Mayor takes action on tramp camp nightmare on Ingra Street, where 200 homeless are creating neighborhood friction


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson toured the squalid conditions that have developed on the site of the old Alaska Native Hospital at 3rd Avenue and Ingra. About 200 vagrants — people who can’t or won’t follow the rules of regular structured shelters — are in tents and tarps at that location, a result of the Anchorage Assembly refusing to allow a solution that would address this particular population.

The mayor released the following statement concerning the large number of prohibited homeless camps and ramshackle structures at the site of 3rd Avenue and Ingra Street:

“Today I directed municipal resources to clean up the growing number of homeless camps at 3rd and Ingra. We are taking immediate action to clean up the illegal structures, pallets, accumulating trash, and abandoned vehicles on the property that previously was the old Alaska Native Hospital. Code enforcement will be tagging abandoned vehicles and those will be removed as soon as possible,” he said.

Bronson was responding to a publicity campaign by local property owners who call themselves the “3rd Ave. Radicals,” a tongue-in-cheek reference to those who are hardworking property owners and taxpayers trying to keep the area safe and trying to improve neighborhood conditions.

“We are going to protect public property and the safety of residents and businesses in the area, while respecting the rights of all citizens,” the mayor said.

A video of the mayor touring the site today can be found at this link.

The mayor started his morning with a staff meeting at City Hall, asked his senior staff how many had been to the site, where it gets worse by the day. Today, it was field trip day, as Bronson wanted his entire staff to walk the site and see what the people living around the area are dealing with.

Bronson is working on fencing, security and control in the short term, and working on a contract to get 24-hour security at the site. He has asked police to step up patrols.

The biggest item is land where Davis Park encampment is. With about 100 people littering the area, this is military land leased to the city, and it’s now a large illegal encampment the military wants out of there. Those people will drift over to the Native Hospital land, where it’s already grim. There are only, for example, two portable toilets for the 200 who are already encamped. With 100 more likely to come into that area, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

The “3rd Ave. Radicals” hope that between site security and better police protection, some of the open drug use, drug dealing and illegal activities will be reduced. Some of the criminals will respond to police presence by finding other places to camp across the city.

Meanwhile, the Anchorage Assembly has not allowed the mayor to solve the problem and has also refused to come up with a plan it can agree on.


  1. I did not know the Davis park land was leased from the Military. Time to cancel lease and let our Military take over and clean them out and if they come back lock them up, Elections have consequences and the whole world is in a created crisis. Some people just vote dumb and some people just don’t vote and good people do not run as for all the dirty tricks and accusations that come out.

  2. Round em’ all up and move them to the dump. In a particular corner. This is what happens when Democrats are in charge. It becomes a complete friggin mess, and then Republicans have to come in and clean it all up. Good luck to Mayor Bronson.

    • Actually, this is a good idea. Fairbanks sends them to the transfer stations. They take up residence there with the ravens. It solves a lot of problems.

  3. We need to agree on where to put an official “encampment”: A large camping compound with security and available emergency assistance.
    Then we construct a building with 2 doors. One for the liquor store and one for the public assistance/medical office.
    Everyday they can make their choice.
    The fun part is figuring out where to build this facility – maybe down on the railroad property somewhere?

    • Sadly, Dav3, many of those who voted for this will do so again. It’s actually quite jarring, stunning really

    • Chris, I vote to put the camp out by the new power plant past Eklutna, if that is city property.

    • So Chris you really want an official navigation center. Well we already have one bought an paid for, site prepared and parts in storage. All it needs is to be set up. Did you write and tell the assembly to get on with it? Or did you just bash the mayor? Regardless of the shenanigans around, who approve what and when and the assembly’s tweaking of the rules all time, the basic idea is sound and should be implemented immediately. At least it would get all these individuals in a space that can be managed and assistance provided. The mayor and the assembly can fight over the nuances later. The next question to ask is where is Chris Constant since it is his district.

      • Yes I support a navigation center as the mayor proposed. Does it have outdoor camping?
        I am thinking more like a public camping area for the homeless AND transient travelers.
        Does the navigation center have a liquor store?

