Masked in the Alaska Capitol again


Legislative Council, which creates rules for the Legislature, has decreed that all who enter the Alaska Capitol, starting Monday, must wear masks.

At the meeting, Sen. President Peter Micciche tried to amend the rule to say that masks would be recommended but not required. That motion failed 7-7.

Voting in favor of the “recommended” option were Reps. Cathy Tilton and Chris Tuck, along with Sens. Shelley Hughes, Mike Shower, Lora Reinbold, and Click Bishop.

Those favoring mandates were Democrats Rep. Neal Foster, Sara Hannan, Matt Claman, House Speaker Louise Stutes, and Republican Sens. Gary Stevens and Bert Stedman.

The third special session of the year begins on Tuesday to hammer out a fiscal path forward for the state and to determine the amount of the 2021 Permanent Fund dividend.

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  1. So no more sessions until Wed. for House? And Thursday for Senate?
    I fear for the Republic!
    I watched Jesse Kiehl present his summary of the Fiscal Policy Committee Recommendations in the Senate – more tax and dividend nonsense. Wow that was the best they could do? This mess can only be solved by a Supreme Court ruling to rein in the idiots in the Legislature – just like 1980. Where are the patriots like Ron and Penny Zobel?
    My guess is the Legislature will raid the Permanent Fund just (“just this once”) like they sacked the CBR unless someone sues. If they go for income or a sales tax while paying a Dividend – I am sure there will be litigation – at least I hope so!

  2. We appear to be careening towards Dunleavy getting none of his Constitution amendments passed and then a game of chicken about an appropriation for Dividends and the programs that were “swept”. It appears the only way out for the Legislature and the Governor will be to over-draw from the Permanent Fund. I actually hope they don’t “reverse” the sweep (sorry to those affected) but at least it begins to restore the CBR since those funds would not be re-appropriated. The 5% POMV proposal is the only good idea but that is fraught with needing 2/3 of the Legislature and then a vote by the people. That also raises the question about how much of the PFER would be sent to the corpus? Yikes we’ll never get agreement on that.

  3. What are the rules for the occupants of the Capitol’s Third Floor, where the governor and his staff work?

    • Exactly! Right at EVERY step, confront the authoritarians at every turn, at the least make them uncomfortable and visible by challenging them verbally and publicly on their nonsensical and rigidly dogmatic, Covidian cultist mandates.
      “Mandates”. For the radical left, EVERY political move is about less persona freedom and autonomy, and more centralized and unaccountable control gathered into their hands.
      When was the last time (if ever) that radical leftists proposed ANYTHING that took power from government and gave it (back) to the people? I can’t think of a single example.

  4. Just who is in charge of Alaska Government? DUNLEAVY?????? Just get them back to work. They are playing YOU and us for fools. They all need to go!

  5. The first step to declaring the Capitol building “off limits” to those pesky peasants demanding a PFD & real cuts to the state budget!

  6. Third special session, just another attempt at a money grab from the PFD and they are getting paid to do so. Year after year it continues, can anyone think of a year that the legislators did not try but there is something different this year. They will be masked when they try to rob it……

  7. All indoor areas in Juneau require masks, the Capitol is no different. They say it’s temporary but we all know it will go on for at least another year. There is a bright spot, businesses don’t have the mask police they once did. If you go maskless, or pull it down slightly to breath, no one harasses you. A few businesses don’t say anything and no one wears a mask. The sheep are still scared though.

    • Of course you would know about those selfish p***** that don’t comply and therefor risk infecting those around them.
      And you sound like you are proud of such.
      You are one sick puppy Jimbo.

  8. Here’s the CDC’s estimate, worst case scenario, of deaths by age group per one million:
    0–17 years old: 20
    18–49 years old: 500
    50–64 years old: 6,000
    65+ years old: 90,000
    So, unless you are 65 or older your chances of dying from Covid are approaching zero, especially for the under 50 crowd.
    That’s official government projections…hardly a Spanish Flu pandemic and not justification for the draconian measures being forced upon all of us.
    Don’t be a stupid sheep who just listens to CNN and then goes to get the experimental gene therapy injections because you’re a scared little mouse who brainlessly believes every authority figure.
    Think for yourself.

  9. Wonder what, except overdeveloped cowardice, prevents every braveheart on both sides of the aisle from saying, “No!” in a resounding, bipartisan way.
    Funny in a sad, contemptible way…
    The Stutes commands, the dogs obey.

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