Sullivan signs letter calling for hearings on botched withdrawal from Kabul


U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan and nine other members of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), sent a letter on Wednesday to committee Chairman Jack Reed, D-R.I., calling on him to hold hearings on the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Specifically, the senators requested sworn testimony from senior military leaders, including Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, Commander of U.S. Central Command General Frank McKenzie, Jr., and the final Commander of U.S. Forces Afghanistan General A. Scott Miller.

Senators Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), Rick Scott (R-Fla.), Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), and Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), and Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) also signed onto the letter.

“The American people, and in particular many of those who serve our country in uniform, are hurting, angry, and disappointed,” the letter says. “We owe them a clear and comprehensive understanding of what happened, why, and how best to learn from these events for the future. We owe it to our nation, those who served, their families, and our allies and partners who fought alongside us, to preserve the records of how our fight in Afghanistan concluded. The insights we gather will help prevent future loss of American blood and treasure, a solemn responsibility and sacred trust we believe all members of our committee will seek to uphold.” 

Photo: Sen. Dan Sullivan met with Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin earlier this year, when Austin toured Alaska bases.


  1. How about an investigation into how we got into this disastrous quagmire in the first place. I mourn the deaths of the Americans and Afghanis during the evacuation, but I also mourn the loss of all the others who died or were maimed there, the ones doing their duty in an ill-defined, costly, decades long war as it lingered on and on. Where was Mr. Sullivan when that was going on? MIA, as usual.

  2. Wow they asked a democrat from rhode island to look into this……….you know to make sure nothing ever comes of it. Great job feeble Dan

  3. We don’t want weeks, months or even years of hearings, we want an immediate removal of this fake president and his Marxist administration.

  4. The country is saddled with an illegitimate president, the southern border is wide open, the economy is about to crash, the tyrant in the White House just told us all to get the jab or else..basically the nation is falling apart but Dan is calling for hearings on Afghanistan.
    Certainly Afghanistan is a serious issue but not exact7the most pressing issue before us…honestly, it doesn’t even make my top ten list.
    Leave it up to Dan, though, to concentrate on the least important issues.
    What a waste of a good senate seat.

  5. Wow. Noise after the fact. And a whole letter.

    It’s a tie between him and Dunleavy for most wasted vote I’ve ever cast

  6. The Senate Armed Services Committee needs to hold these hearings and must provide Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller USMC, an opportunity to testify, regarding the disastrous sequence of events surrounding our totally FUBAR withdrawal from Afghanistan! After 17 years of honorable service in the Marine Corps he threw away his potential retirement in order to Stand Up and Speak Out about the Failure of anyone in the Chain of Command to either Accept Responsibility or to be Held Accountable for the obvious Failures of Leadership at the highest level!

    • No, this was probably a very strongly worded letter, which would make it so very much more impactful. Secretary of State Lord Antony Blinken has sent these kinds of letters to the Taliban. And we can see how much they have affected the Taliban. Not….

  7. Where is Representative Don Young? Crickets. He and Lisa M should both issues strong statements re providing “comfort and aid” to the enemy, the Taliban. This Biden Administration is busting military morale. I predict those with 20-plus years in will retire and those with less than 6 years in the military will get out. This is a terrible way to destroy our defense forces.

  8. Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes “Rogue” and Outs GOP as “Merging With Dems” I love her!

    Dear Colleagues,

    Since Dictator Joe Biden started phase 1 of the Dems’ Communist takeover of America yesterday & I don’t have a GOP Conference call on my calendar or an email in my inbox from leadership to stop this insanity, well I’m going to be more direct than usual.

    After all, I ran for Congress because when Republicans controlled the House and Senate during the first two years of Trump’s presidency, they failed to deliver key issues that were of utmost importance to Republican voters.

    Broken campaign promises like: Repealing Obamacare. Obamacare took my families premium from $800 to over $2400 Funding and building a border wall. Rs funded all kinds of things for foreign countries but wouldn’t build a wall for Americans.

    Defunding Sanctuary cities. Rs funded cities who harbor illegal aliens. Defunding Planned Parenthood. During the first two years under Trump, Rs couldn’t even defund that disgusting abortion mill. No, they funded it. That’s the the one I really can’t get over.

    Remember that big Omnibus that Trump was so angry over, the one that made us all furious? Trump said never put another bill like this across my desk and the Republicans gave our great President no other option.

    It can not be overstated that when Republicans don’t do what they say, they give no reason for people to support them.

    Along with millions of R voters, it was then that I realized that if Republicans can’t accomplish the most important and easiest of campaign promises, when they held a strong majority with a President like Trump, then they never will. So I ran for Congress and here I am.

    I give speeches to hundreds to thousands of Republican voters every single week at home and all across the country. Our voters are fed up with Republicans in Congress doing nothing to stop Dictator Joe Biden and the outright destruction to our country.

    You see, Republicans have a razor thin minority in the House, only short a few votes. This puts maximum pressure on Pelosi to perform because she can’t lose any votes, she needs her full conference to pass bills. And perform she does. I respect her for that.