  4. Flamethrowers are not a solution and doesn’t make you a better person! That’s murder! Of mental adults with issues! And the a big huge drug problem that is creating a mental issue! Then you have some that are just use to living that way of life! A good navigational center would be helpful! Deal with the ones that can be rehabilitated and them sources that can deal with the extreme mental health that can’t be helped! Many layers of mental health and social factors you are dealing with!

      • Too funny. I was thinking the same thing. All those !’s were giving me a headache. The only thing that was missing was ALL CAPS. Someone needs to tell Nc that an argument is much more persuasive when you have an actual point.

    • NC my God you are part of the problem!! You think everyone else should take care of these rats like a typical liberal!
      Yeah they need to kick all of these people out.. They got themselves where they are. No one else! Not anyone’s job to do diddly for these people!

      • That may or may not be true. When you said they got themselves into this pickle they can get themselves out. Were you talking about all the people who were molested as children and it screwed with their brains and turn them into what they are today is that what you were talking about when you said they got themselves into it? Just wanted to clarify the stupidity of your comment.

    • Someone here think that all you have to do is destroy the problem and it will go away permanently. They’re kind of simple minded and thinking that. That’s kind of way the Nazis thought when they wanted to destroy the Jews. If we kill them all then there won’t be the jew problem anymore. Sadly I think all we can do at this point is to house the homeless, get them the mental health they need. Yes that means the legal system is going to have to work to categorize these folks so that they could be institutionalized much like people in insane asylum are. Many will live out their life without any solution.

      • Someone here thinks that all you have to do is assuage and ignore the problem and it will go away permanently. Simple really. If you give the homeless homes, they will no longer be homeless. See, fixed.
        Or.. one could fix the root cause of the problem, instead of just throwing money at it.

    • You’re right. It’s not forward thinking enough. We need to tie them to spits, cover them in BBQ sauce, put an apple in their mouths first.

      Then flame away. Two problems solved at the same time. Homelessness and hunger.

    • The Assembly will thwart any efforts for the Mayor to succeed under his administration. Its the strategy. And it’s disgusting.

    • Say there No, please try to not end every single sentence with an exclamation mark please? Your ideas are goofy enough without the emphasis which only serves to validate my presumptions about you.

  5. Ow, I hear Nazi stuff! Like round them up and throw away the key! Maybe put them in boxcars to camps! That you never come out from! Not impressed with them thought patterns! Maybe some mental issues there!???

  6. The ‘REAL’ storyline here is that Bronson and his Team are working very hard towards solutions whereas the Assembly is messing around playing political games (once again). The Assembly stinks, a horrible stench, their efforts only contribute more demise and destruction upon Anchorage, and the Anchorage citizens need to give these Assembly Members the boot in the next election cycle!!!

    • Rob, it took launching a full blown media campaign to get the mayor to take action. We’ve been asking for this stuff for 6 weeks with zero action. It took forcing his hand. But, he’s taking action now and we will wait and see how the implementation progresses.

      • He started as soon as he came into office trying to start a transition center near the Native hospital but was shut down by the Assembly almost as fasted as he started talking about once, they realized he was on to something. Every step of the way the Assembly blocks every move the Mayor makes.

  7. Where are the Native corporations whom many of the homeless are members of? Why are they allowing the deportation of village degenerats to urban centers? Time to spend some of them large dollars they are raking in on their own vs. Huge bonuses for the executives.

  8. Until the lazy ad the stupid start voting, and voting right this mess will just keep getting worse. Childish fantasies about flame throwers and putting people in the dump serve no one. They do however expose the dreamer as a do nothing.

  9. I understand Zaletel, Constant, Dunbar, Von Imhof, Giessel, and friends have yards. Move them there.

    Put a couple in Spicy Gato’s car.

