Election results: Anchorage Assembly stays blue


It was an easy election night for incumbents but a tough night for conservative candidates for the Anchorage Assembly, with ballot counting showing strong leads for Assemblymen Felix Rivera of midtown and Chris Constant of north town.

Also, the candidates for open seats who were backed by the Democratic Party had a strong advantage when all of the votes that could be counted were through the machine.

The progressive trend in Anchorage will continue, as these results are unlikely to flip, even as ballots submitted on Tuesday and those that will arrive in coming days are counted by the Anchorage Election Office.

The only conservative with a likely win on Tuesday is Scott Myers of Eagle River, who easily beat Democrat Jim Arlington.

Both incumbents on the school board won — conservative Dave Donley and liberal Andy Holleman.

With 30,312 votes counted so far, or 12.87% of the possible 235,000 votes, the results show what are historically insurmountable leads for the leaders:

North Anchorage – Assembly District 1, Seat B

  • Chris Constant 65.28%
  • John Trueblood 23.01%
  • Nick Danger 11.71%

Assembly District 2, Seat C

  • Jim Arlington 43.02%
  • Scott Myers 56.98%

Assembly District 3 Seat E

  • Dustin Darden 4.33
  • Anna Brawley 59.03%
  • Brian Flynn 36.64%

Assembly District 4 Seat G

  • Travis Szanto 43.98%
  • Felix Rivera 56.02%

Assembly District 5 Seat H

  • Leigh Sloan 39.76%
  • Karen Bronga 60.24%

Assembly District 5 Seat I

  • George Martinez 56.16%
  • Spencer Moore 43.84%

Assembly District 6 Seat K

  • Rachel Ries 42.89%
  • Mikel Insalco 3.29%
  • Zac Johnson 53.82%

School Board Seat C

  • Dave Donley 57.35%
  • Irene Boll 42.65%

School Board Seat D

  • Mark Anthony Cox 44.85%
  • Andy Holleman 55.15%


  1. Tell me again how Anchorage is a conservative city and the Politburo doesn’t reflect the will of the people.

    Lie to me if you must, but don’t lie to yourselves.

    This is the government Anchorage wants and deserves.

    • Because the other part of our majority not bother voting are either illiterate, felons, sick, transients, drunks, military, or religious the one who say we believe God’s kingdom is coming therefore they not involved with earthly kingdoms-hahaha-haha ahem-haha- okay.
      I see for here the minority is ruling the majority since it has a tiny greater turnout than who on the majority vote. I also recognize the conservatives, except trueblood but his wide margin defeat was expected, they trailed not far behind. The ones not fallen into camplancy done their civic duty they turned-out and voted conservative. Complancy is dangerous cause what follows is complaining, wandering, and slavery. The minority are enjoying the fruit of their labors after spending time diligently working at neighborhood councils, employments, and undertaking the neighborhood interests important to them- the scripture says it “whoever
      works his land will
      have plenty of bread,but he who follows worthless pursuits will have plenty of poverty. Prov 28:19.” my advice to the defeated conservatives continue sitting at the city gate grinding the work before your neighborhoods.

      • What majority?

        Lie to me all you want, but this delusion of yours Anchorage is conservative is a mix of denial and insanity.

        God won’t fix this for you. Hid gave you the tools to fix it yourself. But you gotta get off your backside and do the things conservatives hate the most. Work for it.

        • A.M. – there are a lot of conservatives in Anchorage and Jen is probably correct about them not voting. Just in my circle of conservative Anchorage friends and family – it is shocking that many do not vote, and admit it! They don’t trust the election system, don’t think their vote will make any difference, do not like the mail in system but the voting locations are terribly inconvenient, and yes, the ‘we are in the end times and it is going to happen anyway and Jesus might come back tomorrow so why waste time voting’ – I am not joking that was an actual excuse. Never mind what scripture says to,that. The left has set the narrative and set up the system to their favor. I would not be surprised either if some ballot stuffing and harvesting occurred with this election as well.

    • We must follow through with Eagle Exit. The voters of Anchorage do not share our values in Eagle River and Chugiak. We already have the infrastructure build. We have a higher proportion of home owners and thus taxpayers to carry the load. We have VERY few bums to satisfy and no inclination to satisfy bums at all. We have far less crime to police. We are not them in any way.

