Mandates tighten in Anchorage, while State workers will wear masks


Mayor Ethan Berkowitz tightened the reins in Anchorage with new rules for bars, restaurants, gyms, bingo halls, and more. Berkowitz is putting Anchorage’s economy back on ice by limiting the number of people that can be together in any commercial setting.

Starting Friday at 8 am, new restrictions will be imposed on Anchorage establishments, limiting the size of gatherings at indoor businesses.

Emergency Order EO-14 returns Anchorage to a modified version of Phase Two in the Safe Anchorage: Roadmap to Reopening the Municipality of Anchorage plan. It’s the mayor’s 14th emergency order, coming as the number of COVID-19 cases in the state surge and as hospitals in Anchorage begin to see beds filling up.

Meanwhile, State workers who are in communal areas where they cannot socially distance will be wearing masks, Gov. Dunleavy announced today.

“We want to continue to contribute to cutting down on possible spread,” he said. “And we want to do everything we can to keep our workers safe and those who come in to do business safe.”

He said that state workers are still working remotely, in many instances, and that would not apply to them, or to those who are working in enclosed offices.

But Gov. Dunleavy said that a statewide mandate on masks is not appropriate for Alaska. He used the example of the community of Hyder, which has not had a case of COVID-19.

It doesn’t make sense for Hyder to be under a statewide mask mandate. He said that most communities in Alaska are in that category of remoteness, while in the Railbelt communities, the local governments can target their mask mandates as appropriate. He asked Alaskans to not politicize the mask mandate issue, as some have done.

An additional death with COVID-19 occurred since yesterday, bringing the total to 19 since the outbreak reached Alaska in early March.

Another 92 cases were diagnosed in the past 24 hour reporting period, with 109 total having been hospitalized with COVID-19 since March, and 34 currently hospitalized, with one on a ventilator. There are 1,360 active cases in Alaska.


  1. According to the CDC a positive test result could be from the common cold. This is really getting old. I used to be able to say that I didn’t personally know someone who tested positive for Covid19. Truth be told… I now know one. He had a slight fever of 100.5°F for less than a day and a dry caugh for a week. You will be glad to know that he is fine now.

    • Hello Philip. Your assertion that a positive COVID could be caused by the common cold is missing important information. The cold will NOT cause a positive COVID test. An antibody test, given after infection, may. Antibody data is not used when reporting cases.

      • All businesses pay taxes starting from the filing process. Much like why we expect basic services such as police / fire etc. This cake has been baked tine immemorial.

      • That is not what the CDC website says. I wish that I could post a screen shot. If people where to investigate for themselves, they will see that. It’s the first paragraph under “What do your test results mean?”

        • Philip,
          It looks like the page you are talking about is the “Test for Past Infection (Antibody Test) “page.
          The page starts with “Antibody tests check your blood by looking for antibodies, which may tell you if you had a past infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. Antibodies are proteins that help fight off infections and can provide protection against getting that disease again (immunity). Antibodies are disease specific. For example, measles antibodies will protect you from getting measles if you are exposed to it again, but they won’t protect you from getting mumps if you are exposed to mumps.

          Except in instances in which viral testing is delayed, antibody tests should not be used to diagnose a current COVID-19 infection. An antibody test may not show if you have a current COVID-19 infection because it can take 1–3 weeks after infection for your body to make antibodies. To see if you are currently infected, you need a viral test. Viral tests identify the virus in samples from your respiratory system, such as a swab from the inside of your nose.”
          The part you are talking about says “If you test positive
          A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

          • My greater belief is that the whole Covid19 situation is way overblown. The damage to livelihoods, society and the lives lost as a direct result of this extreme mishandling, far outweigh any damages incurred by this piddly little virus.

        • “….If people where to investigate for themselves,…”

          Try explaining this to a gaggle
          of Karens pushing you out of a store with their shopping carts because you don’t have a mask on…

  2. Businesses should refuse to pay taxes until such time these mandates are gone and they can make money.

    • 1) Um, what taxes? Alaska has no state sales tax, nor does Anchorage.
      2) Businesses do not pay taxes. They collect sales tax on behalf of the government, if such taxes exist in that jurisdiction (see point 1). The only tax required of a business in AK is a $50 business tax, paid at the beginning of each year.

      • I think he is referring to property tax. In Anchorage, everyone pays through the nose for property tax. Steven never said state tax…..

        • Property tax on business inventories, equipment and assets. It’s not all real estate, those of us whom actually own business know this all too well.

