Media gave 11 times the coverage to the attack on Paul Pelosi than it gave attempted assassination of Kavanaugh


With less than a week until Election Day, the liberal media is milking the attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, for all it’s worth, one researcher has discovered. NewsBusters, a project of the Media Research Center, found that the first five days after the attack on Paul Pelosi garnered 11 times the coverage on major networks, such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, than the news organizations had given over the same period following the attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on June 8.

“MRC analysts found the Kavanaugh story fetched a total of 15 minutes and 1 second of airtime in the first five days since the story broke, which was June 8. The story completely fell out of the news cycle in less than 24 hours with all three evening newscasts (ABC’s World News TonightCBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News) dropping the story on June 9, after covering it that morning (as reported by NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck).”

On the first evening news after the Kavanaugh attack, the total news coverage was five minutes and 44 seconds: 2 minutes 40 seconds on ABC, 2 minutes 8 seconds on CBS, and 1 minutes 6 second on NBC. Later, after authorities released the 911 call on June 11, NBC Today gave it a 23-second recap and ABC’s World News Tonight gave it all of 41 seconds.

“And as NewsBusters weekend analyst Kevin Tober reported at the time, there was no mention of the attack against Kavanaugh and his family on the Sunday morning roundtable programs,” NewsBusters reported.

But the coverage of the Pelosi attack was much longer.

“In stunning contrast, analysts found that the broadcast networks gave a whopping 166 minutes and 16 seconds to the Pelosi attack in the first five days. That’s almost three hours of coverage (2:46:16),” NewsBusters reported.

On the first night alone, the three news outlets gave a total of 18 minutes and 11 seconds, far more than the total for five days of coverage of the Kavanaugh attempted assassination.

The original reporting was done by Nicholas Fondacaro, associate editor of the media watchdog group. Read more at NewsBusters, including methodology, at this link.


  1. Of course! And once the mid terms are over, the Pelosi incident will be kicked aside, much like their tool Christine Blasey Ford. They will be back to calling everyone that disagrees with them “a racist” in no time!

    • It could be the continuing (and intentional) disinformation (i.e., lies) like this that so many talking heads on the right keep parroting. Even former President Trump continues to spread conspiracy theories that are blatantly untrue (e.g., the door glass was broken from the inside–which is quickly debunked with widely available video from the scene where the window is clearly broken from the outside). If GOP leadership would make less jokes about the incident, it would also receive less media coverage. And of course there is a very outstanding difference in the two incidents–one was an attempt (that went nowhere) and the other resulted in injuries that led to hospitalization. This isn’t much different than a story about a local attempted robbery only getting one article in a local paper while a homicide gets multiple articles. Or, it could just be a conspiracy by thousands and thousands of people who are supposedly completely inept.

      • I read the story and then I researched the windows they had. They were laminated with a sheet of plastic in the middle so if you hit them with a hammer glass would fall on both sides. Trouble is no one seems to research things they see in news. And it doesn’t help that search engines filter and list in order of who pays them the most.

  2. Sadly, about what you’d expect from the leftist media. If not for the media, the left would no longer exist as a political party in the US by 2024.

  3. And we are supposed to expect anything else from the lapdog corporate-controlled media, the bought-and-paid-for voices of the sociopathic and predatory establishment themselves?
    PS: They are NOT “mainstream”!

  4. The news outlets ABC, CBS, and NBC are, like The NY Times, barely distinguishable from the political effluences of the National Democratic Party. This matter is good for that Party, I guess, but it colors MY opinion of their ‘news’ as being grossly distorted. There is a certain word for this business – propaganda.

    I rarely watch TV news, although I have in times past occasionally browsed the online edition of The NY Times, if only to see what manner of spin was being applied to the news and to various public figures. For example, the iniquitous and inferior Bill and Hillary were always acclaimed as the nation’s finest statesmen, and always the victims of ‘the vast right-wing conspiracy.’

    Yes, of course, every kind person is saddened (I am no longer ‘shocked’ by any crime) and offended by the injury done to Paul Pelosi. As author Michael Schellenberger explained in the NY Post, the assailant “David DePape is not a microcosm of the political psychosis gripping America in general. Rather, he’s a microcosm of the drug-induced psychosis gripping the West Coast in particular.”

    • Agreed. It has always been so. I can remember in the 80s and the so obvious bias and hate against Reagan by all three of the big networks. They have always been either petty partisans, or cowards who do as they are told, but NEVER truth tellers and never journalists.

