Kelly Tshibaka: Joe Biden, worst president in history, brought to you by Lisa Murkowski



Joe Biden is the worst president in the history of the United States. He could not have accomplished this humiliating “achievement,” though, without Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s consistent support.

Through his COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Mr. Biden intentionally violated the constitutional and civil rights of millions of Americans, imposing his will on their bodies by threatening their livelihoods. 

Mr. Biden previously pledged not to issue such a mandate, and White House press secretary Jen Psaki even conceded the federal government did not have that authority. White House chief of staff Ron Klain also publicly promoted the idea that the shot mandate was the “ultimate workaround” of the limitations on Mr. Biden’s executive power. Mr. Klain’s retweet of an MSNBC anchor was noted by the U.S. Supreme Court in the ruling that struck down the mandate.

Let’s remember that Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, who joined the majority to block Mr. Biden’s tyrannical power grab, would not be on the court if Ms. Murkowski had prevailed in opposing their nominations. Without Mr. Kavanaugh and Mrs. Barrett, the ruling could have gone the other way.

To knowingly violate the Constitution was a breach of Mr. Biden’s oath of office. To oppose the confirmation of justices who went on to block Mr. Biden’s shot mandate remains a stain on Ms. Murkowski’s record.

What’s more, by his own standards, Mr. Biden has been an abject failure in combatting COVID-19. When COVID-19 deaths reached 200,000 during former President Donald Trump’s time in office, Mr. Biden said, “anyone that is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president.” COVID-19 death totals now exceed 850,000. I’ve lost loved ones to COVID-19 this past year — I imagine others reading this are also grieving. 

Mr. Biden blasted Mr. Trump for the COVID-19 testing program during his campaign, promising he would do better. In fact, he has promised an improvement in testing availability month after month, but things still have not improved. Americans suffering from COVID-19 are waiting for hours, even days, to get tested and have access to critical treatment. 

In December 2021, Mr. Biden said he “wish [he] had thought” about expanding test availability. This was around the same time he renounced federal responsibility for COVID-19 and said it must be solved at the state level. Yet, he still imposes mandates that are debilitating health care systems, controls access to shots and provides inadequate allotments of monoclonal antibody treatments.

In a new CBS poll, Mr. Biden also gets failing grades for his handling of the economy — only 38% of Americans approve of his handling of the economy, and a mere 30% approve of his approach to inflation.

In fact, under Mr. Biden, the U.S. dollar’s global position is at a 26-year low, with many wondering if the dollar will soon cease to be the world’s reserve currency.

Amidst all this economic turmoil, Ms. Murkowski stepped in to bail out Mr. Biden, siding with Democrats to permit a vote to raise the debt ceiling and authorize more government deficit spending.

Mr. Biden also has surrendered America’s energy independence, rendering the United States a supplicant for oil to Iran, Iraq and Russia, contributing to nearly 30% in increased energy costs over the past year. 

Ms. Murkowski championed Mr. Biden’s energy-annihilating agenda by casting the deciding vote to advance the confirmation of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, who has since led Mr. Biden’s assault on Alaska’s energy workers and has crippled domestic fuel production. 

In fact, Ms. Murkowski has voted to confirm over 90% of Mr. Biden’s radical nominees, who are spearheading his failing agenda.

Those confirmations include DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, whose policies have resulted in nearly 2 million illegal immigrant encounters at our border. In contrast, DHS reported less than 500,000 illegal immigrant encounters in FY 2020. 

Ms. Murkowski did not join the dozens of Republican senators who visited the southern border in 2021 to demand immigration policy reform. She did, however, vote in 2013 to allow millions of illegal immigrants, including those who committed crimes, to remain in the U.S.

Perhaps the most tragic event on Mr. Biden’s record for the first year was his entirely avoidable blunder in Afghanistan. Before his botched troop withdrawal, Ms. Murkowski expressed confidence in Mr. Biden’s “viable plan.” 

