Michael Chambers: CO2 emissions — the first victim is the truth



CO2 is commonly referred to as “the gas of life.” Throughout history, there has been a direct correlation between increased CO2 levels and the greening of earth. 

Today, there is a concerted effort by well-financed special interests to tie the increase of CO2 emissions that humans cause to the main cause of climate change. It is nearly impossible to give value to any of the so-called “data” that is driving the majority of this assault. The main body of this “data” is created by scientists who derive their funding from special interests who, in turn, expect an outcome which benefits them and their climate agenda. 

A recent example of this bias in another field is the recent assault we all experienced with the COVID-19 agenda. This agenda was directed by a global medical industrial complex with its primary source of funding derived from the pharmaceutical industry. They made billions of dollars on the pandemic promoting its expensive ineffective vaccines and treatments which continue to cause substantial harm and death to large populations. There has never been a vaccine directly associated with this level of damage—particularly one that no one is allowed to debate. Even today, the medical industrial complex threatens independent medical and pharmaceutical entities who prescribe treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine which are demonstrated to be effective drugs in the prevention and treatment of Covid. We continue to be played by the administrative medical industry with no insight. 

The climate change narrative is rife with many of the same tropes of ‘safe and effective’ and ‘for the greater good’ that we all need to recognize and reject.

So what is the agenda of the climate community? 

There seem to be two main objectives:

First, to deploy tactics that decrease the populations of the earth. In progressive circles, human populations are considered to be a detriment to the planet. One extremely effective special interest driving this progressive agenda is the abortion lobby. They justify their political activism by promoting the concepts of  “bodily autonomy” and women’s rights but their real agenda is to reduce human population growth. When conservatives re-frame the issue and remind the world of this truth, we will make progress. When we celebrate the miracle and promise of human life– in all its myriad forms, we will prevail over the progressive view. 

Another example of population control is instituting welfare programs for the underprivileged. During the 1960s until now, these social programs have negatively impacted the nuclear family, reducing the size of the average American family and torn apart the very fabric of our culture. 

The second objective of the “climate change lobby” is to alter our capitalist economy to a progressive socialist economy where government promises  fulfills of all societal needs. The now famous line “you will own nothing and be happy” is the preamble to their declaration of independence. We see theories and institutions implement cultural Marxism, critical race theory, and gender diversity to drive this agenda. The Progressive arm of the Democrat party is the main driver of this agenda. It’s time for conservatives to unapologetically embrace Capitalism, to defend its unparalleled success in raising people out of poverty– and to frame Marxism as freedom-suppressing system that leads to  enslavement. 

Currently, here in Alaska we have a Republican administration which has apparently embraced this climate agenda. There is direct evidence that the climate agenda is vehemently opposed to any resource development that includes the oil and gas and mining industries. This is particularly peculiar since the vast majority of Alaska’s wealth and productivity comes from these industries. Unfortunately, all but two members of the  legislative body in Juneau bought directly into Governor Dunleavy’s promotion for carbon offsets and carbon capture and sequestration driven by an outside funding source to use for future government expansion. 

Although the Dunleavy administration and the majority of legislators have disavowed any direct advocacy of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) regulatory schemes, the undeniable truth is that global interests are leveraging ESG mandates to weaken the U.S. oil & gas industry.  This is a wealth transfer tactic, designed to syphon money from American consumers. ESG requirements have directly resulted in increased production costs for oil and gas and other minerals. As ESG policies artificially inflate the cost of these traditional energy resources,  which is designed to tilt the economic playing field in favor of higher cost, less economically viable “renewable” resource industry. 

However, inflating the cost of oil and gas will still not be enough to create real  “free-market” based competition. Consequently, Alaskans are sure to see an increase in government subsidies in a quest to make “renewables” more competitive. 

It is time for Alaskans to lead the free world in energy policy, and to insist that our energy sources are driven by a free-market system—not by foreign governments bent on syphoning money from American taxpayers.  A system based on merit, science, economic efficiency and competitive truths–not a conjured up fallacy that humans are a parasite on the earth who need to be reduced in number or eradicated. 

Michael Chambers is an accomplished Alaskan artist, entrepreneur, former educator, and civic leader as a board member of the Alaskan Independence Party. Michael has decades of experience connecting the community through initiatives such as United For Liberty, the Alaska COVID Alliance, and the Alaska Freedom Alliance. He is a libertarian conservative activist who writes extensively on matters of political concern for Alaska. In the summer months he is the General Manager of Base Camp Kennicott which is the road access to Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.


  1. Since all known life is carbon-based, as the element carbon is unique in the number and variety of chemical bonds that it can form with other elements, by demonizing carbon the radical leftist extremists and globalists (oops, I repeat myself) are implicitly demonizing and attacking life itself.

    Radical leftist extremists/globalists = death cult

  2. Very good article now we need to send all libs to a reeducation camp to undo what the stupid virus has caused.
    There is no vax for this illness just mental health help.

  3. So the plan is to get rid of the mouth breathers, knuckle draggers, useless eaters and useful idiots.

    As far as climate change goes, climate has and always will change. Warming is not the problem but cooling will be. Crops are about as productive as they have ever been.

    Old Sol, Mother Nature and Father Time rule. They are the backfield and are always on offense.

    The climate Conference of the Parties has been going on for 28 years (COP 28), gets bigger every year with seemingly no progress in their 1.5 C goal other than to dictate more spending. Kerry even said there’s not enough money…

    “Nov 10, 2022 : “There is not enough money in any country in the world to actually solve this problem,” Kerry said. “It takes trillions and no government that …”

    EVs are a joke Hertz is selling off 20,000, at least one third of their EV fleet due to costs (not to mention ED or Electric Dismay).

    Solar is inefficient as hell and as ugly as sin and windmills are toppling over, catching fire or killing birds and sealife.

    How many times has the end come and gone according to anyone from Al Gore to Greta to AOC.
    These do-gooders are the menace to the planet

  4. The funniest thing I saw on TV this week was some Euro-type lecturing the Davos glitterati about how drinking coffee was bad for the environment. His ridiculous presentation would make a great stand-alone campaign ad for those of us who understand that their climate change BS is in reality a power grab by the global elite.

    CO2 is plant food, nothing more or less. But if the algores and johnkerrys of the world really want to cut CO2 emissions, I suggest they just stop exhaling.

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