Mayor Bronson statement on Biden’s vaccine mandates: They are ‘flat-out wrong and immoral, beyond authority of president’


Mayor Dave Bronson issued a statement in response to President Joe Biden’s directive to the U.S. Labor Department that would require all businesses with 100 or more employees to get vaccinated or get tested once a week.

 “The idea that government would mandate businesses to force personal medical decisions on their employees is flat out wrong and immoral, and beyond the authority of the President. I will not mandate that businesses require their employees to vaccinate.

“The Municipality will not comply with this directive of the President that will invite endless litigation; this is a obvious attempt to shift the national focus from President Biden’s devastating failure in Afghanistan, and we will not violate the privacy and independent healthcare decisions of our citizens in the process,” Bronson said.

“The President’s one size fits all approach does not look at the science to getting to natural immunity. The personal choice to vaccinate or not is up to the individual person. My administration is committed to fighting COVID-19 and to get Anchorage’s economy back up and running. My administration is committed to giving access to Anchorage residents with all the resources and information they need to make informed personal decisions for themselves and their families,” the mayor said.

The mayor said that his directives in fighting COVID-19 in the Municipality of Anchorage include:

  • Asked and received authorization from the Assembly for $8 million dollars for more testing, vaccinations, and mass care; approved on 8/24.
  • Encouraging people in consultation with their medical provider to consider vaccination.
  • Worked with the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and private providers to stand up access to two monoclonal antibody treatment sites. Residents who are ages 12 and older, who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 and are at risk for severe illness should consider monoclonal antibody treatment to prevent severe symptoms and hospitalization. Contact your medical provider for more information and a referral. If you do not have a health care provider, or need additional information about treatment sites, call the Statewide COVID-19 Helpline at 907-646-3322 and ask for an interpreter if needed.
  • Canvassing businesses and community centers to pass out flyers and share information in areas near upcoming pop-up vaccine clinics;
  • Conducting in-person and phone outreaches to potential vaccination clinic hosts;
  • Sending daily emails to community and media members about vaccination clinics and testing;
  • Conducting direct outreach to specific industries as requested (e.g. childcare facilities) with information about prevention strategies, vaccines, testing, and community resources;
  • Updating the MOA COVID-19 website to reflect current information on testing, vaccines, prevention strategies, recommendations if someone tests positive, data, language updates, and community resources (e.g., a weekly health metrics report  can be found on the Municipal Updates page);
  • Radio and digital PSA’s with a message from Mayor Bronson about COVID-19 testing (that message is also on social media via the Anchorage i-teamFacebook Page);
  • Regular posts to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on Anchorage Health Department (AHD) and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) about vaccine clinics, testing, prevention, and data;


  1. Biden’s handlers just came up with a good plan for changing the narrative. Unfortunately, fact remains we still have a guy who served on a 100-person committee most of his life followed by 8 years as VP. Then he became senile. Not capable of leadership. Biden’s press arm is craving something they can spill though, so this will be it. Meanwhile, Rs will take the bait, flip out and put the 2022 election in play.

  2. It’s pretty easy. If you are vaccinated, good for you. If you aren’t, that’s up to you. Either the vaccines work at stopping the spread or they don’t. Doesn’t seem to stop the spread in Israel who has the highest vaccination rate and one of the biggest outbreaks, so quit blaming the unvaccinated for getting the vaccinated sick. What’s the goalpost if 80% isn’t enough anyway? There is already a study in pre-print that has shown that natural immunity has 10 times the protection than those that have been vaccinated. But I’m sure that study won’t make it to a publication. Our chance of getting anything truthful from the heads of the medical field are long gone. So glad Bronson won. Can you imagine?
    Now if they are seriously concerned about people taking horse medicine, they should be making an effort to stock the shelves with safe medications that can be directed by physicians. But, of course, they don’t really care about those people. They just want to mock them and laugh at them as they die, and then point fingers at them in their deathbed. But they are sort of referring to fictitious characters that are supposedly filling ER’s after taking a horse dewormer, so I can see how they don’t sincerely care.
    Conservatives of Anchorage, don’t move. Remain and if people don’t like us, that’s their problem and they can move. If we can’t stand strong in Alaska, where can we?