      • Agreed, Sapper!
        My one fear about Eaglexit is that the large Marxist & authoritarian majority on the Anchorage assembly will do everything in their power to inhibit, stall and undermine the Eaglexit movement, not to mention other statewide powers-that-be that would be loathe to see any local polity remove itself from the domination of a larger, radical leftist-controlled entity.
        While I want to see Eaglexit happen with all my heart, I have a sinking feeling that, in the end, it will never happen, or to be more precise, never BE ALLOWED to happen.

      • That is a 100% accurate fact if this does not speed up the Divorce between Eagle River/Chugiak separation then I don’t know what will? I’m sick and tired of paying my property Taxes to an Assembly that does not understand the first thing about accounting and I have said so in emails to several.
        If there is a way to stop any increase in my taxes I will implement.

        • And good riddance to you radical leftist extremist kooks, Sophie!
          But unfortunately, with your power-lust and inherently sociopathic coercive natures, we all know that you and the Ass-embly’s Marxist Nine will stop at NOTHING to prevent Eaglexit from happening. The one thing that every diehard statist absolutely cannot stand is anyone slipping from their control.

    • Not only were the Mayor’s candidates (save Myers) soundly defeated, the vote demonstrates a complete rejection of the Mayor’s (mis) handling of the City’s business. People do NOT believe he has been treated unfairly. People do NOT believe the Assembly is over reaching. People do NOT want the City to be led by people who condone and excuse the Mayor illegal authorizing $4.9 million funneled to his supporters. People want moderate, deliberate process, honest & responsible governance – by a huge margin. $5 bucks for Frends of Pets says this comment won’t be posted. None so blind as those who will not see.

      • There wasn’t a box for only $5.00…. 🙁

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  2. Note to properly holders. Unless you are off the left and like being gouged, it’s a good time to consider selling and moving to the Valley.

    Detroit 2.0 is coming fast. And you know it.

      • I’m curious exactly what you are doing? If anything. Because Anchorage slips farther left with every election.

        If this is your idea of fighting…clearly you’ve already lost and are too dense to get it.

    • Exactly what I did almost two years ago after living in Anchorage for 31 years. I don’t recognize that place any more.

    • That’s funny but its not doom and gloom. Theres limited property in Anchorage. No one is not going to sell a home just because the Assembly is liberal.

    • Yup; after this election that’s where I’m heading. I was hoping for EaglExit to occur, but realistically I can get more bang for my buck in the Valley.

    • No.
      We don’t want Anchorage “conservatives” in the Valley.
      You are lazy, ignorant, and apathetic.
      Stay there – you’ve made your bed – lie in it.

      • A pointed and well taken comment! I live halfway between Anchorage and the Valley. My late husband and I ditched Anchorage some 42 years ago and built our home out here when a liberal faction in the “beautiful” Oceanview neighborhood decided to shut down down the Flying Crown subdivision airstrip. The egg throwing and heckling continued for several years until we decided we had had enough. We bought a lot on an airstrip out here, built a home, and enjoyed living here. Now, the infestation to come is quite apparent. I wonder what the Flying Crown airstrip is facing now. It survived the legal onslaught. The neighborhood where I live now sounds like a Spenard trailer park more and more every day.

  3. Let’s face it Anchorage has become socialist state. well, not that it has become but it will continue.

    • There’s a hidden fear..What will be the taxes by being like under a new borough? Alot of new government offices will need to be created.I don’t think some have REALLY figured it out because AFTER it has happened, it’ll be Too late to return to the formal.

      • You are missing the point, kc, which is that the large majority of Eagle River and Chugiak residents do not WANT “a lot of new government offices”! They instead want LESS government, and less of the heavy-handed, intrusive and oppressive government which Anchorage has become known for ever since the radical leftist majority on the assembly was solidified with the fraud of mail-in voting.

        • Less government? So, Eagle River and Chugiak will return to the rustic, potholed, gravel-roaded environs of my youth. And good luck getting 24-hour police and fire service (property insurance will be sky-high) — much less water and wastewater utilities.

          Have fun suckers!

