Dunleavy: ‘Outrageous and unenforceable,’ Sullivan: ‘Unconstitutional overreach,’ Tshibaka: ‘Shaming, discriminating’


Leaders in Alaska were harsh in their assessment of President Joe Biden’s executive orders forcing vaccines on Americans who don’t want them.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy blasted Biden for his sweeping vaccine mandate that will affect more than 100 million Americans in the federal and private workforce.

“This is ridiculous and unenforceable. If there was ever a case for the 25th Amendment,” Dunleavy said on Twitter, referring to the process for removing a president due to his/her incapacitation.

To Must Read Alaska, Dunleavy said it is also unAmerican.

“If Biden’s goal is to split the country apart, he is a master at it,” Dunleavy said. “I say good luck — who is going to enforce this?”

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Sen. Dan Sullivan said the president’s mandate was unconstitutional.

“This is unconstitutional overreach by the President of the United States, pure and simple. Individual freedoms and the rule of law are too often an afterthought with this administration, while broken promises are piling up. Last month, President Biden told the American people that “we’re going to stay until we get [all Americans] out” of Afghanistan. In July, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said a vaccine mandate is “not the role of the federal government,” Sullivan said.

“The federal government does not have the constitutional or statutory authority to mandate vaccines on tens of millions of Americans, businesses and families. We all want to put this pandemic behind us for the benefit of our health, our families and our economy, but placing these outrageous mandates on individuals, employees, and American businesses, which are the backbone of our economy, is another example of federal government overreach from this administration. I am waiting to see what the administration cooks up to justify these lawless actions and meddling in private business so significantly.

“I got vaccinated because I wanted to protect my family, the people I work with, and the Alaskans I represent and interact with, and I have encouraged others to consider getting the vaccine in consultation with their doctor. However, I remain adamant that this is an individual choice, and should not be mandated by the federal government.”

Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka said that a vaccine mandate is not the way to encourage vaccines among those who are unvaccinated.

“People should talk to trusted sources like their medical providers. Shaming or discriminating against people will not build trust in a government. Biden’s poor leadership does not fix problems. It creates problems,” Tshibaka said.

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson called the mandate immoral and flat-out wrong.

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Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released a statement that also blasted Biden: “The poor decisions made by the Biden-Harris Administration continue to astound me every day. This latest decision is a shocking federal invasion into the rights of both businesses and individuals. Make no mistake – the Colorado GOP stands with business owners, minority communities, and families who deserve to make their own medical decisions. I look forward to seeing this forced mandate challenged in court and found unconstitutional. ”


  1. Yup! Just as unenforceable and unreasonable to make Joe Biden and democrats sell their vehicles to ride bicycle for the good environment and body health. No matter how good full time cycle would be good for the bitter Democrats health. Hahaha

  2. “This is ridiculous and unenforceable. If there was ever a case for the 25th Amendment,” Dunleavy said on Twitter, referring to the process for removing a president due to his/her incapacitation.

    Wow – way to finally wake up to how illegitimate this president is….it all goes back to November 3!!!!

    Demand a full forensic audit – this cabal is not legal and this can end quickly. Oh, and you might even stand a chance to have fair elections in Alaska again if it overturns proposition 2.

  3. Seems like yesterday we were watching on TV as Chinese people literally falling over and dropping dead in the streets and in front of supermarkets. Now some, and eventually all of us will have to show proof of vaccination to be able to enter one.

  4. The 1902 Compagnie Francaise &c. v. Board of Health ruled that states have the authority to quarantine health and unhealthy people, this ruling did not extend that authority to the Federal government. The 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts case that the Supreme Court ruled states have the authority to enact mandatory vaccinations, this ruling did not extend that authority to the Federal government. The 1922 Zucht v. King case SCOTUS further held that states have the authority to enact mandatory vaccinations, this ruling also did not extend that authority to the Federal government.
    There are many, many cases that support the authority of states to enact public health mandates. I’m not sure that there is a single one supporting a Federal usurpation of the 10th Amendment Rights granted to states.
    This will go to the Supreme Court and it will do so in short order.

  5. My question is how are we going to stop this and protect the employees by not losing their job for not being vaccinated?

