McConnell-run super PAC cancels ad buys in Alaska for Murkowski; prospects viewed positively for November


The U.S. Senate Republican super political action committee is canceling nearly $10 million, mostly in Arizona but also Alaska ad reservations, according to reporting from Politico. The ads had been reserved by the Senate Leadership Fund to support the candidacies of Blake Masters in Arizona and Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.

While the change in Arizona might raise questions about Republicans’ view of Masters’s chances against Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly the super PAC said the decision to cut two weeks — or about $1.7 million in advertising — off of ads for Sen. Lisa Murkowski is a vote of confidence in her, the news organization reports.

Murkowski advanced to the top-four general election with about 45 percent of the vote compared with 39 percent for Trump-backed Kelly Tshibaka, according to Politico. The actual results are 44% for Murkowski and 40% for Tshibaka; Politico appears to be slanting the reporting in favor of Murkowski.

Ads from the Senate Leadership Fund in support of Murkowski will now begin Sept. 20, leaving the super PAC the ability to reallocate those resources to races that it needs to win against actual Democrats.

“We are all-in for Senator Murkowski. Senator Murkowski is in a very strong position and based on that decided to push back our start date,” the PAC said.


    • That’s why he supports lisa and lisa supports mitch. It’s unbelievable with their track record and the direction our country has gone under their watch, that they are in the race at all.
      The vote system has been shown to be totally corrupt and can be flipped to the selected candidate or ballot initiative.
      Rank choice voting kept lisa from losing in a republican primary. We Alaskan’s have much that should be fixed in regards to voting.

  1. Yep, that’s me in the red jacket pointing at Lisa so she doesn’t forget she’s still in the race. I haven’t had to do a days worth of work in 20 years and I’m not about to start now. We bless all of our Democrat supporters, here in the photo, and all across Alaska.

  2. Frankie and I refuse to appear in any of these photos of Lisa with her house husband. It’s all with a bunch of woke Democrat kids who never had real jobs. That includes you know who. My Republican lady friends rarely talk to me anymore.

    • I lost most of my reliable Republican friends back in the 2006 governor’s race. I guess Alaskan seniors didn’t like me buying a business jet with their Longevity Bonus money. Doesn’t House Husband ever wear anything but shorts? He reminds me of an overgrown frathouse boy who never grew up. He hasn’t had a job in 40 years. Now he’s just gray, fat, and spoiled rotten.

      • Frankie and Nancy,
        Your legacies are that you put Alaska into one huge crap pile. Thanks loads. Selfish people like you deserve a special place in the Alaska history books. Somewhere between the chapters of Soapy Smith and Judge Noyes. Takers……all.

        • The entire Murkowski family has been living like royals off the taxpayer’s for more than four decades. They are the most hated family in Alaska. Bounce them on their tails.

  3. Interesting! This move only projects the perception that the election process is truly “rigged” with a high conviction play and assured // known … slight of hand. And, with this hokey-pokey Ranked Choice Voting, this is no longer some type of bad feeling but rather, the reality of disappointment and pain.
    If this is truly what our beloved GOP has become, maybe(?) it’s time for a divorce, amicably go our separate ways, wishing you the best of luck?

  4. A bridge is out on the Alaska highway in BC north of fort St John. Cost me a day to backtrack via Prince George. Indeterminate time to fix.

  5. Sound tactics by Republican leadership. Why spend money here when Lisa has the election all but sewn up? Best to devote it to more tactically prudent possibilities.

    We may not appreciate the real-life outcome here in AK, but let’s face it: we’re out-voted. The most pertinent question is, why? And please, no crap about rigged elections…let’s focus on simple facts, and how we get conservative voters back.

  6. Murkowski makes me ill. I get Tweets daily from her and all she does is travel around handing out the money she got from Uncle Joe. She then pats herself on the back for all her hard work. Nothing at all about developing jobs and revenue, but that’s not her goal

  7. Translation, they have high confidence in their Alaska voter fraud system. We need poll watchers and as many volunteers as possible to keep an eye on every voting station and what they are doing with ballots. Vote smart by not mailing in your ballot. Vote late on election day and overwhelm their voter fraud system. Vote only for Kelly Tshibaka by filling in the #1 ranking bubble! Do not vote/rank Lisa, period!

    America and Alaska first! Kelly Tshibaka 2022.

    We have a chance to rid the country of one of the worst communist collaborators in the Senate. Please don’t blow this chance. Just stop and think about all the horrible Bills she has helped pass since Biden stole the election. Also understand that Lisa helped confirm a Supreme Court Judge, Katanji Jackson who won’t even grant the minimum penalty of law towards Pedophiles. Just stop and think about that. Lisa is a vile serpent!

  8. Since polls averaged about 10 points in the democrat favor (compared to election results) in the last two election cycles, it is fair to say that Blake Masters will win.

  9. The GOP IS 90% ineffective in doing anything to stop the Democrat-Socialist agenda, and of that 90%, 10% of those support the Leftist agenda. Murky is one of those.

  10. Alaskans for Lisa is supported by the Lower 48. Don’t be fooled by the signs. Lisa doesn’t want ANYTHING to do with TRUE ALASKANS! Go KELLY! Get out and vote in November! Save ALASKA!

  11. If we do all we can to help Kelly —She Can Win. We have two months to get a non voting friend to vote for Kelly..She needs an Army of Fighters, not a bunch of Cowards wishing she will Win. She has been Fighting For Us by Standing against Lisa the MONSTER. If every person who voted for TRUMP, Voted for KELLY. SHE WILL WIN. Now Take That Hill.

  12. ??????GO LISA!!!
    Biden administration to appoint Arctic ambassador.

    ? Finally! And thanks to Lisa&Delg & the Ted Stevens Foundation.
    ?Yet another strong effective action by Lisa, working w/ Congressional Del.
    Examples over&over.
    Merely jumping on board will not achieve near the same effectiveness Lisa’s deep knowledge, relationships & experience produce.

  13. Hey Carol, how come The Republican State Central Committee Voted 53-17 to CENSURE Lisa, and Endorsed Kelly Tshibaka.

  14. Maybe the PAC had a chance to watch the videos Project Veritas released of Lisa’s campaign staffers talking about her scheme to get herself reelected using the rank choice voting system. I reposted a link to it on the AnchoragePolitics sub on Reddit but not only was it suppressed I was deemed a untrustworthy source and banned. So much for the subs description, “all politics. All Anchorage. All viewpoints. All the time. ” Ha

  15. This State has become WA, OR and CA now. My voting days are over… Murkowski and Palin are the absolute worst representatives for AK’s future. So much damage being done mby McConnell and the Deep State.

  16. Howdy Ross. Evil Prevails, When Good Men Do Nothing. If you live in Anchorage, give Roger Holland a call. He needs your help. Not just Money, you can stand on a busy corner holding a Holland sign. You should be able to place 5—10 signs in good legal locations. Signs that are working 24 hours a day.. He needs your help now. We got two months to motivate Holland people to vote. With 10—30% of the electorate voting you have a POOL of up to 70% Who Aren’t . We need to get a fraction of that number to get the polls for Roger. This also applies to Wasilla Voters Working for Stewart Graham Don’t QUIT–GIT.

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