  10. The assembly doesn’t want to solve the problem and end the flow of our money to their cronies

  11. “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I (Lord speaking) command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land.” Deuteronomy 15:11
    Don’t also forget taking care of your children and closest family and neighbors or friends like your church family taking care of the regular attendees especially paying closer attention to the vulnerable regular attendees. James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans (or fatherless) and widows (or single mothers)in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” There still lots of activities we can do for the Hope Center and Anchorage Gospel Mission to give the mentorship and fellowship the homeless men and women needed since birth but didn’t learn much during their developing years, but are needing regular consistent meet times. Try not to close your heart to what you can give to build up or lead the Hope center or Gospel Mission.

  12. “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I (Lord speaking) command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites (or Alaskans or Anchoragites) who are poor and needy in your land.” Deuteronomy 15:11
    Don’t also forget taking care of your children and closest family and neighbors or friends like your church family taking care of the regular attendees especially paying closer attention to the vulnerable regular attendees. James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans (or fatherless) and widows (or single mothers)in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” There still lots of activities we can do for the Hope Center and Anchorage Gospel Mission to give the mentorship and fellowship the homeless men and women needed since birth but didn’t learn much during their developing years, but are needing regular consistent meet times. Try not to close your heart to what you can give to build up or lead the Hope center or Gospel Mission.

    • Your thoughts are virtuous and true to scripture. However, when people make consistent, self-destructive life choices, particularly when there are a myriad of options for direct assistance and self-help to assist them in elevating their lives above a squalid existence, they have made their choice and can live with the consequences of their decisions. It’s the same for all the rest of us working class folks, so why should we pander to, and coddle those who continue to choose poorly? God will give us over to a depraved mind if we want that. And work ethic? Read 2 Thessalonians: For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

      • We must shun the insane. We all must be of sound mind. Also we all have strengths and weaknesses. If the pattern of one’s mind shows weaknesses in certain areas there should be evidence of turning around from previous weaknesses before one can be a good (safe) associate let alone a close friend or confidante because bad associates spoil useful habits like productivity.

      • But you’re talking about rational people in your quotes. Many of these people aren’t rational they’re not capable of it. They have the brain power of a ran over dog. You ever watch The walking Dead? These folks many of them are beyond help and the only human thing to do is to care for them until they pass.

      • Hard to make good choices when you are homeless with a traumatic brain injury. From military operations. Or one was born with less cognitive capabilities than you and most of us.

        • So, why does every proposal from the Assembly assume the homeless are capable of making good choices? Surely the Assembly is not full of people with traumatic brain injuries?
          Or do you think putting the people incapable of making good choices into housing where they will suffer zero consequences of their bad choices is going to suddenly prompt them to start making good choices? Because that is exactly what the Assembly is expecting from every one of their proposals. Homeless shelters spread out across the city, I am sure the people in there will stop doing drugs, drinking, and sexually assaulting people as soon as they see how good they have it. No reason to make the shelter dry, or require therapy/treatment. The people incapable of making good choices will suddenly decide they want to dry out and get help because they have a place to lay their head.
          I would say it is delusional, but it is simply the toddler level mind at work.

  13. Queue the media reporting on this along the lines of “heartless Mayor of Anchorage evicts poor campers who now have nowhere to go” or something like that. And then those who oppose him on the Assembly piling on while they don’t offer any viable alternatives. To those business owners who complained, who did you vote for the Assembly last round?

  14. The assembly cares more about masking everyone, closing businesses, enforcing and pushing unapproved vaccines, drag queen story time, men in woman sports….ahh you get it, maybe now they’ll pull their heads out of their arses and work on real world problems for a change. C’mon assembly, put down the bud lite and get to work, we’re all watching and waiting.

  15. Yes, The library is already off limits to sane people since the lady patron was nearly stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack by a sick deranged homeless individual that was banned from his village for criminal behavior.

    It makes perfect sense to convert the Loussac library to pemanent homeless housing which the lefties insist on providing at public expense.

    Felix Chris Forrest and sidekicks can host drag queen storyhour to keep the tennants occupied during hangovers and they will have an opportunity to groom some into their world as well instead of children!
    I would be OK with adding the Assemblys names to the Loussac Bldg as well for their efforts.

