As COVID storm hits, Alaska’s governor takes to phone alert system to plead with public to stay safe


“That didn’t go over all that well,” wrote one Alaskan to Must Read Alaska this morning, after Gov. Mike Dunleavy used the Emergency Alert System on Thursday to plead with Alaskans to stay home if at all possible due to a rising number of COVID-19 cases in the state.

That Alaskan wasn’t alone. Other Alaskans reacting to the Emergency Alert System message said they were not amused. They thought an earthquake had hit or a bomb was on the way.

Instead, Dunleavy is ordering all of the State workforce who can work from home to do so, and asking the public to voluntarily hunker down for three weeks.

In the past seven days, 2,791 Alaskans have tested positive for COVID-19. Dunleavy warned today that the health care system in Alaska, including the medical workers caring for COVID and non-COVID patients, are at risk of being overloaded.

When possible, private businesses should ask employees to work from home, he said. People should return to curbside pickup, where possible. They should rethink how they are going to do Thanksgiving celebrations, he said.

His request was not a demand, but generally the Emergency Alert system, which sends an alarm to people’s smart phones, is only used for imminent threats.

Yet it’s an example of how officials are having to deal with COVID fatigue. Dunleavy is facing a growing segment of Alaskans who have become numb to all the orders and lockdowns, and he is having a harder time getting through to them about how important it is for them to keep a physical distance from those not in their immediate households. They’ve been doing this for months, with lockdowns and changing emergency orders that are crushing many private businesses in Alaska.

Since March, 20,207 cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed among Alaska residents, and 96 deaths have been reported associated with the highly contagious virus.

Some Must Read Alaska readers were apoplectic about getting the emergency alert in their phones at 10 am, and reached out to this publication with their immediate, unvarnished comments.

“What the EFF?” wrote one reader.

“Final nail in his coffin,” wrote another.

“People are upset. They’ve lived through wars and are swearing about this,” wrote another.

“Holy crap he just gave me a heart attack with that emergency cell phone message,” wrote one Alaskan. Another said that it gave her a panic attack.

Of the hundreds of messages written on the response panel on YouTube, none were favorable. Many said they thought they were going to have a heart attack.

The message was also broadcast on YouTube and has been viewed by over 17,000 people as of this writing.

“My job as governor is not to tell you how to live your life. My job is to ensure the security and safety of Alaska. I can’t do that without your help,” he said.  “I’m asking you to reach deep for the next three weeks. If we can buy time for our critical workers – if we can keep our systems operational – we can avoid being forced to take further action. But if we cannot reduce the spread of this virus, we reduce our future options for how to proceed. No matter what you believe about the virus, the facts are the facts. Hospitalizations and sick healthcare workers are reaching untenable levels. We must act together now while we still have choices.”

Dunleavy announced the following executive actions:

  • On Monday, November 16, the new 30-day COVID-19 disaster declaration takes effect.
  • Effective immediately all State employees are to work from home whenever feasible.
  • Face masks and social distancing are mandatory at State work sites for both employees and visitors.

Earlier this year, the Municipality of Anchorage used the Nixle alert system in a similar way, and it was poorly received by many who believed it was a misuse of the Nixle subscription service, which is supposed to relate to emergencies or to get the public’s help in locating missing vulnerable individuals.


    • That is exactly what happened. His “urgent announcement” went out, 15 minutes later (insert grocery store) was swamped with panic buyers who proceeded to clean the shelves off.

      Thanks, “governor”. (sarcasm off)

  1. I love our Governor, but that was a bit over the top. Scared the sh*t out of me as I was taking a nap. Just had neck surgery and didn’t need the sudden jerk it caused when the alert went off. I hope the next time he has to use the Emergency Alert System, it’s about how Donald Trump wins the 2020 election after all the fraudulent votes are tossed out. Now that would be an alert I wouldn’t get upset about … just sayin’

  2. Scared the heck out of me. That’s the intended purpose. We have an emergency on our hands and it’s not covid. Other states sent out the same alert I’m told. Wake up patriots before we lose all our freedoms

  3. I continue to lose confidence in the Gov. What did the health care workers previously do when the people they work for came to them with a cold.

  4. It also works on flip phones, which is what I have. Scared the schit out of me when it went off. Thought the world was coming to an end, but found out it was more of the virus crap that they have been shoveling down our throats for the last 6 months. I am really disappointed with “Big
    Mike”. Grow a pair!