Ultimately, his reckless and ill-fated military withdrawal left 13 American service members dead, stranded countless Americans, and handed the country and billions of dollars of American military hardware to the Taliban. Apparently, these are the kinds of plans Ms. Murkowski believed were “viable.”

Ms. Murkowski is running for reelection, and she’s trying to brand herself as “independent.” But, she is not.

She’s a dependable supporter of Mr. Biden, the worst president in U.S. history.

Kelly Tshibaka is a born-and-raised Alaskan and a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alaska, endorsed by former President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party. This opinion was first published by the Washington Times on Jan. 24, 2022.


    • Don’t forget Sullivan and Young. They bailed out Biden with the “Infrastructure” vote.
      All three have to go. This State deserves better.

  1. Worst President ever? Don’t tell that to the folks in Nome, Alaska, who just heard Nome will get a quarter billion upgrade to the Nome port, thanks to work by Lisa Murkowski and Jospeh Biden. No president gets it all right, including Joe Biden. I have plenty of things on my list that Biden has done or not done that are arguably wrong but this whole worst case ever is silly partisan sniping from a gal who has been on the government payroll for most of her “career,” delivered little and is now engaged in political hyperbole so she can live in what she calls The Swamp.

    • Joe, do you gauge everything just on money alone? Your materialism and affection for Joe Biden’s exorbitant plundering of the American taxpayer is just astounding, and so simplictic.

    • Whoopee. Nome gets a ridiculous amount of funny money, while federal overspending is ripping this country apart with inflation. Meantime, our most valuable industry, oil, suffers at the hands of this crazy communist administration.
      Great job Lisa! Nice cheerleading Joe! Let’s all go downhill together! That way we will truly be “equal”.

      • yea oil industry is really suffering. Exxon stock up 55% this year. Joe makes a good point in bringing up the Nome project. This port will help open up mineral development in the Nome area. I expect to see the Graphite One Project come to fruition under the Biden administration.

        • Dream on. Yay you fatcats get your projects subsidized at the expense of the Trillions of debt you foist on everyone else.

        • How about we tell the feds to keep their money, use our own oil money to build the port, then charge the feds through the nose to use it. That way, we control our own destiny. Oh, and by the way, if you expect ANY “project” to come to fruition under the Bidet administration well, you will be expecting…

      • The deepwater port in Nome will counteract Russia’s current dominance in ice breakers and lucrative NW Passage trade routes. North Slope crude is approaching $90/bbl and you are floating false flags

        • False flag to you perhaps.
          You know as well as I that the Biden administration has canceled a number of oil programs, including ANWR.
          And I can under stand you don’t want to talk about inflation and its primary cause – deficit spending since you are so beholden to the left wing of the Democrat party. I assume you will blame that on taxes not being high enough.

  2. Was this honestly written by someone who wants to be a US Senator? Lisa brings home the bacon. Kelly talks in tongue. Case closed.

    • You ARE kidding aren’t you? Lisa has done NOTHING but pat the backs and her own pocket of the Democratic party! She was censured by the Republican party…remember!! It wasn’t Lisa alone that assisted Nome…one person doesn’t do that! It takes a majority…
      Kelly is our best supporter for the Republican party!

      • Being censured by the far right conservatives dominating the State Republican Party that support Kelly T will make Lisa’s re-election a cakewalk. Particularly with Kelly’s DC insider slander.

        • Yeah, this is sad. Kelly is trying to pass herself off as a born and raised Alaskan, but her adult life has been spent feeding at the Washington D.C. trough. She’s really not much different from our junior senator, in essence a carpetbagger sucking up to the newly minted, reactionary right wing GOP, the true RINOs who in no way resemble the Grand Ol’ Party. One of them from our state is more than enough.

        • Frank: being censored by the hypocritical far right should be seen as sort of an endorsement by common sense. A trump endorsement should be the kiss of political death.

          “Then fools’ approval stings “. – TS Eliot

          • Homo:
            Kelly T. doesn’t wear a crown and didn’t get appointed by an idiot father who still thinks he’s a king.