    • How about “that lady”? Pleasantly I have forgotten her already. The one that is unfamiliar with and cannot articulate nor defend the US Constitutional rights of the inhabitants and free men of Anchorage and beyond.

  16. If we want to see real solutions get any consideration, these people should be moved to the sidewalk in front of any Assembly member that voted to spread the homeless out across the city. If having homeless all over is such a good idea, I think they can start off with them right in front of their house.

      • And, that is the problem, they should be.
        They should be moved in front of assembly member’s houses (and I include former assembly members) who vote to place the wants of the homeless before the needs of the taxpayers. Suzanne LaFrance and ADQ should get to enjoy the fruits of their labors long before the rest of the city does.
        If homeless are so special and deserving, let them deal with it first. Show us all how it works.

        • Sometimes shock and awe can work. What it all boils down to is money. It’s going to take money and it’s going to take the court system to get these people to a point that will satisfy people who don’t like to look at the ugly. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. First you have to buy the cake mix, then pay the baker to make it for you, then pay someone to decorate it. Then you have gather everyone around the table before the cake can be enjoyed. That’s kind of the way it works.

          • Oh, money works. Just ask Seattle, where they spend… what… something like $150K a year per homeless, but somehow always end up with more and more and more.
            If you were actually proposing something that has not been proven to be a failure over and over again, I might consider your comment meaningful in some way. But, you are not. Nothing but mimicking the mantra of the homeless industrial complex.

      • Uhhhh….yes….they are. I know you can’t see it from Florida Greg but there are multiple houses and businesses directly impacted by this blight on 3rd ave. Maybe you should update Google earth and look again. These addicts are literally across the street from people’s houses.

  17. @Rob Cupples and company. The Anchorage Mayor has proposed and got initial approval for the navigation center which would’ve been used to house the very people you’re complaining about. But after giving initial approval, the Assembly members who oppose the Mayor because he’s not aligned with their values, reneged on the deal and now we the taxpayers are paying for warehousing the materials intended for the navigation center. Who cares it’s not their money right? So if you think nothing was being done then go yell at the assembly person responsible for that area. It doesn’t all fall on the Mayor’s shoulders.

  18. They have plenty of seating, wifi, computers, offices, even elite dining give aways. Use to fullest ptential.

  19. I can just see it know. Handing out free, elite sandwiches during dinner break at Anchorage Assembly mtgs. Anchorage, standing always at full assembly; awaiting opportunity to recreate per one half of state of Alaska’s population of Alaska in Anchorage fully assembled to volunteer per the wish of the inhabitants to implement the will of Anchorage freemen.

  20. Materials being stored! And anchorage tax payers footing the bill! Now! The materials has need stored to
    Long by legal matters! So let’s buy new material!? Put it out to bidDoubled your cost! By the time assembly figures it out! Will be 4x times over!

  21. All this is craziness. I think each person should be responsible and accountable for their actions. I think it should not be my responsibility to assist people who do not care about taking care of themselves. If my kids made a mess and left it where they made it (on the streets or sidewalks, I would punish them. Why do we not punish the people doing the same thing in our city. if I litter, I am accountable to pay a $1000 fine. Why is this not expected for all, not just folks like me that can afford to pay the fine, but no people who do not have the resources to pay the fine. Such stupidity.

    • You don’t have any compassion though. You don’t think that mankind has a responsibility to help the homeless, the destitute, the mental ill or the habitual. You are among those that thanks black and white. Today’s world is all one big shade of gray though. If it doesn’t bother you to slip in a pile of feces Paul walking on the sidewalk only to realize that it was not dog crap, then do nothing. Look the other way. Hold your nose. There are alternatives. One is out of sight out of mind. The others are bury the problem and stick your head in the sand. Take your pick

        • In my day I’ve done plenty. I used to volunteer every year for the super cities walk Marathon. I volunteered for 25 years in public schools. I volunteered for the Big Brothers and big sisters organizations. You’re next tell me how little you’ve done.