    • Not his job. Lots of us called BS on this Covid stuff months ago, and we don’t want to hear about it. What an abuse of an emergency system. This is surely escalation that will lead to straight-up police state tactics. “We must act together now while we still have choices…” Talk about a veiled (not) threat.
      This is not an emergency. 100 patients “WITH” Covid – whatever that means – out of a total of over 1100 hospital beds – that’s less than 10% – is hardly “untenable.”
      Of course we’re not told how many were hospitalized *because of* Covid. And why aren’t we hearing about whatever the other *620* patients taking up the hospital beds are suffering from? Because that’s why we have hospitals: for sick people. It’s not news.
      And it’s 100 people “with” Covid hospitalized out over 14,000 “cases” (again, whatever that means)!!! Not an emergency.
      Besides, whatever happened to personal responsibility? He starts by saying it’s not his job to tell us what to do, then does exactly that.

    • Remind again how hitting the panic button to reinforce lies and disinformation, to demoralize, disrupt peoples lives, destroy their economy keeps people safe?
      Where was keep us safe during swine flu, bird flu, ebola, tuberculosis, syphilis, and regular ole flu?
      You got too much on the ball to be fooled by this crap, Jim. This is obedience training, indoctrination, nothing more. It’s about keeping people scared and dependent on their parent-government.
      Problem is productive Alaskan-Americans seem well on their way to rebelling against government’s use of China flu as a pretext to disrupt lives, destroy economies, and steal elections.
      We don’t stop this crap now, there’s no telling what’s planned for us in the name of China flu. But you can bet it won’t be good.
      Look at it this way. Remember the little boy who cried wolf once too many times?
      Ask him.

  5. Actually, the governor is doing the correct thing. COVID is sending out the Second Wave. Better to beat it down now, than in the ICU.

  6. From what I understand, the current pressures on our hospitals are fairly severe. Sorry if has interrupted business as usual, but I support the Governor on this one. Governor Dunleavy has an enormous respect for individual liberty. If Big Mike says things are bad and need to change, we should listen to him.

    • There are 100 hospitalized patients “with” Covid out of 14,080 positive “cases.” That’s 0.07% of cases.
      There are more than 1100 hospital beds in AK. 100 of them are occupied by patients “with” Covid (not necessarily “because of” Covid). That’s less than 10% of hospital beds.
      There are 100 patients “with” Covid out of a total of 720 hospitalized patients. That’s less than 14% of hospitalized patients.
      These numbers are from the AK State Covid website as of 11/12/20.
      “The facts are the facts.”
      Big Mike’s squealing like the sky is falling is hooey. People need to stop just taking his word for it. People need to start thinking for themselves, not just follow like sheep (as in, to the slaughter). It is nothing but fear-mongering with the express intent to “tell you how to live your life,” in spite of his claims otherwise. Alaskans better wake up soon or we’re headed for the full-blown communist insanity of California, Ohio or Michigan, or as Dunleavy puts it, “being forced to take further action.”

    • Tests do not equal cases, and PCR is NOT a test. The more people getting “tested”, the more results will show positive for Covid, whether or not they are symptomatic. This so-called pandemic of a virus that is over diagnosed and misinterpreted by the misuse of overly sensitively calibrated PCR tests is the biggest and deadliest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity.

  7. Personally, I don’t appreciate the emergency alert system being used for this covid bull—-. Don’t take a flu shot and you won’t get infected with covid. Case closed.

  8. Dunleavy should be ashamed… Are people dying in the streets? Is a foreign army invading? This is a bad joke most people, yes even most of us physicians, are getting very tired of hearing! Enough already.

    • Absolutely. This physician works in one of Alaska’s largest hospitals. Nothing unusual. Nothing. Who is giving the governor his information? Maybe reach out to a larger panel of experts before you start calling the shots from such a narrow point of view. Those of us actually working aren’t seeing a catastrophe. Let people work and live. Give us a shot. This is what we are here for. You are being misled.

  9. I don’t see any wrong in the way he got the message out. If a bomb were on the way do you really want to know ahead of time? I can tell you that you don’t . If an earthquake had hit don’t you think you would have felt it if you were in immediate danger? To the person that said this is the final nail in the coffin, I would suggest that they had already had the coffin nailed shut long before now with the recall they went sour on them. Just leave your lives people quit complaining to government officials that are just trying to do their job. What a bunch of pansy asses. Obviously not true alaskans.

  10. While using the emergency alert system may not have been the most well thought out approach, I struggle to understand the angst: it’s not like getting an emergency alert on your phone means that you’re about to die.

