Mayor Bronson names Mario Bird acting chief of staff; Trombley quits


Mayor Dave Bronson named Mario Bird as his acting chief of staff. Adam Trombley’s last day with the Municipality was April 4. Trombley voluntarily resigned to focus on his family and personal matters, the mayor said in a statement. 

“I have nothing but gratitude for Adam, and the work he has accomplished for the people of Anchorage over the last number of years. He is a consummate professional, diplomat, and experienced leader,” Bronson said. “I will dearly miss his presence at City Hall and wish him all the best going forward in his career. I am confident he will be successful wherever he goes.”

Bird previously served as senior policy advisor for Bronson, who had earlier named him city attorney, but was confronted by a hostile Anchorage Assembly on the appointment.

“Having Mario serve in an acting capacity will provide stability and continuity to the Administration. I thank him for his willingness to lead while we undergo the process of finding a permanent Chief of Staff,” Bronson said.


  1. Mario Bird as his acting chief of staff! That has a very nice ring to it. Excellent choice IMO. That infantile and hostile Anchorage Assembly definitely requires an able lawyer to get anything done.

  2. The revolving door continues.

    It also reminds me of an old business adage: people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.

    • The city has been in a state of disarray for many years, well before Bronson. His main mistake was thinking it could be fixed. And he certainly would be a gluten for punishment should he decide to run again. The way Anchorage votes, Constant will be the next mayor. Normal people are fleeing and Eagle River/Chugiak citizens have never been more motivated to be represented independently. Anchorage is a lost cause. There’s better and cleaner cities in third world countries.

      • “Bad times, hard times, this is what people keep saying; but let us live well, and times shall be good. We are the times: Such as we are, such are the times.”

        St. Augustine of Hippo

        • Yes, totally agree, but there must be positive action to ensure that we can live well. Our founding fathers paved the way. It is now our burden to see if the great experiment survives.

    • Frank wake up from your dream. This city has been in decline ever sense the libs arrived. We use to be a nationally recognized city for greatness. Now we are recognized as a dump. You and your friends have helped with that. You must be so proud.

  3. Anchorage no longer operates in a fiscally responsible manner and there is no reason to believe that is going to change, with the current assembly focus on people that do nothing instead of taking into account the people being taxed out of their homes. I am selling as soon as I am able. Bronson is NOT the problem and anyone that has been to an assembly meeting or has watched the out of control spending and outright theft that has occurred should be aware of that fact.

    • Ya, they truly are an insufferable bunch. Everyone should force themselves to watch the YouTube feed of their meetings for as long they can stand it at least once. They are so full of themselves and of course they are. AK public media, ADN, and the tv stations never hold them accountable for anything. The assembly and the journalists in this town are all responsible for following Portland’s lead for making a city expensive and full of crime and homelessness and useless hipsters that think somehow modern art (flowers in xtra tuffs) should be a 1/3 of the economy and the focal point of our community and energy because it will make everything cool and fun, while blaming everything on anything but themselves despite the like minded being in charge the entire time.

      To think that Bronson has been in charge and that his staff aren’t being watched by toxic ego driven vindictive vultures from every corner is just delusional.

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