        • I kind of got off on a tangent about my volunteer history and forgot your original question. I once worked with the owner of five franchise Burger King restaurants, and he used to go out and pick up the homeless and instead of giving them money, he would bring them to one of the restaurants for a meal. He fed the hungry. Does that sound familiar to you? I was once had a Burger King in Washington State late one night and a homeless person was in there with a cup of hot water and some ketchup packets making a soup mixture. I went back to the counter and paid for him a Whopper and fries and drink. And then we left soon afterwards before he knew where it came from. That’s called a random act of kindness. My belief is that everyone has a black box and for every random act of kindness that you do, you get a point that goes into that box. Accumulate enough points and they can be redeemed someday when you need them. I should have died many times being in my own perfect Storm and 20 ft seas and a lightweight 24 ft sailboat. Being in an airplane that was icing up and falling from the sky. There’s been too many to keep listing here but I think you get my point. Random acts of kindness hurt no One. Feeding the hungry hurts no one. You might be surprised with what return you get out of your investment. I can tell you that once you start investing in mankind, it is habit forming.

      • It is easy to spend other people’s money and time, isn’t it there, Greg?
        Oh… the government should… blah, blah, blah.
        It is equally easy to deride anyone who does not agree with you. “No compassion?” OK, show us all how compassionate you are. How many hours a week do you spend helping the homeless? How much do you donate to their cause? (What the assembly steals from your taxes does not count)..
        When is the last time you brought them food, clothing? Have you ever?
        It is all well and good to assume a society will help the least fortunate among them, but that is a luxury afforded only to a wealthy society. If a society places caring for the homeless before maintaining and building on that wealth, they will lose the wealth and end up with many more homeless. (And, no, wealth does not mean cash.)

        • I’m not able physically to help out anymore but I do still donate. You don’t need to get mad at me for me telling it like it is. That’s what I do. I see the big picture, and I paint it for you in not so cheery colors and then you get mad. Whatever

        • Not true. Many societies down through history have cared for the hungry and sick. They weren’t too well off and we’re easily conquered or assimilated. It doesn’t make sense to let your people suffer. It Always costs more in the end to look the other way. The problem with today is, many are selfish and only think of themselves.

          • Totally missed the point. If the Muni Assembly continues to coddle the homeless to the tune of tens of millions a year, pretty soon the funds for necessary items like snowplowing and police/fire services will start getting cut.
            Then taxes go up, sales taxes get imposed, but the cost of homeless care continues to rise faster. Eventually, there will be a mass exodus of taxpayers from the city. That is what I mean about “luxury afforded to a wealthy society.” Not whether they were well off. And, you missed the “wealth does not mean cash” part there Greg.
            And, curious why chose not to reveal all of your Mother Teresa level charity work with the homeless. Working a marathon, and helping out in schools or with Big Brothers/Sisters. None of that is working with the homeless. But, here you are, declaring we have no compassion because we do not want good taxpayer dollars flowing after bad and not getting any results.
            Do not ever accuse anyone of being uncompassionate again.

        • It has been proven successful. You are not passionate. You sound bitter. I included all my volunteer work helping the needy. You could ask a food bank what you can do to help. Plenty of ways to help out. I have been in the bush the last 25 years. No homeless in the villages. I have helped where I could though. Something you have never done.

          • Bring it down to an individuals choice. This is MY money and I’ve been working hard for it. IF, I spend it on a homeless person, I will make sure, to the best of my abilities, that the money will be used to better the life of a person that truly NEEDS it. I will NOT spend so much as a nickel on a person that simply wants a hot meal before he goes out and gets stoned again. And since I’m not a trained psych or counselor, I choose to err on the side of caution. I guess that makes me a ‘bad person’ in your eyes. So be it.