    View the video, see if there are any new requirements (vs. suggestions / encouragements) and deal with them appropriately. Wish there was a similar level of angst about Queen Austin’s decision that financial considerations override charter requirements about elections.

    FWIW, I’m glad Dunleavy’s latest directive didn’t get as heavy handed as the local-to-Anchorage mandates.

  11. I have been absolutely supportive of Governor Dunleavy. Until now. The hysteria sweeping the country over “cases” could not be more phony. Phony evidence, phony tests showing ‘positive’ results for wuhan v, even though most all are asymptomatic or maybe humans having a cold (shows positive for wuhan v) are the ‘evidence’. Phony ‘experts’ in the science and medical field are ‘advising’ and the Gov. seems to be ‘administering’. Fear is the main goal of the left, not genuine scientific, medical reality and expertise regarding wuhan v (AKA covid-19). I’ll bet my dog would test positive from associating with other canines whose owners may have a cold.
    This is another undeserved strike against small businesses, their owners and their future. The left wants small business out of the way of government dependence and to leave the citizens with nowhere else to turn but the government. Governor Dunleavy disappoints.
    I asked my wife, who is an avid face book reader and commenter, how many of her several thousand (?) ‘friends’ or anyone they know, have said any of their friends or acquaintances have been admitted to a hospital, let alone critical care, as covid-19 actual “cases”, caused by the virus and the virus, alone. Answer–“None that I can recall”. Where is that pandemic that “might” max out our healthcare capacity. Someone’s neighbors’ brother’s wife’s cousin would have surely been in an area actually “hit” by the ‘pandemic’. Where, exactly, are the ‘statistics’ on that? Seems more like plain old ‘suppression of the masses’ to me. Why isn’t President Trump sending out these ‘critical’ notices to one and all, using emergency protocol? Something stinks more than this “medical emergency” ever could.

    • You evidently don’t know anyone because I know about a dozen people who have had it, a few of who m have been really sick. This is NOT a cold!! 20% of survivors are left with neurological and mental health problems and nearly 80% of survivors have heart and/or lung damage, regardless of age or health status! One friend has lost nearly a dozen friends to this virus!! Right now a number of states, including Alaska, are running out of hospital beds! I guarantee that very soon you will know someone who has been seriously affected. I don’t know who that idiot who said don’t get a flu shot and you won’t get it, but that dumbass will be very lucky not to get both at the same time! People who say irresponsible shit like that don’t deserve a hospital bed when they get the virus!! The governor tried to reach as many people as possible with an important public health message. That’s probably the smartest thing he’s done! Stop whining and get busy masking up and staying away from people before he has to mandate it! Kentucky has mandated masks and their Supreme Court upheld it as legal. If you think that has nothing to do with Alaska, think again. It’s a precedent, and it will be used as one as other states mandate masks, closures, small get-together size, and other emergency covid measures. Grow up and act like responsible adults!! Even if Alaska is full of ignorant, immature social rejects who can’t make it Outside, there are kids here who need adult-like role models!!! Don’t make him have to mandate the things you should be doing to protect yourselves and your families just because they’re the responsible things to do!!! Stay away from gatherings (one year of zoom holidays isn’t going to kill you where getting together might), get a flu shot (doctors and hospitals don’t need to deal with unnecessary cases of flu on top of covid), wear a mask, stay out of crowded public buildings, and wash your hands!!

    • As he says in the announcement, the proof is in the load on the medical system. ICU bed capacity is still okay but filling at a unacceptable rate. Many healthcare workers are out sick. A combination of maxed hospitals and lack of healthcare workers is bad. We don’t want to get there. He is asking for personal responsibility, something you yahoos don’t understand. I’m proud of our Governor, trying to do the right thing through encouraging Alaskans to exercise some common sense–which many seem incapable of doing because of the gubment cover-up–instead of using a heavy handed lockdown approach like many Demonrat governors are doing.

    • Yes, yes, so horribly disappointing. We so much hoped he would be the guy that would actually “stand tall.” But I guess that takes a petite woman like Kristi Noem.
      We know whole shops full of people who’ve had it (or at least “tested positive” if you believe the massively unreliable test results), I’d estimate a good two dozen or more now, as well as our entire family which almost certainly had it last January. 100% of the people in our experience have described it as, at worst a flu bug that didn’t last as long as usual,” to “no symptoms at all.” I’m sure there are people who do poorly, in the same way some do poorly with any of a half dozen other infectious diseases, but this is not the black plague. As someone said at the start, it is a virus with a global (and very wealthy) PR team. It’s just a shame that those people are able to use people like Gov. Dunleavy, who I still think is probably a decent person inside, just really weak. At least I hope that’s what’s going on; sadly, his threats of socialist-style dictats make me wonder now if that’s giving him too much credit.
      And the people calling for masks, masks, masks – which have gone from officially “useless” to officially “the single most important thing you can do” from the mouths of the same “experts” – are beyond the reach of any meaningful dialogue. They have no actual evidence on their side, so they resort to name-calling and shaming those who refuse to bow to their discredited masters. Anchorage residents have been muzzled for months now and yet Anchorage continues to represent the huge majority of “new cases.” Go figure.