  5. Is anyone paying attention to the fact that there was an election in Brazil and a guy loved by the people lost to someone previously unknown? Massive demonstrations by the people, was it a rigged election? Suspicious voting? The world is noticing these glitches etc.

    • MC, are you aware that Lula da Silva was president of Brazil from 2003 to 2010? Not sure how he would be considered as “someone previously unknown”–at least to people who are not looking for a conspiracy theory in every corner! And yes, lots of people around the globe are watching what is happening in Brazil and they are largely hoping President Bolsonaro will be more of a statesman than former President Trump and not encourage violence or acting against the Brazilian constitution.

  6. Is anyone paying attention to the fact that there was an election in Brazil and a guy loved by the people lost to someone previously unknown? Massive demonstrations by the people, was it a rigged election? Suspicious voting? The world is noticing these glitches etc.

  7. Yeah but come on.. in their defense. Republican news media has covered the pelosi attack zero. So the liberal channels are actually being more thorough. Right?

    • Frank are you saying that Judge Kavanaugh should have been gravely injured to garner the same coverage? That’s disturbed! You would sing a different tune if threats had been made and guys showed up to hurt the late Judge Ginsberg. The point here Frank, we have two mentally disturbed individuals, whose bizarre political affiliation and leanings are being either exploited or ignore to push forward the narrative desired by others.

      • The difference is that the Kavanaugh potential attacker was a lone asshole leftist while Depape suggests representation by an armed, violent, ideologically constricted band of Big Lie enthusiasts and Trump worshippers. The cosplay but dangerous conservatives will “stand back and stand by” awaiting orders.

        There is nothing or no one on the Left remotely similar.

        • depape has pride and blm flags flying all over his place. all a sure sign of every rightwing extremist

        • LOL! In your dreams, Lucinda!
          But I get why you think that, since your leader just declared that if you do NOT vote democrat you destroy democracy. Totalitarian regime here we come! It is a wonder this nation has survived over 200 years, while having differing political philosophies! BTW we are NOT a democracy! We are a representative republic!

        • Lucinda, your badly tossed word salad, while liberally sprinkled with stale TDS croutons, is lacking the least bit of logical or factual dressing. I wouldn’t feed it to the hog.

      • What I will say is that nobody should be attacked in their home and that my blue collar SIL has better home security that he pays for himself.

  8. The media, and the demented president also don’t like to acknowledge the Pelosi attacker was an illegal immigrant. He was a Canadian, who came in through Mexico, and refused to leave the USA.

    If the media played it straight, they would use this as an opportunity to report on the massive number of crimes the illegals are carrying out against US citizens.

    The pathetic and weak Biden doesn’t care about our open border. The only time he has paid any attention to it was when Gov. Ducey set up shipping containers to block the massive holes in the wall that were allowing thousands of illegals to cross into Arizona per week. Biden objects to closing those holes. And he wants Gov. Ducey to take down the containers. Ducey has refused.

    • He did not come into the US from Mexico. He is from Canada and had received a legal work visa that expired close to 20 years ago and he overstayed.

      He just never ran into law enforcement until now

      • Oh.. he overstayed.
        For TWENTY years????
        And, he did run into law enforcements, multiple times, but never a serious enough offense to hold him.

        • In the last year that there is data for, 2017, 62% of illegal immigrants in the US were visa overstays. Only 38% of illegal immigrants in that year crossed the border to get here.

          • Overstays.
            Got it.
            How long? Of the 62% that were in the country in 2017, how many were overstays for 20 years? How about for 5 years?

        • Not serious enough by San Francisco standards. Pelosi got what he deserved, for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is he and his wife’s policies of being soft in crime and letting people like DePape walk time and again. I bet they tighten up their security now. Lots of protection for them, not the average working class citizen though.

  9. Now that it’s been revealed that the attacker is an illegal alien look for the coverage to drop as this simple fact does not fit with the narrative the left wishes to portray.

  10. Right Steve -O
    and that this individual had been to the Pelosi’s house on more the one occasion. All the falsehoods early and now facts will be buried.
    Media is falling to where it belonged many years ago.

  11. Maybe because K’s would be attacker called the police on himself-basically sayinghe’s guilty of thinking he wanted to harm the judge. There’s no story after that.

    No racy suggestive hanky panky by trolls happened to the story of the young man who turned himself in.

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