Maria Athens has a story on Berkowitz, but mayor says it’s slanderous


In a breathless teaser for tonight’s newscast, Fox News reporter Maria Athens says that Mayor Ethan Berkowitz exposed his genitalia on an underage girl’s website. She said this information is according to “reliable sources” and will be divulged tonight.

Her Facebook post urged others to #makethisgoviral, and in her responses to several critics who doubted the veracity of the post, she dropped the F bomb on some, and called another commenter a “UAA loser,” and another one “moron.” The post contained a video of her explaining the story to come tonight.

Commenters ranged from believing her to thinking she was high, but nearly 300 people had shared Athens’ post by 2 pm on Friday.

A phone call to the mayor’s office went directly to voice mail. Must Read Alaska has reached out to Athens for comment.

This afternoon, the reporter also posted a photo as proof, the back of a man who is evidently naked and whose hair resemble’s the mayor’s.

Athens is the lead news anchor and executive producer on Fox ABC, Channel 4.

The mayor’s office released a statement this afternoon that called it slanderous.


  1. Sure, it’s either a true story or a false rumour and trashy, career damaging lie. So,.why don’t you determine that before spreading this? You and your ilk have defined classic journalism to extinction on the U.S.

    • The fakestream media has destroyed classic journalism in the US. It has become nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. The Russian collusion hoax and the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing CBF accusation travesty are just two of many against conservatives. But the left gets a pass on just about everything. Spare us your feigned indignity.

      • It’s so convenient for Trump and his puppets to cry fake news every time someone questions anything he says. People like you and trump want to control everything, because he’s a narcissistic bully who thinks the world should revolve around him. Trump has single handed lay destroyed our country. Think beyond YOUR party affiliation and consider that he is not a man who will unite our country!!!

        • A solid majority of 56 percent of Americans say they are better off now than they were four years ago, the highest on record. Only 32 percent say they are worse off than four years ago. Perhaps you can be more specific about how President Trump has, “single-handedly destroyed our country.”

        • With a solid majority of 56 percent of Americans saying they are better off now than they were four years ago (the highest on record for an incumbent) and only 32 percent say they are worse off than four years ago, perhaps you can be more specific about how President Trump “has single-handedly destroyed our country.”

        • It’ll be interesting to see how Democrats deal with this new style of political attack that Trump has had to deal with for the last 4 years… I’m going to make some buttery popcorn, sit back and watch these buffoons with Glee.

        • With a solid majority of 56% of Americans saying they are better off than they were four years ago (the highest Gallup has ever recorded), maybe you can expound on how President Trump, “Has single-handedly destroyed our country.”

        • He doesn’t call it fake news when they question him. He is calling out the sophmoric yellow journalism.

          When intellectual honesty is applied, the Leftist, hateful, and completely dishonest and absurdity is clear.

          The Left and weak Republicans hate that Trump is speaking truth to power as will be seen (again) on Nov 3rd.

        • Trump has done more for this country and is working on saving our freedom from socialist minded dumocratic morons who are working constantly on destroying this great FREE county we have. If Democrats had won last election, we would be teaching our children how to speak Chinese in our schools already. Double standard is a requirement for being in the communist Democratic party. No thanks. Trump 2020.

          • The rest of th world think you “Trumpies”are clowns..But I guess you do not care about the rest of the world since you vote for Trump…

        • Your TDS is showing, sweetheart.

          Can you please post a video of your reaction when you find out Trump has been reelected?

          Ooooohhhh.. and another one in a year or two when he appoints yet another Supreme Court Justice (maybe to replace Sotomayor? )

        • Obviously if you think in terms of racial color… You are the oppressed one. Most people just try to get through the day live their lives and make their families lives better.

    • David, a known local journalist posts a dramatic story, and behaves in an erratic way. THAT actually is a story.

    • Oops, your bias is showing, David. What is true is that a. the news reporter reported it on Facebook and said there would be a report on the nightly news, b. the mayor put out a press release denying it completely and c. 30,000 people have watched her trainwreck video on Facebook. And oh yeah, d. Maria then posted nude pics on Facebook that she says are of the mayor. If this was a Republican mayor, trust me, the media would be all over it. But #crickets, people, total #crickets. What a racket the newspaper is, protecting the mayor.

