Mandates: Anchorage quarantine rules are tighter than state’s travel mandates



Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz signed Emergency Order EO-11 on Friday, which mandates a 14-day quarantine for travelers coming into Anchorage from out of state, if they have not met testing requirements prior to their arrival. This mandate is the same as the State of Alaska health mandate for travelers from out of state.

But there’s more to the Anchorage mandates, going above and beyond the state requirements:

Those who have negative COVID-19 tests before arriving in Anchorage must still minimize their contact with others. Unlike the full-quarantine class of travelers, they will be allowed to “recreate outside, use curbside delivery, and take-out but may not dine in at restaurants, or visit indoor attractions like museums, theaters, and gyms that would involve heightened contact with other people.”

Those restrictions on incoming travelers would be lifted if the travelers receive a second negative test administered at least seven days after arrival in Anchorage.

The practical effect of the Berkowitz quarantine is that all travelers from out of state will essentially be in either a strict or semi-quarantine for about seven days upon arrival.

“All individuals arriving in Anchorage from out of state must inform their hotel, rental lodging host, and/or roommates of their quarantine status or whether they are required to minimize in-person interactions. Businesses may refuse to serve people who are in quarantine or minimal-interaction status. Any traveler who receives a positive COVID-19 test result must isolate at their own expense,” the mayor’s order says.

It is unclear if this means that renters must inform their landlords as to their quarantine status, or if the quarantine notification only applies to temporary lodging and roommates.

At a press conference on Friday, Berkowitz said that the public can expect Anchorage to remain in this phase for a long period, since COVID-19 is not going to just disappear. He likened it to living in “bear country,” where people must have a heightened awareness about their surroundings. In this case, they need to keep to the protocols of face masks, hygiene, and social distancing as a new way of life, he said.

Berkowitz also warned air carriers to counsel their crew members to respect Anchorage emergency orders.

He said he had heard of more than one instance where cargo crew members were not respecting the distancing rules and were putting food service workers at risk.

“It has come to my attention that some of the restaurants, particularly in downtown, have had uncomfortable experiences with cargo crew engaging in, let’s just say, too much revelry and with too many people,” Berkowitz said.

Berkowitz said he support the Black Lives Matters protests during the pandemic and said that protesters are risking their lives for something they believe in. “I am very supportive of them. I want them to be peaceful. I want them to be safe. We can protest for social justice and maintain social distancing at the same time,” Berkowitz said, adding that he intends to take part in some of the protests.


  1. The gov needs to come down on Bernie. He’s trying to convert ANC into Cali and looks what’s happened there. If he wanted to kill the tourist season in ANC *for the foreseeable* future, he is doing a good job of it. Why are the folks there laying down and taking it? I just don’t get it. Would like to see him try to enforce this, as well- is he going to have paid snitches and use the cops as his personal goons? What does the police force think about this?

    • The governor is just as bad. He’s walking the liberal party line and basing all his decisions on outdated and wrong information given him by liberals.

      • I couldn’t disagree more. This governor isn’t just for school choice, when he was a legislator he got legislation passed that gave us more money for school choice and he ran the central school in wasilla (essentially a home school/school choice program). He took money from the judiciary because he didn’t want state government funding abortions. He’s being recalled because he made smart budget cuts, and he’s fighting to keep government from seizing your personal property (the PFD). He also put forth proposed amendments to the constitution that included a balanced budget amendment, enshrining the PFD, and making sure a vote of the people had to be done before any new taxes could be levied. He also has time and time again, been pro business, pro resource development, and had stood up to the PEUs.

        Now, with regards to the Wuhan crisis, you may think he listened to too many “so called” experts, and I might agree. Howevwe, given the unique situation of rural Alaska, and the fact he had the information at the time predicting catastrophic consequences I’m willing to cut him some slack. But to say this guy, who is demonstrably the most conservative governor we have had in the last 30 years, is “walking the liberal line” is beyond ludicrous. It’s a patently false statement. It’s either totally disingenuous or just not very well thought out.

      • Or they own him.

        Not too long ago his wife had a collision and killed an Alaska Native guy.

        Wouldnt look all that good to be as Avant Garde as Berkie and have minority blood and a half-hearted police investigation in your closet would it?

    • The mayor is a fool he left Downtown to suffer and fall apart before covid and now no one is going to Alaska or wants too what a total moron !

    • Funny, and well said- but I don’t even think this comment is satire anymore. Had we a (D) in the Govs mansion, I think that would absolutely be the case. I keep waiting for Hawai’i to release such a statement..

