Americans are suspicious of FBI raid on Mar A Lago



The Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence has led to a drop in trust for the law enforcement agency, a new poll shows.

Convention of States Action, along with the Trafalgar group, released the poll Thursday, which showed a large segment of Americans say the raid has lessened their confidence in federal law enforcement and that they question the motives for the raid.

The poll found that “46.2 percent of American voters say the Department of Justice and the FBI are too political, corrupt, and not to be trusted” while about the same percentage of those surveyed say the opposite.

Republicans are much less trusting of the agencies. Notably, though, many independent voters have lost confidence in the federal agencies.

The poll found “47.9 percent of Independent voters say the Department of Justice and the FBI are too political, corrupt, and not to be trusted” while “43.7 percent say they are to be respected for their pursuit of justice and law and order, and 8.4 percent are not sure.”

The survey also reports that “48.7 percent of American voters believe the FBI and Department of Justice are not telling the truth about their reasons for conducting the raid on President Donald Trump’s home.”

Again, half of independents are skeptical, with 50% saying the DOJ investigation into Trump “is only intended to prevent him from running for office in 2024.”

The pollsters surveyed more than 1,000 likely midterm election voters from August 19th through Aug. 23.

Casey Harper is a Senior Reporter for the Washington, D.C. Bureau. He previously worked for The Daily Caller, The Hill, and Sinclair Broadcast Group. A graduate of Hillsdale College, Casey’s work has also appeared in Fox News, Fox Business, and USA Today.


  1. Shocking! A politically divided country is divided over the investigation into former President Trump! Now, if the story includes discussion on how the partially redacted affidavit (released days after the poll) might influence future opinions, it would be helpful. If it included a mere mention of the PR blitz the former president and his people were on and the ongoing investigation and continuing revelations coming out on the almost year and a half of negotiations to get documents returned, it would be helpful. Unfortunately, this poll is already woefully out of date.

  2. Good for the leary: they’ve already been had! If you haven’t realized yet that all the good guys are dead, you are but sure prey! An easy mark is a gift of the gods. Thank heavens not all are wary: we’d all be broke!

    If you can’t trust your fellow businessmen, you’d be a damn fool to trust your government!

  3. Suspicious? Not me. This action by the Feds fills me with a deep, long-awaited sense of satisfaction. The wheels of Justice turn slowly, but their turn is inexorable.

    Trump is in trouble, and will soon be clothed in a suit of the same color as his weird complexion.

    • Are you willing to endorse a deep investigation into the Biden family? The Clinton family? How pro FBI were you when Comey grandstanded Hilary out f the Presidency?

      Peter Struck (sp) claiming in emails he would keep Trump from the Presidency? The FBI engaging in entrapment in the fax Whitmer conspiracy?

      You’re enjoying the moment because it suits your politics. The moment has zero integrity, and somewhere you know it. But you can’t let it go because it feels so good to you.

      Trump has been under unprecedented scrutiny since he announced. His personal and professional lives examined in infinite detail. Eventually your side will indite him. This is America. You can indite a dog turd.

      But he’s gonna walk, because if there was something to find it would have been found years ago.

      Curious: do you understand, or care what will happen when this occurs? Or did Trump break you so badly you just don’t care?

      • It’s not me that Trump has broken – it’s his hordes of MAGA folks who have been badly deceived and used by him. I know evil when I see it.

        • Whidbey, then you are truly perverse and sick, because “you know evil when you see it” — and you embrace it and hold it dear to your heart, like every other radical leftist extremist nihilist.

          • Jefferson, that attack on someone with a differing opinion of the former president is gross and uncalled for. Believe it or not, many Americans don’t share your opinion. And that’s okay. But it appears all you can do is shout down in anger and insult people. That’s not much of a defense, but it is consistent with Mr. Trump’s team of spokespeople. How about convincing the rest of us of his legitimate innocence? Or just say that nothing he did or could do would constitute a crime.

          • MRAK fan: Jefferson is either silent or raging. He’s skilled at exaggeration, rudeness, and laughable hypocrisy.

        • Dawg, badly deceived? Project much do you? Smoke some more of that High Potency Pot Pal, since reality and critical thinking is apparently not your strong suit.

          BTW, I’m not a Trumptard either, just someone who knows bovine excrement when it’s dished up.

    • While I too want to see the outcome of this investigation, I certainly hope you are prepared for another nothingburger.
      No Presidential candidate, President, and former President has been so constantly and thoroughly investigated as Trump has. And, every single investigation has turned up anything of any substance. We are moving into year seven of investigate everything about Trump, and we still have nothing. Not a thing except unsupported accusations.
      So, at what point will you admit that there just is not anything there. How many more failed investigations? How many more years of wasted effort?
      When will it become sufficient to convince you Trump is not the master criminal you seem to believe him to be?

      • The reason Trump is under constant investigation is the he is a crook. Also, it is not true that previous investigations turned up nothing. Trump was impeached twice: once for attempting to use American military aid to Ukraine as a bargaining chip for dirt on Joe Biden; the second for his role in instigating a crowd of his followers to attack the Capitol, and then doing nothing for hours to call them off. Now we learn that he took highly classified top secret documents, and lied about having them. I hope he is prosecuted and sent to jail where he belongs.