      • New TV series coming out after November 3rd,. “Democrats Gone Insane,” followed by, ” Survivor: Democrats and Drugs.”

    • This one of the very few media sources in Alaska that is being factual honest.
      Pull your head out of the sand and open your eyes.

    • This report is not about the Mayor, it is about the journalist’s claim, and the viral uproar about it.

      This IS news. A reporter leaks a massively scandalous story about an elected official, the elected official’s office responds. That is news worthy of reporting.

    • Don’t you think his actions and the assembly’s actions of the last two years are far more career damaging, lol.
      Berkowitz might be able to get in statewide office with Al Gross-style outside money, literally millions from non Alaskans, but otherwise his goose is cooked with citizens of Alaska. Same with Felix Rivera, etc all.

    • Vote Democrat and you reap the effects of deviant morality beyond comprehension by a reasonable person. I do believe he has the personality traits for thinking he could do this and get away with it. This should move him up the ranks of the Democratic Party and he will be perfectly compromised for future positions in government.

    • Well, ADN is now quoting the little mayor……and it is sort of looking as though the allegations are at least partly true.

  2. So far, I’ve only seen screenshots of the press release. I can’t find it on the Muni website, nor anywhere else. Do you have a link to the actual text, not another screenshot?

    • No, I only have the screenshot. The Muni has not posted the press release, for reasons unknown. – sd

      • So the Mayor was so scared that this is going to get out and the picture posted of him that he had the reporter Arrested.
        He is a Slime-Ball

      • It must have something behind it . She posted a photo . I would say he is probably getting a new bathroom floor installed this morning

  3. Mayor calls it slanderous. Maybe. Maybe not. Slander lawsuits by a public figure against a journalist are difficult. The plaintiff ( that would be Berkowitz in this case) would not only have to prove that the statements were false but would also have to prove they were made with malice.
    In this case given the nature and timing of the allegations that might be relatively easy, assuming what was said was false. So we will see if the Mayor will take legal action. Not only would the journalist be sued but any media outlet that published it again would also be liable.
    If he just ignores it then that will say something about whether what was said really happened. Because truth is always a defense to slander and libel lawsuits. Who knows?

    • Help me out here. You said, “any media outlet that published it again would also be liable.” If the media simply reported that this was going on, and attributed the sources, would they really be at risk for defamation? It’s true that this is going on (allegations, arrest, criminal charges, etc.). If it’s true that this is going on, and you report on it, how could you be at risk of defamation. Does the news have to keep it secret that this is going on? Please clarify for me. If you are right, I want to understand what you have said.

  4. Anchorage Police Department has a dedicated Police Officer and the hardware and programing to scan the internet servers and internet subscribers to an individual IP address. If Ethan Berkowitz exposed himself to adolescents, the APD more than likely already knows.

    Unfortunately APD already has allegedly covered for Mara Kimmel’s, the mayor’s wife, pedestrian collision. Recall the mysterious suspension of Police Chief Tolley. Anytime a City the size of Anchorage has problems such as these and the insane allegiance of the assembly to the mayor’s office, well, in a so-called democracy the voters are to blame.

    Where were the voters when the city spent eighty-five million dollars on Muni-Software originally projected as an eight million dollar up-grade. A ten fold cost overrun. To what benefit? One hundred and eight languages, up 10 more in two years, an on going expense to taxpayers still?. YAHOO has only twenty-seven languages; BING has thirty-three, and the New York City Mayor’s Office only 11.

    Mara Kimmel is an immigration lawyer with justice america league or some such name, changed at least once, here in Anchorage . Located just a few blocks from city hall on Seventh Ave.
    Post Script : Thank You Suzanne Downing for all the work you put into this and being there !!

  5. Well, the majority of pedophiles and human traffickers, seem to align with the left side of the aisle. Not a shocker this little Richard would be associated with this form of conduct. Well Municipality of Anchorage, let’s have a factual history of his internet activity. APD, AK State Troopers, might want to check on Berkowitz’ online activities….

    • This need more facts investigated! Picture source, sent and recipient info with date and time stamps and geolocation attached with phone numbers or IP address or both!

      As for Maria, even that story has a lot of holes. Was APD called there or were they sent?

