McConnell freezes again


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky had another “freeze up” episode Wednesday, while taking questions from reporters in Kentucky.

A reporter had just asked McConnell, 81, his thoughts about running for reelection in 2026, and McConnell inexplicably froze and stopped speaking for several seconds.

The incident is similar to what happened on July 27, when the top Republican senator also appeared to have a seizure of the same sort during a press conference.

Sen. Mitch McConnell freezes during a press conference on July 27. He did so again on Aug. 30, while in Kentucky.

As with the episode in July, McConnell appeared to suddenly stare and was not responsive. 

An aide came up to him and asked him if he heard the question. Then another aide approached and asked reporters to give the senator a minute. Eventually McConnell cleared his throat and started answering questions again, although he seemed confused. The entire episode ended up with about 20 seconds of apparent incapacity by McConnell, seven seconds less than his July 27 incident.


    • Ba dum ching! Maybe his Chinese wife is poisoning him or maybe all the clot shots are taking hold…either way this is a walking example of why we need term limits. Mitch,Nancy,Feinstein,Biden,Waters, fetterman,peltola,murkowski…
      Well all of them really.

  1. I guess its time he retires. But. Its difficult finding leaders not radicalized. Boomers didn’t train genX and millennials very well to take the helm. I see hope in GenZ however that’ll take 20 years to train them (cause the oldest are todays 19-26) and it’s those in-between years nail-biting years watching genX and millennials selfishly lead for themselves and pushing their dogmatic principles into governance.

    • You can’t get more radical than the Turtle. He spent $millions to prevent Kelly Tshibaka from unseating left wing Murkowski, when he could have spent it in Michigan, Arizona, or Georgia.

  2. I am pretty sure this is just a side effect of the shingles he had a few months ago.
    Well… it is an excuse working just fine for Feinstein. Why not run with it?

  3. I guess his uplink to the Chinese Communist Party satellite got temporarily cut, for the second time publicly.

    Poor Turtle, pulling back into his shell again.

  4. Another reason for term and age limits. They should have public available health screening yearly. We do not need this in case of an attack. Speaking of on Oct 4th there will be a emergency alarm on all tv’s, cell phones, radios and what ever to make sure we know when the nukes are coming.

  5. It’s time for the octogenarians of all political stripes to relinquish the levers of government and allow the the next generation to step up to the plate. Between Feinstein, McConnell, Pelosi, and Biden haven’t we had enough of people who should have hung it up already?

    • Ben Franklin was quite effective past 80. Reagan was sharpe for several years as well.

      I have no issue with mental fitness exams as conditional, but otherwise…
      let the people decide.

      Moreover, I’m not convinced generation Tide Pod or the “what’s a woman?” crowd is ready to lead anything beyond a coffee stand.

  6. McConnell needs to take his billionaire wife, Elaine Chao, and move back to Kentucky where he can graze on the bluegrass and let the US Senate get down to the business of investigating the self-enrichment of Joe Biden.

  7. He looks like he is losing weight. Maybe he is dealing with a medical issue that is too much for his body to handle. Or, it’s mental – every time someone mentions something about the future, he remembers how he thought he was going to get away with his treason and did not and his days are numbered.

    • I have been hearing more about how there have been successful (psyop?) experiments to make people hear voices in their heads. No, I am not talking about schizophrenia – but, maybe there really is not schizophrenia and those “mentally ill” suffering this are actually test subjects for the experiment. If McConnell got the jabs, is he being monitored every time he speaks and they talk to him in his head to remind him to keep quiet about certain things? OR, like someone else had suggested, is he just faking it because he thinks this will get him a lighter sentence?

  8. I’ve watched enough Mafia movies to know that once you let the mob do you favors, you can no longer “QUIT” the mob.. The only way out then is if the mob “QUITS” you. Those politicians who have decided to throw America under the bus to enrich its foreign enemies for a few coins can’t just QUIT, they need permission from their foreign (Chinese) mob bosses. There are a LOT of politicians, corporate executives, and traitors who are selling America down the drain. It’s up to the voters to get rid of this Democrat trash at the voting booth before they ruin the future of you and your family (America).

  9. No term limits for you. Supreme Court has already ruled on this matter. In May 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5–4 in U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton, 514 U.S. 779 (1995), that states cannot impose term limits upon their federal representatives or senators. Congress would have to vote on term limits for the House and Senate which is highly unlikely to happen. The gravy train is too good to shut it down to weed out the incumbents that have long worn out their usefulness.

    • Rand Paul advocated for term limits–I believe 2 terms in the Senate and 3 terms in the House. And Rand just started his third term…

  10. Our Congress is turning into a geriatric ward. Strokes, seizures, dementia, and just plain old age.

  11. Hmmm is not the Governor of Kentucky a Democrat? Means if he retires the Governor would appoint a democrat!

    • The Kentucky legislature just passed a law that strips their (Democrat) governor from replacing McConnell if he retires and instead hands that decision to the “party of the departing Senator.” So, KY is taking care of Mitch and Republicans much like Mitch took care of conservatives being appointed to SCOTUS over the last six or so years.

  12. Looks like the Deep State programming is experiencing some glitches.

    Perhaps we are finally in the timeline where we see the illusion of our government fall apart.

    The spell has been going on a long time. I hope the minds of the people can sustain as more revelations are made.

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