Jamie Allard: Sept. 11 was a taste of tyranny, but have we learned our lesson, America?



On Sept. 11, 2001, the heart of America was broken, but our spirit stood strong. As we suffered the pain and shock from the violence against our people that totalitarianism breeds, Americans united in our resolve against tyranny.

An enemy sought to divide us. We flew our flags high. We enlisted. We stood ready to fight.

With the resilience and fortitude that defines the American spirit, beauty rose from the ashes. That day we were one, a wonderfully diverse people united against terrorism, against hatred, and ready to take on those who threaten liberty and justice for all. 

For a brief moment in time, we were united as Americans. 

I can never forget that day. Dan and I were stationed at Fort Carson, and the post was locked down immediately. I was no longer in the service, but Dan was a Green Beret assigned to the 10th Special Forces Group. We lived in a house that was on the way to Gate 2.

All the guys heading to work had done P.T. and had gone home to shower and change, and they were returning to post, only to find the world had suddenly changed, and even they, our Special Forces warriors, who are known as the “quiet professionals” because they work mostly in secret, unnoticed, and unrecognized, and are among the best soldiers America has — could not get on post. 

Instead, they came to our home; one by one special operators walked into our living room. There were 20 of them, and they stayed until late in the evening. 

But over the next few days, all of them disappeared into isolation. Soldiers started to deploy to missions. They were being notified, and soon they were “going.” Eventually, these elite fighters were all gone. Special Forces spouses were left behind to tend the home fires.

Our nation was willing to give our all to protect what we hold most dear. We sent our very best into battle to fight what can only be called evil. It was a just cause.

On this 20th anniversary of 9-11, I wonder, have we learned anything? Has the division, violence, and hatred spewed by terrorists reached our own shores? We have people in government who are now acting like power- and blood-thirsty despots against our fellow Americans. 

The enemy is no longer across the ocean; it has become our own government. When a government forces compliance, threatens livelihoods, violates parental rights, and disregards our most precious right to bodily autonomy, it is no different than the tyrants who sought to destroy us 20 years ago, 80 years ago, or 258 years ago.  

It is the duty of each generation to secure their own freedom. The price is high, but the cause is still just.

Sept. 11 reminds us of those values that make us proud to be Americans. Our heroes run toward danger to save a stranger. Our neighbors give in times of need. Our Gold Star families carry the burden of grief to their own eventual graves. Our Constitution defends the minority from the mob. Our dreams have no limits. 

We are a nation worth fighting for and will always be a target of those who seek power and control. 

Much will be written on this 20th anniversary of 9-11. And yet the words, like mine, will fall short of the task, they will never be enough to describe the emotions we felt during that time and the resolve we had that day and during the terrible days and weeks that followed.

As we reflect on this day, will you commit to do your part in this generation’s battle against tyranny? Only a united people, loving their neighbors, sacrificing for liberty, and standing against all forms of injustice and inequality, will overcome that which once again seeks to destroy America.

Jamie Allard is an Anchorage Assemblywoman representing Chugiak / Eagle River.


  1. Thank You and your Husband for your Service. I too stood their in disbelief just finished running on that September morning in my Company Orderly Room and watched as the Towers came down with people still inside. Less than 30 days later I was standing on the Afghan dirt for the very first time. I stand with my Brothers and Sisters in solidarity this the 2oth Anniversary of that fateful day and wondering what has happened to my Country that I proudly served for 23 years. The tyranny of this administration is making the Taliban look like child’s play. May we rise and bring this country back to the Greatness she once was.

  2. On September 11, 2001 America was attacked by terrorists trying to destroy our way of life. We were attacked again today, September 9, 2021 by our own government with the same objective as those hijackers; making us live in fear. This won’t end even if every American acquiesces to the demands of being injected with an experimental drug. The tyrants in Washington will perceive this acquiescence as weakness and will simply devise a whole range of new tyrannical dictates to impose upon us until our freedom is completely extinguished. Even if you have taken the shot, you will not be immune to the incipient communism that will inevitably slaughter millions as it did in the twentieth century. Like Jamie, I too served in the Army. While in Germany I saw first hand what dictatorships looked like in Eastern Europe in the 1980’s. Much of what I saw then in East Germany is eerily similar to what is happening today. Internal passports just to travel within the country, your job being dependent on government bureaucrats’ whims, censorship of the media, one person’s decrees being made law, etc. Dictatorship has arrived on our shores and it is not pretty. Whether you have received the shot or not, once we give up our freedom to control our own bodies, we will never get it back. Dictators do not cede power willingly.