      Is the assault in the 4th for verbal assault on Berkowitz or her boyfriend at the news station parking lot?

      Who pressed the charge of assault, Muni/APD or the male in the parking lot?

      Vague on details from APD! FBI didn’t race out Friday night and investigate the pictures she posted, so APD says they investigated the allegation with the FBI, but the question should be: Was that before she released the picture on Facebook? The specific investigation should speak for the pictures not just a allegation!

      I’ll wait for more details but the timing of the arrest sure looks like she was being silenced before she was able to give details. Pictures are hard evidence and even if it was a girl of age and not a crime, his abuse of power would be for having her arrested to save himself from embarrassment and that would be a whole story of its own.

      First and foremost should be the pictures, yes or no, is it him in the picture and did he send it? It’s 2020 we have that very basic technology and any IT tech can figure this out.

  6. Well… There might be substance to this.. Rumor has it APD arrested Ms. Athens. How convenient. Smells like cover-up. Arrest those that have damning evidence, ransack their residence, evidence was “lost”. Democrat M.O.

    • Well, one would think, a story of this magnitude, said reporter would have a back up of, said evidence in the hands of their personal attorney….. It’s funny how this is being scrubbed off FecesBook

    • Why must you perpetuate rumors? And then go on to say, on the basis of a rumor, it smells like a cover-up. Get the facts before you speak or write!

    • On what grounds do you think this could be true? Shouldn’t all of us demand facts before assigning guilt to you anyone? What are the known facts so far?

  7. If someone posted a Facebook video about me saying those wretched things, you bet your @ss I would be in my lawyers office right now working on a lawsuit for slander against Channel 4. If he isn’t doing that right now – and he is a lawyer – then there is a bigger problem.

    • Thank-you!!!! He is not the only person these creeps are picking on. They are using men who belong to labor unions to bully those of us who do not belong to them, and refuse to give them more money for their expensive tastes.

  8. This same thing happened to a former Superior Court Judge reappointed to the Board of Fisheries. In April 2019 the Democrat House Rep. Ivy Sponhnplz at the last minute stood up in public and announced unfounded sexual harassment allegations against Judge Karl Johnstone, a Republican and Dunlevy appointee that was supposed to have happened five years ago. Nobody ever came forward and make a complaint. Typical Demo false accusations.

  9. Maria was replaced with a fill in reporter tonight. There was no story about Berkowitz on FOX news at 9PM Oct 9th. What is going on? Was the station threatened? Was Maria threatened? Did Maria jump the gun on the story?

  10. She either has a real story or hasn’t. Who cares. To many people on here being stupid. If he’s a pedophile let the law handle it and shut up. If he is I hope he rots in prison.

  11. A) if untrue it would be libelous, not slanderous. That’s an odd mistake for a lawyer.

    This odd, technically incorrect response is technically not a denial. That is not an odd mistake for a lawyer, rather intentional, purposeful misdirection.

    B) Berkowitz digs chicks? That’s probably the red flag that makes the story unbelievable. I understand he’s married, but I always figured that was political camouflage. Not that it matters.

  12. There are some serious problems with what is out there already. Maria comes out with an announcement and a photo. There is some reference to an arrest, which is impossible for slander, as that is a civil violation. The police have no participation in civil litigation. Maria has gone silent, the news channel she works, worked. for is silent as a tomb and showed an old news cast in her time slot. The mayor’s office has been strangely silent and the only thing I have seen from him is on the leftist Midnight Sun post to Maria’s Facebook page. I have seen nothing from the mayors office except a “press release” Bob Lester put up on Maria’s page.

  13. The pic she posted isn’t of what she accused Berkowitz of doing. Either Maria Athens was having an affair with him (or a third person was and contacted her with this photo) and told this story about Berkowitz being the new Carlos Danger.

  14. My guess is it’s true with all the other crimes this guy has committed this will be no surprise. This is getting good 1st he violates the civil liberties of the municipal constituents then goes on a naked rampage who could make this stuff up?

    What a perverted mind, just one business owner files against him for civil liberties violations and we will see him headed to the big house. Court precedence was just set in Michigan against Gov. Whitmore and it will fall on the mayors also. Mandatates are unconstitutional and so are lockdowns!!!

