Alaska Highway reopens to light traffic north of Fort St. John after fire closes bridge


One person is said to have died after a commercial tanker truck carrying flammable liquids crashed on the Sikani Chief River Bridge about 124 miles north of Fort St. John. The highway is open again to small trucks and cars, but not yet open to larger commercial traffic.

Photos posted on Facebook showed billows of black smoke and portions of the wooded area on both sides of the highway burning. RCMP said the accident took place at about 8:30 pm on Thursday when the truck hit a barrier on the bridge. The driver is presumed dead.

The Alaska Highway is the main route from the Lower 48 and Canada to Alaska. Those traveling with big rigs or recreational vehicles may be delayed for several more days. (Photo credit: Unknown, social media)

Photographer unknown: Brush along the sides of the Sikani River Bridge continues to smolder.


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