            One of my mantras on this subject has always been sorting out who needs help and who just wants to be a bum. Whenever there is a proposal to spend money on the homeless, why is there never information on exactly how the decision is made when spending the money? Round up a random group of homeless. If you were to interview/screen them, there would be some that needed mental health care, some that just need that proverbial ‘hand up’, and a number that just want food and shelter so they can go and search out drugs/alcohol. In reality, the mental health cases should be provided professional help and against their will if necessary. The ones that need a ‘hand up’, especially with kids, will usually do best with the housing and food assistance. Especially if they understand that there is a time limit on these benefits and if they are put to work as part of the program. But the bums need to be thrown out. If they have made a choice to remain homeless for the ‘freedom’ or what ever, take them to the edge of the city limits and kick them out. The existing benefits and services are to valuable to waste on anyone not using them correctly.

  22. Wed, Jun 28 at 7:12 AM

    Build it and they will come…………… are they just enabling dependency.
    What is the main cause of homelessness in the US?

    68% of U.S. cities report that addiction is a their single largest cause of homelessness. * “Housing First” initiatives are well intentioned, but can be short-sighted. A formerly homeless addict is likely to return to homelessness unless they deal with the addiction.
    What mental illness do most homeless people have?
    Numerous studies have reported that approximately one-third of homeless persons have a serious mental illness, mostly schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

    Robert Marbut, a consultant on homelessness, believes it’s misguided to provide housing or other services without heavy incentives for recipients to be in treatment programs for mental health problems, addiction or other issues.

    “Anytime you give out services without treatment,” Marbut said, “that’s enabling, period. … You’ve got to serve the food in a place where mental health is being provided.”
    Well said
    “This is less of a homeless issue or a housing issue. This is a drug issue. This is a mental health issue. We tackle those issues first; the homeless piece is going to be a lot easier to solve.”

    • Did you have money in Perdue Pharma? THAT is when opioid addiction became an over riding civic concern across the country.

      • Your a huge proponent of big pharma Mo, how many clot shots have you gotten? Weren’t you one of the parrots on here blabbering about the virtue of being injected and how we all had a duty to do it? You know those shots weren’t free right? The government spent billions of our tax dollars buying them from pfizer, Moderna, j&j….God knows who else.

      • Are you sure that blaming ‘big pharma’ is the correct thing here? They might make the opioids but a prescription is needed to legally obtain them. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go after anyone providing illegal prescriptions? The opioids themselves are a valuable drug for many people as long as they are administered properly.

  23. The MOA recently condemned the Forest Park trailer park in Chugiak and is forcing the renters out because a backed up septic system has caused contamination of the soil, which is a twenty million dollar cleanup according to the assembly. And they place two portable cans for over 100 homeless. Makes perfect sense. Maybe Anchorage should be condemned.

  24. I wonder if is compassionate to disinterestedly say what we see: “It appears you are infantile and which to be cared for by surrogate parents indefinitely; here is what you can do to make small changes around that”. Everyone who desires to become a surrogate parent to these drunk(s) or whataver, please take a number and line up here”.

  25. Does accountability begin pre or post Armageddon? Does anybody know, per se? I mean in Anchorage. Hard hearts ? and all.

  26. Dear Mayor Bronson: Please send an informational communique to each registered city in AK. Apprise them of the usual situation people without economic “support” systems and ask what they believe they are willing to do to get the word out there? Lowest apartment costs, utility costs, transportation limits and plans for safe entrance and exits from this dreadful place. Be a bit detailed. For example housing is limited, what is available needs first, last, damage deposits. So safety includes coming with adequate funds realistically speaking. Native kids should be told their highest paid jobs are in their first years when they are most presentable then opportunities go exclusively to the Irish and this cannot be changed forever. The Irish will kick you in the chest in public establishments right in front of owners, supervisors and effervescent undercover agents. Have a nice, bubbly day.

  27. Back in the day when Alaska was civil and hopeful and opium dens were less plentiful a widow with several children associated with a Christian congregation in one town would consult with her prayer group about “an educational opportunity in Anchorage” before committing to it. The church would go over options with her. There would be prayer and more consulting. The minister would call a congregation minister with info on needs. The “receiving congregation” would communicate among themselves and commit to one another with any stipulations (and there were some). Then, the family would move. In our case in with a Yupic disabled lady who showed to us her determined desire to give her hospitality to perfect, complete Aleut strangers and determinedly stuck it out faithfully til her guests got situated. Lots of prayers among all holding hands. Our natural family had no idea and defame us to this day. Don’t tell me Christianity is not a “thing”.