      • Property tax on business inventories, equipment and assets. It’s not all real estate, those of us whom actually own a business know this all too well.

    • CDC May 2020: “In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in infuenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20; I = 30%, p = 0.25) (Figure 2).” and……
      “Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids (36). There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing infuenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza..”

      (Live link removed by moderator)

  3. Pathetic. Not wearing one and shopping where not required. What a bunch of sheep. Watch what happens when they start forcing mandatory vaccines, abolishing cash, etc. Its happening people – wake up before it is too late.

    Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

    • Like it or not, compulsory vaccines are well established law. Review Jacobson v Massachusetts circa 1905 where in the Supreme Court upheld the authority of the states to enforce compulsory vaccinations.
      If people took a little, little small measure of personal accountability then mandates aren’t needed. The people who do not take that small step towards personal accountability that are inviting big brother into their lives. I’m not sure why anyone would choose to force government upon themselves and their neighbors, but some do.

      • Even using the grossly exaggerated Covid numbers, one’s chance of surviving Covid right now in the U.S. is 99.96%. Is the forcible shutting down of businesses, shelter-in-place orders, closing public schools, forced face-masks and injections the new acceptable norm??? You call it “personal accountability” to comply and obey the shut-down of our economy, loss of liberty, and control over our own bodies. I say YOU are the useful idiot tyrants use to control the masses.

        • I’m not sure why you feel the need to call me an idiot, but since you can’t follow the point I am making I will spell it out for you.
          There are no orders or mandates to comply with or obey if there is no order or mandate made.

          If people actually took personal accountability, something that actual conservatives believe in, then big brother wouldn’t think they need to step in and protect the public from those who refuse to take that personal accountability.

          If you choose to not take any personal accountability then you are the reason mandates and orders will be or are put into place.
          Putting a handkerchief over your mouth isn’t taking personal accountability. Sitting next to strangers in a bar or restaurant isn’t taking personal accountability. Riding in a vehicle with with those outside of your household is not taking personal accountability.
          Wearing or not wearing a mask has nothing to do with your freedoms or your liberty, it has to do with the choices you make and nothing more.

  4. I have personal friends that filled out paperwork to get tested but ended up not getting tested at all. Guess what? They got a call telling them that they both tested positive – Bahaha!

    • Same here – 5 friends in TX filled out the forms to test, did not go because something came up & they couldn’t make it – all 5 were later informed their test was positive.

    • Yes I believe it. It’s those ones that are fools. Please be careful, look out for yourself.

  5. A virus so nasty and deadly that you have to be tested to even know that you “may” have it. The whole thing stinks of scam in order to radically change society.

      • Ignorant dummies! Convention cancelled! It may get worse before it gets better! Who here doesn’t have a license? For anything? How many dummies don’t wear a seat belt? Go work in a hospital where there are Covid-19 patients or if that isn’t enough imagine yourself on a ventilator and when it’s time to die hope and pray you have that stranger behind all that PPE holding your hand risking their lives otherwise you will die alone!
        If you can live with that thought You might as well drink the political Kool aid now! Why wait?

      • Agreed! Or make them volunteer in hospital! But maybe we wouldn’t want them near children,elders. The vulnerable population?

  6. Greg Forkner,
    Sir, wearing “masks” is like putting up a chain link fence around you to keep gnats away.

    • He’s drank the Kool aid big time. Don’t waste your time. This is all he does… He thinks everyone else should be responsible for his health. Sorry Greg. If you think you need a mask go for it. Stay out of my lane.

      • Shall I blow smoke in your face, blast my music into your ears, or drive MY car intoxicated while coming toward your car down the highway? What would you think then? Maybe it wasn’t Kool-Aid but rather a big glass of science.

        • Good analogy! But honestly you are intelligent & can’t argue with stupidity! They are too ignorant to even understand this simple fact!
          These ignorant fools are the reasons we have HAD to have the mandates put in place! And now because of these types of fools they are the very ones complaining about it! Go figure!

    • Typically it’s by executive order granted under emergency power authority that the legislature authorized for the Governor which is allowed by the State Constitution that the people authorized. For the mayor it’s also by executive order authorized by the assembly or council.

        • Your elected representatives seem to think it is an emergency, along with basically the rest of the world except maybe North Korea. All levels of government here and abroad have declared this global pandemic to be an emergency. Science tells us this global pandemic is an emergency.
          Some panic, some put their head in the sand, others listen to the available information and make rational decisions based upon that information. Good luck pretending this isn’t actually happening, because it is.