    • The governor needs to start following the lead of Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott and start firmly imposing some remedies to protect the rights of the people of this state. No individual should be forced to take a so-called vaccine at the threat of losing their job. Our ancestors came to America so they could live their lives without the fear of persecution and without the overreach of government. This America that Biden is pushing is not freedom, it is the start of socialism/communism.

  6. I self identify as Vaccinated. There fixed the issue. Why take a vaccination that is untested and unproven to stop anything. This administration is by far the most unlawful in the history of the United States.

  7. A lot of red state governors are complaining about this right now on twitter. I’d like to know what they plan to do about it.

  8. It’s always been headed to this. Fear gave the left the opportunity to grab ahold of our personal freedoms.

    This has always, always, always been about social control. Nothing else.

    We saw how this played out in 1930s Germany. The Unvaxed are the new Jews. This ends ugly.

  9. So do crickets from Lisa and Don imply they support Biden’s manufactured segregation and injection-based privileges? Voters would like to know.

    • If it was a way to protect their health, believe me would have rolled up their sleeves and gotten vaccinated in a blink of the eye, regardless of their political beliefs!
      Democrats were on board with Trump’s « Warp-Speed » program to get vaccines developed and out to the public.
      More than 640,000 people have died due to this pandemic. Out of respect for your fellow humans and front-line health workers, why not accept vaccine and masking rules?
      Geez, I always thought Americans (especially GOPs) were highly respectful of authority and rules…
      Both DeSantis and Abbott have political aspirations which is why they are actively making vaccines a political tool and undermining efforts to curb the virus under the current Democratic administration.
      COVID-19 is a collective public health issue, not a political platform!

      • Definitely not going to believe you Catherine. There is more than enough footage of Democrats, to include your supreme leader Biden, that refuse to take the vaccine because Trump rolled it out.
        And what conservatives are respectful of is our freedom, obviously something you know little about. We leave the kowtowing to authority to the mindless sheep who allow government to do do all their thinking for them.

      • So Catherine,
        How many people die of influenza and the ordinary seasonal flu every year? Go look that up and report your brilliant research to us.

      • Catherine, I wholeheartedly agree that the political battle over COVID-19 is counterproductive. I would even suggest that this infighting is crippling our nation and putting us behind our international competitors at a critical time in world history.

        An interesting thought experiment: if Americans had united to stomp out the virus as quickly as possible (requiring massive amounts of cooperation, faith in one another, trust in medical experts, the forbearance of vaccine fear, etc.) how would Afghanistan have turned out this year? Definitely very differently, and for the better (could it be much worse?). America isn’t paying attention to the problems that really matter, because we are obsessing over trifling differences of opinion on how to deal with COVID… Our petty infighting is hampering our ability to LEAD THE FREE WORLD, which is our awesome responsibility since WWII. Let’s not give that up.

        This bitter infighting is destroying our nation, everyone. Please remember to be an AMERICAN, first. Love your neighbor as thyself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That might mean wearing a mask when someone asks you to do so. That might mean giving up the tiniest shred of your “freedom” (or selfish desires) to cooperate with the Covid response efforts. It might mean accepting someone’s reluctance to be vaccinated, and giving them the respect of saying “I understand, it is up to you”. That might mean setting aside political rivalries to solve an urgent health problem that is overwhelming our hospitals, our schools, our factories… it’s a real problem, friends.

        Digest this wisdom, from Matthew 12:25:
        “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:”

        I’m begging you, everyone. Stop fighting each other. One hand is conspiring against the other. Every time I read the threads on this site, I see a lot of impressive God-given intellects being wasted, by descending into petty name-calling, crowing conspiracy theories, and lashing out in vitriolic hatred against their fellow Americans. Case in point: John Galt, you have surmised that Catherine is a mindless, kowtowing sheep, because she has chosen to listen to the professional, peer-reviewed advice of healthcare experts instead of drinking up the formulaic rhetoric of fanatical, reactionary pundits who are financing their own personal gain by sowing seeds of discord and distrust? And you talk about being being free?? You’re a slave to Fear, brother, howling like a chained-up dog. Emancipate yourself.