        • “The reason Trump is under constant investigation is the he is a crook”
          No. If Trump was a crook, he would no longer be under investigation. He would be in prison.
          And those impeachments? For God’s sake, they make the impeachment of Bill Clinton for getting a hummer from a chubby intern in the oval office look well thought out.
          And you learned he took highly classified documents from where? Oh an accusation.
          An accusation is proof of nothing. Here, let me demonstrate:
          “Trump is a crook sells child porn to nuns.”
          Now, does that mean you sell kiddie porn to nuns? No, I am pretty sure it proves, nothing. But, then again, I am going to guess that you are not bothered in any way that more than half of the affidavit justifying the search warrant was blacked out. I am sure you think it was to protect the ongoing investigation. (Something that could easily be done without redacting more than half the document.)

          • Lucinda:
            What specific words in my comment led you to ask that question?
            My question to TrumpIsACrook is pretty straight forward. I asked where he got the idea Trump took highly classified documents. I made the assumption it was from the accusation.
            No where did I pretend that Trump took or did not take any classified or other documents. I do not have any insight into was was taken, and I made no claim one way or another.
            Why are you choosing to read something that I did not actually write?

        • Trump is a Crook, does it ever bother you that you are so ill informed? Probably not, sigh… speaking of jail… isn’t Biden worth over 10 million? Goodness, how does a political leach like dumber then dirt Joe Biden amass that kind of fortune earning 170 K per year? Unless of course he is maybe crooked? Hunters 10% to the Big Guy? Xiden deals?
          Joe should be tried for things worse then the charges leveled against Trump, but then is he mentally competent to even stand trial? Please explain.

      • There were ten counts of obstruction of justice identified in the Mueller Report where Trump’s that attorney general declined to prosecute. Justice will catch up with Trump just like it did with Gotti.

        • There were ten count of potential obstruction of justice identified. Potential is the operative word in that phrase.
          It means more investigation is warranted. It did not even rise to the level of accusation.

  4. The FBI is just another pirated and weaponized Gov’t agency. Think this is bad? Wait until the 87K newly trained, and some will be armed, IRS agents hit the streets. Scary times.

  5. Mark Zuckerberg just admitted the FBI pushed him to be wary about upcoming “misinformation,” e.g., the Hunter laptop, suggesting they should suppress it, when the FBI knew full well the laptop was real.

    The FBI seems to be in the business of influencing elections and persecuting their political adversaries.

    • Sorry, Mike, you must have meant “former president” as the raid occurred long after he relinquished office on January 21, 2021. He’s now “citizen Trump”. But don’t let facts get in the way of your desires.

      • Yet, it is convention to refer to former Presidents as “President Clinton, President Kennedy, President Obama, President Carter.”
        It is also common to refer to former military brass by their title as well.
        So… do not let reality get in the way of your so-called facts.

        • While I might normally defer to honoring such titles for former high ranking officials, it’s imperative in such comment sections as these to be clear as many MRAK readers wholeheartedly believe Mr. Trump is still president and the election was stolen from him. If we all used a little more careful communication, perhaps these comment sections wouldn’t be such a wreck. But thank you combat tech, I appreciate the acknowledgement of how titles are often conveyed.

          • “…as many MRAK readers wholeheartedly believe Mr. Trump is still president and the election was stolen from him…”
            No one on this board believes Trump is still President
            If you want to be taken seriously, stop talking stupidly.

          • “MRAK readers wholeheartedly believe Mr. Trump is still president and the election was stolen from him”

            Yes, Because it’s true. That has been shown time and time again, but leftists like you just want to deny anything that doesn’t fit your “facts”

  6. Not that long ago, we were all preached to that “ANYONE can be President, even you”. So that happens.
    Private citizen who is rich was voted for and won. Because he wasn’t part of the good ol Boys club of malfeasance, and he wasn’t who the handlers wanted, they made his time in office a joke and didn’t allow any progress.
    Do not trust the Feds. Ever. They want to disarm us and make us so weak we can’t fight back. Absolutely disgusting.
    Apparently NO ONE but the pre selected rats get to the presidency these days. Big fat joke! The raid was another Homer farce!

  7. Just think of the upper FBI folks as SS officers much in the way that Hitler had his own sworn police force where no laws mattered. This isn’t new though. Hoover and all his illegal phone taps and invasion of private just to get dirt on everyone. A fail safe method of staying in office for 40 years.

  8. Trump stole the top secret documents 18 months ago. What has been their provenance? Any connection between the documents that the twice impeached, disgraced FPOTUS stole and Jared Kushner getting a two BILLION dollar ‘investment”?