    • John Seymour, Talks in Tongue? Whatever do you mean Sir? Are you saying that Kelly T uses her tongue to speak like every other Human, or are you sayin that she engages in glossolalia? Please try to be specific.

      As far as Kelly T is concerned , kindly recall that old Jessie Colter tune from back in 1975,? ” I’m not Lisa”. The title pretty much sums it up. I don’t care if Kelly T talks in Tongues or dances with snakes as long as she isn’t Daddy’s little Princess.
      Case Dismissed!

      • If she can separate her religious beliefs from her secular duties … understand that America isn’t a theocracy … I don’t care about her glossolalia.
        My personal observations about “tongues” is that it can be an over active imagination, suggestibility at work. The usual citation is when a bunch of early church believers spoke in foreign languages … each foreigner within earshot hearing what was being said in their own language.
        How that worked is that the believers were speaking in their own languages, but God muted their voices, and He spoke directly to all the foreigners, in their own several languages.
        It wasn’t Ventriloquism because, just like the burning bush, God presented the foreigners with a curiosity, to get their attention.
        God (the Son) actually did the speaking that the foreigners heard.
        No glossolalia there.

  3. I keep waiting to hear what Mrs. Tshibaka is “for”. Unfortunately, “I’m not Lisa” seems to be good enough. Honestly, and sadly, it IS good enough for me.

    • I too would like to know where she stands. Anybody can write a column and say that Biden is a bad president. We knew that going in. Is he as bad as Jimmy Carter? Perhaps. Is he as bad as Hillary Clinton would have been? Probably. But just because I can write a column and point a finger at Biden doesn’t make me competent enough to be a senator. Where is your substance?

      • She stands for making the newly minted RINO Party (aka the Banana Republicans) the ruling majority. It’s the only thing they have, and why it is selling is a mystery to me, especially when Lisa has managed to make some real progress on helping get the state back on its feet.
        Why we keep falling for the bankrupt ideology of the Banana Republicans is a mystery to me. They have us headed for third world country status.

  4. Thank you, Kelly. Someone finally saying it like it is. I knew that by appointing the Princess to my old seat it would come back to haunt me and my fellow Alaskans. I just didn’t know it was going to affect the entire country. I’m sending you a big fat campaign donation. Cheers and good luck.

      • I’ve got to go with Kelly T. too. All of these dishonest, hypocritical Democrats are ruining our country and wrecking our economy. If we let Democrats police our speech, which Mr. Geldhof seems to prefer, we will soon be living under totalitarian authority.

        • I kind of liked our state between the years 2002-2006. Private jet, double income, nice digs in Juneau, buds with top oil executives, lots of old friends in DC, and a new crown to wear about. I told Dunleavy he needs to get rid of that Super Cub, shed his parka, and quit trying to give all of the ingrates more PF money. I stole the Longevity Bonus from all of my senior Alaska friends and was able to buy the jet. At least I wasn’t trying to cozy up to the Commie Chinese and give them a huge piece of our Petro action for free, like Bill Walker. In fact, old Bill needed that crown to cover up his massive bald head. I’m still on Rogain and wearing my crown………well, sort of.

  5. Brings home the bacon? What an odd choice of words. Dear leader has put Alaska at the point of the spear with Russia and China when they decide to take Ukraine and Taiwan. Lisa’s blessings.

  6. John Seymour is misguided and uninformed, Lisa helped destroy of jobs state wide. She is a stain on real Alaskan’s jobs and bank accounts. She is exactly what is wrong with Washington DC.

  7. “Ultimately, his reckless and ill-fated military withdrawal left 13 American service members dead, stranded countless Americans, and handed the country and billions of dollars of American military hardware to the Taliban. Apparently, these are the kinds of plans Ms. Murkowski believed were ‘viable.'”

    That says it all. This reads like an indictment. The evidence Kelly presented here couldn’t bring anyone to any other conclusion than this: Lisa Murkowski is a disaster and a disgrace to Alaska and she is a disaster for our country. Lisa has blood on her hands, like Biden. Both are traitors. Both are drunk on power, at all cost, even our liberties.