  7. Refuse to wear a mask! Tell the walmart/Fred Meyer/Safeway minion tbat you are unable to wear a mask. That ends it instantly.

    • And you will be the reason why mandates are put upon the people. If a business asks you to wear a mask on their private property what right are they taking away from you? What right do you have to be upon their private property? If you do not want a mask mandate, take it upon yourself and tell the government you don’t need to be told what to do because you have taken personal responsibility for yourself. You shouldn’t need government to tell you what do to but for some reason you seem to want them to mandate you to do it…weird dichotomy that.

      • And if a business owner does NOT ask you to wear a mask on their private property, what right are they taking away from others? If you feel safer wearing a mask, you are free to do so. Others take personal responsibility for themselves by choosing NOT to wear a mask based upon their own reasoning, not yours.

        • I’ve never claimed a business owner was taking anyone’s rights away due to wearing or not wearing a mask.

      • STEVE-O! Exactly that’s what these idiots don’t understand They are the very reason there are mandates & now they are mad – they are at fault!

  8. It seems that this Administration, not to say Dunleavy, has not learned anything from the real science surrounding this Virus. And by using the false science of increasing positives just be increasing testing, we are supposed to believe that a “second wave” is upon us ? Who is getting played here ? Science is not on the side of the restrictive mandates to prevent a Virus that has already moved thru the population. Schools should be re-opening, Businesses should have no restrictions, and gatherings of all sorts should resume. Masks should be rare and seen among those who should be home and recovering from an illness. There has always been more about this pandemic than a medical issue. The socio-economic impacts have been devastating to thousands here in Alaska already, and second wave of restrictions are now going into effect. Dunleavy has escaped his Recall by following the CDC guidelines… the guidelines designed to cripple Alaska, America and impose a new world order… The mask mandates aren’t about the virus any more, but about controlling the population with fear, avoidance, and oppression… It’s time to get woke !

  9. “…hospitals in Anchorage begin to see beds filling up”???
    Many of Alaska’s 1749 hospital beds (that number according to the state website) are in Anchorage. Just counting three big ones, Providence has 401 beds, Regional has 250, and the Native Medical Center has 173 more. At no time in this months-long drama have more than about half of Alaska’s available beds been filled, and never with more than a handful of covid patients.

    Today saw less than half of all beds occupied. Yet there is a grand total of 34 covid (and “suspected covid”) patients currently in hospital – those numbers have been hovering in the 20’s and low 30’s recently. That’s less than 5% of a total of 710 occupied beds – less than 2% of total available beds – and hardly can be construed as “filling up” the hospitals!

    So stop with the mask stupidity. Evidence that masks reduce the transmission of viral respiratory infections within community settings remains equivocal, at best, and there’s STILL no scientific supporting the use of masks by healthy individuals. After three weeks of the Mayor’s idiotic order, numbers of cases in Anchorage have only increased (but not so much in mask-free Mat-Su). So if you’re looking to drop those numbers, masks are not doing it. But trying to drop the numbers is a waste of time… as Mongo Like Candy pointed out, the huge majority have to be tested to even know they have it!

  10. When faced with a pandemic, people should be intelligent enough to figure out how to behave safely for themselves, family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and other members of the community. We have all been told many, many times the simple actions which seem to help: hand washing, distancing, and a mask. If you need the government to tell you that smoking is unhealthy before you quit, you’re just ignorant. If you need the government to tell you to wear a seat belt when driving, you’re a fool. If you need the government to tell you to wear a mask when you interact with strangers (like go to Carrs) you are an ignorant fool. If today you are still refusing to wear a mask regardless of the situation, you are a menace to our community. And don’t forget the words of our President: Suddenly it will just disappear, like a miracle, and the churches will be full on Easter. Let us pray.

    • Says you, People should be intelligent enough to figure out how to keep themselves and their family healthy, but if you don’t do what the all-knowing, all-benevolent government tells you to do, you’re a menace to society. Only government employees, and you apparently, are intelligent enough to figure out how others should keep themselves healthy.