  15. I find it pretty strange that Maria, who hasn’t been very controversial up until now, posts this little missive and magically ends up and Hiland Mountain correctional after being arrested last night. Makes the whole thing way more suspicious to me. And KTBY ran Wednesday night’s newscast Friday in place of Maria. Pretty damn interesting to me.

  16. After noting the majority of my comments have failed to post, I found Must Read Alaska uses A k i s m e t to police and remove all comments they deem “irrelevant” and “malicious.”

  17. This has happened before, it’s public knowledge who fights dirty. I smell the labor unions. Nasty accusations and fake problems where ever they go out of the carnage for an extra dollar. You don’t see the nurses with a labor union. They’re not screaming, “I want more money!”Why should every extra dime that the little person makes go to a labor union? They ushered the Iron Workers onto public assistance because they got a tax break.If it has to do with person running against them and accusing them of being a pediphile or “liking girls or boys”. Furthermore, the Anti-Semistism is raging.

  18. Visit for info on the Judicial Judges and who appointed them. Bill Walker is an Independent who supports the Democrat party since 2014.. He has voted Independent since 2014 and forward. Prior to 2014 he voted Republican. He appointed the following judges: Christina Reigh, Rranciosi, Michael Logue. I will vote NO for these Judges. I will vote YES for the following judges who Sean Panell and Frank Murkowski both Republican had appointed: Dickenson and Pat Hanley. Jonathan Woodman is a Republican. Hope that helps. hj

  19. More evidence that our entire nation needs to take a breath. Watching this meltdown is sad. If it is a story, this is the worst possible way to present it. Radicalization and Rabidicalization is alive and well.

  20. Hard to believe a reporter with her standing wouldn’t have cross checked her sources and made damn sure that the story was true before going on social media the way she did. If nothing else, an investigation into both of them is warranted.

  21. Maureen Athens was arrested on 10/10/20, on Misdemeanor Charge(s) that are “pending” (not yet specified). However, I thought that defamation (slander/libel), in Alaska was a civil matter. I’m interested to find out what the criminal charges will be. I am puzzled by the pending criminal charge(s). Ms. Athens will evidently be arraigned at 1:30 pm (today) at the Anchorage Jail, so I assume she is in-custody. It seems like the legal system moved pretty quick on this. If the Municipality screwed this up, and falsely arrested Ms. Athens for criminal offenses in violation of the 4th Amendment (also 1st Amendment?), I wonder if she could win a big lawsuit against the Municipality under USC 42 section 1983, deprivation of civil rights. I am puzzled by this. I guess it will clarify in time. I can’t figure out what’s going on. There must be something more going on here that we are not yet aware of? How is this a criminal matter? If someone could clarify that for me, I would appreciate it.

  22. Let’s just look at the actual facts. A news anchor posts on her PERSONAL social media account that she has a juicy story against the mayor. Then that same news anchor gets arrested for assault. Her own news company denies the story and both the police and FBI say they looked into the allegations and found NO evidence of wrong doing. I mean I would be the first to say arrest the mayor and throw away the key if the allegations turn out to be true, but it sounds like either the anchor has a personal issue with the mayor or for whatever reason she was trying to run with a fake news story that she didn’t properly vet.

  23. I haven’t got a clue as to the validity of her FB post or the, “joint investigation” of her allegations by APD and the FBI. I have no doubt that a lot more information is forth coming. Folks let’s not jump to ANY conclusions based on the scant information provided at this point in the story(?). Let’s all wait for Due Process (innocent until proven guilty) for both the Mayor and the news anchor. Hopefully, there will be an independent news investigation of all parties, including this so-called rapid joint investigation by APD and the FBI – transparency! Unfortunately, given the local partisan divide, re: the mayor’s office, an independent review of all facts associated with these allegations is in order – transparency and confidence of both the mayor, his police department, the FBI, the local MSM media, and the veracity of the news anchor’s story are at stake. Until that investigation is complete, we should all wait before jumping to opinions based on unproven allegations by anyone.

  24. First time/last time.

    Just days prior to the 2016 election, Trump paid Stormy Daniels $150,000 to NOT tell you he slept with her days after the birth of his son with his (current) wife.

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