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Mask mandate dropped in Alaska Capitol complex

Reversing a decision it made prior to the start of the legislative session, the Legislature’s Legislative Council on Wednesday dropped the mask mandate for Alaska’s Capitol in Juneau.

The new rules say that individual legislators may mandate masks in their offices, but everywhere else in the building it’s a personal choice. The new rules also remove the requirement that legislators, staff, and media members get tested regularly. The testing requirement has not been enforced since the beginning of session.

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During the House Finance Committee’s Labor & Workforce Development Subcommittee on Wednesday, only Anchorage Democrat Reps. Ivy Spohnholz and Liz Snyder wore masks; even former mask fanatic Democrat Rep. Zack Fields did not wear one during the meeting, and the committee staff did not. In Senate Resources, only Juneau Democrat Sen. Jesse Kiehl wore one. In House Resources, only Democrat Reps. Grier Hopkins of Fairbanks and Sara Hannan of Juneau kept their N95 masks on.

It’s been on-again, off-again for mask requirements in Alaska’s Capitol for the past two years.

Masks are still the local law for the greater Juneau area for those who are unvaccinated for Covid-19, in spite of data that shows that over 40 percent of those catching the virus in Alaska are vaccinated.

Those not “fully” vaccinated must wear masks while in indoor public areas and at crowded outdoor events in Juneau. Masks must be worn in all municipal facilities, regardless of vaccination status. Students are masked in the Juneau schools, although high school basketball and hockey players now can take their masks off while playing.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • Is this interesting or what?? Our liberty, our free speech must be moderated? I await the decision from the great moderator….

  1. Yet another reason to avoid Juneau. They still believe being vaccinated is doing a dam thing. Meanwhile, Good hard workers that were healthy prior to getting this botched shot, are now experiencing blood clots in their lungs and heart. If you need to wear a mask and think that is the answer go for it. As far as the jab they can shove it where the sun don’t shine. 6 mo or more down the line, good healthy people are finding out they have serious complications from it. I know five personally. I was made immune from Covid naturally. I got it and got over it!

  2. At this point the old acronym that you can’t fix stupid is definitely proving true. The Emergency Authorization for the jabs must end! The plandemic is over. Only jabbed are sick and it will only get worse. Ask why is the mortality rate up 40% in 2022? Not deaths from COVID so it must be the jabs. Masks do nothing to prevent or stop viruses and actually harm the people that wear them. Especially for prolonged periods of time and not changing them often. Stop the madness and stop all draconian measures and return all CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! No more illegal house arrests. Free all the children from mask mandates which are harming kids physically and emotionally!

  3. Shows you who the real idiots are. The rest of Alaska shed their masks six months ago. The masks are not effective anyway, as the virus easily penetrates them. Only the politicians wear them. LOL. We aren’t laughing with them……we’re laughing at them

  4. Juneau is mostly mask free and no one is checking for vaccination cards. Most people are just done with the nonsense. We need to get our schools to drop the mandate, the poor kids are suffering. Teachers, staying anonymous of course. complain of reduced learning, skin problems, nasty masks getting wet by rain and snotty by noses. The staunchest supporters of masks are the teachers not requiring the kids to wash their hands, they also have the highest number of infections.

  5. Seems to be a national trend seeing democrat places dropping their mask mandate. Are they concerned about the party’s election. The nation is not happy with biden\harris. Now by russia moved into ukraine, the wallet is going to get squeezed a whole lot more. Hopefully more democrats recognize the party for what its always been and forget by election time

  6. Seems to be a national trend seeing democrat places dropping their mask mandate. Are they concerned about the party’s election. The nation is not happy with biden\harris. Now by russia moved into ukraine, the wallet is going to get squeezed a whole lot more. Hopefully more democrats recognize the party for what its always been and don’t forget by election time

  7. So now we can see their lying lips. That’s going to make more than a few of them uncomfortable. Ever check out the list of lobbyists who contribute to gavel to gavel to ensure that the session continues to take place where there is no public input?

  8. It is advisable to don a mask when in Juneau, especially within 5 miles of the Lemon Creek Land Fill. Fill it full of rose petals while you are at it. The CBJ has done many things well over the years, Waste Management isn’t one of their strong suits.

  9. See, all that mask wearing has had a positive effect! Cases are way down as a result, and thankfully mask requirements can now be relaxed.

    As public health authorities have said from the start, masks were a temporary measure, and not a permanent assault on your precious personal liberties.

    So, was all that fuss really worth it? Nope. All you anti-maskers have been played, and we are all laughing at you now.

    • Funny, NomDeMerde, how the scientific and medical consensus, prior to 2020 and the Wuhan Virus panicdemic, was that mass mask-wearing by the public had and would have little to no efficacy in preventing viral disease transmission.
      But then, “the science” suddenly fell conveniently in line with the (authoritarian) political science. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

    • Nom, Trouble is… statistics do not hold up your argument, in fact the reverse is true in many cases. But then when were facts or Science ever relevant to the way health authorities handled this “plandemic”? This was never about a virus, it was always about societal control and manipulation. Know what? The Fauci’s of this world are having a real good laugh at your expense. Sorry Nom, but because of your psychosis you brought this derision upon yourself. Get help for it ok? Were pulling for you!

  10. Fret not nervous mask lovers, masks are still in full-force in REI Анкоридж, you know, the place where the healthy outdoor 🐔💩 types work and shop.

  11. I’ve read that if you have begun the jab regimen but not what they consider “fully vaccinated” you are considered among the unvaccinated. If true, you could have health complications from the jab and included in the wrong column to skew the statistics.

  12. If it took this long for those idiots to finally discover the real science on cloth masks, then there is not much hope that they will accomplish anything productive while in session. A monkey throwing darts at a dart board could come up with better decisions!

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