‘Inaugural Nine’ graduate from Alaska Policy Forum Leadership Academy


Alaska Policy Forum graduated nine Alaskans from its inaugural Alaska Leadership Academy in May. The group of Alaskans participated in eight months of leadership programming with experts from around the country on topics ranging from crisis management, public speaking, team building, Alaska Statehood Compact and Constitution, and on-camera media training.

The Alaska Policy Forum, founded in 2009, is a fiscally focused conservative think tank that weighs in on matters such as government budgets, regulations, taxation, and free-market policies. The organization, funded by private donors, sees the need to grow the skills of Alaskans who may emerge as the next leaders of the state in elected office or other public policy roles.

The first graduates are:

  • Carolina Anzilotti, Palmer
  • Taunnie Boothby, Willow
  • Catherine Chambers, Anchorage
  • John Coe, Anchorage
  • Kathy Henslee, Anchorage
  • Grant Robinson, Anchorage
  • Dan Rogers, Anchorage
  • Andrew Satterfield, Anchorage
  • Frank Tomaszewski, Fairbanks

The upcoming class of the Alaska Leadership Academy will begin this fall and carry through winter, with applications due Aug. 1. Reach out to the Alaska Policy Forum to nominate someone for the course, or offer financial support for the project to grow informed, well-spoken thought-leaders by sending a note or calling 907-334-5853.


  1. Ah, the loyal opposition has spoken. What a couple of sourpusses. You should get married, indeed the perfect choice of companion.

  2. The six anchorage based I hope they all are part of their district neighborhood council either as a member or a regular follower. One can become a leader of a group just by following. If not then they can at least work toward the goal blazing a trail for future conservatives taking the helm. Today’s anchorage more conservative and republican leaders such as this group must think bigger, the race not all about them holding office, it very well maybe blazing a trail working behind the scenes and taking care of their children (even those not their own like kids at youth centers and churches) preparing the next generation of young adults to win the elections as a conservative that those before them couldn’t win because of their generation’s leftist establishment.

  3. Those elected by voters, should consider themselves servants rather than leaders. The difference matters. The name should be “Alaska Service Academy” rather than Leadership Academy. This misconception is the fundamental problem with American politics today. Who are the actual sovereign leaders of this nation, its states, its cities?

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