        • Wait til the roads don’t get plowed. Then We The People will storm the offices armed with grievance and entitlement.

  4. Well it’s settled the homeless shelters need to be located in midtown and downtown. The people have spoken.

  5. Masked Avenger,
    Don’t come to the Valley please,we are full. We enjoy watching Los Anchorage from a distance, if we got a Costco, there would be NO reason to go to town other then the airport.

    • I left Anchorage long ago. I’m happy in Juneau, where we’re small enough to know our progressives personally.

    • The cancer has spread to Eagle River too. “It” just needs to metastasize before half of Anchorage moves out here to crap in our/their nests all over again. The newly remodeled Fred Meyer (Kroger) store in Eagle River is quite woke, and I understand the Kroger enterprise is taking over the Carr’s (Albertson’s) Safeway in Eagle River as well. Kroger anticipates where the money is coming from. Ha!

      • I have shopped Fred Meyer Eagle River almost exclusively since the early 2000s. In the late 2000s it went downhill. Since early spring, I have smelled the seafood counter numerous times when I walked in the front door. I made a comment at the customer service counter early on. After that I went in several times and the store still smelled overwhelmingly like rotting seafood. I’m still reluctant to buy unfrozen (or any) seafood there. Recently, I bought a “fresh” fruit bowl and opened it the next day (the date was current), only to find the blueberries were moldy. Maybe the crowd they are catering to don’t care, but I do. I don’t have time to tote a $10 bowl of fruit back to the customer service counter to ask for a refund.

        • If you think that “Fred Meyer” was bad before, SS, you would probably be even more profoundly shocked by that store, and by their positively extortionistic prices, since they have become the loathsome Kroger in all but name.
          I used to be a regular and loyal Fred Meyer shopper since the mid-90s, but since 2020, when they instituted the mandatory use of their “rewards” cards for receiving the special weekly discounts, I have all but stopped shopping there. The sky-high prices that have been jacked up now that they are fully just another Kroger were the final straw for me.

          • Like $6.49 for a 4 oz. box of “gourmet” crackers to accompany a tiny wedge of $22.99/lb. “gourmet” cheddar. Still laughing at myself over that blunder. Tillamook tastes better. Ha!

  6. What is the ratio of the government employed vs private sector, and those on some form of government assistance to those that are not? Our state in general has a very high percentage of government employed – many are conservatives, surprisingly, but most often are not and likely not in Anchorage. Then also the ever increasing need for help from the government – I read somewhere Alaska is close to 50% in our state, and Anchorage could be higher, especially after the Covid antics. Just speculating.

    • Yep . Gov employees (& Unions) own ANC.
      People on welfare help a little, but are not motivated to vote like our “public servants” are.
      Thus the more expensive “mail-in” scam, to get a few extra votes from the idle class as a cushion.

  7. I am selling after 66 years and leaving the state. Anchorage has gone the way of the state and has become a huge welfare system. Anchorage property owners are being taxed to death with zero representation in local government. This summer, I am going to get my house ready to sell and call it a day. I refuse to work my butt off in order for a bunch of vagrants to live better than I do.

    • Can I ask where you’re going? Where is it better than Alaska? 42 years in Anchorage/Eagle River and I’ll be out of here in 3-4 years, just after I retire. I haven’t EVER lived under socialists/marxists, until mail in voting in Anchorage. This USED to be a GREAT city. It’s turning into just another leftist shithole now.

    • It’s a fact, when calculating in our ZERO income tax, our ZERO sales tax, our four-figure pfd (socialist) FREE money from the state every year, property owners living in Anchorage, Alaska, are by far, the least taxed of ANY in the entire United States. There is no other entity in the country that has lower overall taxes than Anchorage, Alaska. NONE.

      • Nice going Lincoln, you just subverted the plans of these desperate evidence-free patriots

  8. THE SOLUTION is a real-Christianity spiritual revival. The majority of men especially (including “Christian,” even many pastors) have lust addictions; aren’t abiding in Christ to be “in Christ,” “walking not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.”

    Almost all pastors teach the false doctrine of “once saved always saved” and/or “only believe,” which is disproven by almost 100 New Testament passages, which pastors ignore. Instead, they preach over and over and over the handful of OSAS greatest hits verses, which are taken out of context, but itching ears want to hear them.

