Made-in-America corporate cowardice



America’s corporate leaders are displaying an embarrassing richness of cowardice and naivety during the cultural revolution we’ll catalog under the general banners of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. 

Business executives may believe this war on America will not come to their corporate shores. They are wrong. It’s already gunning for them, and no amount of kow-towing will prevent it, because destruction of free markets is one of the main goals of the Left.

Companies funding Black Lives Matter wanted to portray themselves as “pro-people,” but didn’t take the time to step back and examine what the movement really is or how it might evolve. Black Lives Matter admits its socialist revolution is underway.

Here is how these social justice organizations actually evolve: Nonprofits like Black Lives Matter do not seek to work themselves out of a job; they move the goalposts in order to keep their organizations relevant. 

Like any organism, their first priority is to survive as a relevant entity. If they actually cured racism, they’d need to find other employment. The Southern Poverty Law Center is an example of a nonprofit that has expanded its killing field to keep the funding coming in.

The BLM revolution started not with peaceful protest, but with instantaneous rioting and uncivil occupation, fed by the organization itself. This wasn’t a lazy “Occupy Wall Street” camping trip; this was something different. Young people went on a wilding, with young men and women of color beating people of other racial characteristics, mainly white, but also Hispanic. 

They now savage elders, children, youth, drivers, parents, police officers, store clerks and security guards. Much of this is on tape as a documented, nearly undeniable race war ripping through our cities. 

The business community did nothing to support law enforcement during these attacks. Companies did not stand up for anything. Executives cowered in their C suites, metaphorically begging the mob to go elsewhere. They wrote checks to buy cover. They removed faces of African-Americans or Native Americans from their products. They admitted their white privilege.

The revolution of 2020 then moved to the defacing of cultural icons and art, as occurred during the French Revolution and the Maoist Cultural Revolution. We are still in the “destruction of symbols” phase of this movement, and no monument in America is safe now that local and state leaders have shown an unwillingness to defend them. 

Now, World War II monuments to those who fought true fascism and racism are being desecrated. 

Black Lives Matter cannot deny its responsibility in this lawlessness.

But even as the phase of monument destruction has been normalized across the country, the movement is taking on the next target: Christians.

Someone in the BLM movement had to go first against people of faith, and it may as well be Shaun King, since he is an ordained pastor, and his words carry extra weight.

One of the thought leaders of Black Lives Matter, King calls for the destruction of religious icons, the tearing down of any and all statuary, paintings, stained glass, and other depictions of Jesus “and his friends” if they are depicted as “white.” 

“Yes I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been,” King wrote on Twitter. “In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went? EGYPT! Not Demark. Tear them down.”

King continued: “white Jesus is a lie” and a “tool of white supremacy” created to help white people use Christianity as a “tool of oppression.”

King then urged the destruction of all “murals and stained-glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends.”

King, a mixed-race Black graduate of Morehouse College, an historically black college in Atlanta, is important as a BLM leader not only because of his wearing of the cloth, but because he is a writer-in-residence at Harvard Law School. That allows him a legitimate platform from where he can direct the actions of the mob.

As one of the intellectual leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement, he is leading the charge against Christianity and the way people worship. He’s already seen that Christians and their churches will not stand up for themselves; they willingly followed government orders to close during the first phase of the pandemic.

King has not been de-platformed by Twitter for calling for this Kristallnacht against his fellow disciples of Christ. 

Black Lives Matter and other radicals in the movement have also been careful to not disavow King because they don’t want to split their movement. They know they must tread with caution here.

But the revolutionaries have now discovered that there is no political will in the states and cities to defend historic monuments, and armed with this knowledge, King has given the dog whistle: Churches are the next target.

Many U.S. companies are now complicit in the destruction of the very system from which their shareholders, employees and society in general benefit. They are unwittingly funding their own demise.

In May, Amazon said it would donate $10 million to racial justice initiatives, including Black Lives Matter.

Microsoft and Intel also added Black Lives Matter to their list of charitable causes, and some of the largest and most well-known companies in America followed suit.

The cowardice and naivety that runs through the major companies is stunning. BLM is not just about defunding the police. This is about your company, or the company you hold stock in, being dismantled. Black Lives Matter is a bent on tearing down all existing social structures so society can be rebuilt in a new, more utopian vision.

Those who were around for the Maoist Cultural Revolution remember that it went on for 10 or more destructive years, destroying all remnants of capitalism and religion, and forcing people into reeducation camps.