  2. As I have requested on another thread: If the current Mayor sincerely believes in progressive community transformation, he should immediately propose a forty percent cut to the budget of the Anchorage Police Department. No excuses; no delays.

    • Sure defund the police that serve and protect your community. Hope you have a gun and plenty of ammunition to protect yourself in case someone tries to murder, rape or rob you blind because with no police you are on your own. Furthermore, if you are anti-gun, then don’t expect those of us who believe in guns to protect you when you are begging for the police or someone to assist you when you thought it was a good idea to defund police and take away people’s rights to protect themselves.

  3. I would really like to hear how he thinks he will be policing the rules. Some will follow but not others. And I kind of lean toward the idea that the State trumps the city. But always like to hear what others think or propose.

    • How about simply “no”?
      Back “no” up with demands for jury trials and jury nullfication.
      Problem solved.

  4. This is all part of the new norm in Amerika…government lockdowns leading to required facial coverings and limited travel for all citizens.
    No more outdoor concerts or large gatherings allowed by “the state” why millions of people protest police brutality arm in arm across the globe??
    I don’t know about you, but if anyone sees conservative leadership that respects citizens rights, please let me know because all I am seeing are puppets on both sides of the aisle speaking gibberish about “keeping us safe” while a hundred traditions are lost in the U.S.??

  5. Just ignore it, what are they gonna do? Answer nothing, because it’s completely illegal and unconstitutional.

  6. We need someone to be issued a citation charging the misdemeanor that Berkowitz claims will be the offense. And then fight it in Court. My guess is that it is unenforceable and would be thrown out. Berky knows it as does the City Attorney and that is why there are no citations and no enforcement.

    • Who is paying for the second test? Is DHHS going to offer them? I just came home with a negative test result within the 72 hour time limit. No one set up at the airport knows anything about these 2nd tests

      • The Anchorage cops won’t be enforcing Little Berkie’s unlawful mandates because they know they aren’t going to pass constitutional muster. Don’t worry folks – live your lives and don’t let the Socialists like him and those who keep organizing these “Black Lives Matter/George Soros” protests\riots destroy what’s left of our beautiful country. I’m so happy there are sane people left – at least in Alaska- because you would not know it from watching the news!

  7. Not sure which group of Cargo Pilots that little Berky is referring or to which establishment. In my experience, Darwin’s Theory has always been a watering hole for Freight Dogs. I have spent many an evening listening to stories of their exploits down at Darwins.
    Why do little socialist despots always want to spoil the fun?

  8. The Mayor is fully supported by 10 of the 11 Assembly Members. Anchorage’s new way of life is very important for the Mayor, remember You have to be safe before You can be free. The Lawless are safe , therefore free. Wear your mask, wash your hands, stay home and You are not free after midnight.
    Protest on Mayor!

  9. The little mayor is only supportive of people “risking their lives for something they believe in,” as long as they are leftist causes. It’s ok if people aren’t “social distancing”, because they are so brave, oh my! Freedom of movement for the rest of us is strictly forbidden, however, those days are gone. No more fun for flight dogs, etc., and always be aware that the little mayor’s snitches are everywhere! Berkowitz is obviously enjoying his current reign of power and has made it clear that he wants the social distancing, face masks, quarantines, etc., to be our new normal.

  10. Stay on the plane and continue to Fairbanks!
    Commies support ‘phony commie front group’….lives matter’

    If you are flying not Alaska, skip Los Anchorage (“nothing to see” there anyway’), and come to Fairbanks.

  11. Little E should keep it up. He’s doing great for towns/cities outside Anchorage. The Seward Highway is crowded with Anchorage citizens fleeing the BS. The more he keeps the ridiculous policies of his in force, the better it is for all the outlying communities. Anchorage businesses must be feeling the heat. Many Alaskans refuse to go to Anchorage for any reason.
    Getting your money’s worth yet, Anchorage? More reasons to remember in November.

  12. The most peaceful and effective protest is group non-compliance.
    That being said, in the meantime, support local businesses as best you can.

  13. Gov. Dunleavy, Mayor Berkowitz:

    Are the limits in the Alaska state constitution still in place that lists the only powers granted the state for a guaranteed republican form of government. As the states and US constitution limits it’s power legally.

    Suggestions are not statutory laws set in place by the Alaskan legislature. How do you propose to fine or hold supposed violators accountable.

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