    “For The TIME WILL COME when THEY WILL NOT LISTEN to the sound doctrine, but, having itching ears, will heap up for themselves TEACHERS AFTER THEIR OWN LUSTS; and will TURN AWAY THEIR EARS FROM THE TRUTH, and turn aside to *FABLES*” (2 Tim. 4:3-4).

    Pastors need to stop lying to the people, teaching false salvation doctrine that wasn’t invented until Augustine in the fourth century, later made popular by Luther and Calvin.

    We must teach what the Bible really says, even if the people initially don’t want to hear it.

    And teaching the people that they must give 10% of their money to keep the spiritually dead church doors open is old covenant, and “love of money” driven. This deception needs to stop.

    When “Christians” actually abide in Christ, being ONE with each other in Christ, the world will know, because Jesus’ glory will be so strong and our joy will be full, as Jesus promised in John 17 — the greatest spiritual awakening, which is just real Christianity.

    There is no other way. Sin is rampant in the church. Many “Christians” aren’t even voting because they’re so wimped out spiritually.

    Rand Paul in 2013: America Needs a Spiritual Revival — “Don’t look toward your politicians for all the answers. Look to your spiritual leaders. This country needs a revival and a cultural reformation, but it’s not going to come from government or a law”


    • So if I’m reading you straight, we don’t need Jesus except as a distant goal. We’ve just need to work and try harder. Thanks for your advice but I’ll take the gift of God’s Grace through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. You can keep working harder at it.

      • FreedomAK,

        I love your name! My freedom website is TOBEFREE.press.

        No, you’re not reading me correctly. We need Jesus intimately, Who gives us His grace to overcome sin daily, as we abide in Him, walking not according to the flesh, but according to the Holy Spirit; so therefore have no condemnation, which we must have to have faith to enter when we die and see Jesus face fo Face, many verses say.

        I explain it clearly here, including most of the OSAS (“once saved always saved”) greatest hits verses that pastors preach over and over. They lie by omission, neglecting to tell us what the verses nearby actually say.

        Look at what Paul clearly writes in Galatians. Why don’t pastors teach what the Bible actually says? Imagine if they did, what would happen to Anchorage. We’d be FREE, FreedomAK — life in the Son realized! Being born-again is just the start.

        Paul writes in Galatians: 5:14 For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, in this: “You shall LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.” 15 But if you bite and devour one another, be careful that you don’t consume one another. 16 But I say, WALK BY THE SPIRIT, AND YOU WON’T FULFILL THE LUST OF THE FLESH. 17 For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one other, that you may not do the things that you desire. 18 But IF YOU ARE LED BY THE SPIRIT, you are not under the law.

        19 Now the WORKS OF THE FLESH are obvious, which are: ADULTERY, SEXUAL IMMORALITY, UNCLEANNESS, *LUSTFULNESS*, 20 idolatry, sorcery, HATRED, strife, jealousies, outbursts of anger, rivalries, divisions, heresies, 21 envyings, murders, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these; of which I forewarn you, even as I also forewarned you, that THOSE WHO PRACTICE SUCH THINGS WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

        22 But the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT IS LOVE, JOY, PEACE, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and SELF-CONTROL. Against such things there is no law. 24 *THOSE WHO BELONG TO CHRIST* HAVE CRUCIFIED THE FLESH WITH ITS PASSIONS AND LUSTS. 25 If we live by the Spirit, let’s also WALK BY THE SPIRIT. …

        6:7 DON’T BE DECEIVED. God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that will he also reap. 8 For HE WHO SOWS TO HIS OWN FLESH will from the flesh reap CORRUPTION. But HE WHO SOWS TO THE SPIRIT will from the Spirit reap ETERNAL LIFE. 8 Let’s not be weary in doing good, for we will reap in due season, *if we don’t give up*.

        It’s all here, which no one can refute, and no pastor in Anchorage teaches. This is from my spiritual site, ONEcanhappen, which is all about Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and Ephesians 4:11-16 being fulfilled in these last days, which needs to happen soon.

        Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God? — “There is therefore now *no condemnation* to those who are IN CHRIST Jesus, who don’t WALK according to the flesh, but ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT”


        • Here’s a couple for Donald Trump . . .
          “If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, even with the wife of his neighbour, both the adulterer and adulteress must be put to death….”
          Leviticus (20:10-12)
          Further, in Deuteronomy (22:22-24) . . .
          “If a man happens to meet in a town a virgin pledged to be married and he sleeps with her, you should take both of them to the gate of that town and stone them to death.”

    • That’s a 100%. But! Do keep praying for the wheat and the tare that the wheat abide
      by his word and the tare get into his word. And the bible does tell us to tithe so his house be full as well care for one another and widows with it.

  9. Voter apathy is proving costly. The average home in the Anchorage area is valued around $400K. And it will be taxed at around $6K each year. Got a $7K house? Prepare to pay over $10,000 a year in property taxes. Anchorage home owners may have the highest tax rates in the nation. And Taxes will continue to go up
    after this election. No wonder there is an exodus of people from Anchorage.
    Whose fault is it? Each Anchorage property owner that failed to vote in this and past elections: that’s who! Voter turn out has been shameful.

    • Average home price in Anchorage is $456,000!!!!!! Point taken though. I’ll be moving to the Valley (or beyond) as well. I’m not happy living under socialists.

      • If you’re looking to avoid that socialist thingy, better move to someplace like Utah, where the state doesn’t give you and every family member a check for $3300 for simply breathing. You’ll be so happy!

    • Sadly, you and your household is vastly undertaxed, living in Anchorage. No sales tax, no income tax, but each family member gets a 4-figure check every year to help pay for most if not all of that property tax bill. Anchorage home owners do not have the highest tax rates in the nation. According to the National Association of Relators, Zillow and other sources, without exemption, Anchorage homeowners pay on average 1.41%. New Jersey residents pay 2.21%. Illinois, 2.05%. New Hampshire, 1.96%. Vermont, 1.82%. Connecticut, 1.76%. Texas, 1.66%. Wisconsin, 1.63%. Nebraska, 1.61%. Ohio, 1.58%. Iowa, 1.5%.

      Facts are a pesky thing.

      • If you want to pay more taxes, “Lincoln”, you are free to do so.
        But stop trying to put a gun to your neighbor’s head to make them act and live as YOU would choose. Coercion is no moral and sound basis for a society, yet coercion is ALL that your radical leftist agenda is about.

  10. Not surprised that Scott Myers will win his seat but all his efforts to do something for the citizens of Eagle River will be in vain. All the more reason for Eagle River residents to vote yes for EaglExit whenever it gets put up for a vote, being ruled by the tyrants of the Anchorage Ass-embly has to stop.

    • I agree. We have a fundamentally different philosophy from Anchorage apparently. We have a higher per capita home ownership and so we can shoulder the tax burden. We have almost no bums and no inclination to support them. We have very little crime. We voted in my precinct 7 to 1 for Trump, that is an indication of the people pulling in the same direction and the values that ALL SHOULD pull. If the teacher’s union members and MOA employees want to move so much the better. We don’t need to build any more infrastructure and we have a better range.

  11. Anyone want to buy a house on the Hillside? Leaving to the Valley this fall. Tired of my hard earned money going to those who wont take care of themselves.

  12. Might have also helped if in the election guide and on the ballot it showed political affiliation.

    • Genius, it is legally a non-partisan election. However, if you have a couple of brain cells to rub together you can figure out any candidate’s affiliation.

    • The Election guide is put out by the league of women voters which used to be pretty non partisan, that went away over the last twenty years. The lack of party affiliation is a mechanism that Democrats have built into the system to turn red to purple to blue. All those candidates are funded by dark money from outside, in spite of what the RCV people used to sell their load of crap. It isn’t an oversight it is a tool. People MUST spend FIVE minutes per election to research their OWN candidates. It isn’t hard to find out.

    • Those with ill intent generally work most efficiently and dishonestly in the dark. Marxists are no different. I sure wish people would stop referring to them as “progressives”. That’s a label they gave themselves just as politicians refer to themselves as “leaders”. Call them what they are.

      • Indeed, FreedomAK. And what those so-called “progressives” actually are is radical leftist extremists, which I will point out and name them as at every opportunity.