Are we heading into a 10-year purge of America as we know it?

Perhaps. The Chinese coronavirus set the perfect stage for a new generation to look toward Marxism as a solution to all of America’s flaws.

Teen unemployment is at a record high. Of 16-to-19-year-old Americans, 30 percent were unemployed in May; the real number of bored, anxious teens is likely higher. Unemployment for 20-24-year-olds is over 23 percent. 

Many of these young people, including those who have been educated by radicalized teachers and professors, are receiving generous unemployment bonus checks, while their state and local governments have laws prohibiting them from being evicted. The incentive for staying unemployed is good money right now and rioting in the streets gives young people a badly needed sense of purpose.

American companies fueling the revolution through their charitable donations, paying the mob to dismantle free enterprise and put in place a socialistic system, have misjudged this anarchy as a civil rights movement.

Welcome to the new reality, corporate cowards. This is a shakedown. The Left has invited you over for dinner and you’re bringing the wine. They just haven’t told you that you are the main course.


  1. I saw where a woman was stopped in her car by gun toting blacks. She got away before being raped or robbed. About ran over one of them. 2 blocks further, they tried it again. Same result. If someone points a gun at me anytime, you will be hearing about what happens next on Fox news.

  2. I read that the black thugs target old people. Throw a ball out into traffic to get you to stop. Then swarm your car. They are welcome to try and make me an easy victim.

  3. As school resumes this fall you can be sure that only approved speech (i.e. pro-BLM speech) is allowed by teachers and students. Superintendents and principals are cut from the same cloth as these corporate cowards because school administrators, teachers, and support staff are almost all linked to the NEA. Everyone concerned for their children’s future should homeschool. Sign up with IDEA or homeschool independently (totally legal in Alaska). Visit for help getting started.

  4. Sorry, this is chicken little commentary. People are just looking for their place at the table and some are angry. Most of the violence has been police and Fascists – antifa is just there to protect protestors against right-wing anarchists like Private Melzer who is probably a card carrying member of Qanon. I would have expected a more reasoned response from the author, but instead it’s a lot of Alaska style dog-whistles and gas-lighting

    • Brian, I’m afraid that for the majority of Alaskans what MustReadAK has said here is the best we have read in any of the media on this topic. The way we Alaskans got our place at the table is that we WORKED for it!

      • So it seems you worked for it, but did you really? I used to think it was what you knew, not who you blew, but reality stepped and showed me that grifters are everywhere. How do I know you are telling the truth? Maybe your daddy got you that job you work at and you don’t do anything but sit all day long. You must also be aware that money talks and BS walks and there are a lot of wealthy people who have come by their wealth, not by earning it, but by gaming the system of patronage that has been setup to support white men and let there be a trickle down effect for white women and then everybody else. Suzanne usually does a really good job presenting info, but this just reeks of bias and misinformation and she probably understands that it’s not about working for it, it’s about sucking up to whomever, bc that’s our patronage / get ahead system setup.

        • brian,
          I haven’t heard so much garbage come from one individual in some time. You have learned your leftist lessons well. Not much else, from your drivel. I hear they have room in Seattle for you. They need a new idiot for their “protest” village.

        • Brian, your reasoning points to the end point of most all left leaning positions: “It is absolutely true that there is no truth”.
          Good luck, my fellow.

    • And I bet you hang with other lefties who are as dumb as you and who also believe the BS you’re spouting. And if you’re going to use terms like dog-whistles and gas-lighting to show you’re a real in-the-know useful idiot, get a better grip on the meanings of the phrases.

    • Using Nazi style brownshirt tactics to stifle conservative speakers at universities, tearing down symbols that stood for centuries because they are now ‘hurtful’, beating up people who wear a hat you don’t like, including elderly men and women, burning and looting small businesses, including many minority owned – yeah, those Antifa punks are real boy scouts.

      • Sorry Mayor Dan, no antifa that I know use brownshirt tactics, that’s just right-wing provocateurs. I’m making an assumption that you were raised Christian as was I. You ever turn the other cheek or walk in another man’s shoes – doesn’t seem like it. You should watch something else for news besides Fox or Sinclair. Try or or the WaPo so you can get a more accurate and well presented perspective. A good way to gauge a site is to read their comments section – if it’s all illogical reasoning, gaslighting or name-calling, it’s a right-wing site and probably highly inaccurate. D
        on’t buy any stock in them!

