Anchorage searches for superintendent who believes the school district is a racist institution



The Anchorage School District is in the process of selecting a new superintendent to replace retiring Superintendent Deena Bishop.  The selection will impact the Anchorage community and students for the next few years. 

The superintendent sets the tone and helps the board set the policy priorities that will impact our students and parents.  Will the new superintendent emphasize best practices to improve student achievement? Or will that superintendent emphasize the dog-whistle diversion of diversity, inclusion, and equity?

The district has selected Ray & Associates, Inc. to help manage the selection process.  This firm was used in the past to select the current superintendent as well as the MatSu Borough and Juneau superintendents.  This was a sole source contract, which is permissible under ASD Board policy.

Ray & Associates has provided the district with a list of 31 qualities/characteristics that a superintendent should have.

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Two of these qualities are, “Has a strong moral compass that is rooted in justice and equality” and “Is able to lead district diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.” This is a direct reference to Critical Race Theory and its tenets.

The contract has an entire page devoted to “Inclusion, Equity and Elimination of Institutional Racism.”  

The contract’s exact wording on this topic is:

“We recognize social injustice, systemic racism, socio-economic limitations and the disparities associated with the identification and placement of school district leadership personnel. Furthermore, this recognition has not only guided our recruitment and placement of school district leaders, it directly impacts our recruitment and selection of our search Associates and national office personnel.”

This is the only section of the contract that is bolded. These appear to be the most important criteria for selection. Note that the firm will use these criteria to “guide our recruitment and placement of school district leaders”. 

Ray & Associates continues with “We will recognize systemic racism as an equity problem for children’s access to a fair, thorough and effective public education.”

Believing “systemic racism” exists in our schools is apparently one of the most important qualities for the new superintendent.

Is that what the parents, teachers, and Anchorage citizens want? Are these the criteria most important to you in the education of your children?  

You can make a difference by voicing your opinions to the ASD Board. The Board is having virtual townhalls to get citizens’ input.  Here are the virtual townhalls:

Tuesday, January 25, noon -1:00 pm.

Thursday, January 27, 6-7 pm.

Click this link to join the webinar.

Webinar ID: 923 1591 8124,  Passcode: 117790

You can also contact all the Anchorage School Board members by emailing them: [email protected]

Parents and grandparents can let the school board know what it thinks about the Critical Race Theory priorities in the selection process.


  1. Maybe instead of race baiting they can maybe concentrate on the children! I hope all parents in Anchorage bombard them with calls and letters because this, is exactly why people are sick of the school system. It is corrupt, out of touch and not about the kids at all anymore. They are more concerned with politics and the leftist agenda… Disgusting!

  2. This article makes me wonder if David Boyle knows what critical race theory is. It is an academic subject, and it is not taught in Anchorage schools. What is taught in Anchorage schools is know as history.
    Certainly race is an issue in a school district as diverse as that of Anchorage. To deny it and teach a revisionist brand of history is doing all of us a disservice.
    As a nation, we need to acknowledge that bigotry and racism are a part of our history. If you doubt that, look back on how, Mr. Boyle, the Irish were treated when they first arrived on our shores. Now, it seems some of them want revenge. I hope that is not the case, mostly because it won’t end well, and I’m part Irish, like I imagine you are, Mr. Boyle.

    • Homo E, I am 100% American. My ancestors were Irish and left Ireland due to religious persecution for a more free life from British subjugation. CRT may not itself be taught in name. But the tenets are being taught, in language arts, math and social studies. The ASD has even listed the CRT books, including one on White Fragility, in the EO department. But those have now been removed from the listing. BTW, what do you think of the intent of the contractor to use diversity, inclusion and equity as criteria to find a new superintendent for ASD? The contractor also states that it will use systemic racism as a guide to recruit and place school district leaders. Is that more important than teaching kids how to read?