    Kelly is brilliant, principled, fiercely devoted to God, her family, Alaska and our country. The choice is clear. Kelly for Alaska!

    Go Kelly! WIN! I’m enjoying watching you mop the floor — and the state — with Lisa! We love you, Kelly! You’ve got this! : )

    • White: “traitor”. That’s a big word . What has murkowski done that is traitorous. One thing and be specific.

      Also, no one really knows what Taffetta Tshibaka stands for other than glossalalia. She complains a lot. She is angry. Plus I doubt she has the basic common sense and decency and intelligence to represent Alaskans. She is in the mold of Marjorie Taylor Green.

    • “Kelly is brilliant, principled, fiercely devoted to God, her family, Alaska and our country. ”

      Drumroll (and), the evidence for this statement is:

      Still waiting.

      Waiting still.

      Tshibaka has had a series of government jobs back in swampville, parachuted into Alaska where she fell into a job as a commissioner and quite a few days after the big payout for her relocation to Alaska was no longer reimbursable to the citizens of Alaska, who paid a big wad of cash so she could move up here and do something.
      What did she do for the State of Alaska when she was on the state payroll anyway? Hard to find anyone who knows if she got anything done.
      And now she wants us to elect her so she can move back to Dee Cee and do what? Not serve on the appropriations committee and fund infrastructure projects in Alaksa as does Senator Murkowski? Engage in culture war antics? Yeah, that’s just what we need is a reactionary culture war advocate who’s never had a job in the private sector.

      Pass on this self-centered candidate who oozes a sense of entitlement having gone to some Ivy League institution in Massachusetts. Tshibaka is a pretender, not a contender.

      • Joe old buddy, I submit that “Daddies little Princess” is also a pretender given how Frank the Bank handed her the office. At least this Kelly woman made it through school and got a job without Daddies help. See where we are going here Joe? A real Woman vs a member of the lucky sperm club”.

        Jessie Colter’s song… “I’m not Lisa” should be the flag that we rally beneath. Sad really isn’t it. Sad that after 246 years we Alaskan’s and American’s find ourselves having to fight a “culture war” one once decided by our Founders, one that proscribed office by Hereditary. Yeah, this Kelly isn’t Lisa, works for me.

        • Now, now Robert. We are admonished not to lay the sins of the father on the children. Believe, I am not the guy to carry the brief for Frank the Bank, a true boffo guy who pissed everyone off in Dee Cee within a few months of his arrival as a US Senator in 1980 after he rode Ronal Regan’s coattails by wiping out Clark Gruening, who the Dem’s advanced over a sitting incumbent US Senator in their primary. That was weird and Frank was the benefiiary of Democratic Party silliness. Frank the Bank, the failed banker, then proved the old adage about it being better to lucky than good sometimes lived up to his dismal record of non-success and hung around the Senate until he decided to come home to Alaska where he was elected against a provincial candidate from Juneau running on a platform calling for an income tax. Once again Frankie boy was lucky. His approval with the electorate was relative and cratered within a short period. Appointment of a crook as the Attorney General and a lot of sleaze during his administration didn’t help so by the time old Frank ran fro re-election, he came in a distant third in the Republican primary. Top that anyone? Hard to do. Frank at one point was declared the worst Governor in the United States, which considering the ol USa includes Louisiana and New Jersey, not to forget California, really indicates maybe Frank wasn’t so hot.
          My point is that there are dozens of reasons not to like the guy who appointed his kid to the Senate but is that really the standard by which any of us should measure the person who was appointed? Murkowski’s record isn’t perfect. Neither was Ted Stevens. I know of no politicians who get an A+ and got it all right, all the time. But Lisa Murkowski has demonstrated over the years consistent effort to deliver for all Alaskans, wherever we reside in this beautiful place we are blessed to call home. She lives and has lived in Alaksa her whole life and journeys back to Alaska almost every week to take the pulse and stay in touch with Alaskans throughout our state. Ms. Kelly was and still is a creature of the swamp. She is hustling to get back there and engage in the culture wars. She’s wasting huge sums of campaign money promoting a cultural war agenda that doesn’t resonate with a lot of Alaskans, including a fair number of Republicans. Like I said, Lisa may not be perfect. But Lisa isn’t some opportunistic carpet-bagger who speaks in tongues and isn’t really part of the scene up here. Ms. Kelly never was and never will be, which is why she left and only came home to pick up a state job so she could see if she could con folks into sending her back to Dee Cee.
          I’m not buying this act and I hope you reconsider your flirtation with Kelly.