        • Well done, Brian. Maybe if you were actually capable of thinking for yourself, you would realize the truth and not your own version. Get your head out of the sand and stop listening to CNN And MSNBC. What are you doing here anyway?

          • He’s trying to talk some sense into you guys. The main strategy of the right wing GOP has been to do exactly what they accuse their opponents of doing.
            Example: Trump calling out the so-called antifa, which doesn’t exist as a thing, while his cabal of Barr and Stone and Pence are spinning tales that are 4 Pinocchios strong.
            No evidence, no truth.

          • Dermot Cole is back! Reading MRAK for his daily truth. One-half of the little Cole dwarfs who made their entire careers out of preaching Lefty propoganda and spewing vitriol and garbage to the masses. And getting paid for it. But getting old too. And foggy-brained. And, less and less relevant as the hands sweep around the old clock.

          • What the f**k does Dermot Cole know about evidence and the truth? He’s been spinning Democrat and liberal lies his entire career as a so-called journalist. His twin, Terry, a brain-washing so-called college teacher, spinning 60’s revolutionary crap to young minds full of mush. Both of these Cole twins are cheap knock-offs of alleged intellectual Democrat thinkers. In actuality, they themselves are the brain-washed products of professors from the Vietnam War era who despised Nixon and later, Reagan. Their opinions reflect the sentiment of a bygone period. The Cole twins themselves are with 1.75 of their own feet into the daisy-pushing end of the rock garden.

    • Antifa protects no one other than themselves. The FBI stopped Melzer, not Antifa. Talk about gaslighting; look in the mirror, Brian.

      Suzanne, you nailed it. The corporations want to be liked by the woke revolutionaries. So disgusting.

      It’s interesting to see how the corporations react when they are targeted, such as CNN putting up a fence to protect their property. Hilarious, considering how anti- fence they are for illegal immigration. I wonder how many of these corporations have a paid security detail even though they are supporting groups who want to defund/ eliminate police.

      I support the use of military force to round up these arsonists, looters, and vandals, and if they resist, shoot them.

    • Brian,
      No one but cretins believe the excuses, or the accusations you threw. The only one who is gas-lighting is you. The majority of us can see, quite clearly, what is going on, and who is at fault. “Angry” does not justify violent tantrums.

      • Your DSL is a bit slow – maybe you should upgrade to something faster. gods and goddesses sitting way up high really don’t have the perspective of the man or woman in the street. Do you know what revolution is? Do you know what causes Revolution? We’re heading for one and it is not going to be the Boogaloo. Kick a dog long enough and they eventually bite back or even kill. Afraid of what you can’t control? Revolution is coming for you DSL, even in AK! Amerikkka is a white dictatorship. Read my other comments, please to gather more perspective!

        • Strange that you would liken the people acting out in the current civil disobedience to dogs. The people that you are lashing out against don’t even refer to the most violent protesters as dogs, but you do…strange that.

          • Read some of my other comments Steve-O. I don’t know if being a dog is better than being a slave, but I’m both a dog and a slave to the corporate cronies that run today’s scams so they can climb higher on the profit ladder without adequately compensating their peons.

            Sadly you are wrong, we are not even dogs or slaves, just a commodity to be bought and sold. Who’s your owner?

        • The first casualties of a revolution are the revolutionaries. Now, I know lefties well enough to know that in every lank-haired, hollow-chested, bespectacled lefty boy is the dream of being Comrade Strelnikov riding in his armored train, accompanied by his brigade of Cossacks out to extirpate every man who ever got the pretty girl. But it rarely works out for you dumb punks. Go ahead; start that revolution. I’ve been listening to stupid young punks talking about that for over fifty years.

  5. To the author:: You are right on….look at the junk going on here in Anchorage in the name of “protecting your health” and march for rights…

    • Don’t confuse with slowing down the spread of the kung flu with taking away your rights. Each member of society has a responsibility to help their fellow citizens that are in need.

      • You’ve just proven you are a racist Greg. It was perhaps the Chinese Flu until it got to the US. Then it was our responsibility to step up and deal with it, except Trump didn’t. Now it is more appropo to call it the Trump flu…

  6. This is the greatest most honest article that I ever read. This is why, I Love Alaska. Stay Strong the police officers and silent majority are stepping up.

  7. We might look at the history of the Black Panthers similar tactics, demands, and symbolism, this is starting to look like they may have reinvented themselves

  8. Suzanne, this was a very well written article. Thank you for both it, and for the only local political blog that gets to the heart, and truth of current events.