    • We have been told many things many, many times by “experts” like the CDC that have been demonstrably false; just because something is repeated over and over does not make it true. In fact when a claim that is diametrically opposed to what the “experts” formerly claimed so authoritatively, is repeated with such intensity people and organizations that obviously DO NOT love us and DO NOT have our best interests at heart, we should look doubly hard at these claims.
      People who disagree you with are not necessarily ignorant fools; in fact many of us have spent many hours looking at the scientific evidence surrounding this national debacle, and at least some of us probably have far more scientific qualifications to comment on it than you do. The fact that we do not think in lockstep with governmental agencies does not indicate our ignorance, in fact perhaps the opposite.
      No, we don’t need the government to tell us to give up smoking or to wear a seatbelt or a mask, and honestly a seatbelt law is even less defensible than a mask law. America was not founded to be a nanny state where people are protected from their own life choices; it was founded precisely to give its citizens the freedom to make their own choices even when the government disagreed. If this was not the case, we would not have our history of Americans’ often risky innovation changing the world.
      Fortunately for many people, ignorance is not illegal yet; personal risk should not be, either. Living with the choices of others you disagree with is the price of freedom. And you have the freedom to wear a mask, or stay home, or choose not to patronize businesses which allow smoking, or don’t require masks. The rights of the rest of us do not stop at the (ever-expending) border of your fear.
      The alternative to this system of personal freedom and responsibility can be seen in the former Soviet Russia, Communist China, Iran and Iraq, or Venezuela, to name a few.

    • I agree with you Eric. Some of the comments on here are pretty shocking, though not surprising. Alaskan’s are here for their freedom and liberty and should never take it for granted.

      As a business owner experiencing both sides of the hotly political News-influenced aisle, it has been much easier to work with customers who respect and value the common sense policies we have in place to protect our at-risk community members than those who want to start a confrontation over the “rules” and be rude to our employees.

      A little bit of comradery, community and patience will put this situation to rest faster and with a lot fewer headaches and infirmed than if everyone keeps wanting to ignore or be confrontational about something we still don’t know enough about. Until we have a better way forward, then I’m of the mind to embrace social distancing and preventative policies where most effective.

      God bless everyone through this. A lot of good people of all walks are getting hurt, and I just want to help be part of bringing us closer to the goal of normal life sooner. We’re Alaskan’s, we can get through this together.

      • You seem to be earnestly wanting to improve an awful situation and I appreciate your gentleness and sincerity. Many of us want the same thing: to get back to normal life sooner. But we will *never* get back to that as long as people continue to go along with the exponentially-increasing invasion of our rights and privacy. People are so complacent that they do not even see how invasive these orders have become.

        There are already nations and cultures that demand face coverings (for one sex), ostensibly for their own safety. Many of us do NOT want to go there. I am sorry to hear that some mask objectors are rude and hard to handle in your business. I make a point of trying to be civil and rational when explaining my objections to the mask mandates. But perhaps the people who go along with mask mandates are easier to deal with because they are not fighting for their freedom.

        Be aware that masks on healthy people are not supported by science, and that it is a lie that we do not know much about this virus – a lie the CDC promotes to keep people in a state of panic. They keep changing the story, even though it makes them look incompetent, to keep people feeling scared and vulnerable, because scared and vulnerable people are very easy to control. Not only is there lots of information about SARS-CoV-2 available if you know how to find and read it, but as it turns out, this virus is NOT really all that “novel.” Recent research from the La Jolla Institute of Immunology (published May 2020 in the online journal “Cell”) used blood samples taken in 2015-2018 – up to FOUR YEARS PRIOR to this “pandemic” – and found that 40-60% of the individuals had specific T cells that attacked the protein surfaces of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus! (T cells are lymphocytes – white blood cells – that identify and attack microbial invaders.) So, many of our bodies, at least, do not consider this virus novel – it is familiar to our T-cells. Half of us may *already* have the ability to recognize and fight it, which might explain why most people do not even know they have it without a test. This similarity among the coronaviruses is also behind the CDC’s admission that “there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

        It would be easier if we could all just get along and live through this mess. But that is impossible as long as one group insists everyone else must comply with their opinions. Our country and its founding principles are under attack as never before, and lots of us recognize that those who would control us “never let a good crisis go to waste.” We can’t go along with the lie about masks because it is never a kindness to go along with any lie, even if it gives others a (false) sense of security.

        I join you in asking God’s blessings on all, and pray for an end to this strife.

    • Eric,

      I was with you until you said “If today you are still refusing to wear a mask regardless of the situation, you are a menace to our community” that’s just silly. There are many situations where a mask isn’t menacing to our community, not to mention it depends upon the mask being used. In many cases the masks people are using are causing more harm than not wearing masks.

  11. A weak-kneed RINO Governor who leads from behind the curve with no vision. We need a Governor like the one in South Dakota, strong, principled and with a vision.

  12. Are the limits in the Alaska state constitution still in place that lists the only powers granted the state for a guaranteed republican form of government. As the states and US constitution limits it’s power legally.