    • Do you only read half the news? If you do you need to read the whole article. In the case of Israel, you would have found out that most of their country was vaccinated 6 months ago and what the officials have found out is obviously this vaccine doesn’t last that long. That and everybody went out during their holiday at about the same time that the Delta variant was emerging and most of their weekend protection made them sick. Also you would have learned that the unvaccinated in Israel are nine times more likely to become seriously ill than vaccinated people so what we’ve learned from this is The Life of the vaccine is limited which is why we’re coming out with a booster in a couple of weeks. We learned that if you get a shot you probably not going to get sick enough to die and if you don’t get the shot that possibility raises nine times the amount. So continue your half reads and you’ll only get half of the facts.

      • So how many boosters and how recent must my vaccine be for you to feel like I’m doing my due diligence?

        The point is when will you stop feeling like your life can’t continue because of other people despite the fact that the vaccinated aren’t going to stop the pandemic either?

        What must the number be for you to stop believing that the unvaccinated are ruining everyone’s life? You do understand the virus is what’s killing people, not other people, right? Or do you believe anybody that has had a grandpa that died of the flu must chase down the person that passed on the flu and make them feel guilty for killing grandpa? Therefore, flu shots that are like throwing a dart blindfolded, should be mandated to all that walk the Earth. And to burst your bubble, they have another study that determined natural immunity is 10 times more protective than a vaccine and much more durable. But whatever. You don’t care. I know you believe that the most protected person is the one that got the vaccine and got covid… Which is fine. You can have that philosophy. I don’t think it’s a terrible one.

        My wife, my mother, my much older brother and sister are all vaccinated and I think it’s cool as long as they don’t try to shun me for not getting vaccinated. I’m 42 and healthy and my vitamin D levels are good, etc. I have all of the other required vaccines and these covid vaccines are the riskiest vaccines that most everyone has ever been offered, so I’m just taking my chances. They are also using tech that really hasn’t been proven to be effective and safe long term. Based on Israel, it has already proven to not be durable. Consider me the control group. I know roughly 40 people personally that have had covid (I work with several businesses with many employees) and all but one had just a bought of flu symptoms and then was done with it. Several just had minor symptoms and a positive test and weren’t even sick enough to miss work if it weren’t for how contagious it is.

        Many more people have been exposed to covid and never got it when others did in the same circumstance/environment. You can do you, I am going to do me despite that not being ok with you. But keep pounding that keyboard and throwing a fit.

        • JUSTIN ERICKSON: The CDC and WHO tried to warn the U.S. and the world that the Delta variant is essentially not the same virus as the original COVID-19. It is more transmissible than EBOLA.
          JULY 30, 2021:

          Delta variant more transmissible than Ebola, common cold and smallpox

          “The Delta variant (B.1.617.2), first identified in India in October 2020, has been described by WHO officials as the “fastest and fittest” variant. The variant has been sweeping across the world, now reported in 132 countries.

          The newest variant of concern is “considerably more transmissible” than previous variants and has a viral load approximately a thousand times higher than the original virus, said Fauci in a closed-door meeting on 29 July with Members of Congress.

          Estimates suggest that an individual infected with the Delta variant will pass the disease on to between five and nine other people, while the original virus would be passed on to two to three people.

          This indicates that the Delta variant is more transmissible than MERS, SARS, Ebola, the common cold, the seasonal flu, and smallpox. The variant spreads as easily as chickenpox, according to the federal health document.

          Delta variant is more transmissible than MERS and SARS, Ebola, the common cold, the seasonal flu and 1918 flu, and smallpox, according to the CDC.
          “I think people need to understand that we’re not crying wolf here. This is serious,” Dr Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC, told CNN. “It’s one of the most transmissible viruses we know about. Measles, chickenpox, this – they’re all up there.”

          The data presented in the internal document was “sobering,” said Walensky.

          The Delta variant may also cause more severe disease than previous strains of SARS-CoV2. Studies conducted in Canada and Scotland found that people infected with the variant are more likely to be hospitalized, while a study from Singapore indicated that patients are more likely to require oxygen, admission into an intensive care unit, or develop pneumonia.

          More drastic action is needed to deal with Delta threat
          The CDC’s new masking guidelines for vaccinated people, which were introduced on Tuesday, were based on the data presented in the document.