    • Stole?
      Doesn’t that imply some form of secrecy and/or malfeasance?
      Someone who is stealing does not employ a GSA contracted moving company to do it for them. Additionally, when approached by the DOJ and NARA about the so-called stolen documents, the government agencies generally collect them, not advise on better ways to secure them.
      If Trump actually stole something, he is lousy at it. And, any criminal that will “steal” documents in that manner, with that much of a paper trail, and with that many witnesses, could not possibly be the master criminal he is made out to be by the leftists and anti-trumpers.
      On one hand, Trump stole the 2016 election by colluding with the Russians, but the Muller probe could not find any damning evidence. Which means Trump must be really good at commiting crimes without leaving behind evidence.
      On the other hand, he stole documents using a GSA contracted mover, had them inventoried, and delivered the inventory of stolen documents to the government agencies responsible for those documents.
      In the first case, he is a brilliant criminal mastermind, in the second case, he is a bumbling idiot.
      Sorry, but he cannot be both.

      • CB: your deflections matter little. The obvious story out of MAGA Lago is that a devious former president slash mob boss “illegally removed” classified documents that could be and maybe have been sold to our adversaries. That’s a FEMA level crisis. A GSA contracted company is irrelevant.

        You seem like a Republican. What happened? What happened to promoting law and order, the blue line, freedom and liberty? Why did you give up and give up so easily to the best con man ever to corrode America?

        • I am all about law and order. I am a firm Constitutionalist, and I abhor judicial activism in all forms.
          I am also all about the equal application of law, and due process. None of which seems to be applied lately. A two tiered justice system is not a justice system in any way.
          I am not giving up to the best con man ever. I am enjoying the results the best con man ever is garnering. I do not support Trump because I like the man. I support Trump because his very existence in the political world is driving you leftists absolutely insane. The result is you are all exposing your true, totalitarian nature. No President or Presidential Candidate would/could have done a better job getting you leftists to throw temper tantrum after temper tantrum. And, for that I am eternally grateful to President Donald J. Trump.

          • CB: Weak, kinda pathetic reason to support a probable international spy and traitor.

            You’re right about one thing: the Trump drives me absolutely insane.

        • Yes, Trump drives you absolutely insane. That is obvious.
          And, you are letting that push you into exposing your true leftist totalitarian nature. For that, I am eternally grateful to Trump. Without him in the Oval Office, I might still think leftists were capable of adult debate. You, and the rest of your leftist friends, have demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt what you really are, and what you really stand for.
          All thanks to President Trump.

      • When you take something that doesn’t belong to you, isn’t that theft no matter how it was accomplished? BTW, he is a bumbling idiot!

        • Presidential papers, records, and related items do in fact belong to the President. There is a reason why every President has taken large caches of documents after their time in the White House. In fact, right now, President Obama has over 30 Million pages of documents in his possession that he is going through, going to digitize, and going to publish or add to his library. Granted, it has been over six years and not a single document has been digitized or published, but I am sure he will get to it ASAP…

          • Nope, they belong NARA under the presidential records act. What Obama took was coordinated with NARA and weren’t classified documents. Stop listening to Fox News and other Trump blowhards.

        • Hey there BillyBob…
          I do not listen to Fox Too biased.
          And, I have actually looked into the Presidential Records Act, Title 44 USC, chapter 22.
          I will admit I did use poorly chosen words. You are correct, the President does not “own” the records. The United States Public owns them. And, last time I checked, the President, current or former, is a member of the public.
          Additionally, the former President is allowed to take them with the consent of the Archivist. It is possible that President Trump did in fact take the records without the Archivist’s consent, it is extremely unlikely. In fact, I would suspect White House staff are the people who take the actual responsibility for ensuring the records are retained, not the President. And, that staff does not want to lose their job, so they will not turn a blind eye to the law.
          But, you know better. And, when the Feds showed up in Mar a Lago over the summer and saw the records, instead of taking them, they recommended a second lock on the door. Weird…

  9. “Exaggeration makes you look foolish Sarge.” – Lucinda.

    “Trump stole the top secret documents 18 months ago. What has been their provenance? Any connection between the documents that the twice impeached, disgraced FPOTUS stole and Jared Kushner getting a two BILLION dollar ‘investment”? – also Lucinda.

    • Bull…
      Lucinda is a devout leftist. Which means she acts and thinks like a child.
      What a toddler said or did five minutes ago no longer exists in their mind. They can, with a straight face, directly contradict something they said a short time ago, and think they will not get called out.
      Treat leftists the same way you would treat an errant five year old.

    • Bullwinkle: these are merely questions that, given trump’s shady history, are worth investigating. No exaggeration here. If an investigation reveals my suspicions incorrect, I will maturely acknowledge being wrong.

      • I’m not. And I’m a man with strong sexual appetites. But I believe women have rights, including to not be assaulted. Would you dismiss this statement if it was about a child? Where are the limits for not just decency and respect, but being law abiding?

        • First of all, the statement is: “They let you grab them by the pussy.”
          The important phrase is “they let you..”
          See. They let.
          On the other hand, the former pedophile President who was getting BJs in the Oval Office from chubby interns had several supportable claims of actual rape filed against him. But… Trump is the problem because…. reasons.

          • You equate Trump saying “they let you” to consent? Tell that to the eighteen to twenty women who sued him for sexual assault and the dozens who settled and signed an NDA.

          • Yes, I do equate “let” to consent.
            This is not a difficult concept to understand. When one person lets another person do something, they are consenting to that action.
            Not sure why you have a problem with that fundamental issue.

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