for Mayor campaign team includes co-chairs Mead Treadwell, Alaska’s former Lt. Governor, and Lesil McGuire, former South Anchorage State Senator. Brian Mentzer, former CEO of Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic and also of Capstone Clinic, will serve as campaign manager. Carl Propes, owner of Scan Home Furniture and former Heritage Land Bank commissioner, Anchorage Parks & Recreation Commission chair, and Girdwood Alliance member, will serve as Treasurer. Jason Warfield, former Vice President and General Manager for Mercedes-Benz of Anchorage and Worthington Ford Lincoln, will serve as Finance Chair. Additional endorsements and leadership-support announcements are forthcoming in the fall of 2020 after the campaign headquarter launches.

“The Municipality of Anchorage deserves a mayor with the aptitude and skill sets to lead, manage, delegate, and listen,” notes Robbins. “I’ll be accessible, ethical, and on the side of the citizens of Anchorage.”

Robbins is a faith-centered, pro-law-enforcement, pro-business, pro-military, pro-people candidate who will work tirelessly to bring Anchorage back into prosperity. His civic contributions include past and present memberships in the Anchorage Fur Rondy, Rotary, National Rifle Association, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Pump Up the Kids – Foster Care Support (Founder), Captain Cook Jaycees, Challenge Alaska, Alaska Institute for Growth, and House District 26 Republicans.

More information can be found at RobbinsForMayor.com


  1. I’ve known Mike since the 70’s and first met him in a Spenard living room with Charlene Finch many years ago. At that time I *thought* he was working w/ the Lions. I’m actually surprised that he hadn’t run for office previously, as he definitely seemed civically minded.

    I don’t know him well but I know him well enough to feel that his heart’s in the right spot. I’ll watch for a bit more but I could easily see Mike getting my vote.

    Equally important is what I don’t see in Mike; foremost among them would be that trait of sliminess that makes you want to take a shower after having heard whatever emanated from Berkowitz most recently.

  2. We need a prosperity candidate in a field where the other candidates are promising poverty, and freedom for the pedophiles. Fair warning, based on all the comments about Berkowitz’s height, Mike may want to drop a few pounds sooner than later. The only thing worse than a little Dictator is a fat one.

  3. I Agree! Our City needs a man like Mike Robbins who will put the citizens of our City first….instead of politics!

  4. Once one gets past past his impressive c.v., it seems reasonable to ask whether Mike will::
    commission a forensic audit of city finances and management practices, identify funded positions versus filled positions; identify “slush funds”, terminate executive employees hired during Berkowitz’s administration;
    veto upcoming sales-tax ordinances;
    sponsor ordinances to repeal alcohol and sales taxes, stop collection of same;
    propose payment-in-lieu-of-taxes for non profit organizations over a certain valuation;
    restructure building-code permit and building-code enforcement processes to make them less expensive, less adversarial, less vulnerable to habitual, spurious complaints;
    audit and purge city voter rolls;
    sponsor an ordinance to repeal mail-in voting, remove the mail-in vote machinery, and restore traditional polling-place balloting;
    withdraw Anchorage from the Alaska Municipal League, withdraw Anchorage’s share of money from the $600M+ Alaska Municipal League Investment Pool and return it to taxpayers;
    divest the Municipality from buying or administering housing for bums;
    withdraw all China flu mandates, demand factual, verifiable China-flu reporting statistics, rebate property taxes paid for in-school services which school officials did not provide;
    share post-Eaglexit vision for Anchorage, what municipal policies must be changed to persuade other groups not to secede, what must be changed to prevent a repeat of the 1980’s exodus;
    veto budgets which clearly “rubber stamp” school-district or public-employee union demands;
    veto ordinances which restrict Anchorage Police Department arrest and enforcement processes;
    enforce private property rights;
    engage in weekly call-in “fireside chats” on the state of the city.
    What do you think, Mike?

    • What do I think? I think I want you on my team!
      Succinct thoughtful questions. All deserving of thoughtful and complete answers. Throughout the fall on our Facebook page and website we will be answering these and other questions.
      I can tell you I support creating efficiency to save money, throughout all Municipal department’s.
      The homeless buildings, the Alcohol tax and other items you mentioned are an example of the corruption in our cities government, the Assembly and the Mayor have corrupted the process and forgotten that they are elected to serve us not the other way around.
      I am not a fan of mail in voting, I am a huge fan of fireside chats and other ways to keep voters connected to its leaders.
      In all seriousness we need thoughtful intelligent people like you to help us return Anchorage to a place we can all be proud of. My email is [email protected] and If your are willing, as time permits reach out to me and let’s talk more about your ideas.

  5. I understand many Republicans are so pro-police, and I certainly don’t want to cut back on our police force. However, will Mr. Robbins look into the police union contracts that make it nearly impossible to fire bad cops? It’s interesting watching the Republicans so supportive of cops while complaining about the teacher unions, and the Democrats are the exact opposite. How about someone who will tackle ALL the government unions, including the cops and teachers, and help change their contracts so it’s easier to fire people and canceling their pensions instead of us taxpayers paying for child molesters in schools or cops who wrongly kill someone via their pension? Is Mr. Robbins someone who will do this, or at least try to do this?

    • I agree with you on the issue of law enforcement. They should not have immunity to get away with criminal acts anymore than a citizen of Alaska. They think they are above the law in too many incidents and then they get protection within the judicial system. We need department of justice reform as well and an outside investigation process so they can all be held accountable including the Department of Law.

    • Beth,
      When I was a kid I worked as a busboy at the old Holiday in downtown. I was young and thought I knew how to clean and set a table, how hard could it be right? Boy was I terrible at it, after a couple weeks they fired me as they should have. If your bad at your job the choice is clear. Either you improve and become good at it our you should seek alternate employment. If confronted with the issue you raised as your Mayor I will advocate for the residents of the city and ensure your interest are championed.

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