      • Your whole diatribe is great and grand, but please for your own sake look at what the governor said. Please use your brain and listen, or read. Masks are the last thing mentioned, distance is the the primary thing, the last thing mentioned is masks, distance as in six feet then if you can’t do that mask, distance from others, the last thing mentioned is masks.
        Government officials acrossed the world have hosed this up, Dunleavy gets it right. Social distancing is what we should have stressed from day one. Proper mask are not a cure but they can help, only when you cannot social distance.
        In prior global pandemics people seemingly knew more than what we know today, some people are so idiotic they think the world is only 90 years old…sadly some of those people call themselves conservatives and post on this site.
        Wearing a mask as a personal choice does not mean the government is telling you to do so. If you need the government to tell you that you need to wear a mask, you will get your wish and you are the reason for that…you are a self fulfilling prophecy. Congratulations on being the lowest common denominator.

        • Do you not see how circular your argument is? Wearing a mask is a personal choice, unless I choose not to, and then it’s my fault that they “have to” force me? Kind of ironic that you’re calling anyone idiotic or a lowest common denominator.

  12. That looked like a hostage video. Did it include proof of life?

    His use of the emergency alert for this was grossly inappropriate. But I suppose when no one takes you seriously you gotta do what you gotta do.

    What happens if we decline his “request”? Cancel Christmas, too?
    Put more small businesses into insolvency? Keep schools closed forever? Frankly, what’s in it for us?

    I’ve heard this song and dance before. Give us two weeks became seven months. How long will three weeks become?

    Standing “tall” never looked so small.

  13. The ridiculous choice to use the emergency broadcast system to tell everyone what we already knew is baffling. It made me think that the lame stream media is right – he’s afraid to sit in front of people and possibly have to answer questions. He might be standing tall – but he’s also in such a big hole you can’t see the top of his head.

  14. More second (or is it third now ?) wave fear mongering to promote the Agenda. COVID can be treated very successfully by doctors. Hospitals are not where you want to go anyway, unless you want to die ! Where’s the Hydroxychloroquine ? America’s Frontline Doctors are reporting 100% success, and that’s unheard of. Following the CDC guidelines is a recipe for disaster. It’s not hard to create a false wave with the level of testing that’s now going on. They all know that the virus has moved thru. One day last week there were 345 that tested positive (in some manner) out of 14,000 tests. How many of those were actually sick ? They are going to push the vaccines next. And they are telling us the flu is holding off this year… Right ! That hundreds of thousands are hospitalized from the annual flu seems to be omitted from the discussion. I call Bullshit on the whole thing ! Shutdowns are part of the plan to crush America. It’ s not getting better folks…

  15. Hospitals laid staff off because people stopped having routine care because of the fear mongering and mandates. Now the AWOL Governor wants to shut us down for his malfeasance.

  16. I agree that the emergency warning is crying chicken little.
    However, because there’s a R in front of his name. There is absolutely nothing he can do or say that the Tabloid Super Spreaders won’t twist into their controlled narrative to slam him.

    If he says nothing….Slam! Hiding
    Says a little…. Slam! 2 little 2 late
    Say a lot….. Slam! fear monger

    • What he needs to do is speak the truth boldly, not cave to the Faucis and Crums of the world. Who cares what the tabloids say. He should care more about Alaskans and their constitutional rights that he swore to uphold, than about what lame “journalists” write. He needs to use the brain God gave him, stop imbibing the poison from the tabloids, and educate himself on the reality of the not-novel virus and the one-world globalists who are using it (and him). But that takes strength and integrity and a little courage.
      Gov. Kristi Noem has managed it.

  17. I was happy to vote for President Trump but I will always be dismayed that neither he nor Congress did anything in the way of retribution to Red China. We can all talk tough but we did nothing to tell Red China they damaged us and should not dare to repeat it. This killed far more Americans than Pear Harbor yet we did nothing. We have no reason to believe the next disease they send will not be worse. Maybe Biden will have a senior moment and press a button.