          “To reduce the risk of being infected with the Delta variant and possibly spreading it to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in an area of substantial or high transmission,” said the updated guidelines.

          The new guidelines, however, didn’t go far enough in the context of the threat posed by the Delta variant.

          “Given higher transmissibility and current vaccine coverage, universal masking is essential,” said the document.

          “The measures we need to get this under control, they’re extreme,” said Walensky.

          “Nonpharmaceutical interventions are essential to prevent continued spread with current vaccine coverage,” the document said.

          Along with universal masking and community mitigation strategies, the document recommends a vaccine mandate for healthcare personnel to protect vulnerable populations.

          The CDC also faces the daunting communication challenge of emphasizing the efficacy of the COVID vaccines in preventing severe illness and death, while improving the public’s understanding of breakthrough infections and acknowledging that vaccinated people are transmitting the virus.

          Immunized people as vectors for SARS-CoV2 virus
          Although unvaccinated people account for the bulk of virus transmission, vaccinated people can also be vectors for the SARS-CoV2 virus, found a new CDC report released on Friday.”

  3. We have a leader anchorage. Thank you all wise voters for getting us here thank you lord for your miracles. To all oath takers you put your hand on our GODS Bible and swore so help me GOD. For the people by the people of the people. Mayor Dave love your guts sir thank you for standing for the citizens. All please support our city it’s our home we must vote wise we must make a change in our politicians and judges for us all. Research vote wise let’s stop it citizens.

    • MICHAEL VALDEZ: You have a poseur (Campbell’s the REAL mayor) and a spendthrift.

      The Occupational Safety and Health Act was signed into law in December, 1970 by President Richard M Nixon.
      That law, implemented through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); coupled with Article II of the Constitution, setting forth the powers of the Presidency and; Article VI, clause 2, the Supremacy Clause absolutely shut the courthouse doors to any federal lawsuits. Bronson wastes the people’s time, local and federal tax dollars, and — if he’s going to do more idiotic things like this — his own time and space in the universe.

  4. Wow. What a Patriot. We are all so impressed.

    And by the way, aren’t you supposed to be working on the homelessness problems, or something, instead of fighting these petty ideological, political battles?

    • forced vaccines is a bigger problem than the homeless problem in ANC if you cant see that you’re blinder than a 15 yr old dog.

    • Gotta have a balanced assembly to deal with that Whidbey islander. Don’t worry it’s coming with Zatels recall and 5 assembly seats up for grab in April. Then the real work begins. Why don’t you worry about king county and stop illegally voting in MOA elections.

    • Pushing back against unconstitutional federal overreach is just a petty thing to this useful idiot. Maybe real patriotism is just doing whatever the government tells you, at least to this mutt. Makes some sense, from the perspective of a person who thinks that the government is responsible for “solving” the homelessness problem…like a parent looking after his wayward, loser children who never learned how to take care of themselves. Whidbey is going to fit in nicely within his role as serf under the lord master federal government. People like that don’t mind giving up their rights and freedoms as long as their basic needs get taken care of at someone else’s expense.

  5. Alaskans are lucky to have a man like Dave in office during these historical attacks on civil liberties across America. Make no mistake when the history books are written, those who refused to comply with covid tyranny will be recognized as the Patriots in the end.

    • There you go again comrade. Everyone, if Steve likes something, then it always has a libertarian twist to it which means get comfortable sitting on the fence because they jump from one side to the other at the drop of a hat. But since the modern Republican party is turning more liberal, he has found common bedfellows in old adversaries.

  6. Intensive testing is invasive, harmful, and abusive. It is federal over reach and un American. Pcr tests are no longer recommended by the agency CDC. Why the intensive misuse of them by the feds?

    • Stop spreading your propaganda. The Mayo clinic states that the current PCR test is very accurate when administered properly. The fast-acting test can miss some cases however. So you can administer the PCR test by a trained person, and have the results tomorrow. No big deal.

