Masks required again in House of Representatives


Numerous Democratic legislative staffers attended a Sham Jam fundraiser for an LGBTQ cause at the Red Dog Saloon on March 26, and have now “popped hot” for Covid. Thus, the House of Representatives has reinstated its mask requirement for the House Chambers. All members and staff must wear face masks, including when members rise to speak, Must Read Alaska has learned.

Sham Jam is an annual legislative fundraiser started by the late Sen. Johnny Ellis. It supports a different nonprofit each year. This year it is supporting the Southeast Alaska Gay and Lesbian Alliance. Beacon, the company that has the testing contract for the Legislature, has identified that as the super-spreader event.


  1. Read the “5000 year leap ” I will never wear mask or killer jab. All these matters are of morality and individual freedoms.

  2. Meanwhile in the rest of the country masks are being used less and less.. Covidian Juneau is a frigging joke. Wake up.. Your dumb masks are going to achieve nothing!

  3. Reps. Eastman, Carpenter, and Kurka are refusing to pander to the false assertions of the House Speaker and Majority Caucus that masks work to, “stop the spread,” and are refusing to wear the masks now that the Speaker and Dems have irresponsibly come to work sick. As a result, the Speaker (who is sick) has suspended floor sessions until the three Republican legislators with spines take a knee and kiss her ring. Where are the rest of the Republican Caucus members? It is frustrating to see so many lemmings with an “R” in front of their names folding once again to a false narrative. The question everyone should be asking is, if masks work so well, why did so many folks get sick at the Sham Jam? It would go to reason that the Dems were all wearing masks right?… […crickets…] No? Oh, that’s right, in the words of Peter Micciche the first Capital lock down, “was a big show,” …just like the show that is happening now. Wake up Republican leaders, stand in solidarity with Eastman, Carpenter and Kurka, and take your power back. Refuse to be masked and silenced again. The only power you really have has been granted to you by the people, and we can take it back from you and give it to someone else if you can’t handle the pressure.

  4. Dem legislative staffers “popped hot” for COVID after attending Sham Jam? I thought only Republicans attended “super spreader” events. Say it isn’t so!

  5. I personally just received a recorded message from our Dr.’s office, that had been ‘mask optional’ for a few weeks, is now ‘mask mandatory’ effective immediately 🤯

  6. Good to know they are down here working on the issues that really matter.

    I haven’t heard: how many drag queens were there? Once I was there getting burgers to go and was treated to the broadcast of a virtual drag show.

    I love Juneau, but God this community is drag obsessed

  7. I cannot help but laugh and shake my head every time I see idiots like this who are paranoid over their own shadow. Just as there are those who have a mental disorder and are blind to the fact that they are delusional, you are ever more, if you think you have the right to tell or force anyone down to your level.
    Stop it with the mask wearing forced enslavement. Your mentality is showing.

  8. What a joke. We live in the information age and so many people will not seek out the truth, I guess they are not ready yet. We are living through the biggest brainwashing in history and it seems like there is more to come. To all of the business owners out there, learn about PMA’s so you can operate outside of these parameters in the future.

  9. You can bet that the Dems in attendance at the Sham Jam were all gloriously “vaccinated” with the full complement of the clot shots. Funny, isn’t it, that the areas with the highest “vaccination” rates also seem to have the highest incidence of Super Spreader events. Almost like it was planned, but that couldn’t possibly be!

  10. We need a Governor who will stand up to this nonsense rather than standing down to the left. We need a DeSantis not a Dunleavy.

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