Mayor Bronson’s deputy chief of staff resigns


Mayor Dave Bronson has lost another key member of his executive team in the continuing dust-up in his office: Brice Wilbanks has resigned. Wilbanks was Bronson’s campaign manager and then came on board as the deputy chief of staff. Must Read Alaska has learned that Wilbanks is pursuing work outside of government.

The resignation comes at a time when the mayor is under fire for numerous allegations by former City Manager Amy Demboski that are now prompting the Anchorage Assembly to enact emergency ordinances that relate to contracts and personnel.

The Mayor’s Office leaked the information about Wilbanks’ resignation to a blogger in the same way it leaked information on Demboski after she was fired by the mayor. In the leak, the Mayor’s Office is saying that Wilbanks tried to rescind his resignation, but was let go.

Demboski was fired on Dec. 19, after which she said that the mayor’s staff leaked information to certain people in the media in an attempt to destroy her reputation. Demboski is currently the interim host of the morning drive-time show on 650 KENI.

Demboski said that Bronson fired her because she had brought to his attention unlawful and unethical activities and uses of municipal resources involving lobbyist contracts, sole source contracts, and the hiring of Larry Baker as a consultant.

Demboski and Kendall said that firing her for using vulgar language in the office is a “fig leaf” to cover up for the real reason, which is retaliation.


  1. “Demboski and Kendall said that firing her for using vulgar language in the office is a “fig leaf” to cover up for the real reason, which is retaliation.”
    Being a malevolent and duplicitous serpent, Kendall would know all about fig leafs.

    • It’s not. Someone gas to stands up pro the turn coat assembly.
      It’s the lefty liberal Assembly road block.
      What has the assembly done other than Wokeness & tyranny.
      Your opinion is yours only.

  2. The assembly really likes things like this because they can use them to cover up their own gross incompetence and ineptness.

    • 2nd. Disregard the noise; you’re doing an xlnt job.

      I’d have fired Demboski just for being caustic, grating, vituperative and malevolent.

      • From WordBook Dictionary app:

        vi⋅tu⋅per⋅a⋅tive /vɪ’tu:pərətɪv/
        marked by harshly abusive criticism • her vituperative railing
        syn: scathing
        ORIGIN: Formed from Latin vituperatio, vituperātiō, a blaming, censuring

        I’d never heard the word. Thanks for the education.

    • What part do you like the most ? The penis cookies or Baker attempting to cover for the creepy predator/stalker guy ?

      Maybe it’s Bronson’s misogynist stance that women are below men ? I dunno, it’s really hard for me to decide, but for me it’s Joe Gerace. The guy was a careeer scam artist who’s just another one of those end-of-the-roaders trying to outrun his sordid past. The best part of that story is the former Assembleywoman from Eagle River who threatened and gaslit a witness who testified in executive session, warning the Assembly of his fake credentials.

      That should not be considered good governance in anyone’s book.

  3. It took Donald Trumps presidency to expose the extent the opposing party will go to get rid of opposition or as they put it “preserving democracy” which includes corruption of the DOJ FBC(federal bureau of corruption) big tech/social media mainstream media election meddling/interference. After witnessing that chaos nothing will surprise me what ways opposition will drum up to try and eliminate the Mayor. I am quite confident if Jesus Christ himself was the conservative choice in that office they would dig up dirt on him as well and be subject to impeachment. Oh thats right…He was sentenced to death and they nailed him to a cross. Better watch your back Mayor. Someone could be working on that cross somewhere. And the CIA had nothing to do with JFK’s assassination right??? And if by chance they didnt have a hand on the gun that killed him they sure did a piss poor job of protecting him. Im not sure why but my faith in any government especially big government has dwindled since the sixties at the least but has snowballed the last 25 years.

    • If Jesus Christ was on the ballot, he wouldn’t get the support of Trump due to his overall message of acceptance (i.e., “wokeness”). Republicans wouldn’t let him get through the first dozen primaries–they need more hate and they would be incredulous that Jesus wanted to protect migrants.

  4. I did not know you needed to hire a criminal lawyer to pursuit work outside government. This 23 year old kid is getting quite the life lesson. I think Bronson may be wishing his biggest problem were inappropriate photos.

    • No kidding. In the end it’s all about Amy. She’s the one who’s really angry and retaliatory as she wanted to be mayor. And believed she deserved it. Bronson should have never had her involved with his administration. She was always going to do something like this it was only a matter of time.
      This morning on her radio show she went off and betrayed the rage and bitterness she suffers. It’s funny how a lot of us in our careers over the years have been in situations that were not a good fit for whatever reason, we were not wanted by the management or vice versa and we just went away. That’s what adults do Amy. You’ve harmed this city greatly. Our group no longer listens to that morning program and we will go out of our way to NOT do business with any of the advertisers with spots during the hours her show is aired.

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