          • Well, whether or not it makes any difference to you Joe, Nancy and I are supporting Kelly T. Lisa has run off the rails and every Republican district in this state has banished Nancy and I from participation. We get better reception and treatment from our out-of-state friends. Lisa has poisoned the well. And she still owes me money for all of those bar prep classes and re-applications to take the Alaska bar exam over and over and over Talk about robbing the bank. Lisa has been a huge disappointment to us. Joining the Democrats, especially Pelosi and Schumer, is an act of treason. She is hereby disinherited from our considerable wealth.

          • The kid has her own sins and I actually voted for Frank but I honestly believe that if he knew how much of a rino she would become he would have appointed someone else. Go Kelly.

      • Old Joe lives in some kind of geriatric fantasy that he should be running for US Senate. Not exactly the reality universe of which most of us reside.

        • Mr. Dog grrrr.
          Not sure I am quite geriatric material yet. No fantasy on my part about running for the Congress. I’d make a poor candidate as I can hardly abide to do all the sucking up, ass kissing and fundraising necessary to be competitive.
          Keep on artfully spelling your anonymous thoughts in the “reality universe” in which you dwell.

  8. Murkowski is a different person among the others who show up for the globalists. She is supportive in the extreme for viewpoints that diminish Alaska like democrat roadless rules. Super quiscient but when chips are down her zeal for the content of the US Constitution is not there. She doesn’t understand it.

  9. She has got it 100% right! Murkowski enabled Biden at every turn just to backstab Trump, even if it meant giving up development of ANWR, something that Murkowski often stated was of utmost importance to Alaska’s economic prosperity.

    • Keep fishing. No basis for gross genralization spewed here. Murkowski has advocated seriously against some of Biden’s policies, especially the ones that would impact Alaska negatively.

      • Oh, you mean like that wonderful Secretary of Interior we have now? No, her policies and actions would never impact our state negatively. Just no more pumping oil, piping natural gas, digging mines, cutting trees, or building roads. It’s still ok to drive a car though, but only if it’s an electric one that is 30% less efficient when the temperature hits 20 above, and is completely useless at 20 below…yeah, that one. She is a girl though, and an Native American one to boot, so at least we got THAT goin for us. I’m sure glad she advocated seriously against that one.

        • Elections have consequences. Biden did beat El Donaldo, largely because Trump’s antics and stunts, combined with his lack of attention to administration of the executive branch of government on way too many issues caused enough voters to vote against him. Biden was hardly anybody first choice, even among the D’s. Trump “lost” the election more than Biden “won” based on his very mixed record and performance. Trump’s policies favored the development agenda up here in our State and it is understandable why a lot of folks are disappointed he lost. But he lost. Policies favored by folks who supported Biden were always going to get altered with a new president. That’s just how things go in our federal system, particularly in regard to federal land and resource decision making topics. Don’t like it? Move to Texas or someplace without a lot of federal land. Like Alaska, as I do? Stop bitching and do something constructive. Politics is a contact activity that requires engagement and participation, not just blovation and spew.

  10. I was just giving thought to Murk. She will play Alaskans against each other, pandering to her liberals, and pretending to her conservatives. Just look at her statement on the voting rights that failed. Not sure I’ll vote for Kelly, but it will not be any of those that are in office now. They are all a complete failure not only to Alaska but to the nation.

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