  18. The Governor should not have used the emergency alert system. Sadly I’ll have to agree with other remarks, this is probably the end for him. Very sad!

  19. Those 96 deaths that hospitals attribute toward Covid19 need investigating how likely were they deaths because of malpractice where the doctor and nurses declined a patients health so their precondition can kill the patient who tested positive, and collect the money for every death they can write off as covid death.

    This isnt best time nor the safest time for any family sending their relative into any hospital. If they do, they got to raise up hell on the hospital not to leave the designated family advocate out of discussions over the patient.

  20. It is in your hands, Alaska. When the military stops taking this seriously, I will too. That isn’t the case at all right now – I trust their judgment. Governor Dunleavy got this right.

  21. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. He’s got Reinbold on the Right, and the Deep Staters on the left. One wants him to do nothing, and for what modest measures he’s taken, wants him bounced from office. The other wants him to lock it all down, and then run him out of town for prior budget cuts, etc…

    Who would want this job?

  22. I am very disappointed that we are still playing this stupid game. With a survival rate of greater than 99.98, the cure is more deadly than the disease. They have weaponized the common cold. Most people that come up positive never even have a symptom. We have never tracked colds like like in the past and I am tired of being an unwilling crisis actor for the Democrats! Let’s quit the damn testing and move on with our lives!! Driving, Heart disease and depression is killing more people than the Corona Virus. Mike Dunleavy is going from hero to zero, because he is afraid.

  23. Who knew there were so many snowflakes here. Covid doesn’t scare you but your cell phone causes you to have a heart attack, thou doth protest too much, methinks.
    Covid is real and it’s happening, our hospitals are filling up. This isn’t the end of the world, it’s just another pandemic and not even a very deadly one at that, stop pretending it isn’t happening.
    Common decency and basic hygiene should protect most of us, it’s unfortunate that both are in such limited supply.

  24. Da**nd if he does and da**nd if he doesn’t. I’ve been keeping up with the statistics on a daily basis and have been alarmed with what appears to be a second wave on this bioweapon – oops “pandemic”. With the figures for the past few weeks, I’m inclined to think the Governor needs support, not derision, for his efforts to contain this disaster, whatever it is, and however he needs to get the message out. Suck it up, wear your masks, and practice social distancing.


    I know that the Gov. Dunlevy is by and for the people, but this pandemic has serious issues with being propogated as DANGEROUS. The excess deaths just don’t show anything but a normal flu death rate.

    The PCR testing is totally bogus and yields false postives (see:

    The HEALTHCARE providers (CDC etc.) tell you to go home and HIDE, without any care. Hello, would you accept that if you had cancer?

    Why do we focus on COUNT and NOTHING about PREVENTION illness/risk.

    Serious illness is easily PREVENTED:

    Take vitamins A,C,D,K with D being critical (stop eating sugar and crap)
    Take Quercitin (plant based Zinc Ionophore) and Zinc

    Upon getting sick: Nebulize 0.1% food grade H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) in normal saline.

    These are all easy to do at home and this will stop COVID extremely well.

    The media and LEFTIST GLOBALIST agenda want you to be afraid and follow the rules and obviously, few have seen that the NARRITIVE does not fit the RESULTS. Folks many nations are starting to see that this has all been an agenda.

  26. Can someone help me out with understanding what new mandates there were? I looked for supplement documentation but didn’t see anything. What he said was really nothing new and felt more like a PR stunt and that’s a bad reason to use the emergency alert system.

  27. Well, maybe I’m getting too jaded as I just glanced at it and thought it was just another update so ignored. Read later and just didn’t have any of the above mentioned panic. I certainly do not think it was necessary to use that system but the message was much the same as what we have been hearing.

  28. What is the big deal. The governor is just doing what he believes is right. As my wife and I are persons at risk and a granddaughter having symptoms and testing positive I pay attention. She doesn’t live near us thankfully.
    The governor has a responsibility to give us advice. We have the freedom to take it or not.
    What a bunch of drama queens!

    • Being governor does not give him the “responsibility” to give us advice; that’s not what a governor’s job is at all. He can if he wants, just like anyone else, but in any case, using the emergency address system to “make suggestions” is an abuse.
      More importantly, it’s not because he made suggestions that we’re angry. It’s because he also made *outright threats* to remove our constitutional rights if we did NOT take those suggestions. In other words, he threatened to take away our “freedom to take it or not.” That means they were not really “suggestions.”
      If you call being vigilant about the threat of government usurpation of our rights “drama,” review some of the history of China, USSR, Germany, North Korea, etc.