          • As is your coercive, intolerant, and authoritarian radical leftist political agenda.
            But it’s illuminating that you choose as your handle here the name of perhaps the most contemptible and virulently statist of all US presidents, who got exactly what he deserved in Ford’s Theater, only four years too late.

      • Project your anger towards Mayor Bronson’s pathetic leadership. Maybe you’ll have a chance to get even with him when Amy D. runs for mayor next year. Dishonesty in the dark has certainly been Bronson’s trademark.

    • Really no excuse, Both Susan downing and Debbie had mentioned several times where you need to Read about WHO SUPPORTED who. Debbie had several times of that reading who supported who. ALWAYS READ WHO IS SUPPORTING WHO, WHICH WHICH WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH.

      • I remember right up until the last election people were calling Porcaro’s show asking him who to vote for.

        This is the government Anchorage wants and deserves.

    • Yes, and a list of campaign contributions. Then all that we would need is people to be interested.

    • Can’t since it’s non partisan. The voters need to be more responsible for investigating the candidates before they vote.

  13. You know joni eareckson tada she been such a great encouragement to me by her radio addresses. If you allow God into your life you’ll see the point behind disappointments and sufferings seeing “how . God has transformed your hardships into instrument of needed change in your life. Don’t allow today’s trials, defeats, and worries, large and intimidating as they might appear now
    , to overwhelm the reality of God’s care, His ability to transform your situation, and His unshakeable plan for good in your life.” – Beside Bethesda pg 17

  14. You know… it just occurred to me, on the drive from Eagle River to Palmer, that a large percentage of the Anchorage workforce (perhaps even the majority of the Anchorage workforce) live and vote out in the Valley. That long train of headlights pouring South every morning says one important thing to me, that those who actually produce and make Anchorage function each day, have already made the ultimate vote with their feet. And while I am saddened at the state of Anchorage, how its voters always seem stuck on stupid, it does give me some solace to know those who earn an honest day’s pay, who work hard, would be more than enough to tip the scale in any Anchorage election if they actually lived there. What we are seeing my fellow conservatives is: the sponges and takers (welfare and EBT class etc.), government employees (who vote themselves pay increases with every bond passed), progressive faculty/teachers, public sector unions (^see Govt Employees), and donor class who want to slam the door shut on any success behind them, voting in Anchorage. Is it any wonder why the Assembly stays firmly in the grip of Felix Rivera, a man who can’t even be bothered to stay awake when called to do his duties?

    Now, if we can only get Eagle Exit to actually happen!

    • Correction: Kameron Perez-Verdia was the Assembly napper (still a member btw). Assemblyman (Are we sure that’s how he identifies?) Felix Rivera is the clown, who shutout the public from public meetings during COVID, and was a major proponent of the Medieval mandates that shuttered businesses and crippled the economy. He’s also never met a special rights law for the LMNOP crowd that he didn’t like.

      Either way, Anchorage is in the firm death grip of liberals and that doesn’t bode well for the most populated city in Alaska.

  15. Embrace the suck. If Costco and Bass Pro were out in the Valley I would never have to go to Anchorage except to and from the airport. This what happens when people don’t take an active interest in elections.

  16. The thing that most disgusts me about Alaskans is that our illiterate great-grandparents often knew better. They would never have put up with half of what we put up with. So many fates are sealed. They have no hope, no skills, no path forward except the government teat. And that, as we know, is always temporary and comes with high costs- often that can not be repaid as they are costs to integrity, personal drive, and happiness. Lots of people have come and gone from history. A lot of people have frittered and pissed away their lives, the lives of their children, the lives of their neighbors. So maybe you folks in Anchorage aren’t especially pathetic – maybe you’re just average. The collapeataians are right. People must feel deep existential pain before they will act.

  17. I did vote in this municipal election, but I have very little confidence or trust in this inherently corruptible, intermediated and unprivate mail-in voting system. There is simply too much room within it for manipulation and corruption of the vote, and we all know that radical leftists are those who are far and away most motivated, and least inhibited, to cheat, lie, and use ANY means to achieve their political ends.

  18. How far left will the politburo take us before the apathetic non-voting majority get off their butts and do something about it? Will it be too late to recover?