    • Are you talking about the same Christianity that was manipulated in the year 300 to 400 when the Bible was written by flawed men? Man trying to hang on to power and scare people into believing they have to live by a certain Creed or a set of principles written down by them? Yes I’m talking about the corrupt beginnings of the church. I’m talking about their attempt to hide the fact that Mary Magdalene was equal to or greater than Jesus. They couldn’t have a woman running around doing all this and base the foundation of their Church on it. Even the disciples questioned why Jesus kissed her on the mouth. They asked if he loved them as much as he loved her. Never underestimate a great kiss.

  28. A practice of Christian spiritual brotherhood practiced in Alaska prior to statehood. Many interesting helpful acts are recorded by children being published in the lower forty-eight (“I am a “Big Girl”,12 years old in the third grade. My mother talked my father into letting me go to school this year with my brothers and baby sister Emma in Karluk.” – my Grandmother’s words published by a newspaper in Colorado in the 1900’s. A teacher kindly arranging for her historic pupils talking about what it was like to live in the Alaskan Territory after the Russian interests were purchased by the US. That kind of Christianity practice that was still available altruistically speaking in small towns in AK in 1950’s.

  29. I have figured out our needs for the third avenue homeless area: We need an in and outdoor dignity pool amenity. The neighbors wouldn’t mind that would they? Also, we need a four wheeler to run around to all the numbered camp sites that have shore electricity, dump site and water. We need a 24 hour attendant(s), and we need two hour garbage pick up every morning. You take your garbage to the post and the guy in the four wheeler takes it away for two hours round and round. We need men and women showering facilities and a little laundromat. We need sand firepits and picnic tables and horseshoe pit, dog run. We need a bumper car area for the children to ride bumper cars and a little train that goes around and around selling (or giving away) firewood. The park(s) should have themes (Aurora Borealis), etc. Parks and Recreation can come up with these and lovely informative signage like in BC. They paint the picnic table lovely colors. That should help.

  30. I should mention something cause I just remembered the Victory Church on Dowling rd hosts a public 4th of July BBQ picnic feed for all. I hope they have another planned event this Tuesday. The year I drove past and came after the parade, they had hamburgers or hotdogs, chips, water or soda, and desserts plus Christian worship songs played across its speakers, invitational tracts across a table, ministers and elders available for prayer and counseling, and bubbles and games for the kids. I thought of Anchorage churches if the regular attendees want to start learning how to understand and know this homeless community, church leaderships could had planned their church picnics to have a picnic at cuddy park where there are tents and there is even a stage for its worship songs, as well as at centennial park, valley of the moon, third avenue at this old Indian hospital. The churches have to remember it can’t feel like only a handout, they need the worship songs, the prayers, even a listening ear and guidance and the Word of God else the good work means nothing-it being done in vainity. What Victory church does every year at valley of the moon park should set the precedent for Anchorage churches to host a Fourth of July ?? community church and public picnic. The homeless do want to feel like they are part of the community and also not just someone’s charity case.

  31. That is not very nice. I’m being creative. If they creatively take everybodies money for a long, rotten, rinkydink trail to nowhere through bear country why not make a darned camping amenity in Anchorage? In order to add to the neighborhood of crabby, stingy neighbors you have to actually add a value adding amenity. But Anchorage presents with its primary traits. “Gim MEE a trail to nowhere instead! Hose them off. Indeed.

  32. A municipal corporation is pursuant to the bankrupt corporate creature of state and federal structure for the benefit of the public. The charter is limited by law. “Bylaws” (get it?) Are not equal to anything under the sun imagined by corporate assembly members. They may imagine anything under the sun with their own private funds. The assembly must obey the laws/limits of its own creation. They are servants. Not commanders in chief of the of King of Netherlands Admiralty. They have an oath to us to defend and secure our rights under the US Constitution only!

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