D-Day: When America understood fascism — and fought for a righteous cause


The anniversary of D-Day reminds us that 76 years ago, America fought fascism, landing on the shores of Normandy, France, to beat back the aggressive German fascist forces who were invading neighboring countries, killing Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and disabled people.

America was on a righteous cause to save the world from the Nazis — from Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco.

Today, patriotic Americans are verbally assaulted by the radical Left, which is calling the president and those support him fascists.

This is another aspect of the “cancel culture” tactic to make him toxic in the minds of voters. The Left is now comparing President Trump to Hitler — a man who laid waste to the lives of millions of non-Aryan people, primarily Jews, for whom he harbored a special hatred.

Fascism is not a specific thing, historians say, but a collection of actions informed by beliefs.

Wikipedia calls fascism “a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.”

Definitions for fascism historically have been all over the map, but none of the definitions have any resemblance to President Donald Trump or his millions of supporters.

Trump, before he became president, was not considered at all a “fascist” by the Left. He was rather mainstream, giving equally to Democrats as he did to Republican candidates. He was a clever New York businessman with an eye for pretty European women.

The conservatives on the Right didn’t particularly care for him back then. Trump lived a little too fast, and was a bit too crass for them. They were not at all sure about his stance on the Second Amendment or whether he truly would support an unborn baby’s right to life.

But, as he talked to the nation throughout 2016, his message of economic growth and freedom from Chinese economic threats resonated. He convinced enough Americans that he would protect our borders.

Americans in 2016 wanted jobs back. Trump brought them back from overseas. Americans wanted the unrelenting flow of illegals across the southern border stopped. Trump promised to build a wall. Americans wanted less regulation, lower taxes, and energy independence. Trump wanted those things too.

Trump said he would drain the swamp of the ruling class in Washington, D.C. And Americans thought he was the one to do it, if anyone could. He was not one of them; but an outsider. They gave him the right to try. Most of all, he was not Hillary Clinton, and that pulled him over the finish line in 2016.

But the playbook of Saul Alinsky has been at work to destroy him since the day he won.

First came the vagina-hat women and the “nasty women,” and the women’s marches, even on Inauguration Day.

The movie stars raged on stage about how fascistic Trump was. The Democrat women of the House and Senate wore all white when they sat and sneered at Trump’s State of the Union remarks. Other women stood around protest sites in costumes straight from The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, to show how horribly oppressed women are in our era.

Antifa got its legs under it during the Trump years. The drumbeat that “the president is a fascist” began at the fringes of the movement, and wasn’t taken seriously until it became the mantra for the socialist movement that is now the Democratic Party.

The women’s marches began with the heaping of hate on the president — in 2017, 2018, and 2019, only fizzling out in 2020 when the pandemic and the election cycle coincided to send women to the world of Zoom with everyone else.

Celebrities like Colin Kapaernick jumped in, and pretty soon the Betsy Ross flag was as racist as the Confederate battle flag.

Then, came the neck on the knee of George Floyd, and police brutality captured for all the world to see. It was horrific, a display of sadism that cannot be excused.

The pent-up tensions in the black community, combined with sudden joblessness due to disease-fearing shutdowns and an unfurling economic crisis were the kindling. The brutal murder of George Floyd was the match.

At the same time, the phrase “fascist” had become a synonym for a Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat. In Fairbanks, a man was told to never come back to a coffee stand because of the MAGA hat he proudly wore. No shirt. No shoes. No fascists.

But long ago, America really knew what fascism was, stared it in the face, and killed it dead. This day in 1944, our young men stormed the beaches, with wave after wave of soldier dying in the surf, turning the sea red with their blood, so that the Allies could liberate the oppressed and put an end to the genocide in the Nazi concentration camps.

We cheapen the concept of fascism when we apply it to a lawfully elected president who has simply sought to govern in the way that he believes is best — a way to Make America Great Again.

Making the phrase “MAGA” into some kind of code language for fascism takes us down a dangerous road. While it’s not likely that the Left will tamp down the “fascist” rhetoric, they are sowing seeds that dishonor the hundreds of thousands of Americans who actually laid down their lives to create a free world and dismantle true fascism.


  1. Thanks Susan for taking the time to pen this piece….it may often sound like main stream media has its knee on our necks but there are millions of God Fearing Americans out there happy folks like you are still at bat for us….

