Hockey tourney attendees urged to quarantine


The Anchorage Health Department says that a youth hockey tournament is where a cluster of COVID-19 cases has been identified.

Contact investigations indicate that the 2020 Termination Dust Invitational, held Oct. 2-4 at the Ben Boeke and Dempsey Anderson arenas, was attended by more than 300 players, coaches and fans, the city wrote.

Teams from Anchorage, Eagle River/Chugiak, Wasilla/Palmer, Kenai/Soldotna and Juneau participated in the tournament. Contact investigations indicate significant close contact in indoor spaces, including locker rooms, with inconsistent use of face coverings.

To avoid further spread of COVID-19, the Anchorage Health Department has advised all attendees without symptoms to quarantine at home for 14 days except to get tested. Additionally, AHD urges all attendees with COVID-19 symptoms to isolate from others at home for 10 days, except to get tested.


  1. I wonder what a “cluster” of cases means. Since 32 people hospitalized in the entire state means an emergency to some people, maybe 3 positive cases constitute a “cluster”…? And is anyone in the hospital, or even feeling poorly, from this “cluster” found at the tournament? Honestly, daily case counts and contract tracing just seem like so much hysteria-whipping. I know a few people who will use this “outbreak” as an excuse to “quarantine”, i.e. take a 10-day paid vacation. I wish people would just turn off their TVs (and Nixel) for a while and look around at what’s *really* happening here. (But don’t turn off MRAK, which is one of the only sources of truth besides your own eyes in this state!)

  2. “Advised” and “urged” is not an order for compliance. Time for people to start using their heads for something besides a hat rack and think for themselves. These kids are getting screwed over for ZERO good reason. Let the kids play while some adults run around with their hair on fire, revelling in their self importance. This is magnified by the ASD cancelling important events in kid’s lives and attempting to teach them to be fearful about life. State championships cancelled out of FEAR. Idiocy on display.

  3. So, a few people tested positive for the virus. How many of them are actually sick? Sick as in showing symptoms? As in being contagious?

    There is a huge difference between testing positive for this virus, and being a burden on the medical system. Despite the number of cases Statewide, we have had almost no burden on the hospitals. Were there ever more than 50 people in Anchorage hospitals with this virus at any time? Oh, and important point to make, how many of the hospitalized people were sent to the hospital BECAUSE of the virus? It is my understanding that when you get admitted to the hospital, they test you for the virus, regardless of the reason for your admission. Go in for a C-section, get tested for COVID.

  4. A “cluster” of Americans who’ve been routinely lied to, whose lives have been disrupted, whose economy has been ruined, whose Constitutional rights have been routinely violated by unelected government officials who benefit the most from unlimited funding, and unchecked, indefinite bureaucratic power
    … might be sufficiently fed up with government/media-sustained China flu hysteria to suggest, politely of course, that the “Anchorage Health Department” go to h… (whoops can we say that?).
    Hard to understand why anybody should believe the “Anchorage Health Department” about anything, much less China flu statistics when so much free money and political power is at stake
    … when bums and bum camps, models of proper pandemic behavior, infest the city unchecked.
    So, may we suggest, politely of course, that the Anchorage Health Department stuff their masks, social distancing, contact tracing, hysteria, and quarantine themselves from public contact at least until retirement
    …at which point productive Anchorage residents will marvel at the improvement in their economic, spiritual, and social lives.

  5. So far there have been 0 Juneau hockey participants (coaches or players) which have tested “positive”. Let that sink in…although they and about 200 other kids which didn’t travel lost ice time while the professionals panicked.

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