MailChimp admits mistake on Must Read Alaska content, but MRAK already pulled the plug on the bad boys of bulk email


The bulk email provider MailChimp on Monday admitted to Must Read Alaska that it had erred in suspending the political newsletter’s account.

On Friday, MailChimp notified MRAK that the Alaska newsletter was suspended and the Friday newsletter would not be sent to the 12,000 current subscribers. The company did not respond to our questions about what content had offended MailChimp, which has recently been sold to Intuit.

On Monday, MailChimp wrote a response that its provider, Omnivore, had discovered content in the Friday newsletter that was deemed harmful. MailChimp did not say what content had triggered the suspension but said upon human review, it was a mistake.

That was too late for Must Read Alaska. Editor Suzanne Downing had already switched to a different provider on Friday afternoon and published the Friday newsletter on the Constant Contact platform.

Must Read Alaska has been publishing a newsletter for Alaskans since April of 2015.


  1. For conservative digital content providers this is a great opportunity. I will vote with my pocketbook by patronizing those businesses with my values! Please do the same.

  2. This is a good lesson about moving on in an age while big business owners and social media users act like abusers to isolate, cancel, dox, and shun their targets. Like a truly free person you forgive, you move on evenwhile the abuser aplogizes to hold the power, you continue moving on. Abusers just have to demonstrate their behavior had changed over time before former partners can trust them.

  3. Excellent job MRAK! Fire all Lefty Big Tech censorious tyrants and their acolytes. Your swift retribution will help send the message and put them out of business as they try to put yours out!

  4. Thank you, Suzanne, for persevering over MailChimp’s censorship. Free Speech is a great Constitutional Right that Americans enjoy. Censorship is not a “Right” and sucks when institutions engage in it.

  5. I would suggest that dealing with a firm that begins correspondence with “Hey Suzanne…” is a bad idea. Good riddance.

  6. Another reason why MRAK is the most popular political news in Alaska, and read by all elected officials statewide.

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