  9. Ms. Downing has in fact nailed this, and no one would argue with anyone saying she always does (and if not for MustReadAK, who would keep Alaska media balanced?). Part of what is going on with the large corporations rolling over and playing dead is that hi-tech and social media, Hollywood, a material portion of investment banking, and Amazon (a large part of retail right now of course) are dominated by wealthy liberals (Bloomberg, Bezos, and Soros humping for Biden, etc.). But another part is the role institutional investors play in corporate “governance.” Public retirement funds, college and university endowment funds, and old money trust funds tell corporate boards what is important to them, and the people who are trustees of those funds have nearly complete autonomy. Social investing is a term that means corporations must pay attention to climate change, Black Lives Matter, raising the minimum wage, racial equality to include financial compensation for slavery, and every cause of the day. Fifteen years ago there was a dominant belief that the Prudent Investor Rule disallowed social investing, but as state and municipal attorneys, college and university attorneys, and left-spinning courts have come to dominate the scene the scope of what the Prudent Investor Rule allows has widened to first allow and now even promote clandestine social investing. If you’re a trustee for a state retirement trust fund and you believe that little Greta what’s-her-name is right about global warming then you get to pass that along as a voting stockholder to the Exxon CEO, and it’s required and in his best interest to listen.

    • Well of course it’s required, unless of course you just pay lip service to Christianity and morality!

      • Brian, did you take brain-washing classes from the little Cole dwarfs, Dermot and Terrance? Sorry your scope of the world is so narrow and confused. That’s what the dwarfs aim for.

  10. It is worth noting that about 20 million died in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China. It is hard to have a real revolution without breaking a few eggs.

  11. Sounds like we’re on the brink of Civil War and the “system” is not defending itself well. I don’t keep up with the news from the lower 48. I’m going to share this one on my Facebook page…

  12. Great article Suzanne and your analysis is right on. I can’t believe how fast corporate America and politicians laid prostrate before this contrived mass hysteria condemning the police and destroying monuments. MSM has inflamed and spread the propaganda screamed loudly by the socialists front group calling itself BLM. They could care less about racism and have only one goal and that is to divide our country and create a race war.

    If the American public that believes in our Constitution and freedoms does not start to hold the MSM, Corporate leaders, politicians and educators responsible for their betrayal of what our country stands for specifically equality for all they are doomed. If you believe and accept these riots and demands to defund the police only more violence and death will occur. Instead of taking over a peaceful center area of a liberal city let them demonstrate how the take over inner city Detroit or Chicago or any other liberal city were they count the dead black bodies by the hundreds that are not killed by police but by their own black brothers. When will they march to oppose blacks killing blacks with guns and drugs in their own neighborhoods.

  13. Great article! BLM falls under the larger organization Movement for Black Lives (/ On their website it says they are anti-capitalist “We believe and understand that Black people will never achieve liberation under the current global racialized capitalist system.” I wish people would realize what they are funding when they support these organizations.

    [Live link removed by moderator.]

  14. Wow ….awesome Suzanne …..I believe I read you are listed on Drudge now.

    I hope a lot of Americans get a chance to read this piece.

  15. Read the Lord of the Flies by William Golding. BTW, Chairman Mao killed more than 60 million of his people.

    • I’d say that Lord of the FLies is more an allegory for today’s version of Capitalism and Capitalism has killed countless Cultures through the ages – much, much more than Chairman Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler combined! There’s no love in Capitalism, only never ending consumption on a finite planet.

      • If you are not happy in America, feel free to move to Cuba or North Korea or China. I’m sure they would be happy to have another illiterate Kool Aid taster. In short, don’t let the door hit you.

      • Why are you here? There are plenty of socialist and Marxist governed countries you could relocate to. How funny all the hate for the USA, capitalism, democracy – yet everyone wants to move here and the complainers and anarchist tantrum throwers won’t leave. Why is that?

        I assure you, in fact I guarantee, the Marxism you likely think is so utopian, is, and will be hell.

        • The media can kill you off if you don’t stay in line with contemporary political thinking. Marketing majors are taught this in freshman classes. And to be branded “racist” can he the kiss of death in corporate America.

  16. To be branded “socialist” can get you there too. Unless you are a professor or journalist who drives around in a BMW SUV.

  17. Today I read that the CEO of Ford Motors stood his ground and stood up for the police. Good for him! Maybe that will help others to speak up. My next new car just might be a Ford.

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