Mat-Su School Board to take action on suspending current transgender bathroom policy, pending review


Wednesday’s Mat-Su School Board meeting will take up the touchy matter of which boys may use the girls’ bathrooms, and vice versa, during the school year. The board is expected to vote to direct Direct Superintendent Randy Trani to suspend the district’s “Transgender Student Guidelines Regarding Use of Communal School Bathrooms that Match Their Gender Identity.”

The board is somewhat boxed in by a federal judge’s ruling, which enjoined the United States Department of Education’s Title IX guidance. The Biden Administration is insisting that students must be able to use communal bathrooms/locker rooms that the students say match their gender identity.

Mat-Su School District has been following that guidance in its Transgender Student Guidelines. The court action affords an opportunity to review its current policies regarding such matters, and for the District’s administration to review its guidelines regarding student use of communal bathrooms/locker rooms that match their gender identity. 

The committee recommending the action believes that the District’s guidelines should be placed on hold pending such reviews. It is requesting the Board take action and if the proposal passes, the district will continue offering those transgender students use of school bathrooms that provide individual locked access and privacy, for locker room use as well. Transgender students continue to have access to communal bathrooms/locker rooms that match their biologically established gender.

The meeting starts at 6 pm at the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District Central Office, 501 N. Gulkana St., Palmer.

Meetings are streamed online at

The agenda can be found at this link.


  1. This whole transgender thing is taking away from kids learning what matters for them to succeed when they enter the adult world. There is no way that a child in kindergarten, or even really in high school knows for sure what is happening to them gender-wise. When I was a kid there were not too many female heroes, so we played Red Ryder and all the rest. Yes, we were called tomboys, but we were still girls. No one told us we had to change our sex at that age just because we had a few male heroes. . And when we had sports, we had our own locker rooms and bathrooms. I still will not go into any gender neutral bathrooms that they have at sports arenas or other areas. Nor do I think anyone should have to make that choice. As for those who can no longer have children at a later age because they were operated on and their female organs removed, are we being set up for yet another way for population reduction? And while I am at it, let’s stop the teaching of so-called “critical race theory.” It is nothing else but a continuation of identity politics on steroids meant to foster hate based on skin color. Sadly, it appears to be succeeding. Alaska does not need any of this, nor does the lower 48. Our holy books teach that we were made different tribes to get to know one another. Let’s try that instead of hate and killing.

  2. I think this issue needs to be resolved by the indigenous community.. for this is their land. How come they aren’t tackling this issue?

  3. As I understand the law (by no means an expert) the system is sorta forced by the Biden administration to do this.

    The real issue at present is they didn’t let anyone know and just tried to slide it in.

    Sigh. Mean Orange Man was so awful he had to go. In his place we put in a degenerate determined to destroy America.


  4. The Biden Administration has nothing to do with gender nonsense in Alaska.

    The 10X bigger issue is to whom did the Trump sell national secrets. That’s the biggest issue since the civil war.

    Ms downing is too smart or cowardly to report on it.

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