        America has bigger problems to solve. Do whatever needs done to put this pandemic behind us, and let’s get on with our uniquely American PURPOSE on this earth: to bring a light to the world.

        Vaccine mandates are a bad idea. But the reason they are being proposed is the childish resistance in this country to cooperative problem-solving. Let’s not be the last modern country to beat COVID, America. Let’s be first. By working together, VOLUNTARILY, with generosity of spirit and humble, grateful hearts. Not every country has the best teams of doctors and scientists who can crank out effective vaccines mere months after a new virus is found. We should all be DAMN PROUD of them. I am. Getting my vaccine was fantastically easy. THANK YOU, healthcare professionals. I am very glad that I probably won’t have to deal with weeks of downtime, fighting some nasty virus.
        Winter is coming and I’ve got lots of better things to do. We all do. Let’s put this pandemic to bed, together.

        • Well Trevor, I wasn’t going to reply to your self awarded superior righteousness until I notice you mentioned me by name in all the psycho babble that could have easily passed as a statement by Fauci. Con artist are even more effective with a side kick sitting in the crowd cheering him on gives the appearance of positive agreeable feedback. In all that long winded statement, you have nothing more than take the vaccine like the government tells you to, so we can get on with our merry lives. The only thing you are missing is ALL OF THE FACTS!
          It’s always play along to get along with you Marxist. Just do what you are told and shut up because government knows best. The only crowing going on around here is the squawking coming from you, Greg, Sophia and SteveO about how great it feels once you give up your freedom of choice.
          The accelerated loss of Freedom in this Country is not a conspiracy unless your mind is already subjugated.
          Now run along Fauci Side Kick and report that you failed to convert another Freedom Loving American!

  10. Sullivan recently voted with the Democrats to spend 1.2 trillion unfunded taxpayer dollars on “infrastructure”, which is apparently code for Democrat pet projects. Governor Dunleavy has been short on courage to buck the system since he was elected. I would LOVE to see either of these guys actually DO anything about it but Sullivan will likely disappoint again and Dunleavy will give it lip service until Biden says, “No. I mean it.” He will then bow his head and do as he is told. I hope I am wrong.

  11. Biden has given such a gift to the Republicans. He has united them like nothing else and given them so much ammunition. No Democrat in Alaska is going to stick there head up for him. They are scurrying like cockroaches.

    Come on Alaska Democrats voice your support for Bidens tyranny.

    • I’m not so sure of that. I’m a Reagan Republican and as such I am so far to the right that I’m no longer even in the picture. A dinosaur, an outcast from the current liberal libertarian infestation of the Republican party. Many people have traversed from Red to purple especially in Alaska. A lot of people in Alaska don’t even know what it means to be a Republican anymore.

      • Greg, Reagan Republican? You? Laughable my friend, no Greg you are somewhere much closer to Himmler than you are to Reagan.
        Reagan was part of a generation that stormed the beaches of Normandy and Tarawa, that generation faced real dangers not a scarient of the flu that takes less than .05% of those that catch it to the grave. No Greg you demand others give up their essential rights and liberties because of your media induced phobia. Sorry pal, you are delusional to call yourself a Reaganite.

    • Orange man was doing some pretty great things for the country. Securing our border. Making China take a step back. Building up our military after it had been raped by the anointed one Obama. Bringing businesses back and industry to our shores. What feared Democrats the most was that he was doing an awesome job and they hate losing power especially Hillary. But I dislike the most about Trump is his big fat mouth. I wish he would just shut the hell up sometimes.

  12. Our government is now turning good productive, law abiding citizens into criminals and are now taking punitive actions against them. I for one, have lost a long term job for not taking the venom vaccine. At this point, if after 51 years, the government is turning me into a bad guy, I will refuse to pay bills. The government can’t expect to cut a person’s lifeline and think all is going to be well. The people need to take our government back before we are all criminals in their eyes.

    • John Galt, it’s not just going to be punitive actions leveled upon you by the government. Through the media with it’s unceasing propaganda, weak minded fellow citizens will be inculcated with the concept that you, the one who dares resist the mandate are an enemy of the state. One can see the frame work for this within Biden’s speech and sadly even in comments on Must Read Alaska. Stay Strong and resist my friend!

