Media claims turnout for election was 97 percent of registered voters in U.S.


According to the latest count published by media giants Google, New York Times and NBC, candidate Joe Biden now has over 77.1 million votes, and President Donald Trump lags at 72 million votes in the race for the White House.

NBC tally shows over 158 million people voted in this election — more than are registered to vote, according to the U.S. Census.

If the Big Tech/Big Media reporting is correct, that means more than 149 million citizens — or 97 percent of eligible voters — cast their ballots in the presidential election.

The U.S. Census reported that in 2018, there were 153 million registered voters who were eligible to cast ballots. If that number is still accurate after two years, 149 million of them voting is either a remarkable sign of civic engagement or fraud.

Other media are reporting that the number who voted this year is is even higher. According to Bloomberg, 161 million voted in the presidential election, putting the turnout at 105 percent of the 2018 number of eligible voters.

Looking back in time, Pew Research reported that in the last General Election, November 2016, about 157.6 million were registered to vote, citing to Census Bureau estimates.

The Associated Press that year reported Hillary Clinton received 65.8 million votes, and Donald Trump received 62.9 million votes. Other votes were spread among third party candidates. The Election Project reports that 136,753,936 ballots were cast that year for the nation’s highest office.


    • The United States has not reached a 75% turnout since the 1800s. I am pretty sure that is worth looking into. A 15 point increase, if one uses your numbers, from 2016 turnout is the largest increase, from one Presidential cycle to the next, EVER.

  1. I they ever would like to win another election the Republican narrative is going to have to change from fraud to wondering what the other team did to win. Why did people not vote for our candidate? Hmmm… Could he have turned off many by just plain not being likable? Odd I know but likability matters in all other human relations, I would imagine it would in elections as well. Maybe the democrats just executed their strategy better? In 2016 Dems couldn’t believe Hillary lost to such an awful candidate so they evidently changed something to apparently win this time. Republicans need to think about this. They ran against a guy who was not sure who he was with or where he was. He never left the basement. And they lost to him. How poor does your candidate have to be? I know, I know there are 10 million excuses, the media was against him (when has the media ever been conservative?), They were outspent sure but in the end a geriatric 77 year old with likely cognitive issues beat your candidate. A little introspection is in order rather than endless finger pointing and speculation on suspect numbers. Sure I bet there were cases of fraud, a handful here or there, but thousands all in many different states? That would be really hard to do. People should learn what the actual election and vote counting processes are. Even better is volunteer and take part. When you complain about widespread fraud everywhere you are really implying people just like you doing their civic duty are fraudulent. A better tactic would be to figure out why more people didn’t vote for the candidate who apparently walks on water to you. If you don’t you will just continue to be marginalized and the dems will succeed in pushing their false promises.

    • Every person who ‘volunteers’ at my voting station is a rabid democrat. They scream all day and night on facebook and twitter, harassing and threatening conservatives. I have no doubt they cheated in this election. I am going to assume you are also a cheater undermining this country’s rule of law. You consider ballot stuffing your civic duty. I wonder what else in your life you do that’s illegal. Because people like you, your whole lives are based on excusing your bad behavior and your illegal acts by blaming them on others.

    • Conservatives made great gains in the House with women and minorities and veterans as candidates. Held the Senate and won in many state races down the ticket. Regardless of the outcome of the Presidential election, in 2022 I predict the largest red wave ever and the Presidency in 2024.

  2. So, if the Supreme Court rejected Pennsylvania’s court decision to extend the election by three days, stating that the court is not allowed to change election law, how is it that we are counting mail in ballots that do not have a witness signature? Isn’t that also an example of our own court changing our election law? Who is going to take that on?? Why isn’t anyone moving to have that overturned?

  3. I’d be careful on this one. You don’t get there without all of those red states voting, some of which had the most lopsided results (by far). Those lopsided results happened to be for the President.

  4. The only reason to give voting rights to felons and illegals, 16 year olds is to increase total number of “ registered“ voters.
    Not to increase turn out.
    The corrupt left just wants a bigger cushion so when they stuff the ballot box they don’t exceed the total number of registered voters again.

  5. Who really knows how many registered voters there are? The same opportunities for fraud exist in voter registration as in actual voting! The same goes for our census information. Once we started letting millions of undocumented immigrants into our country we lost all control of our national data base and, as a result, the final integrity of our election process. It also didn’t help when states introduced entirely machine voting and did away with paper ballots as a physical record like we have in Alaska that could be checked if the local election officials were honest.

    This has been the case for a long time. It’s just because of the new “mail-in” vote “justified” by Covid that these fraud opportunities got pushed to the extreme that we are seeing in this dreadful election.

  6. The Georgia hand count will be done in 10 day then we will see how that works out. It appears that the dems don’t even need a dog or cat to count, they use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, behind closed doors.

  7. Dr. Steve Pieczenik is currently doing the rounds with his election analysis, and its definitely right up there with those Tom Clancy storylines he consulted on.

  8. This is also the first presidential coatail election without a coat. Republicans picked up seats in the house. And will probably hold the senate. Republicans Picked up a state house and governorship. Voting machines were counting Trump votes for Biden in Michigan.

  9. The same people that are denying the obvious fraud in this election, were the ones that for years claimed Russia stole the 2016 election, and tore the country apart over their lie. Also, these are the same people who told Joe Biden, not to concede under any circumstances, asked Trump to promise not to declare himself the winner until after the votes were certified, and who, oh by the way, thought Al Gore needed 40 days to fight over 3 counties in FL back in 2000.

    Their arrogance and hypocrisy is matched only by their insatiable lust for power.

  10. A stolen election. We are officially a Banana Republic, we don’t have free and fair elections; we have faux elections run by a criminal oligarchy. At this point there is only one way to restore the Republic, and a certain tree will need to be watered.

  11. Biggest PSYOPs ever on American soil. We are in Civil War right this very minute. hold on….my phone just issued me an emergency alert for a virus that 99.99% survivable. This is a dream right?

  12. With numbers like this, Joe Biden should get a big cigar and refer to himself as El Presidente. Now get out there and harvest those bananas, American peasants.

  13. Midterm election turnout and registration is always much lower than Presidential turnout. This is basic stuff.

  14. The media is not claiming 97% turnout unless this site is the media you are referring to. dividing 2020 data by 2018 data is not a very useful
    statistic. Might as well use census data from 1918 compared to 2020 voting numbers? And then claim possible fraud? We can do better.

  15. That’s strange.. the census people have never asked anyone in my household about registration or voting habits. And. if they had, I would not have told them.

    • I had an election official in Manokotak shout out to everyone that I was Republican. It didn’t bother me so much at the time because I figured they pretty much all knew that already. The village didn’t hold it against us. Goes in the column though of you can’t make this stuff up

  16. I’m sure they are counting the people that voted two or three times, the dead people that voted, and the ones whose voting registrations may have been hijacked despite their lack of presence at the polls, or awareness that they ‘voted’………sorry, I’m a skeptic of such statistics.

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