  19. God is not going to save you. If anything God would Sodom and Gomorrah the muni.

    You want to change this? Get off your butts and out into the community. Use the tools and talents God gave you and work for it.

  20. It seems this is the result of the continuous onslaught of negative press in the ADN et al regarding the city business, the mayor and the challengers. Many voters in this town don’t pay a whole lot of attention to city politics and only hear snippets on the news or see headlines in the ADN. Low voter turnout indicates that the mail in voting has the desired effect of disenfranchising regular voters and giving more weight to the minority union/government/activist votes. When you don’t know, you stick with what you know or you decide not to participate. I am convinced in-person voting and an election in November, would have had a completely different result.

  21. No surprise.
    Mail in voting favors the incumbent by a large margin.
    It is tough enough to get people interesting in local politics in any, but when a ballot shows up, what are the odds of the uninterested actually looking into the candidates? (HINT: It approaches zero.) So, who do they vote for? The person already in the seat, the person with the most signs, or the person with the best ads on the radio.
    Net result, we get the very people who screwed over the city re-elected.
    Want to see better results, 1. get rid of mail in voting. 2. Get involved, and talk to your neighbors/friends.

  22. 12% turnout?

    “Voting by mail will increase voter turnout.”

    Time to scrap this scam.

    • The turnout will be more when the ballots from Tuesday are counted. But I get your point. – sd

    • Typically 20-24% of registered voters vote. Mystifies me why the other 75% do not vote and then whine about taxes or any number of controversial topics!

    • Increasing voter turnout will do nothing because Anchorage is blue. Conservatives need to admit they are the minority here by a large percentage. It makes you not get so angry. For right now and the foreseeable future the mushy middle and progressives left own this place. Any chance you think that might get better as the latest crew from ASD starts to vote? They can’t even figure out what bathroom they need to go to. When you know how the story ends, it’s not surprising.

    • Totally agree. Mail in voting should be limited to those with solid reasons, i.e. military that are stationed overseas, seniors or those with medical conditions that may not be able to participate in person. But the remaining population should be voting in person and showing ID at the polling location in their district. Additionally we should like many other states be pushing now to get rid of voting machines.

      The machines, mail in voting, drop boxes were all the schemes of the Marxist / Communist that want to ensure that they get their token authoritarian candidate in office for the long term. One only needs to look at what happened in the mid-terms in Maricopa County in AZ. The voters showed up in droves on election day only to be met with what? Machines that were not working, shockingly in just the conservative districts, which disenfranchised thousands of voters on election day. It has to stop. We all need to go back to one day for elections, in person, with voter ID required and good old fashion hard copy ballots. The only way to end the corruption of the radical left is to take away their tools of corruption.

  23. Anchorage in the future will be reminiscent of a scene from “Escape from New York “. Normal people should get to the north side of the river before it is too late. A road can bypass this horrible city through Crow Creek Pass and Point Mackenzie can be our new shipping depot. Some work needs to be done on an airport expansion in the valley and then we could just let Anchorage be what it seeks to become. It started as a swamp, it needs to return. Let it consume itself.

      • But abnormal people — sociopathic people with the perverted desire to inflict their views and ways of life by force onto others — do see, and use, them as blueprints, apparently.

        • “abnormal” . . . how?
          “sociopathic” . . . how?
          “perverted desire” . . . how?
          “inflict by force” . . . how?
          Projection is the process of displacing one’s feelings.


  24. So, 87% of the voters stayed home or couldn’t be bothered to vote.

    You all deserve the human misery you continue to create not just from the air head incumbents but all of those juicy bonds as well. Tax Time Baby …..

    Anchorage is loaded with ill and underinformed folks, all 87% of you.
    Business as usual. The few conservatives continue to have zero clout, but they keep trying…

    • I’m waiting for the next batch to be counted, will post new numbers soon. Turnout doesn’t look good. – sd

      • According to the muni website it looks like turnout will be a little higher for this election, than it was in the pre-covid April 2019 election. I believe a majority of voters did not buy the presumption/assumption that Anchorage voters are over taxed. Don’t forget to thank Mayor Bronson.