      • Howard, I too, see the frame work. Freedom is truly the only foundation we have to work from and so many people in this country are more than willing to give it up. Fear has turned many to cowards who are more than willing to give up there freedom for what THEY believe is safety, not understanding that their fear has already enslaved them.
        A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come. William Shakespeare
        You stay strong too my friend. Freedom is the truest cause.

    • Yes they will, and that won’t happen for at least a month. Biden didn’t do anything yesterday except mandate that the labor department and others come up with the mandates. That alone will take several weeks if not months and no lawsuits can be brought to the courts before damage is actually done. Right now all it was was a stunt and all people are reacting based on speculation.

  13. Stop admitting unvaccinated people, eligible for the vaccine, to our hospitals when the contract covid. Tell them to go home and be free.

    • Berv, well then stop admitting smokers, diabetic type 2, obese, stunt performers, drug addicts, alcoholics, those who drive to fast and the generally unhealthy because of life choices. Who the he!! do you think you are? Let’s keep medical treatment from those who don’t want to take an untested vaccine that is “needed” if they catch this man made virus. God help people like you.

      • I’m pretty sure they were speaking in a mocking way. Did you watch Jimmy Kimmel the other night? He caught a lot of flack for it but he said a lot of the same things like if you got a gunshot wound, come on into the hospital the water is fine. If you’re unvaccinated and can’t breathe, no room for you weezy.

      • The Pfizer vaccine was officially authorized by the FDA.
        « …this man made virus… » is currently an unproven hypothesis.

        • Unproven to the blind and government altar worshippers. The rest of the educated have enough proof.
          The quickest a vaccine has ever been approved in the history of the FDA is 1967 for Mumps and that was four years. The rest of the vaccines averaged 10-15 years. As politically charges as our country is with 3 letter agencies folding to politics, if you think this was a legitimate approval with only 10 months of trial in the public, you are a fool and the lab rat you deserve to be.

          • Decrying government largesse and their ability to get in the way of the private sector and slow down advancement was once upon a time a conservative belief. Now that a Republican President sets in motion and removes the government obstacles and allows the private sector to provide a speedy response to a wholly new disease, some like yourself cry for more government oversight and dragging of the feet.
            Real conservatives believe that the private sector and the free market rules the day, not oversight from government overlords.
            You are no John Galt.

          • Steve-0, the fact that you believe a billion dollar company is the free market tells me how much of an uneducated, gullible fool you are. These companies are our new government and symbiotic with what was once our government.
            I’m more John Galt than you will ever be. You just keep worshiping at your altar of government.

          • “You just keep worshiping at your altar of government.” Says the guy complaining about not enough government oversight and control over our healthcare. Given your way we would have longer wait times for medical research and response just so government can have more control. You can’t make this up…
            You are no John Galt

          • The problem with talking to Marxist is they never stay in the conversation. Always inputting things that are never said or implied or completely leaving out points.
            Bottom line Steve-Zero, I never once, nor would I ever, mention anything about wanting more government oversight, PERIOD. The government should be a tenth of what it is.
            You are the only one making things up. Focus would you.

          • Oh no, now I’m a Marxist! It might be worth figuring out what a Marxist is before accusing someone of being one, and you might want to try and stay on subject instead of calling people names…but you do you and keep proving how you are no John Galt.
            Your words are right up there^ where you complain about there not being enough time for government to study these vaccines, where you complain about a billion dollar private sector company creating a vaccine that saves lives…and I’m the marxist??? Like I said You can’t make this up…

        • Catherine – the FDA did NOT approve the Covid vaccines currently available to Americans. They DID approve the new Biogen vaccine which is currently not available in the USA. The current batch of experimental shots were recently extended “emergency use authorization”.

    • A growing majority of vaccinated, mask-accepting American citizens have expressed this., simply because 45% of Americans are still unvaccinated.

      • AMERICAN CITIZENS are elected public servants. We the people are free men and countrymen. The citizen designation is a designation for those bound by oath to defend the liberties and rights. Freemen are NOT bound to defend the liberties and personal rights expressed in the US Constitution still in force today.

