Long night ahead for Anchorage politicos as mayor’s race comes to a dance-off close


The election of Anchorage mayor ended with the Bronson campaign having enough volunteers to make over 10,000 calls in the final hours of Tuesday, with 100 volunteers to spare for a sign-waving war with the Dunbar campaign on the corner of Minnesota and Northern Lights Blvd.

The Anchorage Division of Elections will count about 48,000 votes after polls close at 8 pm. Analysts say as many as 95,000 votes will be cast in the runoff between Dave Bronson and Forrest Dunbar.

If Bronson leads Tuesday night, the likelihood of him winning is good. But if the Election Office shuts down early in the evening, like it did on April 6, Anchorage may have to wait several days to know for sure who the next mayor will be.

The sign-waving war Tuesday afternoon featured loud dance music from the Bronson corner, and what felt like momentum. The Dunbar campaign had a dancing bear. At one point, a Bronson supporter challenged the bear to a dance-off in the traffic median, to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off,” to the amusement of drivers.

Back at the Bronson headquarters, callers were reminding thousands of tardy voters to get their ballots in and reported they got dozens of people to vote before the 8 pm cutoff. The Bronson campaign had 150 volunteers on Election Day.

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  1. In honor of Dunbar having a chance, we’re watching Idiocracy tonight. Meant to be a comedy it has become a documentary.

  2. just goes to show democracy and voting will not save your autonomy, individualism or liberty. anchorage has elected an extremist authoritarian. I’m done voting there’s about 1000000 things better to do that doesn’t make me feel so dirty as validating politicians

  3. If you’re all done voting you have no right to bitch. It’s that attitude that voting makes no difference that has Anchorage where it’s at. Good luck with that.

  4. I vote every time in my Native corporation elections, because I’m one of us.

    I’ve never voted in any local, state, or national election, not in my 75 years. I’m not one of you. I’ve never been one of you. I never will be one of you.
    I learned this in school, in church, in the Army, at work … everywhere I went. Some of you have taught me well. The small percentage of whites that were actual racists bullied the rest of you into not objecting.

    However, I’m against Critical Race Theory. It’s reverse racism. In many a comment (including ADN as my2cents) I warned that as the whites become a minority, that this would happen. Now the Woke minority is bullying everyone … with the goal of EVE, Everyone Vs. Everyone.

    The great majority of every race have nothing to repent of … they’re not racists. It’s this small minority of evil Sons of Satan (no offence to the biker gang) whom are the problem.
    Stand against them while you have the chance because if they come into power, you may not be able to rescue yourselves from them. Cancel them while you can.

    I served, so I have aright to bitch. I paid my taxes, so I have a right to bitch. I’m an American citizen so I have a constitutional right to bitch … and not vote if I don’t want to.
    The one’s who have never voted, or have quit voting are the ones who feel that they’re outliers, disenfranchised, their vote doesn’t count, that the vote itself has become compromised. They bitch because that’s about all they feel that they have left. Telling them to shut up just reenforces that.

  5. Anchorage Is Doomed with Dunbar
    Yes I’m going to say it,Cheating, mail in voting.
    Mail in voting and rank choice voting next election for Lisa

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