    • Your comment makes me wonder if you know what Critical Race Theory really is. In fact, your comment proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have any idea what it really is.
      The most important word in CRT is not Race, it is Critical. The process requires someone to strictly focus their analysis/discussion of any topic to things that are not ideal, the drawbacks, never the benefits. It is not critiquing the system, it is criticizing the system.
      CRT creates a mindset that racism is significantly worse than it really is because it refuses to acknowledge any benefits people of color enjoy from living in the United States. The reason why the term “systemic racism” was created is because real, honest to god, racism has been diminishing over the last 50 years. But, if you are critical enough in your thinking, you can find it. (Math is racist? Seriously? You have to be an idiot to think that)
      Critical [anything] theory was pushed by Karl Marx as a way to subvert any faith in socio/political/economics systems. Marx knew that socialism will never work unless he could get the people to strictly focus on what is not OK with the system, ignoring any benefits they system may provide. Capitalism is bad because some people get richer than others… all the while ignoring the benefits even the poorest in the nation receive is a perfect example. Tax cuts are bad because the rich will see a larger dollar amount reduction than the poor do, even though the poor see a higher percentage increase in take home pay is a better example.
      Your belief that CRT is about history is absolutely not based in reality.

      • It would be easier and more honest for all, if leftists would just admit that if they are defending CRT and the 1619 project, etc, they hate America, and are most likely racist. It’s perfectly fine for them to hold those opinions, however unreasonable, unsubstantiated and downright silly, because, the founders of the country they loathe so much, created a system protecting the rights of those who had obnoxious and offensive things to say, let alone think. Here’s to offensive and obnoxious speech, and more power to those who engage in it, preferably when spoken to those in power…

        But making tax payers pay for a curriculum that teaches American kids to hate America, or identify themselves and their classmates on something so superficial and out of their control as race or skin color?

        No thanks.

        • I am not so sure they “hate” America, but I am 100% sure they act and think like lazy toddlers. It is always easier to destroy, than to create.
          Not a single person alive does not enjoy a good bitch and moan session. The leftists have elevated that to their reason for existing. Systemic/instutionalized racism? Seriously? If the USA was such a racist country, why do you have to create a BS form of racism? There should be plenty of real racist actions to point to. (And, please stop making them up. No one believes you.)

        • I am curious where H.E. disappeared to. Normally, they are ready with a reply almost instantly.
          Gee, I wonder if my comment made him actually think and examine his blind support of everything leftist.
          Nah… doubt it.

  3. You gotta define critical race theory, David. This isn’t CRT. If you’re going to freak out about the mere mention of racism in our society, you should probably explain why you’re offended by it. No one is calling you racist, but if you’re going to be offended by the mere mention of it, you should explain why.

    • I am not offended by the “mere mention” of racism. But good racism should not replace bad racism. I have walked out of eating establishments in the South (1970s) when my Black NCO could not enter. My father was the only businessman in our city who would give Blacks credit to purchase. I have had Black roommates in college. And my son is an Hispanic. I practice what I preach. And the tenets of CRT are being taught to our children in ASD schools.

      • You were fortunate. In the 1960s, as a native American, going to school and a predominantly black School district around Kansas City, I had to wear my heavy winter coat through the end of May to soften the daily blows I received in the arms and chops to the back of the neck from black kids while the scared white teachers looked the other way. Yes, I have experienced racism reverse racism you might say.

    • As a Native American, I am offended by the constant barrage of it, not the mere mention of it, and this sounds like more of the same. The nation’s reaction to such things have, in effect, erased Native American heritage from products, sports names, etc. Seems to me they’re just making us vanish.

      • My son is half Native American. Politicians don’t even bother with Native Americans because they’re too small of a voting block. The smallest in the USA.
        Further that small block for some reason always votes 90% Democrat, no matter what. Democrats take Native Americans and African Americans for granted, and I can see why. Both groups blindly vote Democrat every 2 years.
        I find it puzzling why People keep voting for the same party in every election over and over and over when they are not happy with them.