  14. Murkowski’s silence says a thousand words. “Thanks, once again, Senator Murkowski for standing with your fellow Alaskans and speaking out against government overreach/tyrannical mandates that will affect the livelihoods of thousands of Alaskans. Oh, wait….. my bad, wrong person.”

    So glad to see some Alaskan politicians speaking out agains this…. what actions will follow their words?

  15. From The Daily Reckoning:
    Many everyday Americans probably believe that the COVID vaccines will keep them from getting COVID. That’s not true and never has been true.

    The vaccines do not prevent you from being infected with the COVID virus. They do not keep you from spreading the COVID virus.

    There have been many cases of so-called “breakthrough” infections where double-vaxxed citizens get COVID anyway. That’s not uncommon.

    There’s even new evidence that double-vaxxed individuals who get COVID will build up huge viral loads in their noses and sinuses, causing them to become super-spreaders and infect others.

    Do the vaccines do anything?

    Yes, they are effective at reducing severe symptoms of COVID. They also reduce the death rate among those who get infected. That’s advantageous for the most vulnerable, including those over 70 years old and those suffering from obesity, emphysema, diabetes and other conditions closely associated with fatalities due to COVID.

    That said, there’s almost no reason for children, teenagers and otherwise healthy individuals in their 20s or even 30s to take the vaccine.

    Among all individuals, vaccinated and unvaccinated, the global survival rate is 99.2%. Among those under 70, the survival rate is 99.97%. The survival rate for children is 99.995%.

    • I agree with you except in my state, children are dying. They were too young to be vaccinated and had no underlying health conditions other than they were simply overwhelmed by this deadly virus.

      • And Biden is the most intellectual POTUS to ever grace the White House….LOL Please turn off the propaganda news and stop spreading misinformation.

          • You know Greg, you keep saying you are a full blown Ronald Reagan Republican but you sound more like a George HW Bush Republican. Bush was neck deep in lying to the people of this country about all sorts of plans for the One World Order. On the other hand Ronald Reagan warned us on numerous occasions on the abusive power of the government. He once said that the most evil words in the dictionary are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you. But you went against Reagan’s advice and jump head first into this vaccine without giving thought to his warning. It seems to me you are just a government worshiping Democrat pretending to wear a republican suit with a broken zipper. Your actions do not match your words. Freedom is the core of this country, not Greg’s version of freedom.

      • I’m still waiting on the official report of that. No news reports that I can find verify anything you say. Give the date/time/place.

    • Health professionals are encouraging children and young people 12 years and up to get vaccinated in order to curb spreading of the virus.
      Schools in the Kenai and Mat-Su boroughs have opened and COVID-19 infections have increased.
      Check your sources.

      • It’s cold and flu season and those increase every year at this time. As the tests cannot distinguish between COVID and other influenza type viruses, everything becomes COVID.
        And “health professionals” have been hugely divided on this issue – something that is unprecedented. “Approved experts” always have some tie to the government or benefit from COVID numbers being exaggerated, including our own Dr. Zink, whose hospital benefits hugely from the COVID money.
        According to her own social media postings, everyone with any symptoms that would normally be a cold, the flu, a headache, or almost everything else people commonly go to the hospital (and had prior to COVID) are now listed as “COVID / Flu-like symptoms.
        Check you sources.

  16. Call your representatives and let them know that you would like your freedom of choice and privacy protected. The State of Montana passed House Bill 702(look it up and read it!) protecting against disrimination. If enough people speak up, our state could protect our rights as well.

    • Sadly, enough legislators in Juneau care nothing for the wishes of most of us, only their special interests with deep pockets. We stand little chance against democrats and RINOs, but I repeat myself.

      • Absolutely true. And it has been that way for a very long time. For decades, the pretended that your input meant something to them just to coverup the special interest favoritism that was going on. Ow they don’t even care if you know. They launder money and favors right out in front of everyone while they keep us at each other’s throats. Law enforcement is even in league with them. No stopping the evil corruption in this Country if the people can’t see what is going on, give up their own evil rewards and come together to fight it.