    • No we haven’t learned our lesson. The Democrats continually try to open our borders which puts us at risk. There are checks and balances if somebody wants to come to our country. There’s also the rule of law that if you break laws in this country there are consequences. Americans have short memories. 20 years hadn’t gone by and liberals were over hiking tours of the ho chi Minh trail for a vacation. Olly North warned us that they were coming but nobody listened. Bill Clinton knew that isis was coming and all he did was lob a few cruise missiles into vacant camps. We elected over George the senior Bush because of stupid Ross Perot. The irony of that we are still paying for. We elected the anointed one Obama and he stood by like Nero while St Louis burned and cops in Texas were ambushed. Look at us now people so fearful of the government that they won’t even take a damn shot to save people’s lives that they love. So to answer your question Jamie, no we haven’t learned our lesson and we never will. It’s the new Norm. All we have to do is bend over and grab our ankles and say thank you sir may I have another?

      • Greg, you are the ones (the vaccinated) that are scared. The unvaccinated don’t trust our government and you listed many reason why we shouldn’t. It not about fear for us, it’s about trust. And now all you scaredy-cats are vaccinated, WTF are you complaining about????? You have been saved by your almighty government, the one you keep talking crap about and yet you continue to obey them. You are free to be subjugated.

        • This has all evolved John. We’ve all been exposed now and with two Pfizer shots and a third on the way and we’ve lived through a bad bout of covid, I’m about the safest person on the planet. But most of my stuff up there in the post was not about being afraid of covid. Most of the vaccinated are past that. Most of what my post said was based on terrorism that has happened or is yet to come and if you’re not afraid of that then boy you should be.

  3. Do what Isreal did when their consequence and punishment from their Idolatry got too overwhelming and distressing, Isreal will had repented. God will had forgiven and bless Isreal.
    America has to repent for its idols, its homosexuality, its fornication, its lusts, its murders, its greed.

    But! You know what! We are the second best generation since the generation that lived to witness Christ and the brilliant star in the East. We are in the end days, a lot closer to it from what I hear than 2001. Whether or not America repents, it’ll still be destroyed very soon along with its ally and enemy nations. The only thing that is mattering more is what is the churches doing and where are the people going. The churches like 2002 are relatively running short of faithful believers to the body, Christ, and God.

    • As a self-appointed Bible aficionado, you do realize of course that all of the apostles thought that the end of days would happen in their lifetime. They got that wrong. God isn’t going to punish America because of all its fallacies. God is all living and all forgiving. He forgave Jesus the boy for killing a lad. He forgave Moses for killing a guy. He forgave Noah’s sons for sodomy when they came upon the drunken Noah after he had consumed too much wine. Yes he will even forgive you Jenny. Hey everybody thinks their generation is the best, but in my mind the best generation that America has witnessed would be our founding fathers. Second to them are the baby boomers. Try not to be so Doom and gloom all the time. Everything’s going to be all right.

      • Greg, you have a warped, untruthful understanding of Christian Theology. Dropping your self appointed title and humbling your self would be a good start. Then begin at the Beginning.

  4. Thank you Jamie, well said! People need to realize they can be “pro vaccination” and still “pro personal freedom and anti government overreach”…. the Kool-aide is strong though… many who were on the fence and took the vaccine are now in the camp of thinking those who are unvaccinated are the problem. Our President is purposefully trying to ramp up a culture war within our country and DIVIDE the population by speaking to those who haven’t gotten the vaccine as if they are the enemy. Ironic that Trump was blamed for dividing America….. Your neighbor is most certainly not your enemy… and if we don’t stand up for each other and put up a united front, we will all succumb to this massive government overreach and watch our country quickly fall into the hands of those who seek power/control. Our government is BY the people, FOR the people… has our nation become so complacent that we are ready to be taken over by dictators who clearly don’t have American citizen’s interests at heart?

  5. I was against the UNpatriot act in the first place. I’ve been groped, have to remove my shoes at the airport, my bags are gone through by high school drop-outs and treated like a common criminal every time I fly by wannabe barny fife’s. And now with the mask mandate (not law), AK airline stewards and stewardesses have turned into nazi death camp guards. Pretty ironic, considering we’re paying customers. We did not pay to get treated like death camp prisoners.

    • No you do not pay for that kind of treatment however a free groping for the price of a ticket could be appealing for some. I Always had to go step to the side for a more intensive search when they’re little radar machine indicated I had some sort of a mass along the side of my upper leg. At first I always told them it was just fat as they found out after I had to drop my drawers. Later on after I was completely annoyed with the procedure, I just told them nonchalantly that it was my dick. I was pretty quickly ushered on through the line after that. You got to have a sense of humor in times like this and if not it can make you crazy. At times I need to remind myself of that.

  6. Well said Jamie, thanks. The drama of 20 years ago still looms in my memory – though not constantly… – little things like Gary Varvel’s cartoon this morning still make me cry. The tyrant-wanna-be types don’t give up – they hate our freedom. Freedom is not free, to maintain it always requires a price – in blood, sweat, and tears. Thank you veterans.

  7. “Our Constitution defends the minority from the mob.” <<< Perhaps the most important and most frequently left out part of discussion on the current state of government. When the mob is pushing for vaccination ("This isn't about freedom…"), the Constitution is the last bulwark against mob rule.

    …and to the original question: No. We have not learned our lesson.

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