    • Whether you name it as CRT or not is meaningless.
      The outcome is the same.
      Critical [anything] theory focuses strictly on the negatives of a system. It is critical of the system. It knowingly and deliberately ignores any good aspects of the system.
      Equity is the demon child of critical theory. It is the belief that outcomes must be equal, regardless of effort. If a child (of color) does not do as well in math as a white kid, obviously it is because of skin color, not because that child did not put in the work required.
      Whether you call it CRT, or DIE (diversity, inclusion, and equity), it is the inevitable result of critical theory.
      Arguing over the use of a word is diversionary. It muddies the discussion, and prevents arrival at a practical solution.

  4. “We recognize social injustice, systemic racism, socio-economic limitations and the disparities associated with the identification and placement of school district leadership personnel. Furthermore, this recognition has not only guided our recruitment and placement of school district leaders, it directly impacts our recruitment and selection of our search Associates and national office personnel.”
    That ought to bring the grades up.

  5. Qualifications for new Superintendent:
    1. Woke.
    2. BLM sensitive.
    3. Quadruple vaxxed
    4. Never Trumper.
    5. Full-on Democrat.
    6. Non-binary sensitive.
    7. Masked.
    Second interview candidates:
    1. Transexuals.
    2. Homosexuals.
    3. Lesbians.
    4. Atheists.
    Third interview candidates:
    1. Soft porn in school libraries.
    2. Be able to yell and scream at Dave Donley.
    3. Lisa Murkowski supporter.
    4. Cancel school when ordered by teacher’s union.

  6. Never forget. The single most important vote anyone can cast is school board.
    Public indoctrination (er, education) is the breeding ground for every stupid ill that plagues America.

  7. Everyone acts a accordingly to what are their preferences and predjudices and favoritisms. Why we all need christ. Even me. If i had my way no democrat can work beyond a menial job. Thats how the world thinks without christ. The world lives unrepetent to its favortisms.

  8. “We recognize social injustice, systemic racism, socio-economic limitations and the disparities associated with the identification and placement of school district leadership personnel.”
    In other words:
    What you are is more important than what you do, what you have accomplished, and what you can accomplish.
    What could go wrong?

  9. Obviously the Anchorage School District IS a racist institution, as long as they keep trying to push Marxist racial division and Marxist so-called “critical race theory”, whether by that name or by guile.

  10. Face reality. This is NOT about education. It’s about indoctrinating YOUR children to be subservient little serfs.

    You could change that at the ballot box – but do you care enough to work hard enough?

  11. Holy Rosary Academy.
    $40 a day. No ASD. No masks.
    Good orderly direction.
    I don’t give a rip about this cast of Wacko’s. Yes I’m rich. My 1953 spenard shack is now worth over a quarter million.

  12. The only “systemic” racism going on where racism is instated in official policy is … Affirmative Action. Other than that, systemic racism was outlawed by the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    The school district has no business teaching morality. That responsibility belongs to parents alone.

    As for “justice,” there is no such thing. No two people agree as to what that is, as Socrates demonstrated to Plato. For example, justice to me would be for the entire school board to be replaced with rational people.

  13. Separating children based on skin color and telling one group they are the oppressors and the other group they are the oppressed is cruel and confusing to children and a Nation.
    How is it Asian Americans, a “people of color” have the HIGHEST academic scores and LOWEST incarceration rate if they are living in a “systemically racist, White supremist society”?
    CRT in itself is racist towards Whites and promotes segregation. We parents are not going to tolerate it being taught to our children. It is a dirty tactic by Politicians to divide us by color in hopes to secure votes, obtain power and control and it will be their mistake when they lose at the the polls in ’22 and ’24.

  14. This is a perfect example of why schools should NOT be locally controlled. I know this is a controversial position. But local school boards can easily be infested with leftists, since no one ever pays attention to school board elections. Mayors should control the schools, to make sure someone trustworthy is in charge

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