          • You act like you were Reagan’s friend. Reagan would have never befriended a man of your weak character. You wreak of weakness and fear. Reagan was a symbol of strength and fortitude who often warned us of government over reach and consistently fought with his own 3 letter agencies to bring down the “Iron Curtain”. You have no idea what a Reagan Republican is. Just because you title yourself as such don’t make it fact. Your actions and words are ever bit that of a communist and China will thank you for your efforts and I will always defend your freedom to be an idiot.

    • What about the freedom of others? Your individual freedom stops where mine begins.
      It’s WE the people, not ME the people…

      • Explain how my freedom of no vaccine and no mask intrude on your freedom to vaccinate and mask up Catherine. If you are protected with your almighty government’s mandates, WTF are you worried about?

        • You don’t really understand freedom or liberty do you?
          In the Jacobson v. Massachusetts case the Supreme Court held that “There is, of course, a sphere within which the individual may assert the supremacy of his own will and rightfully dispute the authority of any human government, especially of any free government existing under a written constitution. But it is equally true that in every well-ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.”
          In the ruling Justice Harlan confirmed that the Constitution protects individual liberty and that liberty is not “an absolute right in each person to be, in all times and in all circumstances, wholly free from restraint”
          You are no John Galt.

          • Have you ever served your country Steve-0? Given up your freedom to be a member of a military unit? Have you bled on a battlefield? Have you watched others bleed and die on a battlefield field? Follow orders that get people killed? Give orders that end in people’s deaths? I suspect not, because you would have more of an appreciation of freedom. One thing that being part of a authoritarian society like the military for twenty years teaches you is the love of freedom.
            You sir, have no idea what you are talking about. You spend your hours referencing judicial writings all you want, trying to plug your opinion into the ruling to suit your opinion, but the bottom line is you have no idea what you are talking about. You are the exact product of this society and that is all talk and no action.
            Your reading of the ruling is as flawed as your opinion is. There is no “public danger”, which is the premise for your argument and that is the dividing line for the entire country. One side lives in fear and is willing to give up their freedoms and the other has analyzed and interpreted the data and determined that this virus is not what it’s hyped up to be. One side believes everything the government tells them, the other side remains skeptical. One side has allowed fear to subjugate their mind, while the other side is trying to help free your minds from the imprisonment.
            I sir, worked for the government for 20 years and have experienced plenty of psychological operations, a primary tool most often used by our government. Though what is happening today has never been done at such a large scale, you are being duped into surrendering your freedom and you have been more than willing to oblige.
            The freedom you understand is not the freedom I have experienced, because when you have never lost it, you never knew you had it, a privilege taken for granite. Unfortunately, people like you are gift wrapping your freedom at this very moment to give away and I doubt you have what it takes to get it back.

          • I understand your feelings of needing to lash out, many choose the same route when they cannot defend their incorrect opinions. I will say that I’ve never seen a veteran use their service as a tool to try and discredit those they disagree with, so that is something you can be proud of…I suppose.
            Your claim that there is no public danger is beyond ignorant and is just plain silly.
            Freedom and liberty have limits, this is a well understood concept that some disregard due in large part to their willful choice to remain ignorant. State and local governments have a duty, and constitutionally granted ability, to protect the public from people who do not understand that freedoms and liberties have limits by issuing public health mandates like vaccination and quarantine.
            You are clearly no John Galt.

          • The only obligation the state and government have are to provide means by which to safe guard the people’s well being while honoring its duty to serve and preserve the freedoms provided by the Constitution. No where is there written that government has Emergency powers. No where is there written they have the authority to mandate vaccines.
            If you want to pass the responsibility of your personal preservation off on the government, you can do so. You just don’t get it. I am not trying to tell you what to do. It is you who are trying to tell me and others who don’t want the vaccine, what to do and it is you who supports government overstepping their authority to mandate things beyond the powers given to them by the Constitution.
            And you sir, are a coward for attempting to shame me for my service. My opinion of the state of things carries a wide range of experience which pales yours in comparison. Just because you feel small for your absence of service to your country, it is you that lashes out. So you lash out with keyboard bravery while hiding in your stench of fear talking sh!t about your country and bad mouthing men much braver than yourself who have given up much than yourself. Your sustain for military service is more than evident which isn’t uncommon for cowards. Only 12% of the capable men in this Country during the 1770’s fought in the Revolutionary War. The other 88% sat in pubs talking sh!t about how tough they were or how right the King was for taking their money and forcing them to shelter British soldiers. Welcome to the 88% coward!