    Easy to perform when Republicans in the House apply no real pressure even though Democrat bills are so heinously un-American. The Communist Democrat agenda could be beat if my colleagues would legislate and take action the way many give interviews on TV.

    “But Marjorie you’re just a freshman, you don’t understand how it’s done.” Really?

    The political pendulum has swung back & forth between Rs & Ds for decades & we’re $30 trillion in debt, on the brink of communism, at risk of economic collapse, being drug into full dependence on a global economy, & the experienced Rs want to lecture me on how it’s done?

    You all should hear what your wealthiest most successful donors are saying about you all and your lack of real action while Democrats burn our country to the ground with a dementia patient at the wheel.

    It’s beyond me that my Conference still chooses to stay with the “messaging” and fundraising tactic to take back the House and haven’t comprehended what everyone else on the planet knows to be true.

    We won’t have a Constitution or country left to take back in ‘22 and definitely not in ‘24, if Republicans in Congress don’t get their asses in gear.

    If Republicans are worth their weight in salt then they better wake up and realize that they are leaving their own with no confidence and feeling like they have to take matters in their own hands.

    Here is what must be done. Impeach Joe Biden. The GOP Conference must come together with Articles of Impeachment. Spend as much money as it takes to apply pressure on moderate Dems that know they will lose their seats if they vote NO on impeachment.

    For the Republicans who are rolling your eyes saying it can’t be done, that exact attitude is everything wrong with our conference and your voters hate it.

    I witnessed 10 Rs vote to impeach Trump and 11 Rs vote with Dems to kick me off committees. Those traitorous votes are exactly why we fail to achieve our goals. Mock me & be angry at me all you want, but it’s business as usual that fails. And even our enemies know it.

    We may be short only a few votes but Biden has burned his own voters and many in his party. We start with Biden and go down the list. They are ALL responsible and ALL impeachable.

    Republicans must take action or face the devastating reality of losing the trust and confidence of Republican voters going into ‘22, and many are already on the fence bc of the election and lack of real effort to fix it by elected Rs.

    Ever since I’ve been in Congress, I have legislated exactly the way I talk on TV and in speeches. Minority or majority should not matter. We should fight just as hard no matter what. Do what we say we are going to do and fight no matter what.

    After all that’s what the 13 American soldiers did that Joe Biden killed. They followed orders and did the job they were told to do. Why can’t Republicans in Congress do the same damn thing even if it looks hard?

    Here is what doesn’t work. GOP Conference calls & meetings that are nothing but altar calls for money. Yes we have to raise money to take the House, but I will no longer be silent about half of the 20 “Republicans” that are benefactors of all that money for reelection.

    The top 20 Republicans that the NRCC fights for contain 4 Republicans that voted to impeach Trump and 6 that voted to kick me off committees. And 1 did both. They call these moderate Republicans (or really some are Democrats in disguise) “majority makers.”

    While yes we as a conference have to fight harder to win and keep tight districts, we should not promote weak Republicans to chairmanships, help pass their crappy bills, and highlight them on Fox News all the time.

    Those weak and moderate Republicans don’t reflect the values of our base or our party. Why are they the ones diluting the decisions and stopping the fight? Hence back to where I started on why I ran for Congress, Republican failures to do what they said they would do.

    Since I have paid all $175,000 of my conference dues, I have every single right to talk about how the money should be spent. It should be spent on electing Republicans who will act like Republicans and not just play one on TV.

    Because in case you all weren’t paying attention, Joe Biden went full dictator yesterday and said out loud that this was just step one.

    I’ve already submitted 4 different Articles of Impeachment on Joe Biden. I’m proud of my few colleagues who cosponsored and so are Republican voters all over America. But we are waiting on the rest of the conference to do what our voters are screaming for.

    I want more than anyone to take back the House in ‘22 and take it all in ‘24, but I also want my party to save this country from these old communists who radicalized decades ago to destroy it from within.

    Right now I have no confidence in the current leadership to do their job effectively to stop the Democrats unprecedented attack on our freedoms and our children’s future because they are taking no action to prove it.

    They are the first to throw me under the bus even though the entire base and their own voters and donors support me.

    Prioritizing fundraising, press releases, and public messaging without organizing, communicating, and strategically planning with our conference to actually stop an extremely vulnerable and weak president is unbelievable to me.

    The Democrats impeached Trump for a phone call and a 3 hour riot and Biden is IMPEACHABLE for high crimes and treason.

    The Democrats want every Republican head on a platter and two feckless Republicans are on their witch hunt committee to make it happen and we can’t even kick those 2 traitors out of our own conference!

    Yes I am breaking the 11th commandant and believe me I love Ronald Reagan. But I refuse to sit by silent and watch our constitution burned like a sacrifice to the false gods of Marxism and our children’s future sliced up and served on a silver platter to Communist China.

    I’m going to continue my promise to put The People over the politicians and fight like hell to Save America!

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