  29. Good Grief People, He had to do something or people get complacent and do not listen. There is no local news media where you can get the real facts as they spin everything their way.

    Governor is doing what is right, he is not mandating anything he is telling you the facts and letting you decide. I am not one that wants to wear a mask and do not think they are all that beneficial but will wear one if a business requires it or if someone I am with feels more comfortable with me wearing one and I will social distance.

    We have to be thankful that we have Governor Dunleavy in office now that we have old Biden trying to mandate us into wearing mask. Tell me how mandating mask worked for Dumb Berkowitz and his Anchorage assembly.

    I think the most important thing in all of this is getting our students back in school and stop the suicides happening to our youth. I believe all our elementary students should not progress to the next grade level next year but should retake this year over and call this a lost year.

  30. “Holy crap he just gave me a heart attack with that emergency cell phone message,” wrote one Alaskan. Another said that it gave her a panic attack.

    What a bunch of sensitive snowflakes, moaning about the beep from your phone at 10 am. Look at yourselves go on about it. What a fragile shell of a shelter you live in when this so easily shatters it.

  31. I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to use the emergency system, but if you watched the video immediately thereafter, as did I, you would have noticed that it had been posted on YouTube 13 hours earlier. Some emergency.

  32. I am not a fan of the use of the emergency warning system for this. I appreciate that the Governor was ‘asking’ Alaskans to make sacrifices rather than imposing… but there was a veiled threat in there.

    I worry about his mention of the next 3 weeks being important. What will magically happen in 3 weeks time? More lockdowns?

  33. More irrational panic based on lies. No one can stop a virus. The risk of death from the virus is virtually 0% for the vast majority of people. A one-size-fits-all approach has been ruinous and based on fake-science. Highly successful treatments are available. What we have is a government-manufactured Casedemic; the more we test, the more cases we have to panic over. We’re supposed to willingly stop living our lives forever because . . . cases.

  34. Fear promoted by experts, a war using psychological tactics against its citizens.
    Is this our new normal that obumkin said we were going to live in?
    The fear mongerers are selling placebos as in ” wear your mask” as stated by Anthony Fauci ” just shut up and do what your told”. I’m not a doctor or nurse but I have asked doctors and nurses what they think about mask. Answers were consistently they don’t work and they themselves would not comply.
    Now on to a possible helpful solution, what about hydroxychoriquin ?
    Dunleavy and his emergency sirens yesterday helped no one . Really folks get under your desks and prepare for disaster!
    What about a solution that we the people can choose for ourselves instead of fearfully swallowing another sugar pill
    Open the pharmacies and let people have this cheap, useful medicine at their own risk and let the fear mongerers hide under their own desk.
    Two reasons I concluded that this is a much more reasonable way to move forward
    1. President Trump mentioned it and the elites hatred of him was transferred to hydrox……
    2. Africa treats malaria with hydrox , low and behold not many problems with covid in Africa
    In summary I believe that this nations hatred for President Trump is responsible for many unnecessary deaths across our land and our governor probably should take a look in the mirror
    Oh and I almost forgot, isn’t the specific fear that is being promoted one that our emergency staff are falling ill to the covid? These are the very ones who are extremely compliant with the mask mandates.
    Conclusion, they don’t work

  35. Inquiring minds want to know. Is the testing done confirming the specific strain of coronavirus that is supposedly so dangerous? Or is it just identifying the basic strain, which includes the common cold?
    More testing means higher statistics of course, making this a false positive of danger in my opinion.

    I would also like to know the backstory to Govenor Dunleavy’s decision to put out a notice like this. I get that we’re all getting tired of this and complacent however a notice of this sort should be left for when the Civil War hits the streets when Trump is declared winner.

  36. What a loser. We all thought we were electing a conservative. Go figure. This guy can go to hell along with any other weak, unintelligent, genetically inferior individual that wants to be a fake conservative. As for me and my family we will never wear your government mandated jewish star. Good luck with that one. It’s time to go to war with the government. This is tyranny in it’s most blatant form

  37. Time to clean out the weak Republicans. We need people who will fight for us, not sell us out and cave in. The emergency system is not for Governors to use as their personal Twitter account. Gauleiter Whitler in Michigan has used it 140 times so far, every time she got a bug up her butt and felt like bothering everyone. These politicians are getting completely out of control.

    Americans do not take orders from politicians.

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