          • “No where is there written they have the authority to mandate vaccines.” In fact it is written, the US Constitution spells it out quite clear. The Bill of Rights spells it out quite clear. The 10th Amendment spells it out quite clear. We are a land of laws and states, through the 10th Amendment very much have the authority to mandate vaccines. The courts, specifically the Supreme Court, which the US Constitution spells out is the highest court in the land, has ruled that states have the authority. They have made this abundantly clear throughout many decades and centuries in numerous rulings, some of which I shared earlier.
            I am not telling you nor anyone else what they should or should not do, I am telling you that if fact government has the authority to mandate vaccines, state and local governments but not the Federal government. The Constitution tells us this, the Bill of Rights tells us this, specifically the 10th Amendment tells us this, the Supreme Court tells us this.
            As far as shaming your service to this country I haven’t done that at all, it is you who has shamed yourself by being the keyboard warrior you claim to despise. You know nothing of me and yet you call me names and somehow think you know what and how I’ve served my country? Shameful display on your part and quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen from a veteran, very unbecoming of someone who has served their fellow citizens. The comment section of a news site is not the place to measure bona-fides with random anonymous commentators.
            You keep moving yourself further and further away from the handle John Galt with every post you make.

          • If the President had the authority to mandate the shot, he wouldn’t have to back door it through OSHA, which is also illegal. He would just come out and mandate it. This is not a Dictatorship. Laws are created and passed by the House and Senate and approved or vetoed by the President. There is nothing in our Constitution that gives the President powers through emergency. Those powers belong only to Governors. The only unilateral power the president possesses is the power to declare war. It is even questionable that the president has power of executive orders and the limits of that should be in tight check by the Supreme Court and constantly challenged.
            As for States, there are many governors who respect individual’s decisions enough to NOT mandate this shot given the questionable ethics about the EXPERIMENTAL status of this vaccine. Previous mandated vaccines in school weren’t no where near as controversial as this vaccine. They went through years of testing and were of conventional technology. Some people are highly guarded to what is put in their bodies and even with the schools mandated vaccine policies, exceptions to the mandate were always allowed.
            With everything that has been learned about this virus in 18 months, someone with intelligence could determine that the knee-jerk authoritarian action that have been placed on the country could be dialed back given the .3% possibility of death (small pox was 13%) but instead they’re actions are being ramped up. Leveraging people to do something to their own body against their will makes not for good governance. It is not the job of the government to keep you alive, that is your personal responsibility. And they certainly would know it’s not their responsibility or in their power if people like you weren’t cheering them on. .
            The two choices in the country right now aren’t Democrat or Republican, it’s not to vaccinate or not vaccinate, it’s freedom or mandate. And if the latter is chosen, chaos ensues and if it doesn’t, one day you will be standing on the receiving side of tyranny wondering why you didn’t stand for freedom before all the mandates got out of control. One thing is for certain, tyranny can only survive with more tyranny.
            Governing should be as small as possible and as close as possible for it to work for you. But you talk like a Big Government kind of man and you probably don’t understand that the founding fathers knew that government had to remain small for their idea of a free Republic to work.
            I suggest you read the 5000 Year Leap for some insight on what our founding father’s principles were when forming the foundation for this Country. This is the book that the Marxist never wanted in schools and outlawed in colleges. God forbid you should hear the truth from the founders notes.

  17. Also where are the “Unions” on this mandatory vaccine issue? Are they protecting the workers who may lose their jobs, and way of living? Or are they puppets of the King…. The silence from the Labor Unions is deafening.

    • Rob, where do you think some of those trillions of dollars of our tax money went- hush money to the unions. Our money is paying for our destruction thanks to our elected officials.

  18. It is very interesting that Congress & its staff are not under this mandate. Also, the US postal Service’s 700,000 workers are not mandated. Riddle me that.

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