    Suggestions are not statutory laws set in place by the Alaskan legislature. How do you propose to fine or hold supposed violators accountable.
    Dunleavy and the mayor are in violation of U.S. and state Constitutions and yet the treasonous judicial systems are silent !!!

  13. If a city wants a mandate it can pass one. If the mayor or town council goes too far, vote them out or exercise your right to peaceful protest. If a store wants to require patrons to wear a mask, the patron can take their business elsewhere or comply. People can be treated like adults and make their own decisions. The state is wise to stay away from further all encompassing mandates.

    • In the meantime, the Alaskan economy is being destroyed, business owners are losing their businesses, future plans are out the window, liberties are lost, schools are closed, and we can all expect future arbitrary, draconian mandates based on falsified information to be the new norm. But hey, we can still vote (by trustworthy mail-in ballots) and peacefully protest. It’s all good!

      • You don’t like what Anchorage is doing, vote your mayor out. There is no statewide mask mandate and the limited shutdowns the state passed lasted only a couple weeks. The idea that a Gov Begich or Gov Walker would have been more inclined to defend personal liberty is beyond laughable. The governor is not passing more mandates, but he’s not there to save you from your mayor either. You guys elected him. If your city officials and pols have gone off the rails, it’s up to you guys to get new ones. Take your city back, but don’t go crying to the state because you guys elected these tyrants.

        • I agree… Conservatives seem to be out numbered here in Los Anchorage. There also is a shortage of qualified Conservatives that are available and/or willing to run for public office. My guess is that that majority of us are gainfully employed in the private sector and the annual earnings are not attractive to us. In order to run for public office, you must have a Personality Disorder. Which explains why so many self serving psychopaths choose “Public Service.” The one whom wants the power shouldn’t have it. Maybe we need to start recruiting Public Servants from retired folks? They would serve 1 or 2 terms and be done. They will paid a fair wage while they are in office, but now excessive retirement benefits.

          A personality disorder of excessive power strivings

          W Charny
          Affiliations expand
          PMID: 9175338


          None of the existing formal diagnostic categories in psychiatry today addresses adequately the issues of excessive power-seeking, corruption and destructiveness. Excessive power strivings both poison the personality of the individual who is obsessed in his spirit and mind with power and do unacceptable harm to other peoples’ lives. The present proposal of a diagnostic category of a Personality Disorder of Excessive Power Strivings is intended to fit into current diagnostic schema of DSM as well as into an earlier proposal (1) to examine in all psychopathology not only the burdens and damage people do and impose on their own selves and their own functioning, but also the harm they do to other peoples’ lives and functioning. The diagnosis is to be used when the individual displays prolonged and severe manifestations of the following listed criteria: The basic feature which is always present in this personality disorder is: 1. Intense and extensive power strivings. In addition, at least three other of the following characteristics should be present; 2. Lack of empathy for people, and indifference to the suffering of others; 3. “Street smart” alertness and remarkable cunning committed to seizing and expanding power; 4. Ruthlessness in cultivation of power; 5. Scapegoating and projection of blame on to targeted individuals or a group, an insistent need to identify certain others as lowly, worthless and intended victims; 6. Corruption by power and addiction to power; 7. Demands of other people to be dependent on one’s powerful personality, or that they become one’s obedient followers; 8. Emphasis on symbolisms of pure vs. impure, holy vs. infidel, chosen vs. condemned; 9. A basic disrespect for the lives of others evidenced in callous or indifferent exposure of others to undue risks; 10. An absence of conscience in contexts of self-interest and opportunity; 11. A homicide/suicide orientation.

  14. Chief Justice Roberts just delivered a stunning blow to Christian Conservatives (PRO LIFE) and ruled in favor of the butcher plant Planned Parent hood who stands for “my body, my life, my right.” Well guess what, COVID-19 Sheep — Governor and Mayor — you’re about to get hit with Federal lawsuit “My body, My life, My right.”

  15. Notice the wording, died or hospitalized WITH Covid-19, not “from” or “of” Covid. In order to increase panic, the Covid numbers are being grossly inflated. Does it matter how contagious Covid is if very few people are actually dying of it? Because hospitals are being paid more to code patients with Covid, if a patient is hospitalized because of a car accident and also has a cough and a fever, the hospital will give the patient an admitting diagnosis of Covid. Additionally, the CDC issued guidelines that anyone suspected of Covid should be listed as having Covid even if never confirmed with testing. At the same time, many hospitals, forced to limit elective procedures to stop the spread of Covid and save their hospital capacity, saw a drastic reduction in their revenue streams. Numerous doctors are complaining they are being pressured to put Covid first on death certificates. On the CDC, all Covid deaths are listed as “Involving Covid” not “Of Covid” because they are a guess! The government is lying to us and using falsified information to shut-down our economy and force people to give up their liberties. In reality, your risk of death from Covid is very low. Even using the greatly exaggerated death numbers, your chance of surviving right now from Covid is 99.96% in the U.S.