      • Even the scientist who invented the PCR tests has stated it is not being performed correctly, thus giving a higher ratio of positive results. Do some research before you blather

  7. Way to go, Mayor Bronson! Now our absentee Governor and Senators need to step up and tell this tyrant “HELL NO!”

  8. Thank you, Mayor Bronson for your fortitude and for being willing to speak up against this unconstitutional move of supreme overreach by our President/DICTATOR Biden. Americans… wake up! Seems no matter what side of the “aisle” you fall on, no matter your vaccine status, this should concern every American- no business, no politician, and certainly no government entity should be mandating personal health choices. If no one speaks up now -it will never end. Why doesn’t our President focus on leading a nation instead of crumbling our economy, lowering our job rate, bankrupting our country, and oh… that little thing about leaving Americans at the mercy of the Taliban in the wake of his Afghanistan fiasco.

  9. Mayor Dave Bronson is obviously a good man who genuinely wants to make Anchorage a better place for everyone to live, work, and play! His comments regarding the federal mandates shows us that he not only has good leadership ability, but also the courage to stand up for our constitutional rights! Mayor Bronson’s talents and leadership would be welcome in Juneau and I believe he’d make a fine Governor for Our Great State if he should decide to run for that office; he’d definitely have my vote!

  10. Dunleavy needs to grow a pair and stand tall and protect this state from this horrific abuse of the federal government’s power grab on our bodies, health and economy! #DONOTCOMPLY SAY NO TO MEDICAL FASCISM!!!! PROTECT WORKERS RIGHTS! NO FORCE “CLOT SHOTS!”

    • It’s too late for that. His cojones are in Bryce edgeman’s pocket. And to respond to your shouting statement, I know of no one who have had any adverse effects from getting a shot. Your gullibility after ingesting propaganda is shocking.

      • Me thinks you doth protest too much…you appear to be the one ingesting propaganda. My anecdotal evidence is contrary to yours. I know of several people, including family members, who have had adverse effects from the jab. By the way, call it what it is, a therapeutic and not a vaccine.

  11. Wow.
    I’m really disgusted to see $8 million dollars allocated and an obscene amount of effort directed at tell the members of MOA what we hear and see every minute of the day via tv, radio, newspaper, etc.
    Find me a man, woman, child, dog or cat in the US who HAS NOT been infected with the constant barrage of vaccine propaganda!
    There are more important issues to be focusing on, Mayor Bronson. This news is a huge disappointment.

  12. I’d like to propose a federal rule that requires all businesses with over 100 employees to be tested weekly for pregnancy, and denied the possibility of acquiring an abortion if any person tests positive.
    In the interests of protecting human life and bolstering the economy, of course.

    • That would be silly. The federal government isn’t involved in your sex life. They’re only involved about what’s in your panties after a heartbeat is detected. Nothing else matters until they turn 18. Originally the Democrats were afraid that too many black babies were being born. Now, the more the merrier it seems. Now, Republicans and I say that very loosely because Republicans are so liberalized these days, so what I mean is extreme right Republicans are against killing any babies. But you know all this.

      • Thanks Greg, after reading through above comments about our great mayor and the problems facing our society. I must say Your comments make it clear to me way we need strong leaders to stand up to the few that want to impose their will believes on the many.

          • I hope you don’t think we should be killing babies , or prolonging A very bad flu season by implementing restrictions on the population that does exactly that. I’m pretty patriotic but then again I’m a white guy. If a bunch of black people feel that they need to have a black anthem to promote themselves I’m OK with it, this is a free country.

          • FYI “The View” was very educational this morning That black anthem was written in 1919 in response to a series of setbacks and horrors. 1892 Separate but Equal became the law of the land, lynching were on the increase across the nation, large Black communities were being attacked (Tulsa Massacre happened two years after the anthem was written). There is powerful history behind the meaning of this song….to say nothing of the fact that Francis Scott Key (Composer of the Star Spangled Banner) was a slave owner AND the second verse of the National anthem actually avers to that very fact.

  13. Though I am not the biggest fan of many conservative actions that have taken place over the last 4 years, I can respect Bronson’s action steps to help promote information about testing and receiving the vaccine. It seems thorough, well thought out and very proactive.

  14. A possible simple solution to mandating vaccination would be to deny Covid hosipitalization/ treatment the people whom choose not to be vaccinated.

    • Seriously, what’s wrong with you? You should be thankful you weren’t living in Germany in the 30’s. It’s sounds like you would have been easily convinced genocide isn’t really all that bad of an idea. Those people are a drain on us anyways, right?

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