  2. When do the tactics of the Left define them as an unreasoning force bent on destroying America ? Because they are out there attempting to do just that. They are not “liberals” concerned with freedom, but with another type of social order, called socialism by some. They are fueled by the mainstream media and are more of a threat to our liberty than those on the far right, who will fight to defend our Constitutional Rights… Label wielding leftists have called anyone who supports our President as a racist … Now the epitaph of “fascist” is also being applied… Our nation cannot survive this kind of political divide. And that divide is being fueled by the mainstream media… Who are the fascists of today ? They occupy the far Left…

    Good piece by the way…

  3. I remember the day we received the news the Americans landed in Normandy.

    I was born and grew up in Holland during the Nazi occupation. Days/nights I spent in the cellar during the American attacks when they flew over our village to bomb Hamburg and Bremen.

    And when the news came of the landing in Normandy I can tell you all this was the relief we all been waiting for.

    This great country the USA was where I wanted to go with my family.

    After serving as a civilian in Turkey for the USA air Force I arrived in Anchorage in 1967 with my family.

    It is with sadness that I am witnessing the change for the worse that is taken place in this greatest country in the world. The actions taken place in our great cities is the result of fascism and Democrats; fight for power and making this great country into a third rate state thanks to the power-hungry politicians.

    The greatest President we have is fighting the corruption and false accusations. This is the greatest country in the world and hopefully our present President will be capable to bring some sanity back in America.

    • A quote from the Bible~~” A city divided against itself cannot stand.”Neither can a country divided against itself !!! I fear for our great country ! I simply cannot understand people who live here , and are enjoying the freedom, and all the other benefits of living in the United States of America, and who want to change it !!!

  4. Thank you Suzanne, a quick primer on the values we have fought and died for, and a brief discounting of the non values that are being exhibited by our sick society today! Truly we should all be supporting the actions of our President in his valiant attempt to restore America to the glorious stature that she represents in her history. You are such a blessing to our cause and our country.

  5. Susan thank you for writing the truth once again. I am hoping with tonight’s news I here some mention even one line about D-Day. The human costs to the World and so many people.

    Unfortunately I watched KTUU, KTVA, News ON NY, Newsy, and FOX News from 6 am to 11:45 and not a mention or picture concerning D-Day did I hear. If I spaced out and it was actually covered I apologize.

    My father served at Pearl Harbor, Hickman Field before and after the bombing and the entire war in the Pacific Theater. He was one that God smiled on and he came home at the end of the war in the Pacific. I am one of the first baby boomers born Nov 1946. This day always makes me moody and thoughtful and a little happy and sad at the same time. He died at 57 of Cancer many years ago when I was serving with the Army in Europe. I retired after 25 years serving my Country in the Army and I salute the memory of every person who served during WW II and their families.

    Concerning our President:

    No President and their family in our history has been tormented, abused and criticized by the media, the other party or their own party as much as President Trump. You are right on that most of us voted for him because he wasn’t a politician and he said he would do things we wanted.

    Regardless of the opposition he has tried to do everything he promised and more. The swamp dwellers in both parties are determined to see he is not re-elected. George Bush recently formed a PAC of his cronies to support Biden for President. The GOP will try to sabotage him as much as the Socialist as demonstrated by our own turncoat Lisa Murkowski.

    Every supporter must work for our President’s re-election, and also Sen Sullivan and Rep Don Young in 150 days. Two years from now we must send Lisa Murkowski to the unemployment line and elect a real conservative Republican to help President Trump.

    • Thank you , Phil, a great post. Thank you for serving our great country. I am a Navy vet and served also, and I agree with everything you have said. We must do all we can to re-elect President Trump. Unless he is re-elected, I son’t see much hope for America.Also , thank you, Suzanne, for your publication.

  6. Just another great reminder that America needs Dwight D Eisenhower. Not Donald J Trump. Those two couldn’t be any more different if they tried are we are all the worse for it. Not Antifa. Not Trump. Anybody like Eisenhower in ’20.

  7. Fascism as an economic system is a form of national socialism. The “antifa” thugs support national socialism. Thus, the real fascists are the ones calling themselves “anti-fascist.”

  8. Actually, all fascist coutries have tended to center around a common economic philosophy.

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  9. Suzanne, you were able to artistically and masterfully compress your thoughts into an inspiring article. You have correctly pointed out that one of the most forceful drivers against Donald Trump are the radical Left-wing women. They are some of the meanest, most hateful of all the pressure groups.

    The pure irony of their actions is that they are unrelenting hypocrites when defending Democrat male politicians. They are so painfully obvious in their partisanship that we can predict virtually ever outcome. This is one of the reasons I never vote Democrat.

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