    • Great summary. Those who would control us “never let a good crisis go to waste” (especially if they can orchestrate the crisis).

    • Nicole. REALLY .. Oh maybe the Feds & AMA needs to investigate & INTERVIEW YOU! Since you know of a big schemes trying to go on!!!!
      where is your information from & where are the facts? WOW hospitals are being paid more if a patient is “hospitalized” for covid then car accidents or what ever you stated? How is that so? Hahah !!!! AND wow and you say something along the lines: NUMEROUS Doctors are being PRESSURED To put DEATH as COVID
      Who’s PRESSURING the doctors?!
      And what kind of doctor would be able to change the diagnosis from ? car accidents , fevers etc to FIRST COVID? I’m sure there’s full trail & I’m SURE All of the family that sees/gets the death certificate would find that “fraudulent Diagnosis” on the loved ones death certificate stated: Died if COVID & they knew this was not the case?! All because YOU say doctors are getting pressured to what ? Wouldn’t that be. Falsifying ! WHERE do you get such info,?!
      Your comments are prob the stupidest comments here!
      We ALL would be interested in your claims. This is BIG FRAUDULENT SCHEMES ! MAYBE THE FEDS & AMA NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE & start with YOU? Since you know so much & maybe this will stop! Lol your all so knowing aren’t you NICOLE?!?!

      • Hey there IFU,
        Your comments are straight out of the leftist playbook. If you don’t know the answers yourself, you are as aware as a marble. Calling other people stupid because you don’t agree and obviously don’t know what you’re talking about is kindergarten stuff.
        Let me give you a hint. CDC, AMA, big pharma, democrats and other assorted leftists (Bill Gates, don’t forget) are the ones ‘pressuring’ doctors to falsify death certificates. The hospitals get paid by the federal gov’t for wuhan v ‘related’ deaths. Around $300,000 per each for virus ‘related’. Less than a third of that for all other causes. The big ‘pandemic’. Haven’t you heard about that? You are promoting false information and blaming everyone with correct information and by doing that, are a de-facto leftist, in the least. Civil conversation begets.

  16. Refuse to wear a mask.
    Just as the heart attack and Influenza cases dropped this year magically by 60 -90%, Asthma cases, (the inability to wear a mask) need to “rise” 100 fold!

  17. I’m happy to see people are confronting the real ‘danger’, and that isn’t wuhan v. Leftist politicos, having had a taste of ‘power’ with the ‘con-demic’ craziness, will go to extraordinary lengths to keep it. The only thing that will slow or stop them is people taking action. Action doesn’t have to be violence. It can be words like are being written right here in this conversation. It can be genuine peaceful protests. It can be support for those on the front lines (conservatives), with words, donations or any support that has been lacking long enough for the leftists to take control. Our main defense is voting. Violence is the last resort, to be used only in defense of family, life, freedom, our State of Alaska and America. I hope it doesn’t come to that but don’t underestimate the opposition.
    Like when all this started here in January, I would encourage citizens to stock their pantries well, right now. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. If the ‘mostly peaceful’ rioters or BM’ers reach any port on the northwest coast, especially Seattle and/or Tacoma, the democrat fools won’t do a thing. Alaska will be hit hard and immediately with shortages of every commodity you can think of. Food, refined fuel, the most critical. We can always walk but food is a necessity. Our local farmers are ‘essential’.

    • There is no danger. You keep drinking the media koolaid. Yahoo even turned there comments off because there “virus panic” propaganda was being outed by huge numbers.

      • censor,
        Another leftist (you) bites the dust. Your mistruths and insinuations define nothing but your leftist propaganda.

  18. I will not eat my vegetables!! I will not eat my vegetables!! Whah whah whah…

    Now, stop your kicking and screaming, mask up, and act like responsible adults and citizens.

    Trump recommends them now, so you’re all in the clear.


  19. I only take medical advice from a man that destroyed his hearing by abusing opiods and is dying from lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking. I’m smaht. Baaaaaaah.
    Turning every issue into a pro or anti Trump weapon is stupid.

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