        • You obviously do not live in the MOA. To blame the mayor for high property taxes is absurd. They are on pace with what they were under Mayor Nude Selfies as they are now. Property taxes are high to the assemblies mismanagement of funds and hand over first funding of not for profit socialist programs.ove along ding dong

      • I apologize. I was looking at the April 2022 turnout numbers. I’ll still stick with my original opinion though, we can thank Mayor Bronson.

  25. I’m gonna sleep in a tent on the greenbelt behind my house & rent the house out.
    I can keep an eye on the place from the tent & have the income go to my son’s account.
    And then wait for Felix, Chris & Meg to get me a free apt because winter is coming & I am a crazy, homeless, red neck.

  26. Anchorage is becoming Portland. And they control our mainstream journalism that people see if they pickup a paper or turn on the TV. They control our school board and public school curriculum. Their numbers will only grow as we run to home schooling and moving out of town as the answer. Any average person that doesn’t pay attention will get sucked into the collective and we will become rightfully nuts. And the city people won’t have a clue of how much better things could have been.

    George Orwell is saying “I told you so.”

    • Per U.S. News and World Report (a fairly conservative publication)
      Anchorage High school college readiness = 30.1%
      Portland, Oregon High school college readiness = 40.4%
      Anchorage High school graduation rate = 70.5%
      Portland, Oregon High school graduation rate = 85.0%
      Maybe, check your alternate facts the next time you react illogically.

      Pre-pandemic surveys conducted in November 2018.

      • US new and World Report conservative…?.
        Nice try. ASD graduates every student that doesn’t drop out to keep their numbers up, can you say Facade? What are the post academic numbers dummy?

  27. Alaska is still one of the best states to live in with the lowest taxes for individuals.

    With the amount of ‘corporate executive wealth-building’ in Alaska, these individuals are not subject to employment tax.

    If the richest of the richest do not pay employment tax, why are they whining about paying property tax.

    GREED. How many of the top individual corporate executive earners are funding campaigns to fight to perpetuate their personal pockets?

    And if that is even a fraction of truth of the issue- then create legislation to give the top earners tax credit opportunities like corporations were offered to invest in cultural and educational endeavors.


    • One of the biggest reasons Alaska has the lowest taxes for individuals is because Alaska is the most federally subsidized state per capita, than any other state. Most Alaskans love to take. Most Alaskans hate to give.

  28. Alaska is the #1 state in financial stability!


    We need to understand and celebrate and embrace our strengths as Alaskans.

    The people working together IS THE Spirit of Alaska.

    That spifit has made us the #1 fiscally stable state in the United States of America!

    Do not lose the essence of what makes us Alaska Natives AND Native Alaskans.

    We all need each other.

  29. Well Anchorage you get what you deserve. Extremely low voter turnout under 25%. As a conservative who voted I give credit to the Progressives who got their supporters out to the polls. Conservatives should be ashamed by their apathy. Don’t complain now when you see all of these progressive programs and policies put in place.

  30. Suzanne the Assembly is non-partisan.

    I noticed that you wrote the Assembly stays blue.

    • Maureen, please stop with that specious and disingenuous argument.
      EVERYONE and my neighbor’s cat knows that the Anchorage ass-embly is 75% Marxist and radical leftist.

  31. Stoked for EagleExit. I’m tired of subsidizing services and infrastructure out there in exchange for what seems to usually be 1 sane and 1 crazy conservative on the Assembly who just want to spend bowl money in their district. Figure out your own police, fire, and roads (and I really don’t care, don’t bother with any police/fire/road maintenance and don’t pay taxes, or maintain current levels of service by raising taxes).

    I wish our assembly were more balanced, but clearly ER isn’t making that happen on its own.

    Now if we could just get Girdwood to exit also, and elect a mayor in the Mystrom/Begich mold (SAP Sullivan, Berkowitz-butt, and bankrupt Bronson have all been different brands of stupid terrible) we’d be well on our way to a proper community revival with plenty of resources to invest in an 80s-like wave of development.

    Oh, and lets make the Glenn into a toll road. Ought to get something from all those yahoos in the Valley who profit off the Anchorage economy, rely on the state to pay for law enforcement (coming out of our socialist checks/PFDs), use our roads, services, and amenities, then leave without contributing a cent to the overhead costs of maintaining that economy and infrastructure.

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