Sean Parnell, Jim Dodson, Gail Schubert, Julianne Curry named campaign chairs for Sen. Dan Sullivan


Alaskans for Dan Sullivan has announced four Alaskans are the Statewide Campaign Co-Chairs for U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan’s 2020 re-election campaign: Former Gov. Sean Parnell of Palmer, Gail Schubert of Nome, Jim Dodson of Fairbanks, and Julianne Curry of Petersburg.

“It’s an honor to have the support of these accomplished Alaskan leaders; each of whom bring significant knowledge, experience and wisdom to our campaign team,” Sullivan said.

“This is a co-chair team with a demonstrated track record for advancing Alaska’s best interests, and their leadership and thorough understanding of our state will be invaluable as we work together with Alaskans to build a stronger, more resilient state,” he said.

The co-chairs represent a diverse group of Alaskan leaders, with political, geographic, cultural and professional backgrounds.

Sullivan 2020 Campaign Co-Chairs will serve in key advisory and surrogate roles as the Sullivan campaign continues to expand and strengthen its grassroot networks across the state.

Sullivan is running for the second time after being a first-time candidate for any elected seat in 2014, and winning against incumbent Sen. Mark Begich, a Democrat.

Schubert is CEO of Bering Straits Native Corporation, Dodson is CEO of Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation, and Julianne Curry is a fourth-generation Alaska fisherman and commercial fisheries advocate.


  1. These individuals are quality appointments that will ensure the reelection of Senator Sullivan who has done an excellent job of representing Alaskan families in Washington!

  2. Did Gross ever come out and denounce his supporters who threw a caribou heart at Sullivan?

      • No, Gross never separated himself from his bloody protestors who assaulted Sullivan and his wife. Gross is a coward for sure. But he won’t get the majority of Native votes. Sullivan’s wife IS Native.

  3. Jim Dodson was involved in the recall Dunleavy group. He’s a union guy from what I’ve seen around Fairbanks. Gail Schubert is rural raised native and current CEO of Bering Straits Native Corp. Kinda surprised to see them in a Republican group!

  4. Got my Sullivan yard sign up yesterday.

    The Caribou Cardiologist won’t disavow nuttin!!
    “Doctor”, my eye!

  5. I would like to see Senator Sullivan be a bit more active in dismantling the Deep State in DC. Unfortunately, he went to college and law school with many of the really bad actors, so is unlikely to do very much. A note to the Senator: The mostly hard-working, honest and yes, unsophisticated folks here in Alaska are some of the people most victimized by Deep State nonsense and careerism. Please be a leader to put the dishonesty and exploitation of the Deep State to an end.

  6. One is Elijah Cummings, the other is John Lewis. What a knucklehead. Total disaster for Alaskans. Shameful

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