Join Suzanne Downing in Wasilla on Saturday


Will Republicans regain control of the House? Will Don Young win reelection for his 25th term in office? Is Al Gross a threat to Alaska’s economic future? Will voters be fooled by the “independent” label? What does it mean if absentee ballots don’t need a witness signature?

Must Read Alaska Editor Suzanne Downing is the guest speaker at the October meeting of the Association of Mature American Citizens on Saturday at 11 am., and she will dive into these topics and take questions.

The AMAC meeting location is the Wasilla Senior Center, 1301 S Century Circle, Wasilla.


  1. Just received a cold call heavily accented solicitor for Gross. IF I was inclined to vote for Gross I would certainly not vote for a politician who offshores his campaign.

    • AK Received the same call. After a period of hesitation, a heavily accented female voice stared talking about Al Gross. Told her right off I wasn’t interested amd hung up. In hindsight, mayne I should have let her ramble on.

    • That was last Saturday, Mike. You can view the talk I gave at our YouTube channel — just search for Must Read Alaska. Enjoy! – sd

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